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March 2013
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New Jewelry
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Clockwork Music Box Lucky Dragon's Foot Pendant
Normally, there are more than two, but this month was especially busy for me. I made a beautiful necklace and pair of earrings last week, though, that I can't wait to photograph. Stay tuned!

Seasonal Picks
Breezy designs for spring and plenty of green for St. Patrick's Day.
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Butterfly VinesDawn StarFlareThe Dreams of Trees UnfoldPath Overgrown

Updates and News

Nothing much is new this month. I have a new desk and super-comfy desk chair. (Would anyone be interested in a photo tour of my studio?)  Also, I've finally invested in a postal scale, which should make sending packages a little bit less of a hassle for me.

New Discussion on Sorceress Council
Let's talk about fanfiction. Do you write it? Do you read it? What are your thoughts on *whispers* Mary Sues?

March Contest
Have you bought any of my pieces? Take a still life photo of one. 
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