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76,000 users on 6 continents!

PlayTime Scheduler is now in every continent except Antarctica (which we assume will get some pickleball courts soon). We've experienced first-hand how this game sparks joy and changes individual lives for the better. When we connect, those individual sparks add up to a better world. Thank you for being a part of the PlayTime Scheduler family and welcoming new connections wherever you may play!

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Top 10 Chattiest Regions

Based on total notes posted in 2021.
  1. Sacramento, CA - 15,780 notes
  2. Portland OR & Vancouver WA - 13,640 notes
  3. Asheville, Black Mountain, Brevard, Henderson County, NC - 10,291 notes
  4. Greater Boston, MA - 10,253 notes
  5. Tennis in a Pickle at PDR, CA - 8,190 notes
  6. Crossville, TN - 7,036 notes
  7. Greater Seattle Area, WA - 6,989 notes
  8. Medford/Ashland, OR - 5,980 notes
  9. NOCO - Loveland Berthoud Windsor & Johnstown, CO - 5,168 notes
  10. Quad Cities Illinois-Iowa, IL - 4,273 notes

Top Pickleball Points of 2021

Presented by The Kitchen

2021 was a record year for pickleball, even through a global pandemic, the sport continues to grow and attract new players. As we traveled all over the country this year, from Atlanta, to Austin, Las Vegas to San Diego, Gainesville, Florida to Hilton Head, South Carolina to Santa Cruz, CA, Park City, to San Jose del Cabo, Mexico we saw some amazing pickleball being played. 

We have compiled some of the best action from the professional ranks, which will no doubt bring a little joy to your day. But it was the opportunity to meet the rec players across this nation that brought us the most joy. Getting the chance to play with players of all levels, to see the courts they play on, and to hear their stories about why they are drawn to this game and what they love about it was incredibly motivating and at the same time incredibly humbling. 

As 2022 begins, we will continue to travel across the country, looking for new places to play, and will always be on the lookout for friendly games. Hope to see you on our journey. 

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The Future Looks Bright for Pickleball in Sweden

By Keallian Clark

PlayTime Scheduler Regional Admin
Mark and Borås Municipalites, Västra Götaland Region, Sweden

I moved to Sweden from North Carolina just over two years ago. I wanted to continue to play pickleball, though I had never been terribly serious about the game, just enjoyed playing from time to time. I could only find a handful of places here and they were many hours away. So, I decided that if I want to play, I'd have to make it happen myself. 

It's an entirely different paradigm here. There are associations/clubs for nearly every form of recreation one can think of. This is an advantage that will make it easier to reach many people at once and very effectively; one contact and every member will be made aware. I reached out to the only such association I could find for pickleball, Svenska Pickleballförbundet, for advice. They had a lot. One idea was to get help from a particular national exercise/sports association. They have independent branches in each municipality in Sweden. I have been working with two of them. Corona put us behind (2 years) but we recently began playing in one municipality and are preparing to begin in the other. We will be in talks with local governments to involve schools and employees.

So far, by talking to friends and others I have met, we are a few now dedicated, (euphemism for addicted, hahaha!) players. We added two just last week. PlayTime Scheduler has been a great help, even with a limited number of players. Clean and efficient. We have only two hours a week to play but are searching for more opportunities. 

In the future, I would like to move out to other nearby municipalities. Through the association I am working with, I have and will continue to receive special training in pickleball leadership and group training through another branch. So, with time, I hope to reach many people, in many places. The current estimate of players in Sweden is around 3,000 per Svenska Pickleballförbundet. In an already sports-crazed country, the madness here is only just beginning. It's such an honor, privilege and blessing to be part of spreading something so special as pickleball. The future is brighter than the sun and I gladly stare straight into it.

Ching has caught our attention a few times over the years – the first was for posting this awesome how-to article for local players. The second was for appearing in the Pickleball Librarian's video review of PlayTime Scheduler. Ching is part of a great team of admins for Wichita, Kansas – currently our 8th largest region. We asked her a few questions about her experiences.

How long have you been playing pickleball and where did you learn to play?
I’ve been playing for about 3 years now. I first learned of pickleball at the Chicken N Pickle in Kansas City but I didn’t actually learn how to play until I started playing regularly at our local YMCA.

When did you first join PlayTime Scheduler as a regional admin?
I believe I joined in late 2019 when one of my pickleball friends suggested that we use it for our area, but I didn’t have time to add all the locations, so the credit for truly building PlayTime Scheduler up the Wichita area goes out to my friend Mason McCanless. I shared the site with him and he took off running. Nowadays, I just help answer a few questions here and there and approve new locations or make updates to existing ones.

What do you think is the most rewarding part of being a regional admin?
I love the sport so much and I enjoy sharing it with everyone. The most rewarding thing for me is helping people find places to play and connecting new players with the various play groups that I know about. 

What’s the biggest challenge?
In terms of growing the sport, not a big challenge because everyone who tries pickleball for the first time immediately falls in love with it. In terms of getting new players to use PlayTime Scheduler, we do have a challenge of players having a limited understanding of how to use the tool or registering for a free account altogether, so every couple of months or so we post something about PlayTime Scheduler in our local Facebook group (Wichita Pickleball). I also try to write little articles like this one on our site to help people get the most out of their PlayTime Scheduler account. However, we still have some "off the grid" players, who either don't play enough or just don't care to create an account on the site, and we just add them as guests to our play sessions.

What advice would you give to a new region considering setting up PlayTime Scheduler?
I think the key is taking the initiative (or having someone like Mason take the initiative) to add all of the existing locations in your area and then scheduling some play times, so people can see how it works. It's important to help the players understand how to use the tool and how it will benefit them, because it's easy to continue to use the same tools (Group Me, text message groups, email groups) that we are more comfortable with; but, once you have a few players regularly using PlayTime Scheduler, the adoption becomes exponential and then the entire community can fully realize the benefits. We started using PlayTime Scheduler with just a handful of players and now we are almost 1200 strong in Wichita, and most of them are very active on the site either creating sessions or joining sessions. 

Can You Help Spread the Word?

When it comes to pickleball, we've always believed "the more, the merrier." The same goes for PlayTime Scheduler – as more players sign up, the more fun it is to use. If you need help getting more players on board in your area, we have a few tools for you below.

Video: PlayTime Scheduler in 30 Seconds

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