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Over 50 new regions added!

On average, 3 new regions and 150 new users join PlayTime Scheduler every day – all thanks to word of mouth in the pickleball community! If you haven’t logged in for a while, be sure to check in and see if your region has new activity. If your region was previously registered but doesn't have any court locations entered yet, please consider volunteering to be a local admin to help us get the ball rolling... it can only result in more pickleball which means more fun!

The More You Play, The More You See

My name is Jason and I'm one of the founders of The Kitchen. I was thinking the other day about what a nuanced and wonderful sport Pickleball is; about how much I've learned about the sport since the first time I stepped out on the court. 

My son is colorblind. He simply cannot see certain colors. Browns and reds and greens get rewired in his brain and he is delivered different shades of gray. His brothers still can’t believe that he can’t decipher the obvious hues they have the ability to see so clearly.

A similar thing happens in Pickleball. The more you play, the more you can see. To the amateur eye, it looks like a big game of ping pong, just hitting the ball back and forth. But as you learn about the sport, the strategies, the shot selections, you begin to witness an entirely different sport than the one you were watching just a few weeks before.

This discovery continues along your journey to master this sport. It is why I love watching the professionals of this sport play their game. As I continue to learn, not only do things that I have never noticed appear to me as I watch, but I see the evolution of the game unfold right before my eyes. Better athletes are joining from different sports, new strategies and techniques are being formed and the landscape seems to change by the day.

We are at an exciting point in the evolution of Pickleball and this is precisely why we created The Kitchen. Join us in The Kitchen if you are as infatuated or intrigued with the game of Pickleball as we are! 

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Top 10 Most Active Venues

Based on number of sessions scheduled this year.
  1. Lincoln Hills - Lincoln, CA
  2. George Rogers Park - Lake Oswego, OR
  3. Iowa West Pickleball - Council Bluffs, IA
  4. Centennial Park - Crossville, TN
  5. Lake Forest Park - Horizon View Park - Lake Forest Park, WA
  6. Summerlake Park - Tigard, OR
  7. Asheville Racquet Club South - Asheville, NC
  8. Oakley Park - Asheville, NC
  9. Fairfield Glade Racquet Center - Crossville, TN
  10. OI - Buck Park - Eastsound, WA
I met Charlie and Maria several years ago when they were visiting my home courts in Citrus Heights, California. They were some of the first people who encouraged me to expand my vision of PlayTime Scheduler beyond just a local website. Eventually, when the site launched internationally, Charlie became one of our first regional admins for his home base of Denver, Colorado. I asked him a few questions about his experience.

How long have you been playing pickleball and where did you learn to play?
We started playing in the spring of 2015. We signed up for an introductory series at a local tennis club and immediately fell for the game hook, line and sinker. Since then in our travels, we have always carried (or flown with) paddle and balls. We have now played in over 75 different venues in the US and Canada. AND at one time held memberships in clubs in MN, NE, CO and CA. Can you spell ADDICTED!!!

When did you first join PlayTime Scheduler?
We came across Playtime Scheduler (PTS) at Rusch Park in Citrus Heights, CA. We had the good fortune of meeting and getting to know the originator. That led to us introducing it to our Denver community about five years ago. Since then original Denver Front range has divided into three separate regions. 

What do you think is the most rewarding part of being a regional admin?
For me personally, I have enjoyed the satisfaction of watching the sport grow. 2 years ago we had a little over 500 participants on the Denver Front Region. Today in spite of two regions splitting off, we now have three times that number signed up.

What’s the biggest challenge?
The ongoing challenge has been to verify suggestions of new locations. Some parks have more than one name or access point. Google maps and Google Earth have been a great asset in discerning and verifying the information … or writing to the person suggesting the location while asking for more info or a clarification.

What advice would you give to a new region considering setting up PlayTime?
Hang in there. Word of mouth is the name of the game with the PTS. Encouraging folks to sing up and THEN TO USE it will help its growth.

PlayTime Premium - Tips & Tricks

Repeating Events

Do you have regularly scheduled play sessions that repeat once a week, or even several times a week? Upgrade to Power User and you can save time by filling out the Add Session form once, then specifying which days you would like it to repeat. The system will clone your event for up to 8 weeks at a time. (In order to ensure the schedule remains as current and accurate as possible, we don't allow "infinity repeating" events.)

When you add multiple sessions at once using this method, only a single email notification will go out to players – no need to worry about bombarding people with multiple emails! The email will indicate that the session repeats, and list all the scheduled dates.

This timesaving feature works for both public and private (invite-only) sessions. Some cool upgrades to this feature are also in the works, so stay tuned!

Get Your Free "Power User" Decal!

If you're a Power User, we'd like to send you some FREE swag as a token of our appreciation. Now you can finally show off your Power User status on the courts – and everywhere else you go! These heavy-duty, weatherproof stickers work great on car windows, water bottles, or just about any place you want to stick them. They can even withstand the dishwasher. Click the button below to order your free decal – while supplies last!

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Limited time offer; referring user may earn up to 6 months free. No cash value.

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