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Summer is here and a lot is happening with the St. James Horticultural Society. Follow us on Instagram to keep up with current events and what's new at the garden! 
President: Jennifer Anderson
1st Vice President: Gayle Leverton
2nd Vice President: Iris Ingram
Secretary: OPEN
Treasurer: OPEN
Program: Sandy Venton
Membership: Leah Stawiarski
Flower Arrangers: Pat Roberts, Sharon Rude
Exhibition: OPEN
Garden Chairperson: Linda Wall
Communications: Linda Rudachek
M.H.A. Area Rep: Linda Wall
Past President: Brenda Lucas

There are no Flower Arrangers meetings during the summer.

Thanks, Anne for your demonstration at our June meeting, of an "L" shaped arrangement featuring the Canals of Venice.

We will have an opportunity to make our creations representing Venice in September. 

Have a great summer everybody.

Take care & stay safe.


An L-shaped arrangement featuring the canals of the city. Material from any source.
Demo by Anne.

Our garden has a great view for airplane watching. 

We get to know the regulars. 

One watcher brought his lawnmower and trimmed the grass. 
Thank you Thank you!!
Volunteers are amazing !!!

Gardener J donated 4 chairs to our outdoor collection. 

The area under trees is used for meetings, picnics, and chit-chats. 😊

Green green black and green. 
It looks wonderful to most of us. A classic. 
Sadly it is not what nature loves. Nature loves to be covered. 
Notice the plot behind. It is abandoned by a gardener but nature covers it with the zest of diversity. 
Ways to cover soil without using weeds. 
Straw or hay is used as mulch or soil armour.

Mushrooms are a good sign in the garden. It indicates that fungi are in the soil as well as bacteria.
The fungus helps move nutrients to feed plants. 
Time to mulch in the gardens!!

Mulch all the way from Plum Coulee farmers has arrived. 
There is enough to share. 
So help yourself. 
1 Pathways
2 Around your plants
3 In the rows 
4 inches thick is good for our climate. 
Your garden will love you!
Your weeds will not and so you will have less of them.


Please help yourself!

Cover crops.
Using plants to build soil fertility. 
The pictures are of a plot where we have used plants self-seeded to cover the soil and they are also beautiful. 😊

Any guesses who walked down our garden path?
Yes, those are deer hoof prints. 
Deer are voracious eaters and can clear a garden in an evening. We hope this one has moved to other places. 
Our peas have been nipped, and potatoes and I'm sure other plants. 
Look who is visiting the garden this morning. 
Needed shooshing from the broccoli he was eating in my neighbours garden. 😊

Last week 1 and 1/2 inches.

Last night 1 inch

Wood chip pile
Pile turns into mulch around our shelter belt trees. 
What's with all the sunflower?
Actually these are being used as a cover crop. 
Cover crops produce biomass, root mass and sugars. 
The sugars will be used to produce the seeds. 
So it's off with their heads!
They will be chopped off so that the sugars stay in the soil to feed the soil. 

More improvements

Our Green Team summer student painted the bulletin board in front of the garden. 😊

Left side
Regular garden planting in rows. Notice how nature hates being naked and is starting to plant weeds. 

Right side 
We planted a multi-species cover crop. Over a dozen varieties of plants. 
Notice how few weeds have come up. 
Cover crop doing 1 of its jobs - suppress weeds. 
Row planting 
Why do we plant in rows?
So we can weed because we made soil naked and we now grow weeds as well.
Bed planting 
You can still reach into the center and way fewer weeds.
Mulch path and you have much less work during the summer. 😎
Gardener H after 50 years of gardening and in his 9th decade of life has decided to go green and gold. 
Mulching for the first time to help soil health and decrease weed pressure. 
Trying new things in gardening feels hard as we like to do what we have seen or done previously. 
Monster weeds! 
Missed this patch and now they are monsters-with seeds. Yikes. 
This is the 3rd weeding for this garden. Getting tired. So what is the solution. 
Mulch Mulch Mulch
Great work gardeners on using the straw bale. Some still left on west side. 
Other mulches seen in garden:
Oak leaves 
Grass clippings
Pine bows, needles and chippings
Chop and drop from garden


So nice to walk on tended, mulched pathways. 

Thank you Thank you, Gardeners.
We appear to have a resident wild Turkey!
Although he nips at our plants occasionally we value his scratching and pest eating and providing the garden with fertilizer. 
And entertainment. 
Nature is made of many creatures. We should welcome and not fear her additions. 

A rainy stormy summer night in the garden.

Wind from the south.

Almost 2 inches of rain and it's still raining!!
Hope the plants will pop back up.
We will be watching. 

Dill in compost.

Thx for composting!!


Chop the dill!

Add browns. Mix.

Compost in the making!!


9:30 pm 

Nobody here except......
Almost another half inch. 
Is anyone counting?

Since the beginning of July,
Almost 5 inches of rain has fallen on our gardens. 

Amazing for July! 

Aren't you glad you mulched your pathways?

Time to check our gardens for produce. 

With all the rain it is easy to forget.
These cucs got a bit too large. However, with all the rain they are still super tasty.
Hello, composter that showed up overnight!
Thank you to whoever donated it. 💚
We will put it into the Center of our garden and do an insitu location for those in the interior so less hauling. 
Gardener Kathryn will watch over it. Welcome Compost Captain Number 5!

Mulching Bee
Volunteers placing 12 inches of wood chips .....
around our new 35 tree shelter belt. 
Cozy trees!!
The donation of a composter allows us to have a  small site in the middle of the garden. 
Look for it and use it. 
Compost Captain Kathryn is nearby. 
1 No seeded weeds
2 Chop as much as you can 
3 Layer greens with browns
Our donated porta potty!

A volunteer pays for it. 
A volunteer stocks it with toilet paper.
A volunteer cleaned it this weekend. 

We must be grateful for those who do things for others. 💚🌺

A pathway of chop and drop!  
Slightly untidy-but so good for the soil.

Keep your plants on your plot. 

If you don't like this look dig a trench and cover it. 😊
Corn talk. 
What is the difference in colour and size here?
The darker one is growing where there is more nitrogen. 
What are you doing to feed your soil?
Hint: Plant legumes and leave roots in the ground for natural nitrogen-fixing. 

And it keeps raining!
Another inch last night.


Early morning meeting in the Learning Center area of the garden. 

Volunteers meet often to discuss the work involved in garden work. 💚 
Flower bed tended by Gardener L .....
at the front of our garden plots. 

Rhubarb loving where a volunteer planted it. 

Pie potential for next year!


This gardener makes us smile as we pass by. 😊

Cover crop. 
Makes soil.

The taller crop was planted earlier and the front is more recent. 

August is coming up. 
August is cover crop month in our part of the world. 

Stay tuned for fall cover crop ideas.
Did you get mowed???

SJHS gardens have 216 small plots. 

Out of these 30 some have been abandoned totally or the gardener is struggling and a lot of weeds are taking over. 

The issue is that this is hard on nearby gardeners and the volunteers who make gardening possible here. 
The issue is that this is hard on nearby gardeners and the volunteers who make gardening possible here. 

Thursday the gardening committee met and toured the garden. A decision was made to respect neighbouring gardeners and mow the weeds. 

So if you have let weeds grow to seed, your plot may be mowed. 

Better yet!
Please mow your weeds so volunteers don’t have to spend their time doing it.

New potatoes from the garden !!

So sweet.

                Summer bounty!

Flowers in our veggie garden. 


…to bring in bees to pollinate our veggies. 😎💚
Tree replacement. We lost a couple of tiny trees. 

A gardener had no place for this tree and we found a home for this little guy in our shelter belt. 

The square is a hemp mat to keep the grass down. 

Thank you to the amazing volunteers that have made the incredible changes
to the garden possible.

Thank you so much to Iris for all the lovely images of the garden and the content that she provides for our Instagram Page and this newsletter.

When speaking of the Instagram Page one of the gardeners commented:

"It does provide a sense of community!!!"

It certainly would not be the same without Iris' contributions. 


View posters below and follow the link for a PDF with complete information and regulations.

View the poster below for further information 
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