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We hope everyone is doing well and staying safe during these unusual times. This month we usually hold our Annual General Meeting and Elections however plans have had to be altered due to Covid. Our president, Brenda Lucas, has prepared an alternative which follows.

Our flower arranging group has also prepared a demonstration of a seasonal flower arrangement. It has been our practice to have this demonstration at the AGM however, as this was not possible, we will post it in this newsletter and on our website. ( If you should make this flower arrangement please send pictures so we can post it in the December newsletter.

November 17, 2020
Delivered via email due to the current Code Red
Manitoba Health restrictions
Minutes from the Annual General Meeting from November 19, 2019.
If there are any questions please direct them to 
If we receive no questions or comments the minutes will be accepted as presented.

St. James Horticultural Society
AGM Meeting
Tuesday, November 19, 2019

1.  Call to Order
     Pam McFarlane called the meeting to order at 7:35 pm.
     The agenda was reviewed and accepted.
     Pam then introduced the members of the board and the various committee members to the attendees.

2. Minutes from 2018 AGM Meeting

    Valerie Boyce read the minutes to the 2018 AGM meeting.

3. Business Arising From Minutes

   There were no questions on these minutes. Pam moved that the minutes be accepted as read. Karla Pratt seconded. Carried.

4. President

    Pam reported on all the various activities that were arranged by the Society board members during the past year which included the following:
  • She spoke on some of the issues at the gardens including thefts of produce and gardening tools, as well as the high water bill due to the drier than normal summer. A grant has been applied for to help make improvements.
  • Pam stated that the September pot luck supper and awards night at Deer Lodge Community Club was well attended. The floral arrangements on each of the tables were provided by the Flower Arranging group and were raffled off at the end of the evening. She also reminded everyone that our year ends August 31 so membership can be renewed at the pot luck.
  • The plant sale was in May at Deer Lodge Community Club. In 2020 we will be going back to donated plants and baking as well as the Glenlea Greenhouse orders. It will be held at Crestview United Church.
  • The BBQ held in July was a great afternoon for members to get together and visit. She thanked the chefs and also everyone for their contributions of salads and desserts.
  • The 105th exhibition was held in August at Crestview United Church and was arranged by our co-chairs Betty Moore and Karla Pratt along with many other volunteers.
   Pam moved that her report be accepted as read. Brenda Lucas seconded. Carried.
5.  Treasurer's Report

     Sharon Rude reported that the books were audited by Brenda Lucas and Linda Wall.
     All records were found to be in good order and were therefore approved.
     The balance in the bank on November 1, 2018 was $683.42. (not including $3.51 in petty cash).
     During the year we received a total of $12,222.86 which included $3,660.00 in memberships, $1,430.7 from fundraising, $2,545.66 from investment interest and cashing in one investment, $4,112.55 for garden plots and water fees, $429.90 from the exhibition and $44.00 from the Potluck 50/50 draw.
     Expenses throughout the year totaled $8,813.28. These expenses included MHA Membership fees and insurance of $1,649.09, school rental of $150.00, MIG insurance of $621.00, garden expenses of $2,307.70 and exhibition expenses of $2,766.76. There were also various other expenses that totaled $1,318.73.
     A complete breakdown of the financial report is available upon request.

Sharon moved that the Treasurer’s report be accepted as read. Sandy Venton seconded it. Carried.
6.  Secretary's Report

     Valerie reported that she is resigning as secretary and asked that if anyone was interested in taking it over please come forward. The job entails taking notes at the board meetings and organizing payment of the various advertising we do in our exhibition book. She also sends the request for payment of the Weir Memorial Grant. Valerie offered to help the new person with the duties for a few months.
7.  Committee Reports
  • Gardens - Wayne Holunga reported that there are 67 large and 92 small garden plots (a total of 159 gardens). It was a rough year and some vegetables are still in the gardens. There are also some tools and watering cans that need to be removed. The plowing will probably be done in the Spring if it doesn’t dry up this week. Plowing can be done by chisel (as in the past) or by dis., Whichever we prefer.
  • Exhibition – Karla presented a slide show and reported the following: The new venue for the exhibition was at Crestview United Church.  There were 38 entrants, including 4 juniors, and 395 entries.
           - Karla would like to set up a volunteer committee to help set up and take down the tables.
           - She would like assistance to help her promote the exhibition to encourage more entrants to attend.
           - She also needs ideas on how to display the quilt entries.
  • Membership – Joelle Potrebka reported that there were 213 members in 2019. She asked that, if possible, she would prefer to have members pay their membership fees in the fall for the following year and thanked those who had already done so.
8.   Slate of Officers and Election of Directors

Pam introduced the Slate of Officers and asked for nominations for the positions on the board that needed to be filled. The positions requiring volunteers are as follows:
  • President – Pam McFarlane is stepping down as president and Brenda Lucas was nominated by Linda Wall to take her place. Lillian Austin nominated Pam McFarlane. Pam thanked her but declined the nomination. There were no other nominations. Brenda accepted the position. No objections. Carried.
  • Secretary – Valerie Boyce stepped down as secretary and Tina Pratt was nominated by Pam McFarlane to take her place. Lillian Austin nominated Betty Moore. Betty thanked her but declined the nomination. There were no other nominations. Tina accepted the position. No objections. Carried.
  • Publicity / Newsletter – Linda Rudachek was nominated by Linda Wall to take over this position. There were no other nominations, Linda R. accepted the position. No objections. Carried.
The Nominations and elections of officers was closed.

9.  Unfinished Business and Questions From the Floor – no questions

10. Adjournment - The meeting was adjourned at 8:28 pm.  Everyone was invited to take part in the Christmas craft and to have some snacks and coffee after the meeting.
President’s Report November 2020
Who would have ever guessed that we would not be able to meet and learn and socialize in all things gardening in person? I hope everyone is taking advantage of our website and Facebook pages for the latest gardening news. (Thank you, Linda R, in everything you do to keep these up to date and current). It certainly has been a different year for gardening. We are very fortunate that the Manitoba Government deemed gardening an essential activity this year. Everyone at the garden was very respectful of the distancing requirements. I would like to thank each one of you for your cooperation in keeping everyone safe. Let’s hope that we will be able to continue in the spring again to garden. There were some firsts for us a garden club as well. Our annual plant fundraiser with Glenlea saw it go to an online ordering system only with pick up on one day and no plants available for sale at pick up. It went very well and we saw a profit made. We saw the approval of grant money from the Winnipeg Foundation. About half of this money was utilized this year with the remainder earmarked for the spring of 2021. We are currently working on the technology to be able to present our monthly speaker on line. (If you are interested in the monthly speaker please email Many thanks to all of out volunteers for making 2020 a successful garden season. Be strong. Be safe.
The St James Horticultural Society Board of Directors consists of the following positions and people:
President                                                                        Brenda Lucas
1st Vice President/garden committee chair                     Wayne Holunga
2nd Vice President/ telephone committee                       Bonnie Batchelor
Secretary                                                                        Tina Pratt
Treasurer                                                                       Sharon Rude
Membership                                                                   Joelle Potrebka
Hospitality                                                                     Linda Wall and Brenda Lucas
Exhibition                                                                      Karla Pratt
Programming                                                                 Sandra Venton
Flower Arrangers                                                            Pat Roberts and Sharon Rude
Communications                                                            Linda Rudachek
Past President                                                                Pam McFarlane
Manitoba Horticultural Association Representative         Linda Wall
Director                                                                         Betty Moore
When we were able to meet, we have been meeting in Adrian Sala’s community room at no charge. This is saving the society the cost of the school permit and the additional insurance required to meet the school.
We currently do not have any open positions; however, we are looking to fill positions for next year, 2nd vice president and president. If you have any interest in either one of these positions and would like to shadow in the role please contact Brenda at
At this time, I require agreement from the membership regarding having Linda Wall continue to represent St James Horticultural Society with the Manitoba Horticultural Association. (
Reports from each of the committees
Unless we receive any questions or comments on each of the reports (  all reports will be accepted as presented.
From our Treasurer:
St James Horticultural Society November 1, 2019 - Oct/31/ 2020
Financial Report prepared by S. Rude        
BN # 88916 9066 RR0001        
Balance as of November 1/2019        $4,093.00
Receipts   Credits   Totals
198 memberships   $2,970.00   $2,970.00
Fund Raising        
Monthly Raffles   $159.00    
Monthly Speaker fees returned   $50.00    
Advertising in show book.   $135.00    
Donations   $150.00   $494.00
Funds from interest & Investments        
Yearly Interest from Bequest GIC   $29.58    
Monthly Bank Interest   $5.79   $35.37
Yearly Fund Raiser        
Plant Sale   $442.48   $442.48
61 Full Garden Plots   $1,525.00    
99 Half Plot Gardens   $1,485.00    
160 Garden Water Fees   $800.00   $3,810.00
Grant Funds received   $7,745.00   $7,745.00
Total Receipts   $15,496.85    
Balance in account as of Nov/01/19 plus total receipts.     $19,589.85
less Total Disbursements -$10,847.72     -$10,847.72
      Total $8,742.13
Account Balance as of Oct/31/20                $12,528.56        
Less o/s #976 to T. Pratt                                          $75.00        
Less o/s #979 to N. Olson                                         $7.00        
Less o/s #981 to J. Mclennan Shearer                  $3.00        
Less o/s #982 to C. Small                                        $10.00        
Less o/s #984 to I. Ranenko                                     $5.00   Investments  
Less Grant Funds not yet spent                      $3,686.43   GIC mat. Jun/15/21 $2,053.15
Total                                                                         $8,742.13   GIC Bequest Jul/19/21 $1,000.00
    GIC mat. Jun/15/22 $2,181.06
    GIC mat. Oct/16/23 $3,207.29
Oct/31/18                                       Total             $11,195.63   Surplus share $4.26
Oct/31/19                                       Total             $12,361.50        
Oct/31/20                                       Total             $17,187.89   Oct/31/20 Total $17,187.89
St James Horticultural Society November 1, 2019 - Oct/31/2020
Financial Report prepared by S. Rude        
BN # 88916 9066 RR0001        
Disbursements Debits     Total
MHA Membership fees & insurance -$1,252.50     -$1,252.50
MHA Convention delegate fees & Auction Donation -$190.00     -$190.00
School Rental for Board, Garden & Fl. Arrangers $0.00      
MIG Insurance -$642.00     -$642.00
Monthly Speaker Fees -$100.00     -$100.00
Friends of Living Prairie Museum Membership $0.00      
Flower Arrangers        
Flower Arrangers Yearly Grant (returned 2020) $0.00      
November Christmas Craft Supplies 2019 -$40.72     -$40.72
Yearly Gratituities for Secretary 2019/20 -$75.00      
Yearly Gratituities for Treasurer 2019/20 -$75.00     -$150.00
Office Supplies        
Office Supplies, Postage,Reg. Mail & Photocopies -$49.85      
Post Office Box Rental -$181.65     -$231.50
Website & Domain name -$195.48     -$195.48
Check Order -$163.52     -$163.52
Crestview United Hall Rental -$25.00     -$25.00
Garden Plowing  (April) -$800.00      
Garden Plowing (October) -$700.00      
Plants & soil for Flower Box, planters & blood meal -$353.46      
Garden Posts -$387.52      
Paint, brushes, trays , rollers -$224.20      
3 self closing valves -$221.21      
Hauling garbage, paint brushes, 2 water valves -$53.31      
Gardens water bill Silver Ave. -$767.18      
Gardens water bill Albany St. -$430.15     -$3,937.03
Judge fee for gardens. -$75.00      
Prizes for gardens -$37.00     -$112.00
Storage Unit Rental & lock ( Sept. & Oct) -$121.54     -$121.54
Grant Funds yet to be dispensed -$3,686.43     -$3,686.43
Total Disbursements -$10,847.72     -$10,847.72
St James Horticultural Society Nov/1/ 2019 -Oct/31/2020  
Financial Report prepared by S. Rude        
BN # 88916 9066 RR0001        
Memberships & Insurance Debits Credits   Total
M.H.A. fees -$1,252.50      
MIG Insurance -$626.25      
Memberships   $2,970.00    
Total -$1,878.75 $2,970.00   $1,091.25
Fund Raiser        
Rental for Crestview United -$25.00      
Plant Sale profits ($451.23 less boxes $8.75)   $442.48    
Total -$25.00 $442.48   $417.48
Spring Plowing Gardens (Grant Funds) -$800.00      
Water Bill ($ Silver), ($ Albany) (Grant Funds) -$1,197.33      
Repairs - Posts, paint, etc. Grant Funds) -$322.87      
Flowers for Gardens, planters & blood meal(Grant Funds) -$353.46      
Fall Plowing Gardens -$700.00      
Garden plots   $3,010.00    
Water Fees   $800.00    
Total -$3,373.66 $3,810.00    
Exhibition Show Debits Credits   Total
Prizes -$37.00      
Judge fee to judge gardens -$75.00      
Total -$112.00     -$112.00
Donations Debits Credits   Total
Charitable Donation where tax receipt was issued.   $150.00   $150.00
Grant Money 2019-4978 received March 27/2020 Debits Credits   Total
Money received   $7,745.00    
Spring Plowing -$800.00      
Paint, brushes, trays and rollers. -$224.20      
Garden posts -$387.52      
Plants, soil for planters at gardens. -$221.17      
Planters for gardens. -$83.94      
3 Self closing Valves for taps. -$221.21      
Blood Meal for planters -$48.35      
Storage Rental fees and locks. (September) -$77.54      
Storage Rental fees. (October) -$44.00      
Hauling garbage. -$20.00      
Paint Brushes -$10.05      
2 water valves. -$23.26      
Water Bills -$1,197.33      
Fall Plowing -$700.00      
Total -$4,058.57 $7,745.00   $3,686.43
As requested, I have reviewed the statements and financial accounting records provided to me in regard to the SJHS financials.
In the past I have asked to see the actual “receipts” for the expenditures, but your Treasurers precision in reporting and my familiarization with the expenses, it is my opinion that I do not need to investigate further and I am prepared to confirm that I have reviewed the financial statements and find them to be in good order.
The only thing I would make note of was that it appears that the SJHS did not apply for the $50 refund from the Weir foundation for speakers. That has in the past fallen under the purview of the secretary I believe. It is not a significant amount but I do recommend that once we return to speakers who require a fee, that you do not forget that income availability. (note that due to the covid restrictions in the spring we did not have a speaker in March, and the previous month’s speakers donated their speaker’s fees)
I trust that in this social distance environment that this email will be the record you require for your records to indicate that the books were reviewed.
Thanks to Sharon for the organized and concise maintenance of the financials of the SJHS financial records.
Linda Wall
Director Area 6
Flower Arrangers:

The Flower Arrangers have 8 members who since November have not been meeting in person. We now communicate our designs via email or possibly zoom in the future until we are allowed to meet again.

Exhibition Chair:
There was no exhibition or potluck this year due to COVID-19. We were able to judge the gardens and the winners were as follows:
FIRST – Nathanael Olson
SECOND –  Ann Ketonen
THIRD – Janice McLellan Shearer
Gloria Smythe
Donna Vendramelli
FIRST – Carl & Mildred Small
SECOND – Mitchell Lansworth
THIRD – Iryna Ranenko
Steven Custodio
Membership Chair:
We had 218 paid members last year. Many new members and new gardeners. The plan was for everyone to keep their membership cards and we would stamp when paid in person to show renewal. That may not work this year if we again have to do things remotely. If that is the case, we will issue new cards as needed. Please be sure to update us on any address, phone number or email changes. Reminder that many greenhouses offer discounts when you show your membership card! 

I would like to encourage members of the SJHS to send me images/photos of their horticultural endeavours. As a member of the society you can have your own page on our website with any horticultural related images/memorabilia (think poems, copies of your award ribbons or even gardening cartoons) It would be your page so you could use your imagination. Imagine directing your friends and family to your own webpage to view your photos and whatever else with a horticulture theme that you wish to exhibit. Please visit sample page at Contact me by email if you are interested. (link at bottom of newsletter)

Thank you!
Linda R.

Garden Committee

We must make mention of the success of the gardens this year, despite the challenges we are all facing.  We were blessed to have had circumstances that allowed 160 garden plots to be available to give us respite from being locked up and social distancing. We had to sort out, and have all hands-on deck, to figure out how to assign and collect records in a physically distanced environment and keep our members and volunteers safe. There were a few bumps and a learning curve but, we are nothing if not resilient.
This year, we were also lucky to have received funding to do a few improvements to the garden’s areas from the Winnipeg Foundation.  It was a strange summer trying to maneuver around working together but apart; limiting our physical contacts.
Many of the tasks were completed, improvements and flowers for the entrance way and flowers at each water station. Replacement of many of the older garden markers and bright new paint.
As we are all volunteers and many of us were dealing with our own ability to manage through this new set of social and safety protocols, many other improvements have been deferred to the next season to ensure that those things can be completed in a safe manner.
We saw some really great gardens and many new gardeners at our plots and we know the significant mental health benefits of being able to "get out and grow".
We are looking forward to the next season and hopefully we will be in a less restricted situation in the new year.  
In the meantime, grab those seed catalogues, and start planning your planting for 2021.
Our flower arranging group has also prepared a demonstration of a seasonal flower arrangement. It has been our practice to have this demonstration at the AGM however, as this was not possible, we will post it in this newsletter and
on our website.
If you should make this flower arrangement please send pictures so we can post it in the December newsletter.
Again, if you should make this flower arrangement please send pictures so we can post it in the December newsletter.
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