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Hello fellow gardening enthusiasts and members of the St. James Horticultural Society. We hope you are all doing well and staying safe.

We are still unable to hold our meetings at the school. Community clubs are booked and are an expensive option in any case

We are holding our Annual General Meeting meeting on November 16 at 7 pm via Zoom or alternative. If you would like to participate in the meeting please email us for additional information.

We are planning to have additional on line meetings and hope to have speakers lined up for the new year. We look forward to your participation.
The gardens have been mostly plowed but have been delayed by the rains. If weather cooperates they will be finished this fall, if not, we will discuss in the spring.

Our beautiful entrance flower box which was so lovely all summer, now awaits Spring. A huge shout out to Lois Gieger for her incredible commitment of time and skills this summer to keep it beautiful. Why do we not remember to “capture” those beauties as the summer progressed.
"One has to wonder where we would be without our dedicated volunteers".
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Thanks to Pat for hosting our first meeting in her spectacular backyard.  What a feast for the eyes! 
Following are the photos from our get together. 
The demo was a Vertical Design featuring Winnipeg with the iconic landmark of the Golden Boy. 

The Landscape Designs were inspired by Pam's demo last June. 

Pat not only hosted us but shared delicious Banana Bread too! If you were unable to join us, you missed a wonderful meeting.

Take care & stay safe,

A vertical arrangement using any iconic Winnipeg landmark. Examples: Golden Boy, pavilion at Assiniboine Park, Provencher Suspension Bridge, Trizec Building etc.

Demo by Lois.


A landscape design.
Demo by Pam.


We are pleased to welcome a new member.  We hope you enjoyed yourself Bev.  We are delighted to have you join us.

What a wonderful demonstration we observed tonight!  Wow!  Pat outdid herself with her "Vienna - an arrangement utilizing a wire cylinder depicting the iconic music of Vienna.  Thanks so much for all of the thoughtful tips and opportunities for learning.  Our workshop next month promises to be challenging but so very interesting.
Our workshop of vertical arrangements portraying iconic landmarks from Winnipeg captured the spirit of our city in flowers.  Lovely!

It was wonderful to see so many out to our class tonight and such a great way to cap off an unusually hot October day!

Take care & stay safe,


An arrangement utilizing a wire cylinder depicting the iconic music of Vienna. 
Demo by Pat


A vertical arrangement using any iconic Winnipeg landmark. Examples: Golden Boy, pavilion at Assiniboine Park, Provencher Suspension Bridge, Trizec Building etc.

Demo by Lois.


Join us for the launch of the latest edition of The Prairie Garden: Smaller Places. Editor Dorothy Dobbie, guest editor Mr. Tomato, and contributor Dr. Meera Sinha will introduce the book and give you a taste of what you can learn from it.

Registration is required to directly participate in the Zoom webinar. It will be simultaneously streamed on YouTube and available for viewing thereafter.

This year’s edition of The Prairie Garden, the 83rd, zeroes in on how to make the best of a small space, whether it is in your back yard, on a balcony, or even just a not-so-sunny corner of a room. We know there are many novice gardeners interested in learning more, so this edition concentrates on providing a lot of how-to information.

by Pam McFarlane

It’s quite easy to create a butterfly garden. You may even find that you already grow some flowers that attract butterflies. With just a little effort you can create a beautiful haven and the butterflies will appreciate your efforts.
 When deciding where to locate your butterfly garden, choose a spot that is not isolated from other plants. Butterflies will be more likely to find your garden if there are other flowers nearby to lead them to your butterfly garden. But if your butterfly garden is the only patch of flowers in a vast sea of grass, butterflies won’t have much reason to be in the area.  They need a flat area for sunning themselves, food and protection from the weather.
The butterfly garden should include a variety of plants that attract butterflies, and those plants should be in a variety of colours and heights. Consider planting azaleas, rhododendrons and lilacs for height.   Weigela, with its flowers like dainty trumpets, is another good shrub for attracting butterflies. I have planted weigela near the base of the lilac bush by the fish pond at home.
No butterfly garden should be without Milkweed.  Not only will the blossoms attract many butterflies, but the plant will also provide food for caterpillars. Without the caterpillars there would be no butterflies. Dill and parsley also provide food for butterfly caterpillars and I plant a lot for cooking and pickling. If you’re lucky, you may even have Monarch butterflies laying their eggs on the milkweed and you can watch the entire life cycle, from caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly. It makes great photographs if you can capture the whole life cycle.
Many other commonly grown flowers will attract butterflies, purple coneflowers (Echinacea), Black-eyed Susans (rudbeckia), cosmos, huechera, zinnias, beebalm and cleome. 
Plan your butterfly garden so there are blooms all season long. The rhododendrons, azaleas and lilacs will provide a spring snack for butterflies, followed by summer-blooming plants such as the buddleia and asclepias and asters or Autumn Joy sedum in the fall.
In addition to providing food for butterflies, your butterfly garden should also provide a resting place along with shelter from the wind and cold. Include flat rocks in your garden where the butterflies can sun themselves. It’s even better if the rocks provide a place for butterflies to gather for a drink.  I placed a few of these beside my fish pond.
You can also purchase butterfly shelters that look rather like tall, narrow birdhouses with several slots for entrances.  A local supplier, Braecrest Design, makes and sells these at the St. Norbert Farmers market. One final thing that every butterfly garden should include is a comfortable bench or seating placed where you can sit and admire.
It is with great sadness we report the passing of Estelle Boisonneault. Estelle was a director of St. James Horticultural Society for a number of years and was a co-chair of the membership committee for 3 years.
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