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Seeing the world through new eyes...

Good spatial perception can oft be considered a "nice to have" but perhaps "non-essential" learning skill. There's some truth to that. Most students with weaker skills can struggle through the few subjects highly dependent on visual skills, including geometry and science lab, without too much damage to their GPAs. 

But helping children with spatial perception can, quite literally, change their view of the world. An improved ability to see visual relationships will lead to a greater appreciation and creation of art, a better ability to envision how things "could be", and improvements in everyday activities such as sports, driving, and fixing or assembling household items. In other words, weak spatial perception is unlikely to ruin an academic career. But better spatial perception can make life easier and more enjoyable as children no longer shy away from some of the most potentially fun yet challenging tasks because they deem themselves "not good at that". The great news is that even kids with weaker spatial perception can find activities they will inherently enjoy so they WANT to practice their skills. The trick may be to figure out just what that activity is. Fortunately, Mindprint has plenty of suggestions to satisfy every child's interests. Legos are a great and obvious choice, but certainly not the only one. We have plenty on Mindprint, but here are just a few to get you started.

Want to improve your understanding of spatial perception? Click here.

Our quick picks for activites to develop spatial perception:

Rush Hour
If your family doesn't yet have Rush Hour, you should. It's available in multiple versions, including a great digital option, to meet any family's needs. Moving your car out of traffic is relatable to everyone, and the game offers multiple cognitive challenges. Read the full review here.
Jigsaw Puzzles
The old fashioned jigsaw puzzle is one of the best ways to develop spatial perception. It's easy to find one that will be at the right level of challenge and has an image of interest. And there's nothing better than sitting together over a jigsaw puzzle to get families talking rather than texting. Read more here.
iTunes App: Blueprint 3D HDX
With eleven different themes, this app has a category for everyone. Students can take as much time as they need to rotate and virtually manipulate the shapes until they see Lady Liberty and other familiar objects. While it might not be loved by all, most will enjoy and all will benefit. Read the full review here.
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For those with special needs, it's IEP season. Read The Ed Mom post on IEPs here.
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