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A little bit of anxiety can be a good thing. The adrenaline can make us think faster and better. However, with too much anxiety the mind begins to shut down. One of the key skills affected by anxiety is working memory, which also happens to be one of the most important for effective test taking. If test taking is on your mind with the PARCC tests, read below for strategies from the Mindprint psychology team. Or click here for our curated articles on standardized test taking.

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Basic Test Taking Tips
If your child is using the paper form, these strategies are essential. Some still apply to the computerized format, such as reminding children to re-read the instructions Read the full strategy here.
Reaffirm Self-Worth
One of the best ways to lessen test anxiety is by building up confidence. A very quick, specific and effective approach is right here.
Check Your Work
How many times have you said "don't forget to check your work." Did you realize that most children don't know what you expect them to do? Here's what you need to tell them. Click here.

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