Pi Day Alternatives
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Because great minds don't think alike. 

You don't need to love math (or pie) to enjoy Pi Day...

As a Princeton-based company, we'd be remiss to ignore Pi Day. We recommend using the occasion to enjoy the importance of math in every day life, even if your child isn't an aspiring mathematician or physicist. For younger children, research shows that number sense, or a general intuition with numbers, is the greatest predictor of long-term math success. Note there is no correlation with how fast they can recite math facts. For older students, comfort with numbers will give them the essential foundation for life skills whatever their career aspirations, such as budgeting and financial planning. For more information about math read our curated selection of articles here

Here are some of our favorite non-math, math options to try at home:

Family Game
Wits & Wagers is a fun, party-style trivia game that can be a great way to help students develop estimation skills and a lot of general knowledge. Read the full review here.
Cooking is fun and gives practice with measurement, estimating and, for younger children, the concept of quantity. Learn more about how to use cooking as an effective teaching tool here.
99 cent App
This is a wonderful hidden object app that will appeal to students of all ages and will develop numeracy skills. In other words a "sleuth" math app. Read the full review here.
Remember the best learning is fun learning. Click here to play  (Psst...Make sure your volume is on)
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