Celebrating a Holiday from STEM
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Because great minds don't think alike. 

Celebrating a Holiday from STEM

With the seemingly constant media focus on helping our children improve in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and math) there may be no better time than July 4th to step back and reflect on the importance of studying liberal arts. And on this weekend in particular, history.

A child's understanding of the events and personalities that shaped history strengthens his or her ability to understand current events, realize the importance of good decision-making and leadership skills, and better anticipate future life events. Indisputably critical life and career skills. Even if your child is ultimately focused on a STEM career, you will find some interesting articles discussing the importance of a strong liberal arts background here.

A Few Excellent Choices to Learn History

And plenty more by clicking here.
Pocket Law Firm
This free app from Justice Sandra Day O'Connor's non-profit will teach a broad age range of children everything they need to know about the Constitutional amendments in a thoroughly engaging role play game. Read more here. An alternative website version also has additional games here.
If your child does not have a school account, you will need to pay for most of the content on this site but it may be worth it. BrainPop presents all its information through animated videos using well-spoken characters that effectively engage students. BrainPop covers curriculum and beyond, but it very well may do its best when it comes to social studies. It can easily be your go-to source when your child asks a question about a historical event or scientific phenomenon that you just can't answer. Read our review here.
Brain Quest America
A product that every family should have in the car. Kids can quiz themselves or each other with the attached cards that cover important facts every student should know. All written in a child-friendly way. Read more here.
And an important civics lesson from our Educated Mom

Jury Duty

by Sarah Vander Schaaff

I began my summer by reporting to jury duty.

I’d been summoned twice before, and both calls fell shortly after the birth of one of my girls. I got excused for medical reasons; I was more than my babies’ mom, I was their milk machine, and only source of food considering they wouldn’t take a bottle.

Now that the kids were older, I had no medical excuse. But... Read More

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