November 2019
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The Impact of Literature and Visitation

On July 26 this year I witnessed the baptism of seven of my customers and contacts. I praise God for the decision they made to follow the Lord. Four of them were invited to our small group and three were invited to the evangelistic meeting at Saunaka village. 

Among the seven were a couple who purchased books from me earlier this year. After Vuniyani (my husband’s namesake) shared his story with us, we invited him to attend a meeting in July, after he had come back to pick up his books. When he attended the first night, Vuniyani was moved by the Sanctuary topic shared by our pastor, linked to the concept of our body as the temple of the Holy Spirit. The message impacted Vuniyani’s life because he usually drinks and eats anything. 

On the first Friday night, Vuniyani was meant to attend another meeting but my husband reminded him not to miss that evening’s topic. That night he gave his life to the Lord after hearing the change of the Sabbath message, but Vuniyani’s wife did not attend with him.

I went to visit his wife the next day and shared the message she had missed. At the end of our sharing I saw tears streaming down her cheek. She told me that Vuniyani had already told her he was going to be baptised when he got back that Friday night but she had tried to discourage him. After our prayer, she told me that she will follow her husband into the water of baptism.

This experience shows me that if we faithfully make visits to our contacts and share what we know when it interests them, or invite them to our small groups for Bible study, the more people will give their life to the Lord.  
City Colporteurs Needed: "As they go from house to house, they will find souls who are hungry for the bread of life, to whom they can speak words in season. Canvassers are needed who feel a burden for souls.  You may say, “I’m not a minister.  I cannot preach to the people,” no you may not be able to preach; but you can minister, you can ask those you meet if they love the Lord Jesus.  You can be an evangelist.  You can be God’s helping hand, working as did the disciples when Christ send them forth."  Ellen White, Colporteur Ministry, page 23, 24.
Mere Dawa
Literature Evangelist,
Nadi, Fiji
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Mere Dawai at centre with her granddaughter and four men on her right with three ladies on her left are her seven baptism candidates.
Penioni  Vula, Area Manager, FIJI Islands.
Angel Blows Cover Open

It was a windy day, and when I returned to move my scooter to the next street, I found that the rear ‘helmet holder’ had blown open and the lid was lying broken nearby. I rang the man who sold me the scooter, requesting a new part so I could fix the lid. He said, “I’ll look after you.”

When I went around to see him, he gave me the part for free! As a thank you, I gave him a handful of small sharing books. He asked, “Are these Jehovah’s Witness (JW) books?” I said, “No, they may look like JW books, but they are actually SDA books.” He said, “I grew up Seventh-day Adventist.” 

I found out he had left the church. After a chat and some encouragement, I explained that I sell books and showed him all the ones I had in my bag. He also happily took The Great Controversy for his ‘non-practicing’ Catholic wife. Now I know why my guardian angel didn’t stop the breakage - God wanted me to make a most important book delivery. 
Andrew Kochanski
Jumpstart LE,
South Queensland
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Connections on a plane

On the way back from the Literature Ministry Summit, I sat next to a young man (Indian/Greek) on the plane, who was reading some religious history papers. We struck up a conversation, and he was interested that my husband is a Pastor and we're involved in different facets of ministry. He's studying theology at a college in Sydney, after going on a spiritual pilgrimage around the world seeking for truth and meaning in life;  including living with some monks. He wants to move on from his Greek orthodox background, finding the tradition unsatisfying. 

I prayed for wisdom as we chatted about deep life issues, shared testimonies and quoted the Bible.  The two hours went quickly,  and we swapped phone numbers to keep in touch. I sent him Great Controversy, Desire of Ages, Path to Peace (SC) and some Bible DVDs from Mark. He responded and said he really was blessed by our conversation, and is longing to continue seeking truth.

Praying that we may be able to eventually connect him up with a suitable Pastor or layperson in Sydney. He's very open, and I'm delighted by this divine appointment!  People everywhere are asking the big questions, desiring truth and light.  What a privilege it is to connect with these precious, seeking souls! 
Sue Wilson
Regular LE,
South Australia
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It's so hard to choose
After having timeout to recover from surgery it was great to be at our bookshop again at one of our favourite shopping centres. 

A young Dad came up and was looking at the Moose story books. I showed him how each book has character building lessons and is based on a Bible parable.  This really got his attention.  “Oh, great, then I will take book 1,3, 5 and… oh it’s so hard to choose, they are all so good!” he exclaimed.  

I agreed with him, knowing he was having a hard time choosing.  “I will do a  special for you so your children can enjoy these beautiful books for Christmas,” I said.  “How about, I give your family a Christmas gift from us with $2 off each book if you would like the full set?”  "Really, in that case I will take the lot!"  He said, as he excitedly paid for the set.

We had a beautiful day back working for the families to bring them joy and to enjoy these beautiful books for a special Christmas, what a blessing to work for our Lord and Saviour.
Sylvia & Geoff Wall
Pop-up Bookstore LE,
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Kindy kids a blessing

I felt really blessed to have an opportunity to work with kindy age children. We had a Happy Plants workshop. The children loved planting herbs with their little gloves and masks on and learning about the healing powers that God has put in the plants. They loved mixing up a tea for themselves in Great Grandma's tea cups. By the time their parents had arrived they were experts!  With all that herbal tea their parents would never be stressed again. They would have the answer to heal any ailment!

Of course, asking God for help is the first priority.  He desires through them to exercise His healing power - For the sick we should use the remedies which God has provided in nature, and we should point them to Him who created them (Desire of Ages). 

Books were sold!  Physical, emotional and spiritual. This was a very successful workshop, praise God!

Wendy Kent
Book Party LE,
North New South Wales
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Tribute to God’s warrior
We sow, He reaps – would you like to help reaping too?
Angela Croft, South New Zealand Literature Evangelist.
Is Literature Evangelist work relevant today?     Definitely yes.
Angela Croft started LE ministry over 30 years ago. This week she was laid to rest. I was in the middle of a pop up shop, and had just started my meal when I got a text from her daughter. I shared it with the small group at my table and was amazed when Gina replied, “She was so encouraging to me when I came back into the church, she sold me the children’s set of books!

We are not just book sellers but we are there to turn our customers to Jesus as well as helping them medically and spiritually.  Angela set an example of giving flowers to those who had lost loved ones and food to those in need.

She also taught me how to relax at night when we had to be 100% focused for our work. I fondly remember the antics we would get up to. While working at an Hokitika outreach, Eric, he would wake up and ask for eggs on toast for breakfast. One day we spotted little Easter eggs in the shop so the next morning after Eric’s same request, I marched in with his eggs on toast!  Another day Angela had an appointment at 9 am and was driving to drop us off. The only problem was at 10:30am I looked in a glass door and realised my hair hadn’t been brushed! In the rush it got missed, thankfully the curls covered that up!

I know there will be countless people in heaven who will point back to Angela's visits for helping them to be there. Yes, she mainly worked South New Zealand but we also worked outreaches in NNZ, the Chatam Islands and down the West Coast.  Our last outreach together was in Nelson. I went out with her on Monday with a new small set of books and at the end we would introduce the people we met to Hope Channel. That Thursday she came out with me again and a man greeted us with the question, “Are you the Hope Ladies?” That was so special and we cherished that. “Yes we are,” and we continue to be!

Angela told me that she was rereading “Today, Tomorrow and You" and that was giving her hope for the future, she knew time on this earth was running out. "Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil". The precious book we sell, "Today, Tomorrow and You" has brought out the loving concern of our Heavenly Father who is there for us and with us, and had given her the emotional strength to walk through the end time of her life. It had given her "Peace of Mind, and Hope for the future". I could see the remarkable change in her, peace radiating out of her as we visited her.    

We have been colleagues in LE Ministry for over 28 years.   When she could work no more, she became my customer as she purchased books to leave behind for friends and loved ones, she was truly an LE to the end.  It was a privilege to see God working in her life and you knew you were in the presence of a Woman of God.

What precious books we share, we can't put a value on them, and this experience just humbles me at our loving Heavenly Father's care.  As we left each time we would say, “We will meet under the mango tree in heaven”.   We will miss her.  Please come soon Lord Jesus!
Collette Brown
Regular LE,
South New Zealand
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