March 2020
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I started my career as a Regular Literature Evangelist in the year 2000. I currently work in the North Island of New Zealand and what attracted me to Literature Ministry was the opportunity to minister the way Jesus did, to meet people’s needs and share with them the Gospel. It is so satisfying. 
Adam Weal
Literature Ministry Coordinator, North New Zealand Conference
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Ezekiel and Lillian’s Baptism

A passage that has made a deep impression on my mind is found in Christ’s Object Lessons page 373, “From hour to hour in our varied life, opportunities to reach and save souls are opened to us. These opportunities are continually coming and going. God desires us to make the most of them.”

On an outreach in Hobart I was given such an opportunity. I met a young man by the name of Peter who showed an interest in the Bible. We had a very good visit and I recorded his details and added him to the list of people who would be followed up by our pastors or church members. Peter was faithfully visited by Edward, a church member, and a connection was developed. Edward later introduced the Rahamani family who speak the Swahili language and they too developed a good connection. With God’s Spirit moving on Peter’s heart, he shared all that was happening with his younger brother Ezekiel and his wife Lillian. As the friendship developed they were invited to church and both families began attending.

Late last year, after Bible study and the nurturing of loving church members, Ezekiel and Lillian were baptised by Pastors David Leo and Cosmin Dan-Marica.

May we continue to work together as a church family, ministering to those that our God places in our care and many more souls will be saved for eternity.

Please pray for Peter and his family that they too will follow the example of Ezekiel and Lily and step out in baptism.

LTR Church member Edward, Ezekiel, Lillian and baby Rebecca.
Joe Paola
Regular Literature Evangelist (LE),
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God's timing is perfect

We were doing an outreach in a different area to where I would normally work. I knocked on a door and talked with a lady who asked me to return in 15 minutes as she was busy. Upon my return she invited me inside her home to talk. She loved the publications I showed her and told me that she had Adventist friends as she used to work at an Adventist retirement village. I was amazed to hear that she had recently been praying for God's guidance in her life and was very grateful that I had knocked on her door and showed her my selection of publications. In addition to purchasing a children's book, she bought The Great Controversy, Peace above the Storm, copies of Signs of the Times and more! We prayed together and I left with so much joy in my heart knowing that the local church is going to follow up with her. God’s timing is perfect!

Bruce McCourt
Jump Start LE, Western Australia

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On the 4th of December 2019, Literature Evangelist Raimana and I went to visit a retired school teacher in Mahaena district. Arlette is from another denomination. She reminded me about my mother Irene Flohr who was the school principal and who trained her to be a public school teacher. As Arlette and her husband are sick, they were thankful to see our health books. They found the best solution for healing from our book on medicinal plants. They said: “You are doing a powerful mission to save our sick people.” They’ve ordered all our health books. We had a prayer with them and offered some free literature. Thank the Lord!

Left to right: Ariti Won Kim, Raimana (LE) and Arlette.
Fanny Brotherson
Area Manager, French Territories
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‘This is Freaking me out"

It was a hot, windy day, which was putting customers off shopping. No-one wanted to go out in the heat of 33 degrees with the poor air-conditioning in the shopping centre.

We had placed our Pop-Up bookshop beside tables of a café. A lady was seated at a nearby table eating lunch. She asked, “What are you doing?" Her table was behind us and so she could not see the books. I told her that we were selling books and that our literature was written to help children face life with hope, health and happiness. I explained that our children live in a world full of violence, drugs and powerful influences working against their characters and future prospects of hope and real happiness. The lady, Linda*, then spoke of her five children and the struggle she was experiencing with her 19-year-old son.

I showed her a book that could help her son. Then Sylvia showed her the Sammy book set, pointing out the book about the evil island warning of cigarettes, alcohol and drugs for the younger children. She said, “I’ll have that too.” Linda purchased both lots of books without even seeing the bookshop display. Praise God.

“This is freaking me out,” Linda said. It turned out she had spoken to a Christian lady in the local op-shop only a short while before. Linda believed that God was directing her to meet with Sylvia and I. We gave her a copy of Steps to Christ. I offered to walk her to her car and offered a special prayer for her 19-year-old son.

Linda was very thrilled for our Christian hospitality and prayer. Please pray for her son and his three brothers and sister that our mighty Heavenly Father will guide and bless this family through the ministry of our Christ-centred literature.

Geoff Wall
Pop-Up Store LE, Victoria

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Message of Hope

Before beginning our work, my colleague Donna and I prayed that God would lead us to the home that needed to hear a message of hope. We got out of our car and, working opposite sides of the street, we began to visit the homes.

John* was watering his plants when I met him. Talking about his beautiful ripe tomatoes, we made a good connection. After a few moments he invited me inside his house and there I met his wife, Michelle*. During the visit John shared how he had a son-in-law who committed suicide at the age of 33, leaving behind two beautiful children. Then Michelle added, “My brother also committed suicide, and I have a niece who is grieving because her mother just died of a heart attack!” Listening to their story, I was pleading with God to help me to know how to respond to all the pain and heartache that they were going through.

After sharing some encouraging words, I began to show them the book, Today Tomorrow and You. Handing it over to Michelle, I asked her to have a look at it. Michelle had tears in her eyes as she talked about her grieving niece while flicking through the pages of the book. After encouraging her to purchase the book, she held it close to her chest, got up and said, “I want this to give to my niece.”

God answered our prayers! It was God who guided me to this home to share the message of hope and love to John, Michelle and to her grieving niece.  And what a privilege I had to pray with and for them. May the book that I have placed in their home bring much comfort, and lead them all into an understanding of the love of God through Christ Jesus, our Lord and Saviour.

Nanise Brown
Regular LE, Tasmania
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*Names have been changed for privacy reasons.
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