January 2020
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Books will reach those who can be reached in no other way, those living far from any large settlements…..To such ones, our canvassers are to carry the book containing the message of salvation. Colporteur Ministry p.39

 An outreach was recently conducted in Julia Creek and Richmond, two towns (each with a population of approximately 500 people) situated 650km and 500km respectively west of Townsville.

Sue* lives in Julia Creek. She had a real longing for books just like the very ones I was canvassing to her. She readily accepted the information presented to her as if the Holy Spirit had been preparing her for the moment. Sue even had money put aside to purchase the books she chose.

It is always a joy to see people readily accept our health and spiritual publications pointing them to the message of salvation found in our loving Lord Jesus.

On our last morning in Richmond, as we were preparing to return home, we were debating whether to leave immediately or to canvass for an hour prior to leaving. We prayed for God’s will and we were strongly impressed to work for one hour before we left for home.

Anna* lived in the very last home we canvassed in Richmond. As we sat on her veranda she related her life story to us as if to a friend.

When the publications were presented to her she immediately saw the value of the information contained in the books Healthy Juice and Today, Tomorrow and You. She told us she would read Today Tomorrow and You first as she had been sensing the need for the Saviour’s guidance in her life.

We also met a 90-year-old man who was very interested in our work. We had a long conversation with him regarding a range of spiritual issues, particularly  the spreading of God’s Word in today’s modern world. He was happy to receive a copy of Desire of Ages.

We were able to pray with these people and leave them with some additional spirit-filled literature.

We give God the honour and praise for the good news of salvation through our publications, reaching the hearts of people in these outback communities.

Willa and Ian Brough
Literature Ministry coordinators,
Northern Australia
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God is in control
After a wonderful Literature Evangelism summit, Andrew Johnson and I were travelling by plane to Alice Springs where we were to meet up with Andrew’s wife Jeanette.  We had been praying for opportunities to share. Amazingly, although we had booked our flights separately, we were in the same row but on either side of the aisle.  From left to right, I had a window seat, there was a vacant seat next on my right, then a Year 12 student, then the aisle, then Andrew, then on his right was a Muslim gentleman and next to the right-hand window was another passenger. 

I started an introductory conversation with the Year 12 student and Andrew was in a friendly conversation with his seatmate. I prayed for both of us. I was just getting over a chest infection and didn’t want to talk too much but unwrapped and pulled out a recent Signs of the Times magazine ready for later.  It was a past edition and I had put it in my Bible case some time earlier, still in its wrapper. Toward the last hour of our journey Andrew leant over and asked if I had a spare Signs of the Times. In an instant I gladly gave him mine since I figured the time didn’t seem ready for me to share with my own seatmate; apart from telling him I’d pray for his HSC exams.  The particular magazine featured the religion Andrew’s seatmate belonged to, from a caring perspective. Not in one article but two. He gladly took the magazine, fresh out of its wrapper.

A little later, when we were walking across the tarmac, Andrew shared the amazing story. God was in control of this divine appointment, right from when I placed that Signs of the Times magazine in my Bible cover.
Paul Livingston
Regular LE, Northern Australia

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Rotary Motorcycle Expo

Sunday morning couldn't have been more exciting! God opened the way for the South Australia team to have a Pop-Up bookstore at Adelaide's Rotary Motorcycle Expo 2019. Surrounded by lots of bikers, hot-looking bikes and trikes, Natasha and I, plus three church members, Bill, Hazel and Lisa, had a wonderful witnessing opportunity to shine our light and reach some new people in the community. Dads with their young children stopped by our colouring-in table so we were able to engage with them and promote our Moose Stories. I  met a young mum who has a child with autism and she fell in love with our Moose Stories and When I Look At You.

Natasha had a long, meaningful conversation with a Polish biker suffering with emphysema. He happily accepted The Great Controversy and also signed up to attend an upcoming health program. We had a number of sales and over 100 pieces of free literature were handed out. It was a blessed and rich experience. We praise God for all the precious souls He led to our Pop-Up bookstore that morning and pray for His special blessing upon them as they read His truth for these last days. 

Rita Pinzone
Pop-Up LE,
South Australia
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An Egyptian lady and her son

As I knocked on the door I could see through a large side window an Egyptian lady in the kitchen stirring a tagine. After organising a few things, she finally opened the door and with that came a combined fragrance of wonderful Middle Eastern herbs and spices. My thought was, if we had a competition and sent into battle a tagine and a casserole, the tagine would win hands down.

Despite her veil and our language challenges, we didn’t have a problem starting up a conversation. All of a sudden her six-year-old son came into the mix and stood next to her. We carried on talking, until the woman finally said, " I can’t buy anything because I have no money." Just then her son took off as most kids do; I didn’t give it much thought. A few minutes later he came sliding along the floor in his socks. When coming to a stop he handed me his money and said: "I will buy them." He was so happy. His mother bent down and looked him straight in the eye pointing to the cash. She said for all the neighbours to hear, "Is this your money?" He smiled without saying anything, and nodded yes. Wow! I thought this is the time to ask for prayer. He stood next to his mum still smiling while I prayed. I know I’ve said this before, prayer changes things and people. When the mother opened her eyes she was completely different, glowing, full of gratitude, excited, thanking me over and over again. This made her son excited too. Yes you guessed it, he was all smiles. My thoughts were, maybe, just maybe, he understood he was a catalyst in all of this.

Or was he just helping his mother, or both. Regardless, I gave him the books and kept his money: $1. He gave his all.

I believe God used a child to get His books into the house that day.

I went on my way and I couldn’t help but smile as I thought of the verse below:

Matthew 19:14: But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not hinder them! For the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” 

James Anderson
Jumpstart LE,
South New Zealand
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Literature Evangelists save a life in Papua New Guinea

Literature Evangelists Winnie Titus, Sandra Vagi, Miriam Pingi and Konea Baine were canvassing in Port Moresby (Papua New Guinea) on December 3, 2019, when they met a woman suffering domestic abuse and on the verge of suicide.

At Manu Autoport (Port Moresby) Joy* came outside to greet the LEs after her younger sister refused to let them inside her house. Suffering from body trembling and other symptoms as a result of typhoid, she gladly sat and listened to the LEs and accepted a brochure, a copy of Adventist Record and a Signs of the Times magazine. As a woman of faith, Joy had been praying for her typhoid to be cured.

Joy shared with the LEs about her traumatic experience where she overdosed herself in an attempt to alleviate her typhoid symptoms. She also shared about her unhappy arranged marriage and domestic abuse situation. She had been forced by her intoxicated husband into a car and driven kilometres away from her house before being forcibly removed from the vehicle and told to walk home.

After sharing her story, Joy recalled meeting Seventh-day Adventists previously at an evangelism program in Port Moresby. Having unanswered questions about speaking in tongues (1 Corinthians 14:1-25), the ladies commenced an impromptu Bible study with her. After more than an hour of sharing from the Bible, the ladies gave her a copy of Steps to Christ and left.

Joy has now opened her home to Bible study and is a single, but happy, mother. Believing that God has a purpose for her, she has told her children to “choose for themselves who they will marry”. She now hopes to share God’s Word with others. 

Konea Baine
Literature Evangelist, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
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*Names have been changed for privacy reasons.
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