1 August 2017
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Don't Forget ...

That there is NO time to lose - The canvassing work is a work of great responsibility, meaning much to the men and women who engage in it. We are living in a time when there is a great work to be done, and what better opportunity can we have to give the call to the supper Christ has prepared? Those who at this time take up the canvassing work with earnestness and consecration will be greatly blessed. You have no time to lose. Give yourselves willingly and unselfishly to the doing of this work. Remember that it is evangelistic in its nature, and that it helps to give a warning which is greatly needed. - Manuscript 113, 1901.

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"Are you from the Seventh-day Adventist Church?"


Standing Up for Jesus!


"I guess these books will help Me . . ."


"Are You from the Seventh-day Adventist Church?"

I always find working in offices very exciting and rewarding.

One day we had a great day visiting the offices and also made an appointment to see the Governor of the Territory on the following day. The next day, we arrived at 7.30 in the morning to find out that we will now not be able to see him until April. I whispered a short prayer, “Lord, you took us here for a purpose why is this door now closed?”.

I then asked the receptionist if we could see the Governor’s Secretary as I remember visiting her back in 2015 and she wasn’t quite interested at the time. The receptionist then held out the brochures that we left at the counter the previous day and said, “Are you from the Seventh-day Adventist church, and were you the ones that came to this office two years ago?”.

We confirmed with a “Yes”, and she said, “I love watching your television programs, especially the Health ones.” I then explained that today’s visit was to see the Governor, but maybe we were meant to see her instead. She was so happy and glad that we came by and after showing her the books she wrote out a cheque for the Family Medical Care and the Food and their Healing Power books and she couldn’t wait to have her books delivered next month.

Please pray for Minnie Tuia and that her interest in the health message, it might lead her to want to know more about God.

Soonafai Taylor
Area Manager, Samoa Mission

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"Standing Up for Jesus!"

Pictured above left is Franco Olak (our Jump Start LE), Nioka and her Uncle

Franco Olak and I knocked on a door in Tamworth, North New South Wales, where about seven Aboriginal young people were relaxing together in the home. As we knocked on the door, a friendly 18 year-old girl smiled at us through the window. Soon, she was looking through the books that we were canvassing.

Her name was Nioka, but she said we could call her Nike, like the NIKE brand.
She was interested in the spiritual books and told us that she reads the Bible, so we showed her The Great Controversy maga book. Soon, the seven other young people were preparing to leave the home to go out, and walked past Nioka as she was looking through the books. She is a Christian, and reads the Bible every day.

Franco and I then canvassed the group, but all politely declined except Nioka, who was the most interested. She was “standing up for Jesus”.

Franco and I prayed with her after she purchased the books, that they would change her life for the better. 

Andrew Kochanski
Team Leader, Jump Start, Australia
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"I Guess these books would help Me!"

The temperature was 36 degrees and Carmen and I were feeling the heat and humidity, but we continued on. 

Allan, a quiet spoken man invited us in and we noticed on his whiteboard written information that he was studying. We discovered it was a philosophy course on Miracles. I thought to myself – “Allan needs the Great Controversy. He is under the influence of the evil one and that the premise for this school of thought is we are all Sons of God, equal with Jesus. And that a person studying this course and living by it’s principles would eventually become a Son of God, like another Jesus!”.
Great Controversy, page 340 states - “…and you shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.” Genesis 3:2-5. KJV. “He {Satan} declared that they {Adam & Eve} would become like God, possessing greater wisdom than before and being capable of a higher existence”.
Allan was so sincere about his new found faith, that we felt for him. After learning more of this false teaching, we then canvassed our books and when I asked if he could see the value in the books, he replied, “I guess these books would help me.” He even added the Today, Tomorrow and You volume to the list of books he wanted to purchase. After the transaction, I took out the Great Controversy and showed him. The Holy Spirit was convicting Allan.  He was keen to take that book too. Praise the Lord!

He is an avid reader and a sincere seeker after the will of God.
The reason why he sought a pathway to peace through the course in Miracles, was because he had gone through a very terrible and painful divorce. He came out worse for the wear. He had lost all contact with his children for many years and it was only recently his son had reached out to him. Encouraging Allan, we offered prayer for him and placed him in the safekeeping of Jesus.
“Satan has tried to the uttermost to sever the chain that unites men to God; he desires to bind their souls to his own car, and make them slaves in his service, but we are to work against him, and draw men to the Redeemer.” Colporteur Ministry, page 50.

Eunice Winship
Team Leader, Northern Australian Conference

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