November 2018
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By PRAYER and SONG -  
'The work of the canvasser evangelist, whose heart is imbued with the Holy Spirit, is fraught with wonderful possibilities for good. The presentation of the truth, in love and simplicity, from house to house, is in harmony with the instruction that Christ gave His disciples when He sent them out on their first missionary tour. By songs of praise, by humble, heartfelt prayers, many will be reached. The divine Worker will be present to send conviction to hearts. "I am with you alway," is His promise. With the assurance of the abiding presence of such a helper we may labour with faith and hope and courage. - Testimonies, Vol. 9, page 34. (1909) 

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The Power of Prayer . . . 

5 Baptisms . . .

You came at the RIGHT time . . . 



A non-Adventist mother and daughter attended one of our book parties. I found out that the 10-year-old daughter is very sick with low iron levels and constant fevers. She has had many blood transfusions since the age of 3. The mother has been praying for her daughter with her church family, but she was still sick.

On the day of the book party, she was sick with fever, very pale and was sitting inside her mother’s car while the other children were playing. I asked her mother what was wrong and she told me about her condition and I decided I will pray for her, so I asked her mother to take me to her.

I placed my hand on her forehead which was very hot and feverish. As I prayed for her healing, I felt the fever break and she started sweating. She then felt much better and came out and was playing with the other children. She was scheduled for another blood transfusion on the following Monday, but when the doctor tested her he was very surprised to see her blood was back to normal and the paleness and fever had gone. He discharged them and she went home without any blood transfusion.

She was healed. Praise God!

Rhonda Piari
Literature Evangelist, Book Parties, Australia

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5 Baptisms and Many More to Come!!

Just today I found out some really great news and would like to share it with you all.

As we all know, Thok is a very humble man and does not like to share too much regarding the work/results in his service for our God. Thok worked full-time for about six months before leaving this year for Avondale to do Pastoral ministry. He is still working as a Literature Evangelist, but with his studies, the time devoted to Literature Ministry is very little.

After speaking to Thok today (I had to do a little deep digging) and also the Sudanese leader here in Victoria (Gatkuoth), I have found out that he has had 5 baptisms with many more that are attending church and still having Bible studies. He has also been very instrumental in helping to further organise the Sudanese church here in Victoria.

He loved assisting Gatkuoth and did many Bible studies with people. The Bible studies did not take him away from his calling as a Literature Evangelist as they generated more referrals, more sales and contacts. Also our God has further blessed this dedicated young man with $14,996 worth of purchases from the Signs in the last 12 months (Only 6 of those 12 months were full time).

For a new worker that is an extremely good effort! We can best describe Thok as a quiet achiever. He faithfully carried out his LE work making a positive impression on many Sudanese families in the church and amongst the many non-Seventh-day Adventist Sudanese people that he visited.

Thok was a joy to work with and mentor. He has been teachable and faithfully took on board all the instruction and training given which contributed to his good success as a Literature Evangelist. Thok promoted Literature Ministry amongst the Sudanese in our Church and they are now more aware of this important end-time ministry.

We will have other Literature Evangelists come out of the Sudanese church as a result of his influence. It has not been easy for Thok. He worked under difficult circumstances, having his children overseas and working with immigration to have them settle here in Australia.

May God continue to bless you brother Thok. You are an inspiration to many. May our God lead you back to Victoria to serve as a Pastor. (Your will be done dear God).

Joe Paola
Team Leader,
Victorian & Tasmanian Conferences
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You Came Just at the Right Time!!

In Christchurch I met a couple at the door who had just arrived back home from overseas, and had decided that when they got home they needed to get their health in order, and when presented with the health books they said, “you came just at the right time”.

We also had an interesting discussion about spiritual things. They bought the Enjoy It book, which specialises in foods that heal and prevent disease, and the Cook 30 book, as well as the Great Controversy! They also were open to me offering a prayer for them.

Joanna Aplin
Jump Start Literature Evangelist, North New Zealand Conference
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