2 October 2017
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To our Canvassers, to all whom God has entrusted with talents that they may co-operate with Him, I would say: Pray, oh, Pray for a Deeper Experience. Go forth with your hearts softened and subdued by a study of the precious truths that God has given us for this time. Drink deeply of the water of salvation, that it may be in your hearts as a living spring, flowing forth to refresh souls ready to perish.”  Colporteur Ministry Page 80

What's in this edition?

Literature Evangelist inspires.....

"You are and angel from God."


"Can I come to your church"


Literature Evangelist inspires church members to give out literature!

When I preach, church members often approach me after the Service and tell me of the literature they are distributing or some experiences they've had giving out literature. For example; In April,
I preached at Point Pirie Church and three church members told me they give the Great Controversy out. One couple own a bakery and have the Great Controversy on display for people to take.
Another man told me he leaves the Great Controversy in public places throughout his travels. Others will tell me that they have been inspired and motivated to give out more literature or to get out and start letterboxing again.

In May, the LE's preached at Melrose Park Church and the Jump Start LE's took a group of church members out distributing literature and DVDs.
I also preached at Stirling Church in May and had some church members share with me the literature distribution they are doing and others who were inspired to do more.

Last year I shared an LE story at my local church from up the front and a church member's son, who was visiting from Perth ordered 150 Great Controversy from me to give away to his customers. An elder from church was inspired to give out glow tracts. An elderly lady ordered History of Tomorrow from me and another Darkness before dawn. Another ordered 2 boxes of Great Controversy.

On Christmas Day, last year I organised for a group to join me in the afternoon and distribute Christmas Signs edition and Happiness Digest to all the Homeless Shelters in Adelaide. We gave out approximately 200 pieces of literature.

Rita Pinzone
Team Leader, South Australian Conference

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"You are an angel from God"

Anna was at home but was not interested in any visitors. She told the children to say to the stranger at the door that she was not well. I stood there praying, asking God to intervene. He did and shortly after, I heard this soft voice around the corner inviting me into her home. The meeting was so God ordained. Anna began to pour out her life story to me, and was yearning for God to strengthen her faith in Him and help guide her to bring up her children the right way. Her struggles were many with multiple challenges and a tough personal relationship. With her emotions raw, she said, "I have been asking God to send to me the right church. My family and I have not attended church regularly for a long time since we arrived in Cairns, 9 months ago. I have been to other churches but, somehow I have lost interest in them, because it doesn't seem right to be there”. I said, "you're looking for truth aren't you?". "Yes!", she said. I began to explain that to find the true church it had to be the one that practiced the teachings of the bible and exhibited God's great love. She agreed. I eventually moved on with the canvass and she was keen to purchase the Family Book, Peace Above the Storm and My Bible Friends.
Anna willingly accepted the invitation to church and is keen for the pastor to visit her home weekly for encouragement, bible study and prayer. After I offered up prayer for her, I told Anna I would add her name and family to my prayer list. She gave me a beautiful smile of gratitude and said, "you are an Angel from God." I replied, "He loves you Anna and knows your great struggles and sent me to let you know that."

"It is with the tongue that we convince and persuade; with it we offer prayer and praise to God; and with it we convey rich thoughts of the Redeemer's love."
Colporteur Ministry, page 70.

Eunice Winship
Team Leader, Far North Queensland, Australian Conference
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"Can I Come to your Church"

Michal and I began canvassing this week and had many amazing, God lead experiences!

We called on a home of a middle aged Chinese lady and we soon soon realised she could speak no English or understand our introduction.

She smiled, and vanished into her home, leaving us at the door, but soon returned with a friend. The young lady introduced herself as *Mary and pointed to the older lady and said her name was *Sharon.

As we canvassed the books, Mary translated for Sharon and they were soon happy to pay cash for a small set. We had a wonderful experience with these dear ladies and offered prayer, which they accepted. After the prayer Sharon asked (through Mary) “Could we please come to your Church next Sunday?” We explained that we go to Church on Saturday and added that just a few kilometres away is MASDAC (Melbourne Asian SDA Church) which has a Church service in Chinese. Sharon and Mary were thrilled at such good news and plan to attend next Sabbath.

*names changed.

John Brereton
Jump Start Literature Evangelist, Victorian Conference

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