1 November 2017
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Arise and Shine . . .

"The canvassing work should no longer be neglected. Many times I have been shown that there should be a more general interest in our canvassing work. The circulation of our literature is one very important means of placing before men and women the light that the Lord has committed to His Church to be given to the world. The books sold by our canvassers open to many minds the unsearchable riches of Christ." - Colporteur Ministry, page 17. 

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The Largest Student .....

Heaven Rejoices ...


Tina McCartney's Testimony


The Largest Student Canvassing Program Ever - June/July, 2017

A very enthusiastic group of 16 Jump Start Literature Evangelists, MAGAbook Literature Evangelists and interested church members canvassed in the surrounds of Avondale College for four weeks during June and July.  We spent the first week at Singleton Church with Pr Miroslav, two weeks at Maitland Church with Pr Lyle Southwell and Associate Pr Braeden Entermann and their three Bible workers, and the final week staying at Wallsend Polish church with Pr Michael Lilikakis.

We spent almost 700 hours on the doors, distributing almost 8500 letterbox cards, praying with 149 people, establishing 69 contacts who are expecting a church member or a bible worker to follow up and the best news is that almost 70% of the books sold or given away were spiritual!

One teenage Jump Start Literature Evangelist from Queensland, Franco Olak, sold and gave away 37 copies of The Great Controversy Ended in a single day!

We worked in one territory, out of one van, with one mission, to reach as many people as possible with life-saving literature.

It was an absolute pleasure to serve such a godly, committed and converted group of mostly young people. There were very many happy times, singing, praying, canvassing, cooking and eating together.

Plans are being laid for a bigger and better outreach next winter, as well as a summer holiday canvassing program. Avondale College Theology students, Harley Southwell and Fine Paiaaua took advantage of a pilot scholarship offered by Avondale College.

We praise God for the souls that we were able to touch with God’s truth… truly, His word will not return to Him void.

Andrew Kochanski
Team Leader, Jump Start Australia

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HEAVEN Rejoices With Baptisms!

Denys and Roberta Saminadame went door-to-door and met Willy and Alice Richmond (pictured on the left). Willy and Alice are ex-Seventh-day Adventists. They accepted the invitation from the Saminadame's to go to church on Sabbath and since then, they were faithful until they were rebaptised on Sabbath the 10th of June 2017 by Pastor Walker Alphonse. Praise the Lord for His wonderful work.


Our new Literature Evangelist from Moorea island and I had a book display in front of Are Store. A lady by the name of Sylvia Tauhiro (pictured on the left), also an ex-Seventh-day Adventist was happy that we were selling the Stampley Bible, so she ordered one for the next day and we delivered it with a gift Steps to Christ. After that we prayed with her and she had tears in her eyes. She finally accepted to come back to church and we thank God for His great work.

Fanny Brotherson
Area Manager, Tahiti Mission
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Tina McCartney's Testimony (A God-Story)

Tina McCartney and her daughter, Eva, are pictured above
On Tuesday, 2nd of May, 2017, Tina McCartney wrote her personal testimony in her devotional journal, about how she met Jesus and how God transformed her life through the message of a book.  During a recent visit Tina provided a copy of her journal.  Here is her story in her own words, a God-story that has already touched lives.
“It’s been about 4 or 5 weeks now since I opened my heart to God and Jesus saved me.
My days before that were in darkness.  I was very depressed, spending the days lying in bed with no motivation, no energy.  I was so tired all the time and life held no joy whatsoever.
I was an addict of marijuana commonly known as weed, and although I had given up smoking tobacco, I still used it with my weed.  It’s all I thought about when I didn’t have it and all I did was smoke when I had it.  My house was a mess. 
My daughter Eva was left to her own devices; it was all I could do to get her to school and even that wasn’t a success on some days.  Dinner was takeaways most nights or fried chips at home.  I was miserable, on one hand I wanted to crawl up in a ball and die, but on the other hand I worried about who would take care of my daughter? Eva was the one and only reason for my life, the only reason I didn’t end it.
I had friends but no one knew the extent to which I had fallen.  I never invited them over and made excuses not to see them.  I had been this way, this bad, for a couple of months but the lead up had been a gradual one.
Weed was my master and money went hand in hand; I never had enough.  So, although Eva was being fed on mainly junk, I was existing on chocolate and coke.  It was a pathetic existence.  I lost so much weight and people were wondering if I was on ice. I went days without showering and after dropping Eva at school I would come home, smoke cones if I had them, and lay in bed watching TV all day until it was time to pick Eva up.  I was Satan’s slave.
One day, scratching some lotto tickets in the hope of winning money - but disappointed yet again - I took notice of a book I was leaning on.  I had purchased a set of books from a Literature Evangelist, this one still had its wrapper on.  I’d had these books for three years yet had never noticed this particular one among them.  This day however, it caught my eye.  It was a book by Arthur Maxwell entitled Today, Tomorrow and You.
I read the book and realised it explained the Bible and how it is relevant in this day and age.  Being raised a Roman Catholic I had shunned God during my teenage years, thinking it all a load of rubbish and looking everywhere else for answers and love.  I read about other religions and even tried Wicca but nothing filled the hole in my heart.  I thought love was sex - it was the only love I had received but even that still left a hole.
I don’t know what it was that made me want to read that book.  I had become a firm believer that God did not exist and would push away anyone or anything who tried to tell me otherwise.  I believe now it was God knocking on the door of my heart, patiently asking me to come in and for some reason I opened the book and began to read.
As I read I could feel a change, my heart started jolting and tears filled my eyes.  My heart was crying because it heard and felt truth! By the time I had finished the second chapter it was a wave thundering over me, a tide of emotion and love that I’d never felt before.  God was with me right then and asking me to accept Him.  Without hesitation, my heart leapt with joy, relief and love, and I screamed YES!  As I write this I’m hit again with that same rush of love, joy and relief.  Hungering for more I read that book through, then because I had no Bible I downloaded the YouVersion Bible app.
The next two days were spent watching anything I could on the Bible and Jesus Christ.  Patterns of evidence about how scientific study and archaeology are providing evidence to support the stories of the Bible.  This confirmed for me the legitimacy of the Bible - it was all true!
I wanted to follow Christ, which meant looking at my sinful life, and confessing and repenting with full honesty.  For the first time in my life I felt my heart was full.  There was no hole, no uncertainty; I felt a love and peace I had never before known.  Two days after letting God into my heart I put away my bong and weed.  I expected cravings and withdrawals but God blessed me and I suffered none.  I had been an addict for 30 years, yet no withdrawals.  What a miracle!
The next night I dreamed for the first time in around 20 years (weed has the ability to inhibit dreams) and oh boy, what a dream!  I dreamt of Jesus' second coming, arriving on a cloud surrounded by angels trumpeting and heralding his name.  Jesus looked at me.  I fell to my knees and He smiled.”
Tina and her daughter now actively attend the Seventh-day Adventist church in Mandurah, Western Australia and are blessed by the support and friendship of their new church family. 

Brenton Lowe
Team Leader, Western Australian Conference

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