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Issue 31 December 2017

The secrets of a healthy gut

Even though he is healthy and physically fit, Andrew Dewberry is participating in a study to see how gut health is related to Parkinson's disease. His participation is crucial—healthy volunteers are needed in research as healthy controls.

When asked if he thinks his participation is selfless, Dewberry laughs. "No, it's not. Any medical advances from these studies may end up benefitting me. I'm healthy now—but who knows if I will be in the future?" 

I say yes  

to participating because scientific research needs healthy people like me to get valid results.
We've got to step up! 
– Andrew Dewberry, Vancouver

Opportunity to Participate in Research


Can a drug help control high blood pressure for patients with Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)?

This study is recruiting participants with SCI to determine the effects of increasing fesoterodine on high blood pressure.


Can a new tool help improve bladder issues?

This study is recruiting healthy volunteers as well as women who have urinary incontinence to test pelvic floor muscle function.


Can a vaccine prevent Clostridium difficile infection?

This trial is recruiting healthy volunteers as well as older adults at risk of future contact with health care systems to evaluate a vaccine for Clostridium difficile infection.

Find a Research Study

Tips for participating as a healthy volunteer

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There are many opportunities for healthy individuals to contribute to research—browse studies recruiting for healthy volunteers here.
Talk to your doctor.
Let your doctor know you are interested in participating in research. Consult with them if you do decide to participate in a study.
Do you have personal experience as a patient in BC? Have your voice heard—find opportunities to partner in health research here

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Wellness Recovery Action Planning Workshop (WRAP) for youth

The WRAP workshop is a tool to help youth between 12 and 18 years old to manage their health, well-being and recovery. Learn more

Date December 21, 2017
Location South Vancouver Youth Centre
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Transgender inclusion 101

Learn the difference between gender identity and sexual orientation, how to be an ally and how to create a more inclusive environment. Students and volunteers working in health and social service, as well as health care professionals, are encouraged to come. Learn more

Date January 24, 2018
Location Eye Care Centre (VGH)
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