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Issue 33 February 2018

Mind over matter: the secret to female sexual desire

When she was a young girl, Sophie Hooper experienced one of the worst kinds of trauma and it left her feeling numb and indifferent about sex. "It lost all meaning to me. It felt like I was going through the motions."

Then she came across an ad for a clinical trial focused on female desire and starting learning about cognitive behavioural theory and mindfulness skills. It gave her confidence—and opened up a whole new world of possibilities. 

I say yes  

to participating in research because the more that women talk about our sexuality, the more of a voice we will have.
– Sophie Hooper, Vancouver

Opportunity to Participate in Research


Can better sleep improve cognitive function?

This study is recruiting healthy volunteers as well as individuals with mild cognitive impairment to determine if sleep quality can promote cognitive function.


Are certain early life events associated with the emergence of psychosis?

This study is recruiting mothers who have offspring who have been diagnosed with schizophrenia spectrum disorder illness in the last 15 years. 


Can stimulation improve depressive symptoms for those with bipolar disorder?

This study is recruiting participants with bipolar disorder with a current episode of depression to determine if stimulation improves depressive symptoms.

Find a Research Study

Health tips for coping with intimacy concerns

by Faith Jabs
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Educate yourself.
Learn about how physical and mental health impact desire. Check if you are taking medications that can affect your desire or arousal.
Manage stress.
Chronic stress can lead to elevated cortisol levels that directly block sexual response.
Seek help if needed. 
Persistent problems could signal a dysfunction. Seek resources from your GP, the UBC Sexual Health Lab, or the BC Centre for Sexual Medicine

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Brain injury: stories of recovery

The team at Watson Centre Society for Brain Health invites you to hear inspirational stories of recovery from brain injury. Learn about best practices, local resources and hear from inspirational speakers. Learn more

Date February 21, 2018
Location Fortius Sport and Health
3713 Kensington Avenue, Burnaby

Community conversations: finding and using health research

This is a free public event for patients, public, and family and friend caregivers to learn about and use health research to inform your health choices. Learn more

Date February 27, 2018
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13450 102 Avenue, Room 2740, Surrey
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