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Issue 48 May 2019

New treatment for inflammatory eye disease undergoes testing in Vancouver

For Bowen Islander Elisabeth Pocklington, good eyesight is at the heart of all her activities. An avid knitter and greeting card maker, the 69-year-old former teacher was recently diagnosed with non-infection uveitis—an inflammation of the inner eye. Left untreated, the condition can become painful and result in blurred vision. In some severe cases, it can even cause blindness. Eager to do everything she could to protect her vision, Pocklington signed up to be the first Vancouver participant in the trial of a new drug therapy for her type of uveitis.

I say yes  

to participating in research because it feels like I'm paying back.
– Elisabeth Pocklington, Bowen Island

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Helpful tips for protecting your eyes

by Dr. Kevin Gregory-Evans
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Use sunglasses.
UVA and UVB-blocking lenses will keep your eyes safe from sun damage.
Eat a varied diet.
A diet rich in antioxidants can help protect against cataracts and retina disease.
Never look directly at the sun. 
Staring into the sun can kill cells in your retina.

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