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Issue 38 July 2018

Pinpointing patients most at-risk from air pollution exposure

Mike Fischer, a retired sales representative from Coquitlam, has just taken part in his first clinical study. He says it will not be his last. Fischer, who has Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), recently saw a newspaper ad recruiting patients like him for a study on the impact of air pollution. He decided to help out.

“I felt I didn’t know enough about my condition. I wanted to learn more.” 

I say yes  

to participating in research because I want to know more about my condition and how I can maintain my health and lung function.
– Mike Fischer, Coquitlam

Opportunity to Participate in Research

How does cognitive function relate to brain imaging measurements?

This study is recruiting healthy participants to test the relationship between cognitive function and MRI measurements and functional connectivity.

Are the bacteria and fungi in our gut and nose associated with Parkinson’s disease?

This study is recruiting both healthy volunteers and those with Parkinson’s disease to help investigate the link between our gut and Parkinson’s disease.

Can a novel online intervention help with recovery after a hip fracture?

This online study is recruiting family members and caregivers of older adults who have recently been hospitalized with a hip fracture to test the feasibility of an online education program.

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Health Tips for Healthy Lungs

by Dr. Christopher Carlsten
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Exercise regularly.
Don’t be afraid of some shortness of breath–“huffing and puffing” makes the lungs strong!
Avoid weight gain.
Extra tissue around the abdomen and chest makes it harder for the lungs to expand and to provide the air you need.
Be an advocate for public health. Protect yourself and others by raising your voice to colleagues and officials, reminding them that air quality is critical to us all.

Upcoming Events

Leaders in brain health symposium: Improving outcomes

Join the staff of ABI Wellness and Watson Centre for Brain Health for an informative evening, including a panel of specialists presenting their approach to cognitive recovery. Learn more.

Date July 16, 2018
Location Fortius Sport and Health, The Forum 
3713 Kensington Avenue, Vancouver

4 steps to change a habit: An integrative health approach

Join integrative wellness coach Eliza Butler for an informative talk and Q&A on integrative health, sustainable behavior change, and healthy living tips and tools. Learn more.

Date July 18, 2018
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1617 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver
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