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Hi Everyone,
Let's welcome in May with a few events and activities that we have planned coming up: Colma Cemetary Clean Up, Kinmon Gakuen Clean Up and the Core Bi-Annual Retreat. RSVP if you can make it! Also check out our community news for the latest happenings in Japantown.


Nakayoshi Events

volunteer / Official / SUNDAY, may 22, 2022 at 10AM - 2PM

Colma Cemetery Clean Up

Event Description:
The Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California (JCCCNC) is organizing its 10th annual youth and family community Clean-Up Day at the Japanese Cemetery in Colma.
Often times we find ourselves too busy in our daily lives to honor our past and remember those who have passed on. The Japanese Cemetery in Colma is a unique cultural treasure that deserves our attention, our respect, OUR TIME. the place represents our history and our loved ones. For many of us, it’s the place where our grandparents, great grandparents, parents, family and friends are laid to rest.
During our lunch break, we will have a brief overview of the history of the cemetery.

Please remember to mark your organization as 'Nakayoshi' in the RSVP below so we can be grouped together while volunteering.
If you need carpool, please contact us directly at (please do so before May 18)
Please RSVP as there will a light lunch served.

If you're interested in volunteering, please take note of the following:
· Masks are advised and should be worn during the clean-up
· Please let us know if you have difficulty kneeling so you will be placed in a safe location
· Light lunch will be provided
· Please bring your own refillable water bottles. Water will be provided
· Dress in layers
· Wear sunscreen and hats
· Bring your own work gloves
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volunteer / official / saturday june 4, 2022 at 10aM - 3PM

Kinmon Gakuen Clean Up

The Kinmon Gakuen or Golden Gate Institute is a Japanese language school in San Francisco, California, located at 2031 Bush Street. It was established in 1911 with 133 students. They currently offer programs to children from kindergarten to high school. For more information about Kinmon Gakuen, please visit
As volunteers, we will get a tour of the historic building, and we will sweep, mop and clean the classrooms. There will also be some weeding and clean-up in the yard.
Please bring comfortable clothing appropriate for cleaning activities.
Address: 2031 Bush St, San Francisco, CA 94115
Time: Saturday June 4th, 2022 -- 10am-3:00pm with a lunch break in between

RSVP here!

OFFICERS / CORE OPERATIONS / Sunday may 29, 2022 10AM

Nakayoshi Core's Bi-Annual Core Retreat!

Join us for our bi-annual Core Retreat! this is an opportunity for you to learn more about Nakayoshi and to have your voice heard as we plan our organization's direction. If you're interested in participating, please email us at


Join Nakayoshi Core!

Want to get involved in the community and meet new friends? Join our core officer team!

We provide opportunities to support Japantown organizations while helping you build your network and skills.

There are no requirements other than a desire to get involved -- but we especially need help with the following positions:

  • Digital content and marketing
  • Event coordinating 

If you're interested, fill out our interest form or drop us a line at

We'd love to hear from you!

I'm interested!

VOLUNTEER / NETWORK / Announcement

Announcing Nakayoshi's Line Account!

Are you on line? So are we! Come and join us on our Line account and get social!

Get Connected!


Nakayoshi Professional Resources Network

Nakayoshi wants to build a network of people who are willing and able to donate their unique skills for the Japantown community! 

Why do we want to do this?

We've found that members of Nakayoshi, as well as those in the wider Japantown community, have an extensive variety of skill sets--whether it's art, graphic design, fundraising, grant writing, copy editing, project management, web development, etc. We'd like to gather together willing volunteers and help direct them to opportunities in the Japantown community that best suit the needs. 

How does this work and what is the time commitment? 

Nakayoshi will help connect the need and the resources, and provide the introductions accordingly. From there, expectations will be established to identify the scoped work. Volunteers are expected to complete the work as agreed upon. 

What can I get out of it?

If you're just starting off in your career, joining the network is a good way to develop your skills that will have a tangible effect in the community. Even if you are well established in your career, volunteers can develop new relationships and understanding of the Japantown community!

I have skills to share!

Community Spotlight

Community / opportunity / VOLUNTEER

Volunteer at Kodomo no Hi!

When: May 7, 2022 11AM - 4PM
Where: SF Japantown

There are some opportunities to volunteer at the festival's craft table for those who are interested and available! Please contact  ASAP.

Community / announcement 

Japantown Cultural District

Come and check out JCD's new website! 

Community Description:
Formed in 2018, Japantown Cultural District (JCD), is the first of eight San Francisco Cultural Districts funded by the Mayor’s office of Housing and Community Development to address cultural heritage preservation and work with City agencies “to celebrate and strengthen the unique cultural identities of San Francisco’s neighborhoods; to preserve and promote diverse communities cultural assets and to ensure that residents and institutions thrive and, to formalize partnerships between the City and communities.”

For events from the Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California (JCCCNC), see their calendar.

Last Month's Events

Thank you to those who came out to volunteer and have some laughs at the Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival! 
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