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Could this be the ancestor of all life?

A likely picture has emerged of the great-great-great-great-great-great grand-ancestor of all life on earth.  By exploring genes common to many distantly-related species, scientists may have found the characteristics of LUCA.

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Did you know one of the deadliest creatures to humans in the world is the freshwater snail?

As far as the world’s deadliest creatures go, large predators like sharks and lions tend to get all the credit. But one creature belonging to the “small but deadly” category is the freshwater snail, which is responsible for more than 200,000 deaths a year—more than sharks, lions, and wolves combined.

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Should New Zealand eradicate its invasive predators?

New Zealand is well-known for harboring hundreds of beautiful native bird species. Mammalian species, on the other hand, are not native to the island nation—all except two surviving bat species arrived along with humans a mere 700 years ago. 

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How do you use grammar to indicate tone on the internet?

Have texting and tweeting killed the period? Are hashtags and emoji becoming a new form of online punctuation? It seems digital communication, like all other types of language, has its own evolving rules. 

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