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Campaigning for better rights for journalists

A new year starts with a NEW FOCUS.

In 2013, the EFJ will focus on building a stronger union with a clear vision to campaign for better rights for journalists. For this year’s campaign priorities, we will focus on three flagship campaigns: Set Journalists Free in Turkey, Fair Contracts for Journalists and European Initiative for Media Pluralism. With an independent status, the EFJ is ready to set a new agenda in the coming EFJ General Meeting which will be held in May in Verviers, Belgium. To build a stronger communications for the EFJ, we are bringing you the new EFJ FOCUS, which will be sent to affiliates every fortnight.


What happened to Turkey?

2012 has been a tough year for journalists in turkey where journalists are facing imprisonment for doing their job. But with the support from the international journalists’ community, the year ended with a positive note with the release of journalist Soner Yalcin. Journalists’ unions continue to support EFJ campaign on Set Journalists Free and successfully raised the issue in national media and mobilise support from civil society.
This year has already started with a positive step with the launch of a joint mission by the Freedom
for Journalists Platform and the International Press Institute (IPI) to support released journalists and families of those still in prison. But 2013 will be a crucial year for the EFJ to continue the success of the campaign and improve the press freedom situation in Turkey. Arne König, the EFJ President will travel to Istanbul to attend the trial of prosecuted journalists who were accused in the “KCK trial”.
Contact: Renate Schroeder

Calling Europe’s big media to account

European Initiative for Media Pluralism

It is time for Europe’s big media to take accountability for its citizens. Over 100 civil society organisations, media, and professional bodies throughout Europe will launch a media pluralism campaign call for legislative actions to stop big media.

The European Initiative for Media Pluralism is a campaign by the citizens and for the citizens. It will be officially launched on 7 February. It calls on the European Commission to implement effective law prevent concentration of ownership in the media and advertisement sectors and safeguard editorial independence.
The campaign has already received a wide range of support from transnational groups and individuals, including the European Federation of Journalists and its affiliates. National coordination points have been established in 9 European countries (i.e. Bulgaria, Belgium, France, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, and the United Kingdom).
If you want to stop big media silencing your voice, let’s stand up for our rights calling on big media to account. (read mroe)

Join us and petition now!

Photographer won Twitter copyright case

Daniel Morel, the Haitian photographer finally given a landmark victory by the US court in a long-time legal dispute over the use of his work on social media. The ruling gave a blow to Agence-France Press (AFP) and the Washington Post which said to violate the copyright of Morel according to the court.  The court rejected the argument that by posting the images on Twitter, Morel agreed to Twitter's terms of service and granted a license to AFP and third parties to use the images. If Morel succeeds in his claims, he can receive up to $1.2m for compensation. (read more)

EU media experts published "strategy paper"

The High-level group on media published on 21 January 2013 a strategy paper including a series of proposal that have been advocated for long time by the EFJ. The poposal include the increase of EU competence in the area of media policy in order to defend media freedom and diversity. Concrete actions include monitoring of media freedom and pluralism by the Fundamental Rights Agency, increasing transparency on media ownership, enforcing the law on protection of sources across EU member states. (read more)

Webinar on freelance rights

14:00 CET, 5 February 2013
The EFJ and its German affiliate (DJV) will organise a webinar focusing on the rights of freelance journalists. The webinar will discuss specific challenge facing freelance journalists and how unions rise to those challenges. Register now and campaign for better rights for freelance journalists!


Natale to Run for Senate Post

The EFJ sadly learned that Mr. Roberto Natale will be resigning his role of EFJ Steering Committee Member and President of the Italian Journalists’ Union (FNSI), to become a senate for the Italian Republic. In his resignation letter, Natale appraised EFJ’s work and its efforts to defend the rights of journalists. Natale said he will continue his passion and support for journalism and trade unions if he is elected. The EFJ said Natale is a valuable member for the EFJ Steering Committee who is active in campaigning for high ethical standards in journalism and media pluralism.

IFJ donates fund to help kidnapped cameraman in Turkey

Renate Schroeder, represented the EFJ handed 2000€ from the IFJ Safety Fund to Cüneyet Ünal, who had been covering the Syrian civil war for the US funded Arabic language satellite station Al Hurra in august 2012. Travelling to Allepo he was kidnapped, beaten and delivered to the Syrian army on 21 August. He was released on 18 November after 89 days in captivity thanks to a Turkish delegation which comprised Ercan Ipekci.

Gender workshop highlights best practices in unions

(16.01.2013) A group of gender experts, including the IFJ gender officer, Pamela Moriniere, was invited by the European Institute on Gender Equality (EIGE) in a workshop finding the best practices on gender equality in workplace and unions.

The workshop highlighted a positive finding that women make up 35% of the decision-making positions. Women are more likely to be recruited in senior position in public service broadcasters. (read more). Contact: Pamela Moriniere

Parliament urged Macedonia to improve human rights

Following the international outrage on the media ban by the Macedonian Parliament on 24 December, the European Parliament called an urgent meeting to discuss the human rights situation in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).
The EFJ, represented by Marc Gruber, gave his account of the violations of journalists’ rights as a result of the media ban. Representatives of human rights organisations also exchanged their views on the issue.

Public broadcaster to develop media training with journalists

Following the EFJ contribution to the discussion on an action plan for media freedom in EU accession states, journalists and affiliates in Serbia are invited to join an initiative developed by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) to support investigative journalism, ethical standards and training on digital skills.
In the coming days, the EBU will develop modules and identify journalists to attend the training course. EFJ affiliates in Serbia will be put in contact with the organiser and media trainers to develop specific programmes for local journalists.
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