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Autumn 2018

Welcome to our new quarterly newsletter, Africa Matters!
We have so much news to share that we've divided this update into three sections - Health, Education and Star Supporters. We hope you enjoy reading about our projects and continue to be part of our work.
It's only together that we can Make a Difference!

HEALTH Matters

Project: ASFA Physiotherapy Centre, Rwanda

First UK physiotherapists accredited to RAHPC*!

*Rwanda Allied Health Professional Council

In May 2018, Kate Hunt and Jette Jakobsen became the first physiotherapists outside Rwanda to be accredited to the Rwanda Allied Health Professional Council (RAHPC). The accreditation means that any Continuing Professional Development (CPD) sessions delivered by our UK physio team in Rwanda will be awarded the all important credits that Rwandan physios need to keep their skills up to date and stay registered. Paediatric physiotherapist, Jette Jakobsen, led a five day course in June on ‘Physiotherapy for Children with Cerebral Palsy' at ASFA Physio where over 50% of children have this condition. This course therefore qualified as CPD so it was not only hugely beneficial but gain CPD credits too! 

UK physiotherapists, Kate and Jette, were also delighted to accept an invitation from RAHPC to deliver three CPD lectures in the capital city, Kigali. This provided an amazing opportunity to meet and share experiences of physiotherapy with Rwandan physiotherapists. This immediately resulted in a wonderful visit to the physio department at the top hospital in Rwanda, King Faisal Hospital, which had been a dream of ours for many years! 

Thank you RAHPC and congratulations to Jette and Kate for breaking new ground in Rwanda!

Small Intervention, Big Impact. Meet Esther....

Esther had walked a long distance to get advice from us. She came using broken old wooden crutches that had no arm supports and was wearing one flip flop. At first sight we thought she was an amputee but on assessment found that she had a very unusual congenital deformity and was missing the two bones in her lower leg. After assessment we felt this complicated presentation needed an orthopaedic opinion on further management and we were able to make this referral for her. 
Jette assessed and measured her and provided her with a new pair of crutches donated from Springfield Hospital here in the UK. We were also able to provide her with a new supportive trainer boot which had been donated by Granard school, London. This is a good example of how we can draw together all the donations we are given to really Make a Difference.

This small intervention has meant the world to Esther and will have a big impact on her independence. She was taken outside to assess her walking and with a big smile said, “I can run now" (and she did!).

Thank you Springfield Hospital and Granard School!

Redundant NewsUK laptop gets new lease of life at ASFA Physio!

Connectivity is essential in our world today but up until now our physiotherapy team have not had a laptop or computer. We are very grateful to NewsUK who recycle their old laptops through a company in London called Camara. Anna Norman at Camara very generously managed to get us a laptop at short notice and this has made a huge difference to lead physiotherapist, Diogene, who can now keep in touch with us more easily as well as keep statistics and access clinical information on a daily basis. 

Thank you Camara and NewsUK!

ASFA Physio Centre - New Building plans

The ASFA Physio site is the long piece of flat land left of the main ASFA Centre on the right of the photo

ASFA Physio will be located to the left of the existing ASFA Centre pictured above. We believe this beautiful location over looking the lush valley will have real therapeutic benefits for our patients, their families and staff alike. The dedicated inpatient rooms and separate outpatient facilities will also help meet demand for physiotherapy services that help facilitate independence and maximise function for disabled people, a key goal to everything we do at ASFA Physiotherapy.  

We are proud to be working with Trevor Chayce from Journeyman International who is designing our new dedicated inpatient and outpatient physiotherapy facility. Journeyman International is a wonderful organisation that donates architectural and construction services to humanitarian projects worldwide. The schematic drawings for our new centre are almost finished and we hope to start excavating on the land pictured below soon. Exciting times! 


New Head of Laundry adds value to the ASFA Physio team

Caring for disabled children can create a lot of washing and with no washing machine or dryer and heavy rains during the rainy season, staying on top of the laundry has been a huge challenge for the team. We are delighted, therefore, to welcome Leatitia as Head of Laundry. Her truly valuable work allows our four Therapy Assistants more time to fully embrace their therapeutic roles as care-givers and ASFA Physio is now cleaner, fresher smelling and a happier place with Leatitia on board. 

Welcome Leatitia! 

Project: Barnes Primary and Rusuzumiro School Partnership

Health Cards 4 Rusuzumiro 

With the wonderful administrative support of Vincent Ntakirutimana, head teacher at Rusuzumiro School, Barnes Primary School were able to fund health insurance cards for 60 families (360 adults and children) this summer. This enabled each person to access the government healthcare scheme for one year. 

The cost of a health insurance card is approx £3.00 per year per person and can mean the difference between life and death.  We meet a number of families, across all our projects, who are unable to purchase health cards so please do click here if you’d like to help. Under Rwandan law, minors must be insured as part of a whole family. The average family at Rusuzumiro was six people so for approx. £18 it is possible to support a whole family for one year. Can you think of anything more wonderful than the gift of health? We can't....
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Education Matters


Thomson House School and Muganza School Partnership - 50km BIG Walk 2018

Project: New school library for Muganza School

We are delighted to be working with Thomson House School (THS) in Mortlake, London and Muganza School, Rwanda (just down the road from our ASFA project) who this summer raised over £10,000 in a 50km (31 mile) Big Walk following the River Thames from Windsor to East Sheen which was no mean feat! 

The money raised is funding Muganza Schools’ first library and will house books generously donated by parents from THS and Book Aid International. An artist parent from THS hopes to visit Muganza School next year to paint a mural inside the library, similar to the one she has painted at THS to strengthen ties between the two schools. How nice is that?!

THS connect electricity to Muganza School 
THS also generously connected electricity to the whole school last year which has been absolute gold dust for the teachers and students alike, particularly on rainy days!

Thank you Thomson House School for your incredible support. We can't wait to see the children reading books in the new library! 

Barnes Primary and Rusuzumiro School Partnership 

Project: Lightning rods for Rusuzumiro School 

GS Rusuzumiro School was struck by lightning in March this year hospitalising three teachers.  Fortunately, it was an inset day so no children were at school and after a few days in hospital the teachers made a full recovery.  Barnes Primary were keen for this NOT to happen again so they dedicated their annual sponsored run in May, 'Run 4 Rusuzumiro' to raise money for three lightning rods to cover the perimeter of the school and keep pupils and staff safe.  

The lightning rods were installed in July this year and following a teacher training visit the same month, teacher Helen Leissle (pictured below), observed ...   “ It was humbling to see just how far the generosity of the Barnes community has spread across the world” - once again proving that together we can Make a Difference.

10th Anniversary Big Project for Barnes & Rusuzumiro 

Barnes Primary and Rusuzumiro have agreed to work together to raise a total of approx. £27,500 to fund two projects to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their school partnership. Two new classrooms will cost approx £16,000 and a school gate and fence will cost approx. £11,500.  If the they can build the classrooms, then the Rwandan Government has pledged to provide 100 computers to create Smart Classrooms that will better connect the school to Barnes Primary and the world. 

Parents at Rusuzumiro will also give what they can and for those that cannot, they have pledged to donate their time to excavate land and help with construction.  Working in partnership together is what these projects are all about.

If you'd like to make a donation please do so here!

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STAR Supporters 4 Africa 

We would like to thank all our supporters for their generosity of mind, spirit and MUSCLE POWER with very special thanks this quarter to the following energetic superstars!

Barnes Paddlers for Rwanda (for the ASFA Physio Project) who paddled a mighty 34km from Mill Wall in East London to Ham in South West London on 8th September 2018 in The London Great River Race 2018 raising nearly £15,000! 

Thank you John Lowit for organising such a slick, enthusiastic, happy and magnificent team of paddlers! The team at ASFA Physio are grateful to you all! You ROCK!

Mark Hutchinson (for the Barclays Uganda Project) - Mark quite honestly defies belief - he competed in an incredible event called the West Highland Way Race -  3 races, 192 miles, 28,000 ft of ascent in the mountains of Scotland. Can you believe it?! This super human fund raising effort was in support of the four children in Mbale village, Uganda who Mark and his colleagues have been supporting through school since 2012.  What a legend!

Thank you Mark. RESPECT!


Ruby Stringer and ITP - (for a motorcycle ambulance project at ASFA Physio)
Ruby’s company, ITP have been travelling the equivalent distance from Birmingham (their most central office) to Kigali, by any means possible. That’s 6,751 kilometres, or 4,195 miles. They’ve been walking, running, cycling swimming etc over Summer 2018 and it ain’t over yet! Ruby is pictured slightly pleased with herself at the end of her 10km run! 

Thank you Ruby and ITP! Awesome idea and an awesome effort! 

Thank you to everyone who supports our projects. Every single donation counts, no matter how big or small. Thank you also to our partners in Africa who work so tirelessly and professionally to ensure that your donations have maximum impact and who are quite simply STARS too.  Together, we can Make a Difference.

So until next time, we leave you with art work from children at our school partnerships around a theme that celebrates common ground, Self Portraits.

To see more artwork, please click on the school partnership website links below:


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Alison, Troy, Jette, Kate and all the team at
Make a Difference 4 Africa

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