A Merry Christmas Newsletter 2020

2020 had a nice ring to it but we didn’t quite imagine what it had in store…!

It’s been a roller coaster of a ride on our projects this year but not only did we manage to build two new ICT classrooms at Rusuzumiro School (see here for a 3 min film) but against quite a few odds we finished building our main project for disabled children, ASFA Physiotherapy Centre!

For a full debrief on the ups and and downs of life at ASFA Physio in 2020, please find yourself a cosy chair and for the first time, read newsletters from our team on the ground in Muganza village…..

Physiotherapist Diogene’s clinical review can be found here.

And Jean Dusabe’s construction review can be found is here.

Both newsletters provide brilliant insight into our work so please take time to read them when you have a moment.

From the team at MAD4Africa and all our beneficiaries…

Thank you for your incredible continued support and wishing you a very Merry Christmas and hopefully a slightly more predictable New Year for us all!

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