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Trapart News, October 29th, 2020

Dear Trapartisans,

Happy Halloween! My new novel, The Devil’s Footprint, has just been released. It’s a wild ride of a satirical tome, featuring well-known fictional culprits God and Satan. Can God be cured of his “Humanitis”? Can Satan fix the mess the humans have made? Join the Devil’s “Team Apocalypse” now to find out!

“God proposes the challenge of the millennium: if Satan sorts out the ever growing human mess on Earth, God will lovingly take him back to Heaven as his favorite Archangel. Satan accepts, and sets out on a massive operation to balance out over-population, pollution, corruption, and other severely Satanic headaches – many of which he originally helped create... Easier said than done!

Satan’s love of the ambitiously mischievous humans is challenged as his own “Team Apocalypse” fervently sets to work. But as the world begins to change quickly and dramatically for the better, a new question arises: can God and his suspicious Archangels really be trusted in this cataclysmic, cosmic undertaking?”

Trapart Books, 2020. 190 pages, 5 x 8" paperback.

Get your paperback copy right HERE!

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E-book for Apple/iBooks

Enjoy your reading!

Thank You for your attention and support! Stay safe, healthy and sane!

Carl Abrahamsson, Stockholm, October 29th, 2020

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