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Trapart News, April 18th, 2020

Dear friend,

I hope you're still staying safe and sane during these chaotic times.

The current global pandemic is affecting the international mail, and I'm doing my best to keep track of all the recent developments. In general, "letters"/smaller packages can be sent, but overseas (from Europe's perspective) means slower delivery times than normal. Also, it is no longer possible to send packages (bigger stuff, and weighing more than 2 kilos) to the US or Australia. As mentioned, I'm keeping an eye on these developments.

If you have recently ordered larger things (like the Fenris Wolf bundle) and have not heard anything from me, please assume everything is fine, but please also be patient – things absolutely take longer these days.

As you can imagine, big shenanigans like this virus cause major troubles, not only to human affairs but also to business ones.

I'm not going to encourage you to order more things than I already do, but this time around I would just like to point you to all the ebooks we have, and especially
the brand new ebook for The Fenris Wolf 4:

The Fenris Wolf is a research journal focussed on the human mind, developments in comparative magico-anthropology, and on the occultural implications and applications of these fields of study. This issue contains material by/on Z’EV, Ramsey Dukes, Robert Taylor, Hiram Corso, Jean-Pierre Turmel, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Baba Rampuri, Aki Cederberg, Thomas Karlsson, Kendell Geers, John Duncan, Thomas Bey William Bailey, Payam Nabarz, Tim O’Neill, Philip Farber, Terence McKenna, David Beth, Peter Grey, Peter Gilmore, Kenneth Anger, Carl Abrahamsson, Ernst Jünger and LSD, the Dreamachine, the Process Church of the Final Judgement, Thelema and politics, astral machines, the past and future of psychedelic culture, Naga Babas, the Left Hand Path, blood mysticism, stellar magic, grimoires, and a unique series of ink images by Fredrik Söderberg.

Table of Contents:
Carl Abrahamsson – The whys of yesterday are the why-nots of today, Hermann Hesse – The Execution, Fredrik Söderberg – Black and White Meditations 1-23, Peter Gilmore – Every Man and Woman Is a Star, Peter Grey – Barbarians at the Gates, John Duncan – Hallelujah, Ramsey Dukes – Democracy Is Dying of AIDS, Tim O’Neill – The Technology of Civilization X, Thomas Karlsson – Religion and Science, David Beth – Bloodsongs, Payam Nabarz – Liber Astrum, Hiram Corso – Unveiling the Mysteries of the Process Church, Jean-Pierre Turmel – The Pantheon of Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Kendell Geers – The Penis Might Ier Than Thes Word, Z’EV – The Calls, Robert Taylor – Dreamachine: The Alchemy of Light, Phil Farber – An Interview with Terence McKenna, Phil Farber – McKenna, Ramachandran and the Orgy, Thomas Bey William Bailey – The Twilight of Psychedelic America?, Ernst Jünger – LSD Again/Nochmals LSD, Baba Rampuri – The Edge of Indian Spirituality, Aki Cederberg – In Search of Magic Mirrors, Carl Abrahamsson – Thelema and Politics, Carl Abrahamsson – Someone’s Messing with the Big Picture, Carl Abrahamsson – An Art of High Intent?, Carl Abrahamsson – A Conversation with Kenneth Anger

This book was originally published by Edda Publishing in 2011, and has been fetching ridiculously high prices on the second hand market.

Also... If you check out the
BOOKS section at the site, you'll see that quite a few of our titles are available as ebooks. Enjoy!

Thank You for your attention and support! Stay safe, healthy and sane!

Carl Abrahamsson, Stockholm, April 18th, 2020

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They will be very happy.

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