It's Magic Monday Every Day of the Week!

Trapart News, November 19th, 2021

Dear Trapartisans,

Vanessa and I have a new book out: It’s Magic Monday Every Day of the Week. An inspiring anthology of texts & images about our magical practice & philosophy. It’s AMAZING and has over 100 colour photos, collages and cut-ups!


“In 2020, psychoanalyst-artist Vanessa Sinclair & author Carl Abrahamsson decided to create an online presence specifically for their magical practice & philosophy. This led to a weekly transmission aptly called “Magic Monday.”

This book sums up the first year of these writings, photos, poems, collages, and cut-ups. In an inspiring tour-de-force for all senses, Sinclair & Abrahamsson touch upon ritual, runes, psychedelics, sex, tarot, individuation, ancestor worship, talismania, the third mind method of Brion Gysin & William S Burroughs, creating sigils, shamanism, the Mega Golem, necromancy & glitchcraft, dealing with death & loss, making charged art, time travel, biospheric morals, and much more... The book also contains more than one hundred colour photographs and collages.

It’s Magic Monday Every Day of the Week is a book that will keep intriguing and inspiring you to experiment freely, and to develop as a human being. With an attitude of cutting up and rearranging the givens – of disrupting the narrative – you can change more things in life than you’ve ever dreamt of.

Sinclair & Abrahamsson share their own intimate, magical experiences and show you how easy it can actually be to take charge and write your own story.

266 pages, full colour, 6 x 9”. Available as paperback, hardback and e-book. Order from the Amazon site that’s closest to you to save on postage."

Please also note a few dates in your calendar:

On November 21st, we have a new #psychartcult evening c/o Morbid Anatomy. Our friends Kasper Opstrup and Icy Sedgwick talk about weirdness in literature and faces in gothic horror films. Don’t miss that!

Info & tickets :

If you’re in Malmö, Sweden, on December 17th, there will be a Genesis P-Orridge tribute at Inkonst. There will be a number of bands and artists performing, and my film “Change Itself – An Art Apart: Genesis Breyer P-Orridge” will be shown. More info here:

On December 19th, the fun continues at Morbid Anatomy, with lectures by Mitch Horowitz and myself. More info to follow on that one!

On December 21st, I lecture at Jake Kobrin’s “Magick 101” online course. His entire project is very ambitious, and offers talks from some really great and magical people. A crash course in magical awareness and empowering knowledge! Take a look:

Please use the following link to register:

New books from Trapart? You bet. First up is Nina Antona’s Dancing with Salomé – Courting the Uncanny with Oscar Wilde & Friends. Followed by a long-awaited re-issue of The Fenris Wolf 9.  Then followed by The Interlocutor by S Alfonso Williams & Vanessa. Then followed by Amok by Steven Cline. Followed by The Fenris Wolf 11 and 12. Then followed by the very first issue of the art magazine The Trapartisan Review.

I am also wrapping up a few projects of my own; most importantly the long overdue An Art Apart film and book. Should be out early next year, if all goes well.

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Thank You!

Carl, Vimmerby, November 19th 2021

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