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Trapart News, June 30th, 2020

Dear Trapartisans,

I hope this finds you well and healthy and happy.

As for many small businesses, the ongoing pandemic has been a pretty severe blow for Trapart. Not only in terms of a decrease of orders, but also when it comes to postal logistics. Mail to the US often seems to take forever, and it’s impossible to send stuff to Australia and many other countries. The warehousing of packages at customs in the US specifically has led to many packages being damaged in some way. I can understand the problematic aspects of wanting to monitor mail etc, but it all leaves me sad for my customers. Things get there in the end, but sometimes it takes a very long time. Hard to compete with the Amazonian (parcel) force!

However, we keep on keeping on, and try to adapt to the current situation. First of all, we are actually going to use Amazon as a platform for re-issues of The Fenris Wolf. Most issues are sold out but should be available. So parallel to working on the new issue, no 10, we are also making the older ones available as e-books and paperbacks. This will also drastically decrease the postage costs for our customers, as they are being sent out via Amazon. We hope that this endeavour will be finished by the end of the year.

What’s available right now:

The Fenris Wolf 7 paperback:



The Fenris Wolf 5 e-book

The Fenris Wolf 4 e-book

The Fenris Wolf 1-3 e-book

Some hardbacks and special editions of The Fenris Wolf are still available via the Trapart site.

My novel Mother, Have A Safe Trip is now also available both as a paperback and an e-book:





What about “real” books then? Well, there have been some very nice surprises… When we recently cleaned up the Trapart storage, we found copies of the hardbound edition of Genesis Breyer P-Orridge: Sacred Intent – Conversations with Carl Abrahamsson 1986-2019. The time of the release of the book was very intense, with Genesis dying and the Corona virus pandemic outbreak, so I lost track of what we actually had, and just assumed it was sold out. But… There are ten hardbound copies left and they're available HERE!

I’m also making one copy of the standard and one copy of the deluxe edition of Ernst Jünger’s ultra-rare Visit To Godenholm (Edda, 2015, illustrated by Fredrik Söderberg) available. But only as an exclusive offer for the Trapartisans via this newsletter. If you are interested in buying either of these, please e-mail me at: The standard edition is 850:- SEK including postage, and the deluxe edition is 2000:- SEK including postage (registered mail). First come, first served! (Pictured in the photo is the deluxe box with a copy of the book and rice paper print portrait of Jünger by Fredrik Söderberg.)

I also have three copies of Aleister Crowley’s White Stains (Edda, 2012, illustrated by Fredrik Söderberg) available. Same thing here. E-mail me at: This book costs 1500:- SEK including postage (registered mail).

Lars Sundestrand’s photographs of Genesis P-Orridge, Joe Strummer, Paul Weller, Ian Curtis and an unknown mummy have been very popular, and only a few copies remain of each. Please don’t miss out! Please also note that the photo “Ooooh Gen” comes with a very special gift from the Trapart archives.

Vanessa and I are working on a CDR release of our album “Switching Mirrors” from 2016, and it will be out some time in July. It’s a cooperation with Highbrow Lowlife (as usual), and will be absolutely grand! For other releases of related music, please visit:

In terms of art prints, we are running low on the unique and delightful prints by Steffi Grant, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, and Tom Benson. Take a look here, and make sure to get the stuff you don’t already have:

Would you rather watch a great film? Well, here’s where to go for that:

Next up is The Fenris Wolf 10. Get ready – it’s going to be one chubby little wolfie howling!

Thank You for your attention and support! Stay safe, healthy and sane!

Carl Abrahamsson, Stockholm, June 30th, 2020

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They will be very happy.

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