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As we analyze damage reports related to our district's Connect2Learn Chromebooks, we typically see an increase in lost devices and accidents during three-day weekends and extended breaks from school.

With the upcoming extended holidays approaching, we wanted to share the following tips with families.

As families make plans for upcoming school holidays, please also remember to take precautions to avoid lost devices and Chromebook mishaps.

  • If traveling via airports, please remember to keep track of your child's digital device so it isn't lost in the screening area or on a plane.
  • When staying with relatives or in a hotel/motel, keep close tabs on your child's digital device throughout the visit. Also be sure that it is packed up for the return trip home so it isn't left behind.
  • Please pay close attention to where you leave Chromebooks especially when family and friends are visiting.
    • Is the Chromebook out of reach of younger children in the home?
    • Is the device stored in a place or area that is not accessible to pets?
  • Always keep liquids and food away from your digital devices.
  • When storing the device for several days, it is recommended that it not be left in a backpack for more than a day or two. Instead place it in a secure location and leave it on the charger if possible during times when it is not being used.

As always, we appreciate your efforts to keep your children's Chromebooks safe and well-maintained at home.


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