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Greetings from the University Judiciary! 
We are pleased to update our alumni on this past year’s accomplishments in addition to looking ahead to the future of our organization! We are incredibly thankful for the support from our alumni. You are an integral part to the continued success of University Judiciary!
The 2014-2015 academic year has been a successful year for University Judiciary. The organization has continued to strengthen relationships within the general body and within the University of Georgia community.  This has been accomplished through various engagements with our alumni, our second annual overnight University Judiciary retreat, and bolstering campus awareness through the launching of multiple campaigns by our Directors of Public Affairs. Additionally, this is our second year in which the provisional member training class has been eligible for academic credit through the College of Education. Students successfully completing the rigorous training course are eligible to earn up to three hours of upper-level elective credit.
The accomplishments and continued level of excellence inspire the members of University Judiciary to make the upcoming academic year of 2015-2016 the best year Judiciary has yet to see. New initiatives in combination with successful initiatives from this past year are being planned to increase the connection between our alumni and current Judiciary members, as well as improve our outreach and service to the campus community with the goal of advancing the mission of Judiciary.
“We, the University of Georgia Judiciary, seek to foster respect within the University community through adherence to the Code of Conduct and by utilizing proactive education and a fundamentally fair conduct process.”
Please forward this email to alumni who may not be a part of our email list, as well as update your contact information so we can continue to update you about our organization.  We also encourage and hope everyone will take a moment to complete the Judiciary alumni interest survery available below. 
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State of the Judiciary

Looking back on this past year, University Judiciary experienced growth in all areas of which we work. University Judiciary revamped the extensive outreach programs to better ensure the mission of proactively educating the University of Georgia community was accomplished. Under the Director of Public Affairs for the first half of the year, an innovative campus initiative was launched on the important role each student plays in the University community and how misconduct can have a negative impact on the rest of our community. The second half of the year, University Judiciary partnered with the residence halls to target our message to first-year students, an at-risk population.

We also continued to recruit and thoroughly train exceptional students for membership. This past April, 22 of our provisional members were inducted into the organization as active members. Furthermore, through the leadership of our Director of Operations, we have expanded our alumni engagement efforts in the form of a football tailgate and our second annual Alumni Panel, where current members greatly benefited from a Q&A session with the alumni. A strong alumni base is essential to maintain a strong organization.
Most importantly, we continue to conduct a fundamentally fair conduct process. This year, the Directors of Case Administration and numerous general body members have continued to address differences in training classes by conducting a reeducation retreat, creating standardized hearing protocols, and adopting a sanctioning guide. As our past Executive Director Andrew Roberts said,

“We have ensured that our members remain ready to serve our critical university function.”

Lastly, University Judiciary is excited to welcome Jess Pense and Rebecca Scarbro to the office of Student Conduct!

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University Judiciary Retreat

Judiciary held its second annual overnight retreat in Winder, Georgia at Camp Twin Lakes. New and current members were able to better get to know each other through a variety of activities.  We had two guest speakers from UGA at the event: Keith Wenrich, the Director of Recreational Sports, and Randolph Carter, Coordinator of Faculty and Staff Development of the Office of Institutional Diversity. Both of the speakers iterated the importance of capitalizing on our personal strengths to create an even stronger team.  The event was a success for incoming, current, and outgoing members of Judiciary and we look forward to maintaining the tradition next year!

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Service Projects

University Judiciary partnered with the Athens-Clarke County Keep Athens Beautiful Program and participated in two community service projects during the 2014-2015 year. Members of University Judiciary and Office of Student Conduct staff members performed various tasks such as weeding, tree planting, tree trimming, mulching, and constructing flower beds at Burney-Harris-Lyons Middle School and Gaines Elementary School. Through the rain and the sunshine, University Judiciary members really enjoyed enhancing the local school community by creating a more suitable environment for the students to enjoy!

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Jenny Penney Oliver Ceremony 

Jenny Penney Oliver was a long time member of the University community. To Jenny, students were the most important member of campus. She understood students’ contributions to the University, as well as the privilege she had in promoting their education and personal development. Her respect to students is honored with the annual Jenny Penney Oliver University Judiciary Recognition and Induction Ceremony.
Alumni, Office of Student Conduct staff, Judiciary members, and their friends and families attended the Jenny Penney Oliver Ceremony on April 11, 2015 to celebrate Jenny Penney Oliver and the achievements for University Judiciary for the academic year. Alumna, Judge Lisa Godbey Wood, gave a riveting speech addressing the importance of University Judiciary and the impact this organization had on her life. Additionally, awards were presented to outstanding members, 22 provisional members were inducted, and the new executive council was announced. We look forward to celebrating the accomplishments of the upcoming year at the next JPO.

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Looking Ahead

With the induction of our 22 outstanding new members, we are incredibly enthusiastic and confident in the future of University Judiciary. The organization is ready for the future, the organization has many ideas, and the organization is ready to put these ideas to action.  We are ready for the future and are excited for the new council to University Judiciary. The seven new members appointed by University Judiciary to lead the organization are:
  • Ryan Rogowski, Executive Director
  • Savannah Phinney, Director of Operations
  • Kayla Barnes, Director of Case Administration for Advisor/Advocates
  • Caroline Ellis, Director of Case Administration for Justices
  • Bryant Anthony, Director of Recruitment and Development for Advisor/Advocates
  • Mallory Woodford, Director of Recruitment and Development for Justices
  • Sam Cleare, Director of Public Affairs
“And now, we flip to a new chapter as an organization with 22 new members and a very bright future ahead of us. Council will continue to hold a high standard of excellence from our members and continue to grow the unity we share as members of this prestigious organization.” –Ryan Rogowski, Executive Director 2015-2016
The new council is excited to continue to improve the organization. The University of Georgia has entrusted us with important privileges and crucial responsibilities. With that comes a high expectation of excellence. The goals we strive to achieve this upcoming year are:
  1. Continue to improve the recruitment process by expanding the applicant pool, thereby, providing us the means to continue to have the ability to select the best students the University has to offer.
  2. Ensure that the training class continues to be eligible for academic course credit.
  3. Improve alumni outreach and make our relationship stronger through more personalized contact- a strong alumni base is essential to this organization.
  4. Strengthen the roles of the Justice and the Advisor/Advocate, to ensure that they are performing at their highest possible potential. Specifically for Justices, we want to explore the creation of  a protocol for writing opinions for hearing decisions.
  5. Improve one of our main duties as an organization- proactive education to the University community- through more outreach programs and specifically working on the “101 Things to Do in Athens” campaign.
“I know if we continue to work hard and be the best possible people we can be, next year we will be passing this organization onto the future in a better place than when we entered it.”
Ryan Rogowski, Executive Director
If you would like to reach out to our organization about any matter feel free to contact us at Suggestions on how to improve alumni relations are welcomed and encouraged.  if you would like to volunteer to speak to our general body members, feel free to contact us at Suggestions on how to improve alumni relations is always encouraged! 

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