Your invite to The Karamel Music: Northern Embassy Soho Showcase: Monday 18th November 2013 @ The Phoenix Artist Club | RSVP for Free Entry
Phoenix Artist Club


The Phoenix Artist Club
1 Phoenix Street

Hi there,

We've only two Karamel Soho events left in 2013 - and this is your invite to our penultimate show and final networking night of the year. While not quite as hands on as the speed meetings event, this Monday there'll be a relaxed and informal hang out from 6pm onwards before the show starts at 8pm. Come along and talk shop (or not) with some familiar faces, and meet a few new friends.

As always, we'll be at the Phoenix Artist Club, Soho - just email and tell us how many people you want on the list. And as always, it's absolutely free. (But do bring some pictures of Her Majesty for the tip jar - every penny to the artists as always). If you just fancy the show part, email and we'll grab you some places.

For your aural pleasure tonight are three absolute belters (see below). Matt Woosey - a ragged, ravaging blues monster; stunning Canadian solo artist Megan Bonnell; and London based Scottish folkster Samantha Whates, all of whom we're convinced you're going to love.
We'll all be catching up and having some dinner from the seasonal menu below that Chef Ian is rustling up just for us. It's all locally sourced, freshly prepared magic at around £7. So come in and warm up - grab some food and a drink and settle in for a truly tremendous night. We love putting these nights on in this easy-to-reach, friendly and eccentric central members club right in the heart of Soho, and we're looking forward to welcoming you back to the Northern Embassy.

Warmest wishes,

Karamel Music

* Hot-smoked salmon and garlic king prawn salad
* Homemade meat loaf with mustard mash, broccoli florets and whitstable bay ale gravy
* Thai crab cakes with sweet chilli dip and oriental fresh mango salad
* Chicken jalfrezi with coriander Rice, onion bhaji, onion and tomato raita
* Glazed goat's cheese and roasted fresh fig salad with balsamic reduction
* Risotto with roasted artichokes, rosemary and baby squash (squish?) topped with crispy deep fried leeks
* Cointreau soaked sultana, bread and butter pudding with Vanilla Custard

Megan Bonnell

Canada has a habit of quietly puffing out great artists into the world, as if they were lazily blown smoke rings hewn from the comfort of a prairie-weaved hammock. Like a trace smell of rosemary in a small balsawood box, there's a wonderful aromatic hint of fellow Canadian Feist about Megan's new record Hunt & Chase; just like there's a smattering of Retriever era Ron Sexsmith about some of the sounds on her Maps EP (not least the gloriously honky upright piano). But Hunt & Chase also conjures up comparisons with that bafflingly underrated third Guillemots album Walk The River with it's slow-attack, long tail plate reverbs on the vocal, SoundToys-esque guitar and keyboard effects; and gutsy sub-bass kicks. The acoustic tunes like We Are Strangers Nowand the piano-borne South Korea and I'm Not Your Woman are perfect for the Northern Embassy - and it'll be great to see how she brings the bigger tunes out - whether looped up or stripped down. We know you're going to love her mountain-and-soil-meets-lonely-city sound. Clearly a songwriter well beyond her years.

Matt Woosey

While this is Matt's first Soho gig with us, those of you that have been to our Wood Green show will need to read no further. The man is a whisky fuelled, guitar devouring, mammoth voiced, Tuscan-raider-blues-folk-monster: something akin to John Martyn in his foulest, drunkest mood swinging punches at Muddy Waters; while Rory Gallagher throws them both off the edge of an active volcano, in a torn floral shirt and flares. A firm favourite at Karamel, we can't wait to see the Monday night crowd's response to him. Matt averages about 250 shows a year, and once famously got within 10 dates of 100 gigs in 100 days - only for the council to impound his van and stop him in his tracks. Ba***rds. A genuine artist straight out of nineteen seventy something, we can't wait to see your feet stomping. Here is in the Shed, being very well behaved, and check this little iphone vid from last year's set in Karamel, Wood Green. The videos really can't portray the energy this man charges up in the room when he plays.

Samantha Whates

A favourite of Tom Robinson on 6 Music and no stranger to radio play on KCRW, Samantha has one of those voices that sounds like a crystal tumbler edged in organic chocolate. She's clung on to her warm, Scottish accent despite now being firmly rooted in London and her music is all the better for it. Wonderfully constructed acoustic tunes, with woolen bass, fleecy guitars and gently falling xylophonic snowflakes poking through the navy blue - all gently urged on in some liquid forward march by the lovliest, purest voice. Another Karamel debutant, and another that we cannot wait to hear and see live. Check out Three Miles Left with it's Iron & Wine-ish glow (but with the male backing up the female) and listen to Village Kids and try not to imagine a Tim Burton Nightmare Before Christmas style video. What a lovely artist. We just bought the record Darker Nights Make For Brighter Days while writing this. It's tremendously perfect for this time of year.

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