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Our new Constitution is now established, and has an appearance that promises permanency; but in this world nothing can be certain, except death and taxes.

~ Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin was chock full 'o snark (not to be confused with smarm) and insight about the inner workings of society. Love that guy. So much so that, in honor of tax day, I'm ruminating on his famous quote while sharing ways to help advance positive social change. After all, where there is darkness, may there also be light.
Thanks for letting me weigh in, two cents and all.

~ Diane

Are you gonna go my way?

Even when pushing a positive agenda, efforts might be met with resistance. This study shows that the best course of action is to keep asking again and again. Rewards lurk just around the corner from "No."

Snap to it.

Being fortunate to help spread the word about Give Back Yoga Foundation's positive social change campaigns, I can attest there's hardly anything more uplifting than witnessing people soar to their best heights. If you're in the NYC area May 3-4, get your yoga portrait snapped by photographer Robert Sturman with proceeds benefiting those in need. Register here.  

Rumble in the tummy.

We're resurrecting this blog post from November 2012. Namely, the image of a skeleton on its knees totes fits with this month's newsletter theme. Also, it advocates for staying lean and nimble in the biznitch world. And seriously, no begging.

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