October 2013

Expanding Support for Young Leaders


In recent months, we have witnessed incredible growth of our Voices of Youth program, which equips young people with leadership skills and enables them to have a positive impact on their community.
Currently, 48 young people from 7 neighborhoods are participating in weekly Voices of Youth meetings.
A recent assessment conducted by students from the School of Psychology at Lima’s Autónoma University demonstrates the impact of Voices of Youth: upon beginning the program, only 34% of participants scored highly on indicators of self-esteem and leadership skills. However, after 6 months in the program, 77% of participants scored highly on these indicators
Collaborating on a leadership exercise

Program Launched in Oasis

After two years of work with young adults in the neighborhoods of La Encantada and Lomo de Corvina, Building Dignity has now launched Voices of Youth in the nearby community of Oasis. 
In Oasis, we partner with a community organization called Escuela Metropolitana to bring leadership workshops to a group of 12 youth, ages 11 to 18. In our first month, the group has worked together to:
• Strengthen self-esteem and teamwork skills,
• Practice public speaking,
• Work on goal-setting,
• Learn about project design and implementation.
Exploring the world of microbiology

Science Museum Field Trip

On September 22, the group from Oasis joined the group from La Encantada and Lomo de Corvina for a field trip to Lima’s Parque de la Imaginación, an interactive museum of science and technology. 
Physics comes to life

In their own words...

“Thanks to Building Dignity for making it possible for the young people of Villa El Salvador to visit Parque de la Imaginación and benefit from the knowledge of those who taught us about the human body, electricity and other topics. I hope we can go again so I can learn even more.” –Jefferson, 16
“Going to the Parque de la Imaginación was a beautiful experience and very interesting. It was the first time that I went there, and I liked it because it is a space where we can learn by playing. I am very thankful that they allowed us to visit and to learn new things. – Claudia, 18
“I don’t have enough words to thank you for all that you’ve done for us.” – Marilyn, 14
Building Dignity wishes to express a special thanks to the volunteers who made this field trip possible and to our donors for sustaining the Voices of Youth program and allowing it to grow.

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