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Building Dignity Launches New Tutoring Program

November 2014

“Whoever teaches learns in the act of teaching, and whoever learns teaches in the act of learning” – Paulo Freire

From the beginning, Building Dignity has sought to enhance educational opportunities for children and youth through mentorship, peer-to-peer teaching, and tutoring.  

  • Our Homework Help program supports 50 students with 7 hours of tutoring each week.
  • Voices of Youth enables more than 60 youths to develop their unique leadership potential.
  • Music, theatre, and art classes foster identity, self-esteem, and creativity.  

This year, Building Dignity adds a new program to the list: Reforzamiento Escolar (Academic Reinforcement). We are excited to share this new program and present our results thus far.

photo courtesy of Soulside Out
Since 2011, Building Dignity has offered the Homework Help program, which pairs students with a tutor who helps them complete homework assignments and practice strong study habits. However, we observed several students who needed more support in order to succeed in school. In response, we designed Reforzamiento Escolar, a new program that offers intensive skill-building in reading and mathematics thus targeting the source of each student’s difficulties.  
Here’s how it works…
Building Dignity team members work with parents and teachers to:
  • Identify each student’s specific needs
  • Set goals for the academic year
  • Design a curriculum unique to each student that targets core reading and math skills
Tutors work with students twice a week for 2 hours to:
  • Increase reading and math proficiency
  • Practice skillsets necessary to complete the student’s current grade
  • Complete homework assignments
photo courtesy of Nicholas Ciorogan
Reforzamiento Escolar is just 6 months old, and we are pleased to announce positive preliminary results!
  • 22 students currently enrolled
  • 70 hours of tutoring so far this year
  • At the semester break, all students for whom we have complete data demonstrated an improvement in their grades.
  • At the semester break, teachers confirmed students are on track to graduate their current grade.
In their own words:
Two parents share the impact this new program has had on their children:

“Reforzamiento has helped Jareth, Nayeli, and Tifany very much. Last year, Jareth completed the year without learning to read, and the other two were almost held back. With this great help, Jareth has learned to read, to add, and to be responsible. All three like to participate and always want to go.” –Roxana

“Reforzamiento is something good. My daughters have learned a lot, and you can see it in their grades. Yasuri has improved a lot. Now she reads a lot, and she likes it. And this makes me happy as her father.” –Marco Antonio 
Thank you!
We are excited to continue Reforzamiento Escolar and improve our work to better meet the students’ needs.

Thank you to all our donors who support this program and other aspects of Building Dignity’s work.

Thanks to your generosity, we’re opening more room in this program for new students. 
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