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USA Today's Berkowitz keeps us updated on the Alston case & it looks like we're headed to a trial start of September 4th. Schedule: Four days starting 9/4, then another four starting 9/17 with 9/24 & 9/25 as overflow options. The Jenkins case has been stayed, not dismissed, which means it could be tried later in the 3rd Circuit if Alston doesn't go well for the plaintiffs. Berkowitz: "From Judge Wilken's rulings today, Alston case vs. NCAA basically will come down to: 1) NCAA having to show its athlete-pay limits are needed to maintain fan interest and the integration of academics and athletics; and, 2) The viability of less-restrictive alternatives to current rules." (link)
There's barely more than a week left before we hit June 1st, but Utah FB HC Whittingham indicates a decision on a new AD for the Utes could come before that date. Whittingham: "We’re getting close from having the person named, from what I understand by June 1. I’m not positive of that, but that’s what I’ve heard. So about 10 more days." (link)
West Virginia AD Lyons shares his perspective after WVU & Marshall leaders spent time in Charleston earlier in the month to meet with state lawmakers. Lyons: "There is 100 percent (more potential for scandal). […] My job is first and foremost is to protect the integrity of the institution of the athletic department and the other part is to protect the integrity of the institution as a whole. With legalized gambling coming up I will have to hire additional compliance staff for monitoring and looking at it as well as the educational aspect of it. There is going to be cost associated with that and we’re going to have to step our game up. […] It’s not about whether I agree or disagree with gambling, it’s putting the right mechanisms in place to make sure we’re doing the right things for our athletes and protecting the department." (link)
+ Current Oklahoma & former UNLV MBB HC Kruger says maybe twice in his seven years in Sin City did a casino operator call & say, "Hey, a player might be here doing something he shouldn't." (link)
+ MLB Commish Manfred sticks to the league's stance of requiring an integrity fee, but one less than 1%. (link)
+ Former New Jersey Governor Christie says books in the state will be up & running by June. (link)
+ The American Gaming Association releases its priorities in a letter to Congress. Of note, the AGA pushed for state regulation, as well as, "Sports betting can benefit sporting bodies and gaming companies alike. The gaming industry supports strong contracts between these parties to address issues such as data and the value of other activities. The gaming industry will vigorously oppose efforts to use federal or state legislation to set basic business terms." (link)
Minnesota AD Coyle Q&A's with The Athletic's Graff, emphasizes the new Athletes Village "is one piece. We just broke ground on a new wrestling facility where we’ve already fully raised the money for that. That will be completed this October. We have a new golf house for our golf programs that will be completed this fall. And then we have a new outdoor track — people sometimes forget about that — but that will be completely done this fall. So Athletes Village, yes, we’re very excited about it and grateful for the people that helped with that, but we need to continue to be aggressive and raise money for all of our projects." Points to his hiring of a number of HCs in two short years as "opportunities," not "challenges." Coyle again calls former boss Kentucky AD Barnhart the best in the country & notes how being involved in HC searches during his time in Lexington was super valuable. Further, Coyle says he, Barnhart & current Oregon AD Mullens would update & share Excel spreadsheets on coaching candidates in nearly every sport while they were together with the Wildcats. More, including Athletes Village fundraising up to $108M. (link)
"It is not in our best interests at this moment to say anything. But we are aware of what is going on." That's Houston AD Pezman on the potential of the Orlando Magic hiring away Cougars MBB HC Sampson. Pezman also commented on returning to UH after four years at Cal, "When you know what’s going on and you see it, it really blows you away how much the progress there has been. And not just within athletics but the campus as a whole. The investment into academic facilities, housing, the city infrastructure." (link)
Lengthy read from Inside Higher Education on, "Inside Gay Students’ Fight to Be Heard at BYU." Cougars Senior Assoc. AD/SWA Darger has been a part of the conversation in Provo, which has included a Common Ground-type experience with administrators & students coming together on how to start the conversation with the entire campus community. Darger: "It’s this sensitive issue that we don’t have all the answers for. All of us, whether you’re Mormon or evangelical Christian, are all trying to figure out in our hearts and our minds how to reconcile our religion and sexuality. That’s something many people are doing on their own anyways, and certainly many of our students." More. (link)
According to Variety, ESPN is going even deeper with UFC as another $150M/annual bundle of content could be added to the existing $150M+ for ESPN+ assets. This time there's more linear programming currently owned by Fox Sports that includes 30 fights per year starting in 2019. Looks like Fox is exiting UFC with its recently reported WWE deal & if the deal figures prove to be accurate it's a 2x cash increase annually for UFC. (link)
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The AAC is holding its annual spring meetings in Dallas next week. Commish Aresco on the agenda, "Conference topics to be discussed will include our upcoming media rights negotiations and future television and online strategies and the continuation and enhancement of our Power 6 branding campaign. NCAA-related topics will include the Commission on College Basketball’s recent report, the Transfer Working Group’s deliberations and the Supreme Court’s recent decision on sports wagering." Looks like NCAA VP of DI Governance Lennon will also be in attendance to add to the dialogue. (link)
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Conjecture begins around Kansas on who might become the next Jayhawks AD. The Kansas City Star's Bedore lists Arkansas State AD Mohajir, Ole Miss AD Bjork, Colorado State's Parker, UCF AD White, former Arkansas AD Long & current KU Interim AD Lester. There's also a short interview with KU Chancellor Girod after Monday's decision, uses the phrase "lost momentum," also says, "we'll find out" on if the decision was made with the right timing. (link); 247's Kansas outlet notes others who mention Oklahoma Senior Assoc. AD Mossman & Northern Illinois AD Frazier. (link - scroll down)
The presiding juror in the McNair case is actually a transactional attorney & in a long Q&A with, boils down deliberations to, "We narrowed down the key evidence for defamation to the factual findings in pages 23 -27 of the COI Report. We read each statement to see if it was a statement of fact, if we needed to assess it. We identified six statements, which also had some redundancy, and narrowed those further to three principal statements of the COI which were the main focal points that we questioned for falsity: (1) McNair had knowledge that Reggie Bush (with Lloyd Lake/Michael Michaels) was likely engaged in NCAA violations, (2) the Committee’s description of what transpired in the Jan ‘06 phone call, and (3) that McNair provided false and misleading information about the call and the violations during his interviews. [...] ultimately it came down to who had the burden. It is difficult to prove something didn’t happen. The other thing that helped me is that, while I know there were people who had ill intentions, I generally didn’t think so for the voting COI members." More. (link)
What's the future of college Tennis? That's the question posed by the New York Times' Waldstein as the new Transitions Tour comes online & other rules that being January 1 may route promising young players directly to the pro ranks. ITA CEO Russell: "We could lose a whole generation of players who don’t know how to navigate their way into the pros." The impact of collegiate competition on ATP rankings is part of the story, as are questions by prospective student-athletes on how many Futures tournaments an HC can get a player access to, according to Columbia HC Goswami. (link)
Pac-12 Hotline's Wilner on talk of Arizona & Arizona State exiting the Pac-12 for the Big 12 (note: "talk" by the media), "There is no chance … none, zero … of the Arizona schools jumping conferences prior to the next round of Tier I deals. […] But never forget: Realignment doesn’t play out in the minutiae of year-to-year performance cycles; it unfolds on a broader canvass, one painted by university presidents, boards of regents and state politicians." Wilner points to geographic recruiting & travel concerns, a lack of academic alignment & why the marriage wouldn't make sense for the Big 12, "Why would the Big 12 only add one major market (Phoenix) but split the revenue pie two additional ways?" (link)
More Personnel: USC AD Swann added to the board of Evoqua Water Technologies as an independent director. (link); Missouri AD Sterk moving forward with a full Softball HC search. (link); Virginia Tech AD Babcock will do the same. (link); Tulane FB HC Fritz gets an extension through the 2023 season. (link); Looks like New Mexico Baseball HC Birmingham will return & not retire. (link); Notre Dame AD Swarbrick & his senior team will hire a new Women's Cross Country & Track/Field HC. (link)
Around Higher Ed: Longtime UTEP Prez Natalicio will retire as soon as a successor is named. (link); USC Prez Nikias under fire following reports of numerous incidents involving a campus gynecologist. 200+ faculty members signed a petition for Nikias' removal. (link); Southern Illinois Prez Dunn says he won't resign as pressure mounts from state lawmakers. (link)
Virginia Tech AD Babcock's chat with the Virginia Tech Insider continues with Part 2, in which Babcock discusses department revenues, future facilities projects and bettering the fan experience. Says FB season tickets sales are going "very well" and exceeding budget numbers, but expects the overall budget for the next few years to be "tight and lean," hopefully aided by the ACC Network dollars. On the Hokies $90M budget: "I don’t know if we want to stay around 40th to 44th budget-wise in the country out of the Power 65. That’s a position we’d prefer not to be in. We don’t have to be in the top 10. I’d love it, but we sure want to be in the top half." Don't expect to see beer vendors in Lane Stadium anytime soon, but do look for a $5M expansion and renovation of the FB weight room in the next few years. Wants to give Cassell Coliseum more comforts, amenities and revenue-generating seating, which could run between $30M-50M in renovations. A bit more. (link)
Nebraska AD Moos does not hesitate to say he expects better competitive results from some programs as the Huskers' average Big Ten finish this year was 6.76, which ranked ninth overall in the league (pending Track & Field). Moos believes his portfolio should consistently finish seventh or better in average finish across the board. Moos: "We’ve got to get back to where we belong in football, and that’ll take care of a lot of it,” Moos said. “And then we’ve got to have some kind of stability in men’s basketball. Women’s volleyball is carrying the load. […] There’s no excuses here with the facilities, the infrastructure, the budgets, the academic support — everything is here. But I know this is a tough conference. There are 14 fabulous schools. But nobody has anything more than we do." Scroll to the bottom for a handy chart listing all finishes & averages. (link)
Notable sexual assault survivor Tracy Q&As with Football Scoop. On the progress since she started her speaking tour in 2016: "I think there’s still a ton of work to do. But I think what’s important is not always to just look out how you can just look at how far we have to go, but how far we come. And we may not have come a long, long way but I think in one way we have because we’re having a conversation." Some suggestions on what could be done: "I think for one thing I think that just setting expectation, one I think that that’s important. I think there’s not enough coaches having these conversations. There’s not enough coaches drawing the line in the sand with their players. And I think that that’s important. I think accountability, transparency is important. We can do due diligence in recruiting. How many times have you heard a coach say, ‘Oh, I didn’t know he had a history. I didn’t know this, I didn’t know that.’ The days of pleading ignorance on things, I think, are gone." Points to Stanford FB HC Shaw as one who stands out in her eyes as best embracing the 'Set the Expectation' campaign. Lots more here.  (link)
Cal partners with Blockparty as the Bears exclusive tailgating provider. Senior Assoc. AD/Chief Revenue Officer Mulford: "We are extremely excited to bring the opportunity of turnkey tailgating to our fans. Tailgate Town is an integral part of Cal gameday culture and through our partnership with Blockparty we are ready to take the fan experience to the next level." (link); Memphis signs with Blockparty, as well. Tigers AD Bowen: "The Liberty Bowl is an integral part of both the University of Memphis and the city itself. And with the help of Blockparty, and their unique and high-quality offerings, Tiger fans are going to reap the benefits of this long-anticipated partnership." (link)
Also Noticed: Former Michigan State Football student-athlete Mumphery has filed a 55-page complaint against the school claiming he was never given proper notice of the Title IX proceedings or a proper hearing in regards to his expulsion from school due to an alleged sexual assault. (link); James Madison FB season tickets up to 6,250, better than last year's 5,300 at this time. (link); Florida and USF announce a three-game FB series, in Gainesville in 2022 and 2025 and in Tampa in 2023. (link); The inaugural Jerry Colangelo Hoops Classic on December 9 in Phoenix will feature Grand Canyon vs. Nevada and Tennessee vs. Gonzaga. (link); How would you describe FAU's new palm-tree covered Basketball court, based on this video? (link); From Law360: "A former Division I football player fighting the $42 million legal fee award in the NCAA’s $209 million settlement with scholarship athletes told the Ninth Circuit on Monday that class counsel can’t justify a bumper windfall in a 'megafund' case. ..."(link); More from our paywall friends: "Chick-fil-A Inc. and ESPN Inc. on Tuesday asked a Texas federal court to toss a copyright infringement suit alleging they stole music from a little-known Dallas rock band to fill out two commercials, saying Platinum Jack Entertainment Inc. hasn’t provided a shred of evidence to back... "(link); Nielsen will now measure YouTube TV viewership at the designated market levels, thus "enabling programmers and advertisers across local DMAs to gain a more comprehensive understanding of how audiences are consuming linear TV shows across digital platforms." (link)
A handful of athletic departments around the nation have deep rosters of senior leaders, all of whom could be ADs right now, if they so chose. At Facebook, a similar situation is occurring as even a revamp of the organizational chart didn't lead to exits by top officials, plenty of whom could be CEOs of other tech companies by now. Why? Recode's Wagner: "It’s not the money — they’ve all made too much of it by now. It’s also not a lack of opportunity. Any relatively high-ranking Facebook executive could get a well-paying VC job or collect a VC check for whatever startup idea they come up with or join a budding startup with lots of fresh stock options. The reason is less tangible, but more meaningful." CTO Schroepfer: "It’s purpose and people. I think I can make a difference. I’ll be there until I or they decide that I can’t make that impact." More. (link)
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(Posted from most recent over the last 30 days)

(NEW!) Assistant Athletic Director for Development (Eastern Michigan University / Ypsilanti, MI): Incumbent will serve as a major gifts officer on behalf of Intercollegiate Athletics and University Advancement focused on pipeline building of prospects capable of giving $10,000+. More details HERE.

(NEW!) Director of Creative Media (Athletx Sports Group / Louisville, KY): Leading youth baseball & softball events & media company looking for a super-talented digital professional who has cut their teeth in college athletics & wants to put their fingerprints on building a portfolio of brands from the ground up on digital. Very competitive salary range & the Director will lead a media team of four, including a Director of Video & two Content Strategists. Athletx brands already have 500K+ social media likes/follows. More details HERE.

(NEW!) Director of Video (Athletx Sports Group / Louisville, KY): Leading youth baseball & softball events & media company looking for an outstanding video lead to capture the essence of the industry, Athletx's brands & its corporate partners. Excellent opportunity to shape the digital roadmap of a surging company. Very competitive salary range with significant creative freedom. More details HERE.

(NEW!) Director of Ticket Operations (Ohio University / Athens, OH): Assist with the management of all areas of the athletic ticket office. More details HERE.

(NEW!) Assistant Director of Athletics, Compliance (University of Arizona / Tucson, AZ): Responsible for all activities associated with NCAA & Pac-12 eligibility for current & prospective student-athletes. Supervise:initial & continuing eligibility/hardships/waivers/transfers, & Bylaw 14. More details HERE.

(NEW!) Assistant Director, Athletics Communications (George Washington University / Washington, DC): The Assistant Director of Athletics Communications is the primary contact for five of GW’s 27 sports including women’s basketball, which generates significant external media coverage. More details HERE.

(NEW!) Head Coach, Baseball (San Jose State University / San Jose, CA): The Baseball Head Coach will report directly to the Senior Associate Athletics Director for External Relations. The incumbent will be a positive energetic leader with the ability to teach, motivate, and recruit student athletes. More details HERE.

Chief Financial Officer (University of Nevada, Reno / Reno, NV): The Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Athletics oversees the budgetary, fiscal, and business operations of the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics (ICA). More details HERE.

Associate Athletic Director- Compliance (UC San Diego / La Jolla, CA): The Assoc AD- Compliance will coordinate and oversee the Intercollegiate Athletics’ compliance and recruiting daily operations; particularly the institution's transition from NCAA DII to DI. More details HERE.

Senior Director, Big Screens and Fan Entertainment (Virginia Tech / Blacksburg, VA): In-arena fan entertainment. Deliver personalized, significant and unexpected experiences to Virginia Tech's home venues. More details HERE.

Ticket Operations Director (UC San Diego / La Jolla, CA): Manages ticket operations, development of the ticketing platform, policies and procedures, including setting up venue seat mapping and digital ticketing programs for Athletic Department events. More details HERE.

Coordinator, Big Screens Motion GFX (Virginia Tech / Blacksburg, VA): In-arena fan entertainment. Assists in developing, producing, and directing content, shows, and presentations. More details HERE.

Coordinator, Women's Basketball Operations (Long Beach State University / Long Beach, CA): This position provides administrative support to the Women's Basketball program. More details HERE.

Associate Athletic Director, Strategic Communications (University of Arizona / Tucson, AZ): Seeking experienced professional to serve as primary communications and media contact for VP/Director of Athletics and the department; oversee and direct all aspects for 21 Division I sports programs. More details HERE.

Head Coach, Women’s Tennis (University of Arizona / Tucson, AZ): The University of Arizona is seeking applications for an experienced professional to oversee and lead the Women’s Tennis Program. More details HERE.

Development & Events Coordinator for Athletics (University of Rhode Island Foundation / Kingston, RI): The dev/events coordinator assists with coordination and implementation of an athletics-focused donor relations and stewardship program, as well as oversees athletic development -related events. More details HERE.

Director of Intercollegiate Athletics (Oakland University / Auburn Hills, MI): Oakland University is searching for an AD to lead their D1 program. For all inquiries, please contact Glenn Sugiyama of DHR International c/o John Buechli, Associate at More details HERE.

Senior Associate Athletic Director of Development (San Diego State University / San Diego, CA): Establish, develop, & implement goals. Identify, cultivate, solicit, and steward of donors/prospects for major gifts. Overall planning, implementation and day to day operations of the Aztec Club. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletics Director for Development (Kennesaw State University / Kennesaw, GA): Responsible for developing and implementing strategies to acquire private support for Kennesaw State University (KSU) Department of Athletics, with an emphasis on major gifts. More details HERE.

Assistant AD for Marketing & Event Experience - Position # P100038805 (University of Miami / Coral Gables, FL): The Assistant Athletics Director, Marketing and Event Experience is responsible for the creating a first-class experience for all University of Miami athletics events. More details HERE.

Assistant AD for Business Operations - Position #P100038812 (University of Miami / Coral Gables, FL): The Assistant AD for Business Operations is responsible for oversight of all financial policies, procedures, controls, and reporting systems for the University of Miami Department of Athletics. More details HERE.

Physician (Purdue University Chief of Athletic Medicine) (Franciscan Physician Network / Purdue University / Lafayette, IN): Franciscan Physician Network is seeking an experienced Board Certified Sports Medicine physician with five years of experience to serve as the Head Team Physician at the prominent Purdue University. More details HERE.

Graphic Designer - Position # P100038811 (University of Miami / Coral Gables, FL): The Graphic Designer supports the sales, marketing, communications and digital initiatives of the department through the design and layout of various creative elements. More details HERE.

Ticket Office Assistant (San Diego State University / San Diego, CA): Provide customer service & ticket sales in person & via telephone. Assist outbound ticket sales team. Assist with seat relocation requests. Serve in a supervisor role on game night for football. More details HERE.

Senior Associate Athletic Director (Middle Tennessee State University / Murfreesboro, TN): The position will oversee, direct, and manage all aspects of Athletic Fund Raising, Sponsorships, Marketing, Merchandise, and Licensures associated with the MTSU Athletic department. More details HERE.

Associate/Assistant Athletics Director, Compliance (Seton Hall University / South Orange, NJ): This position’s primary responsibilities include but are not limited to, all compliance related activities for (14) assigned sports. More details HERE.

Director of Major Gifts & Advancement (Rose Bowl Stadium / Pasadena, CA): The global icon and National Historic Landmark Rose Bowl Stadium is seeking candidates for the position of Director of Major Gifts & Advancement within its 501c3 organization, the Legacy Foundation. More details HERE.

Assistant Director for Athletics Giving Programs (University of North Carolina Wilmington / Wilmington, NC): The Assistant Director for Athletics Giving Programs is a member of a team of development and advancement professionals within a dynamic and growing athletics program. More details HERE.

Director of Athletics (Bethany College / Bethany, WV): Bethany College (DIII), a member of the Presidents Athletics Conference, seeks a dynamic and energetic leader to become its new Director of Athletics. More details HERE

Director of Advancement- Senior Associate Athletic Director (University of Illinois at Chicago / Chicago, IL): The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) invites applications for the Director of Advancement/Senior Associate Athletic Director role. TO APPLY DIRECTLY, GO TO More details HERE.

Assistant Director - Ticket Operations (Stanford University / Stanford, CA): The Stanford University Department of Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation (DAPER) is currently accepting applications for the position of Assistant Director, Ticket Operations. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Compliance (Southern Methodist University / Dallas, TX): The Assistant Director of Compliance assists with the day-to-day operations of Athletics Compliance Office. More details HERE.

Outbound Ticket Revenue Manager (San Diego State University / San Diego, CA): Increase season ticket sales, mini plan sales, & group sales. Hiring/training of staff. Working with Marketing & Ticket Office on football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, & softball ticket sales. More details HERE.

Associate Director of Athletics - Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives (Brown University / Providence, RI): This position serves as a key member of the Department of Athletics senior management team with a specific focus on diversity & inclusion initiatives. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director 4 (Assistant Athletic Director for Marketing) (Pennsylvania State University / University Park, PA): Penn State University Intercollegiate Athletics is seeking an Assistant Athletic Director for Marketing. Please view full job description at More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Ticket Services (Kansas State University / Manhattan, KS): Oversee daily TO operations. Primary contact for w-basketball and w-soccer, & baseball supervision. More details HERE.

Associate Director of Athletic Communications (Baylor University / Waco, TX): The Associate Director of Athletic Communications is responsible for coordinating outgoing messaging to shape, enhance and protect the Baylor Athletics brand and image. More details HERE.

Assistant AD for Major Gifts (Temple University / Philadelphia, PA): Incumbent will devise strategies and be responsible for the cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship with the purpose of advancing donor levels with major gifts and leadership annual gifts. More details HERE.

DIR/MULTIMEDIA SERVICES (Central Michigan University / Mount Pleasant, MI): Create & manage content including productions, broadcasts, social media/website, scripting, videoboard content, promotions, music, live broadcasts on ESPN3. Oversee budget, equipment & staff. More details HERE.

Asst Dir-Athletics & Director of Philanthropy (Eastern Washington University / Cheyney, WA): Eastern Washington University is currently seeking an ASSISTANT DIRECTOR-ATHLETICS & DIRECTOR OF PHILANTHROPY. To apply and view job detail, please visit

Director of Athletics (Clayton State University / Morrow, GA): Clayton State University, a member of the Peach Belt Conference, is seeking an Athletic Director responsible for managing all aspects of intercollegiate athletics. More details HERE.

Director-Managerial (Standard) Associate Athletic Director - Development (University of Texas at El Paso / El Paso, TX): Associate Athletic Director Directs, coordinates, and implements all fundraising initiatives for Department of Athletics. UTEP is an Equal Opportunity Employer. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director, Facilities & Event Management (Tulane University / New Orleans, LA): The Assistant AD, Facilities/Event Management reports directly to the Sr. Associate AD, Business & Operations. Manages the day-to-day aspects of facilities maintenance activities. More details HERE.

Director of Communications (American Athletic Conference / Providence, RI): The individual will serve as a key member of the American Athletic Conference's communications/external relations team with primary responsibilities focused on men's basketball. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director for Development (Eastern Illinois University / Charleston, IL): This position will direct all aspects of the fundraising arm of intercollegiate athletics with oversight of special events and fundraisers and the coordination of the courtesy car program. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance (Eastern Illinois University / Charleston, IL): This person will be responsible for the oversight of Athletics compliance with NCAA and OVC rules and regulations. The incumbent will serve as a member of the Athletic Department's Senior Staff. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director for Communications (Vanderbilt University / Nashville, TN): Will oversee the communications and media operations for the Vanderbilt Athletics Department, including the planning and execution of communication efforts for Vanderbilt’s 16 sports. More details HERE.

Head Fencing Coach (University of North Carolina / Chapel Hill, NC): The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Department of Athletics is seeking applications for the position of Head Fencing Coach. Responsible for the men's and women's fencing programs. More details HERE.

Asst AD - Football Communications (Clemson University / Clemson, SC): Asst AD- Football Communications-Primary external contact for Clemson Football. More details HERE.

Associate Director of Development Events-Intercollegiate Athletics (Purdue Research Foundation / West Lafayette, IN): In cooperation with the Intercollegiate Athletics development team (John Purdue Club), assist in achieving the Athletics Director’s and the John Purdue Club’s development goals. More details HERE.

Digital Marketing, Program Coordinator (University of Notre Dame / Notre Dame, IN): This position will manage digital advertising and email marketing campaigns within Athletics Marketing at University of Notre Dame. EEO/AA. More details HERE.

Senior Associate Athletic Director (Colby College / Waterville, ME): Colby College, a member of the NESCAC is seeking a dynamic, Senior Associate AD to work closely with the Harold Alfond Director of Athletics. Visit the Witt/Kieffer link for a detailed job description. More details HERE.

Associate Athletic Director for Development (Louisiana Tech University / Ruston, LA): The Division of University Advancement at Louisiana Tech is seeking an individual to oversee the athletics fundraising office (LTAC). Emphasis will be placed on major gifts of $10,000 or more. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director for Development (Rice University / Houston, TX): The Assistant Athletic Director will plan, organize and manage the development of major gift support for at the $100K+ level and will work with key volunteers in assigned regions/groups. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Athletics Communications (University of Iowa / Iowa City, IA): The University of Iowa Department of Athletics seeks applications for an Assistant Director of Athletics Communications. More details HERE.

Executive Senior Associate Athletics Director/Assistant Vice President for Development (Purdue Research Foundation / West Lafayette, IN): Work in direct partnership with VP/Dir of Intercollegiate Athletics, Deputy Athletics Dir and the VP for Dev to provide leadership & guidance to advance private fundraising & marketing efforts. More details HERE.

Director of Marketing and Fan Engagement (Bowling Green State University / Bowling Green, OH): Responsible for marketing initiatives and coordinating game day atmosphere and fan engagement at all athletic events. Manage relationships with constituents across campus and throughout community. More details HERE.

Director of Athletics (University of Alaska Fairbanks / Fairbanks, AK): The Director of Athletics (AD) is responsible for the daily management and long-term planning for the University of Alaska Fairbanks Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. More details HERE.

Associate AD Development (University of Missouri - Kansas City / Kansas City, MO): Oversight of athletic development office - including fundraising for private gifts and corporate sponsorships, and enhancement of donor relations, and alumni relations. More details HERE.

Associate Athletic Director - External and Media Relations (California Baptist University / Riverside, CA): Direct and supervise all athletic department corporate sponsorships and external revenue development; negotiate contracts; sell naming rights for athletic facilities; establish a licensing program. More details HERE.

Associate Director of Development for Athletics (University of North Carolina Wilmington / Wilmington, NC): The Associate Director of Development for Athletics is a member of a team of development and advancement professionals within a dynamic and growing athletics program. More details HERE.

Director of Sales, Corporate Partnerships - External Relations (Stanford University / Stanford, CA): This position will be responsible for creating a high volume of new business and implementing high-level corporate marketing partnerships for the university athletic program. More details HERE.

Assistant Ticket Manager-Business & Premium Seating (Purdue University Intercollegiate Athletics / West Lafayette, IN): Manage daily accounting functions for the Athletics Ticket Office. Create, prepare & maintain spreadsheets to report & analyze financial data. Coordinate new premium seat contract execution. More details HERE.

Director of Athletics (California State University, Fresno / Fresno, CA): The Director of Athletics is responsible for providing leadership and administrative oversight for an Intercollegiate Athletics Program with a rich history of tradition and community support. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Athletics for Marketing & Fan Development (University of Richmond / Richmond, VA): The AD of Athletics for Marketing and Fan Development is responsible for the generation of revenue through ticket sales, attendance and creating a positive and exciting game day atmosphere. More details HERE.

Part-time Ticket Sales Representative, Intercollegiate Athletics (Ball State University / Muncie, IN): Market and sell full seasons, partial seasons, group tickets, and mini ticket plans, through outbound sales activities for all ticketed sports. More details HERE.

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