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#10: Notable author & Forbes contributor Dosh pens on College Football Playoff payouts per conference topped by the Big Ten's $89.5M. For other 'Power 5' leagues, the ACC is right behind at $87.5M, followed by $70M for the SEC, $62M for the Pac-12 & the Big 12's$60M. The American gets $4M for UCF's appearance in today's Peach Bowl. The 'Group of 5' as a whole will divvy out $81.32M, which, as Dosh notes, is believed to primarily be stacked equally with a bit of variance due to performance. Notre Dame will receive $2.65M with other Independents of UMassBYU & Army West Point sharing $928K. FCS members dip into a collective pool of $2.53M. (link)
#9: Ok, the title of this article ("How the Disney/Fox Deal Might Help UCF Get into the Big 12") may be a bit farfetched (or is it?), but check out the chart just a bit down the read with a really clean look at media deals for all Big 12 members. To summarize the real aim of the piece: 1) ESPN buys out the Longhorn Network; 2) ESPN "convinces" the Big 12 to add UCF, USFMemphis & Cincinnati, connects the quartet to four Fox RSNs; 3) Pool rights, leverage RSNs & a rebranded LHN to the Big 12 Network. "As for when this might all go down, we just have no idea. It depends on how quickly ESPN can convince Texas and the Big 12 to start the process." (link)
#8: Georgia FB has nine staffers solely dedicated to supporting the recruiting process & in total those nine are compensated from a $500K+ pool. Dawgs AD McGarity recalls HC Smart's interview for the job at his alma mater being filled with flow charts of the roles for each recruiting staffer & why such an operation was necessary to compete at the highest level. McGarity: "I didn’t mind adding people as long as I know what they did." Smart: "We all have great weight rooms, we all have great things like that in the SEC, it’s about what makes you different. That’s the relationship building." Context: The father of a UGA student-athlete notes how he met Smart "at least eight times" during his son's recruiting process compared to only a single time with Alabama boss Saban. More, including the importance of the student intern "Dawg Pound" group & the level of preparation waiting for ACs after practice to send communications to prospective student-athletes. (link)
#7: New York Times investigative reporter McIntire pens on "The College Sports Tax Dodge" as he chronicles federal arrangements that have helped to fuel the money machine of college athletics. However, with the new tax package officially on the books, there's a number of questions on how the industry will be impacted. McIntyre sees it this way, "There are no plans to start taxing television revenue and corporate sponsorships, two of the biggest income streams, which together transformed intercollegiate athletics into a multibillion-dollar business. Even with the legislative changes, collegiate sports remain largely tax exempt, the beneficiary of a public subsidy that is increasingly difficult to defend. [...] If President Trump wants to repatriate and tax corporate profits stashed offshore, he might also consider the untaxed billions hiding in plain sight on campuses right here at home." (link)
#6: Check out this staggered stripe-out of sorts Wichita State MBB pulled off Thursday night. (link)
#5: The Charlotte Observer's Carter: "The conflict between college athletics and academics and, in particular, between athletics and class attendance, is as old as college sports themselves. And yet it’s one that has become magnified amid athletic conferences that span entire American coasts, as the ACC does, and sports schedules that have expanded in both time and distance." Carter looks specifically at the Duke Women's Soccer team, which had to miss three days of classes to accommodate a Thursday night match at Notre Dame this season. Duke Anthropology Professor Starn: "Athletes in my big introductory course this semester have missed almost a hundred classes between them. They are delightful, hard-working kids, but they don’t have time to do much more than pass. You can’t get much from a class missing so many lectures. Athletes do not have time for semester study abroad; writing for the school paper; joining student government. We give our athletes an impoverished imitation of a real college experience so that Duke can win a few more golf tournaments." Lots more, including perspectives from student-athletes and administrators. (link)v
#4: Penn State AD Barbour on the new FB leadership structure established by Arizona StateAD Anderson, "I’ve read a little bit about what Ray Anderson is doing and I don’t pretend to fully understand it but these things are particular to individual institutions and what fits you. I worked with Ray when I was in the Pac-12 and he’s a really bright guy with lots of ideas and there’s no doubt that folks will be watching to see actually what it is and how it works out, what kind of impact it does have." Washington FB HC Petersen & Penn State peer Franklin say they're both of the aware of the new Sun Devils' approach, but don't have a comment on its potential effectiveness. (link)
#3: Charlotte AD Rose announces her retirement, effective June 30. Chancellor Dubois says of Rose, who has spent 28 of her 43 years at the school as AD: "This was entirely Judy's decision and I respect her desire to enjoy retirement with her husband, Ken. I will miss working with her, both personally and professionally. Her work ethic, values, integrity, commitment to student success, and understanding of college athletics will make finding her successor a most difficult challenge. She has left a legacy that will be nearly impossible to match." During her tenure, Rose has overseen 44 of the 49ers' 46 NCAA Tournament appearances, 70 of the 75 conference titles and $100M in facility improvements. Rose: "This is a difficult announcement to make, with the love I have for the university and the athletic program. (My husband) Ken and I have talked about this for awhile and made the decision that this would be the last year. Of course, I want to honor my commitments on the committees I serve and to hosting the NCAA tournament in March. At the same time, this announcement will allow both myself and the university the opportunity to start to take the next steps." (link)
#2: Arizona brass part ways with Wildcats FB HC Rodriguez without cause, while citing the "climate and the direction" of the program as the reason behind the move. Rodriguez will be paid around $6M to exit as additional reports indicate a $7.5M notice of claim was filed with the state alleging a hostile workplace & sexual harassment within Rodriguez's office. Rodriguez: "I am not a perfect man, but the claims by my former assistant are simply not true and her demands for a financial settlement are outrageous." Lots here, not pretty. (link)
#1: Man, Teddy Valentine really did turn his back on a North Carolina MBB student-athlete Wednesday night during a game at Florida State. Not sure I've ever seen anything like that before. (link)
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