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Maryland AD Anderson steps away from the Terps after his six-month sabbatical concludes. From Anderson's letter to his staff, "As I look I back on my time at Maryland, what I will cherish most is the relationships built with our group of diverse and talented student-athletes. The pride I felt watching them grow from their first day on campus to their walk across the stage to accept their diplomas is immense. It is our purpose to serve them and though I am leaving my position as director of athletics, I will continue to follow my passion for developing and bettering the welfare of young men and women." UMD says a national search for a new leader will commence in the coming weeks with Executive AD Evans expected to be a candidate. (link, link - release/article, link - letter)
We're down to two at Eastern Washington: interim boss Hickey & Utah Valley AD Otoupal. Both will participate in public forums on campus with Otoupal leading off next Tuesday & Hickey doing the same on Thursday. From The Spokesman-Review, "The two finalists were chosen from six candidates interviewed by the search committee. The new athletic director is expected to be named by the end of April." (link)
A year is in the books for Cleveland State AD Thomas, who says he's been focused on getting ingrained with campus & the greater university community. Overall, "We are in a good place." One big project on his horizon is a potential renovation of the Wolstein Center, though options also include a whole new venue or doing nothing at all. When asked about potential changes to the student-athlete transfer landscape, Thomas comments, "There are a lot of moving parts." (link)
WDRB's Crawford reports from Louisville's athletic association board meeting, indicates the Cards have $23.3M in scholarship endowment & reserve funds on hand, $4.25M of which was used to buy out new MBB Mack from his deal at Xavier. FB revenue currently sits $775K above projections, MBB is down $1.8M, total athletic revenue down $1.6M, but department expenses are $6.2M below expectations in consideration of reduced revenues. (link - scroll down); Crawford goes further in a full article, notes U of L's contract with Mack that's 10 pages longer than the one for previous leader Pitino. Cards AD Tyra: "To a big degree, if you look at Chris’ contract, language-wise, there’s certainly belt and suspenders on it, versus what you’ve seen in historical contracts, here or at other universities. We used a group that is national, that does this for a variety of university coaches, and they would tell you, this is the trend. They’re getting stronger and stronger." More. (link)
Yahoo's Forde writes on those around MBB who take exception for Kansas "playing the victim" in the latest round of MBB-FBI developments. An unnamed "longtime" coach, "Claiming to be the victim? That is just total bull----." Another "prominent" HC, "Look, everyone’s been talking about Kansas for years." A "hoops insider," "Everyone was shocked when Kansas wasn’t in the initial [indictment]. And everyone isn’t shocked now." Former CAA Commish & Committee on Infractions chair Yeager: "When you have multiple players over a couple years, isn’t that a coincidence. If I’m sitting on the Committee on Infractions, I’m saying, ‘Isn’t that interesting?’ I think that just raises the credible explanation level. You’re looking to see if there is a pattern. You have a lot of defenses that say, ‘This is a one-off kid.’ It would be a lot harder to make that argument." (link)
Texas will pour $140M on an upgrade project for Darrell K. Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium that looks to include "new exclusive suites, clubs, open air concourses, restroom facilities, new coaches offices, a banquet kitchen, premium loge and student seating, private game-day parking, branding graphics, Longhorn Network areas, sports medicine/nutrition areas, hydrotherapy, and other support spaces." Work expected to begin in the summer of '19 with completion in the summer of '21. Longhorns AD Del Conte: "Texas needs to get back to being Texas. Period. I don't worry about anyone else around. My job is to worry about the University of Texas now. We have a phenomenal brand, great city, great recruiting base, great state. If we do what we're supposed to do, we're fine." (link - article, link - qualifications documents)
Over in El Paso, UTEP & Government Employees Credit Union (GECU) roll out plans to enhance the Sun Bowl with a new press box, new Sky Lounge, new GECU Terrace, plus additional fan amenity touches, renovated concourses & ADA updates. Miners AD Senter: "One of the most beautiful stadiums in college football will become even more breathtaking. We thank GECU for their partnership, their commitment and their investment in helping get this project underway." Lots of renderings included in both links. (linklink)
A Nassar survivor claims Michigan State Interim Prez Engler offered her $250K to settle her complaint without her attorney present & also lied about conversations with other survivors. Engler in a statement, "Our memories and interpretations of the March 28 meeting are different than hers. I am sorry if anything said during the meeting was misunderstood." (link - article, link - video); Sports Illustrated legal expert McCann goes in on claims by a MSU female student that she was raped by three MBB student-athletes in 2015. McCann takes a look at legal arguments, university defense & how the NCAA's ongoing investigation could complicate things. (link)
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USA Today's Schroeder dives into the dynamic of Arkansas being the only FBS program to regularly play home games more than 200 miles from its campus in Little Rock's War Memorial Stadium. Hogs AD Yurachek & state Governor Hutchinson use context like "it's part of the fabric of this great state" & "woven into the fabric of life in Arkansas." However, War Memorial isn't in the greatest of shape & the Razorbacks earn $3.7M to $4.7M less per game than home games in Fayetteville. A decision on how to move forward is expected in late spring or early summer with one possible outcome being a Thanksgiving week tilt with Missouri. More. (link)
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Atlantic 10 Commish McGlade from the Women in Sports Media Symposium at UMass when asked about the MBB-FBI developments, "Consideration should be given for NCAA members to provide consent for subpoena power as part of their membership obligations." (link)
Notre Dame WBB student-athlete Ogunbowale, she of multiple-incredible-buzzer-beaters-in-the-Final Four fame, will be a contestant on ABC's Dancing With the Stars, a first for a still-eligible NCAA student-athlete. NCAA Assoc. Director of PR James indicates Ogunbowale can earn prize money connected to her dancing skills, since they aren't directly related to her hoops abilities, but making any money for commercial promotions connected to the show since that would be monetizing her name, image & likeness. USA Today's Armour: "Is it hypocritical for the NCAA to subvert its own rules? Of course it is. Is it the right thing to do? Absolutely. […] Ogunbowale’s participation on DWTS is not going to bring about the downfall of college athletics, and it’s refreshing to see the NCAA acknowledge that. Hypocritical, but refreshing. If the NCAA can bend its rules for Ogunbowale, it can – and should – do the same for everybody else." (linklink)
Pac-12 Hotline's Wilner says the Big Ten Network has only been getting $0.05 to $0.10 per sub in out-of-market locations that are impacted by the Comcast move. Per one source, "It’s not going to impact (the Big Ten) much. I don’t get worked up over outer-market because people who wanted BTN enough to buy the tier from Comcast will certainly buy it from either DirecTV or one of the DMVPDs." Another source says, "It doesn't make sense any more" for out-of-market linear options to include secondary sports options, which could disrupt the marketplace a bit. Wilner: "If Big Ten content is losing value, wouldn’t the same hold for other conferences? It's difficult to envision valuations not moving in lockstep, to one degree or another." (no link...check out Wilner's newsletter); More clarification from Comcast, "States with Big Ten schools and some surrounding areas (e.g. Virginia, Delaware) will continue to have the network in the lineup." (link)
Rutgers AD Hobbs turns to Virginia Tech Asst. AD for Development & External Engagement Northup as his new Senior Assoc. AD for Development. Hobbs: "She sees that we are building something special here at Rutgers and will bring her full energy and talent to our advancement efforts. She's had success at every level and every stop along the way. She has the leadership skills we need to drive a successful development program on par with our Big Ten counterparts. I'm delighted to have her as part of my team behind our teams." (link)
Good read on Northwestern AD Phillips' better half, wife Laura, who will run in the Boston Marathon on Monday. Laura runs point on the pair's "five sports-playing kids" & qualified for Boston after posting a 3:55:42 in the 2016 Chicago Marathon. Laura: "I’m not just at home cooking and cleaning and whatever. You still have goals. You’re home with them, but you have things important to you and you’re achieving them. I know the boys are so proud of me, too. They all have their millions of sports activities and know what it’s like to participate in things. They think it’s kind of cool for me to be doing something, too." Interestingly, Jim & Laura commonly catch up during Laura's training runs while Jim bikes alongside. Jim: "My life is complicated. Her life is complicated. At that moment, it’s not complicated. It’s pure. It’s a husband and a wife, two best friends having a chance to be together. It’s not about the kids. It’s not about me. It’s not about Northwestern. This is about her. Something she’s wanted to accomplish. The journey to do this is really inspiring." (link)
More Personnel: Siena AD D'Argenio will hire a new MBB HC. (link); Longwood AD Austin goes with Navy AC Tillett to take over his WBB program. (link); Questions surround former Utah State MBB HC Duryea on if he had a four- or five-year deal as the Aggies believe it was four & Duryea's camp says five. (link); St. Cloud State AD Weems hires Minnesota Duluth AC Larson as her new Men's Hockey HC. (link); Deal terms for new Minnesota WBB HC Whalen "is a 5-year deal paying her $400K in Year 1 but increases to $521K by Year 4 and $547K by Year 5." (link); Valpo AD LaBarbera selects Ohio AC Evans for his WBB HC opening. (link)
Watch: Kentucky AD Barnhart discusses love being at the center of his leadership philosophy, "Love is a commitment of my will to your best interest and your best abilities, no matter what the cost. […] Words on a wall are hard to follow. You have to match words and actions to be successful. […] Sacrificial leadership means what will you do with what you know and what will you do with what you have? […] I’m going to hire people who have the ability to read, the ability to write, and the ability to listen, all at a high level." (link)
Leading Fresno Bee journalist Warszawski says there's only one person who can effectively move the Fresno State department forward: former FB HC Hill. Warszawski: "Fresno State's search for a permanent athletic director, still in the embryonic stage, needs to start and end with its former football coach. The old face of the Bulldogs needs to become the present one. Even if that means growing back the Fu Manchu mustache. Hill is clearly the best person for the job. He may be the only person who can pull off this salvage operation." Warszawski goes on to note the intangibles Hill brings to the table, notably his "ability to light up a room of boosters and everyday fans with an infectious personality." Further, says interim AD Robertello is plenty capable, but "the cleanup requires a larger-than-life personality like Hill's." (link)
Could Augustana be the next DII to make a DI jump? Prez Sandlin: "That came up even before we started the search for the next athletic director. That started in my transition. And I don't think anyone should be surprised by that. And obviously more discussion happens whenever the Summit League comes and hosts their tournament here in town. I think it's important we have broad representation across the campus community, our alumni and our friends, to take a fresh and fair and deep look at our athletics programs and which division makes the most sense for us in the future." Sandlin also says there's been no direct contact with Summit League Commish Douple, but South Dakota AD Herbster indicated back in March that league leadership has discussed Augustana's potential. Former Augie AD Larschield says a '0' would need to be added to every line item, while new boss & former Michigan State fundraiser Morton mentions the DI talk wasn't a part of his interview process. Lots more. (link)
Oklahoma has a new "Sooner Born" font that's part of FB, MBB & WBB's move to Jordan Brand. Sooner Born will now be used on all unis, facilities & marketing materials. The interlocking OU logo has also been "streamlined." OU AD Castiglione: "Our trademarks are iconic. We respect tradition and have historically protected it while still finding ways to grow our brand. We were able to do some confidential reviews with coaches, student-athletes and other University stakeholders and we were overwhelmed with positive responses. Over the years, OU's marks and look have been updated from time to time. This is a rare opportunity to tweak and refresh in line with feedback we have received in that process." (link)
Former Atlanta Hawks Digital Content Manager Wilson pens on why "NBA Social Managers Should Be Making More Money." Thesis: "Those who work in social for sports teams are always on the clock.  The only way to achieve success, make the brand stand out and hit KPI numbers is to never unplug. Wake up, check your phone. Brush your teeth, check your phone. Red light, check your phone. Lunch? Forget about it, you’re eating at your desk while hammering out content plans, responding to emails, scheduling posts and…yes, checking your phone. In a meeting?  Better bring your laptop with you, because there’s a good chance you’ll have to tune out half of what you need to pay attention to because you’re too busy monitoring mentions or approving a graphic that just got sent to you for the game tonight. Workout?  Sure, on some days, but you better be ready to hop off the treadmill and tweet that roster update when it comes through.  Phew, it’s 5:00. Time to go…to the arena. Yea, your day is only half over." More as I'm guessing this will get a ton of reads. (link)
Also Noticed: Check out the massive banner UMBC installed in its Events Center celebrating MBB's NCAA Tourney win over Virginia. (link); Big FB rule change as any kickoff fair catch inside the 25 will be treated as a touchback. (link); Pitt-Penn State FB under the lights at Heinz Field in September? (link); Good breakdown of New Mexico State's budget & "good fortune" the last couple of years. (link); Louisiana Monroe unveils its new Track & Field facility. (link); From Now On inks a new partner as the Texas Bowl comes aboard. (link); Texas Southern Baseball AHC Moreno was arrested in a prostitution sting. (link); Butler & Ole Miss MBB to start a home & home series next season. (link); UC Davis officially adds Women's Beach Volleyball & Equestrian. (link) powered by Turnkey Search
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(NEW!) Director of Digital Media Services (Mid-American Conference / Cleveland, OH): Create video content that drives views, conversations, and fan engagement to the Mid-American Conference website and social media platforms. Oversee all MAC created video content. More details HERE.

(NEW!) Director, Partnership Development for Auburn Sports Properties (Auburn Sports Properties / Auburn, AL): The Director of Partnership Development will be responsible for developing, selling and managing all aspects of fully integrated corporate sponsorship packages for Auburn University. More details HERE.

(NEW!) Associate Director, Ticketing (University of Notre Dame / Notre Dame, IN): The Associate Director, Ticketing serves as one of a team of ticket managers that each has primary responsibility for a reserved seating sport. Application deadline 5/2/2018. EEO/AA. More details HERE.

Director of Digital Media (Austin Peay State University / Clarksville, TN): Marketing, digital media and creative services for all 16 NCAA Division I programs as well as selected special initiatives with the goal of increasing awareness, attendance, and revenue. More details HERE.

Asst. Dir., Athletic Communications (Clemson University / Clemson, SC): Determines and develops media relations and social media strategies for WBB and other sports. Provides content development for digital platforms, and leads and instructs student assistants. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Athletics Communications (Austin Peay State University / Clarksville, TN): Football Contact - Performs the role of an internal beat reporter, focusing on telling compelling stories in written, video, social media, graphics or other innovative formats.  More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Athletics for Marketing and Fan Engagement (North Dakota State University / Fargo, ND): Develops, coordinates & executes advertising campaigns as well as promotions and in-game entertainment. Designs events that engage student-athletes & coaches with the community. Supervises interns. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletics Director of Ticket Operations (Temple University / Philadelphia, PA): Incumbent will be responsible for leading, planning, and directing the execution of all aspects of ticket operations, distribution, and delivery. More details HERE.

Ticket Operations Director (UC San Diego / La Jolla, CA): The Ticket Operations Director manages ticket operations, development of the ticketing platform, including seat mapping and digital ticketing programs for Athletic Department events. More details HERE.

Director of Intercollegiate Athletics (California State University Northridge / Northridge, CA): CSUN is searching for an AD to lead their D1 program. For all inquiries, please contact Glenn Sugiyama of DHR International c/o Tom Snyder, Senior Associate at More details HERE.

Assistant Director, Athletic Communications (University of South Florida / Tampa, FL): Serve as primary contact for USF men's basketball, track and field, and cross country and secondary duties with football, conducting communications, media relations and social media engagement. More details HERE.

Associate Director, Development (Stanford University / Stanford, CA): Stanford Athletics is seeking job applications for a major gift fundraiser. This position will be focused on identifying, cultivating, and soliciting gifts of $250,000 or more. More details HERE.

Assistant Director for Compliance (Xavier University / Cincinnati, OH): This position along with all coaches & staff is responsible for the integrity of Xavier’s intercollegiate athletics program and for protecting the reputation of the University through compliance..... More details HERE.

Advancement Director - Major Gifts - Intercollegiate Athletics (University of Missouri / Columbia, MO): Identify and close individual major gift prospects and execute premium seating sales for Football and Men’s Basketball. More details HERE.

Director, Corporate Partnerships (Seattle University / Seattle, WA): Seattle University is seeking a Director of Corporate Partnerships in Athletics. Responsible for Corporate Sales, Ticket Revenue, Marketing and Attendance, Administration/Budget. BA Degree required. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Athletics Communications (James Madison University / Harrisonburg, VA): Serve as communications contact for women's basketball, field hockey and tennis with an emphasis on digital and social media. More details HERE.

Senior Post Production Manager (University of Minnesota / Minneapolis, MN): The Senior Post-Production Manager will primarily be responsible for providing creative direction and oversight of Gopher Athletics multimedia post-production endeavors, including video features and motion graphics on multiple platforms, as well as live event production, as part of Gopher Digital within the University of Minnesota Athletic Department. More details HERE.

Associate Director/Communications (Social Media & Web Development) (Boston College / Chestnut Hill, MA): The candidate will serve as a full-time member of the athletics communications staff with primary focus on social media. Administers communications activities for one or more Olympic sports. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Ticket Operations (University of Oregon Athletics / Eugene, OR): Assist with the day to day operations in the Athletic Ticket Office, specifically the Matthew Knight Arena Box Office. Strategize with Athletic Ticket Office directors on day to day office activities. Ensure successful staffing of events. More details HERE.

Head Coach - Womens Basketball (Cleveland State University / Cleveland, OH): Responsible for the organization and administration of all facets of the women's basketball program to ensure a quality program and successful Division 1 team. Application Deadline April 13, 2018. More details HERE.

Head Coach - Wrestling (Cleveland State University / Cleveland, OH): Responsible for the organization and administration of all facets of the wrestling program to ensure a quality program and successful Division 1 team. Application Deadline April 13, 2018. More details HERE.

Leadership Gift Officer, Athletics Development (Columbia University / New York, NY): Fundraising and alumni relations position. Assists with fundraising activities in support of Columbia Athletics, including front-line fundraising, working with coaches and other staff in Athletics. More details HERE.

Assistant Director, Athletic Communications (University of South Florida / Tampa, FL): Administer all communications, media relations and social media for USF’s nationally ranked women’s basketball and men’s soccer programs as well as secondary duties with football. More details HERE.

Assistant Director, Athletics Development (Boston University / Boston, MA): The Assistant Director, Athletics Development serves as a key member of the fundraising team and will develop, implement and manage an annual giving program for Boston University Athletics. More details HERE.

Athletic Major Gifts Officer (Virginia Polytechnic Institute / Blacksburg, VA): The Virginia Tech Athletic Fund seeks Major Gifts Officer, multiple openings, to report to the Associate Athletic Director of Major Gifts. Apply online at More details HERE.

Director of Annual Giving, Athletics (University of Pennsylvania / Philadelphia, PA): Manage, implement, and grow the Penn Athletics annual fund by engaging alumni and other external sources. BA/BS. 3-5 years experience. Apply online at: More details HERE.

Associate Athletic Director for Annual Giving (San Jose State University / San Jose, CA): The Aspen Leadership Group is proud to partner with San José State University in the search for an Associate Athletic Director for Annual Giving. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletics Director for Broadcasting & Production (University of Maryland / College Park, MD): The Asst. AD for Broadcasting & Production will serve as the departmental lead for all video production and broadcasting with the primary purpose of enhancing the Maryland Athletics brand. More details HERE.

Director of Athletics (University of South Carolina Upstate / Spartanburg, SC): The AD will have strong interpersonal skills & an ability to deal effectively with all levels of students, faculty, administrators, staff, & the BOT & various community & professional organizations. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director, Facilities and Operations (University of South Alabama / Mobile, AL): The University of South Alabama is looking for an Assistant Athletic Director, Facilities and Operations. More details HERE.

Director of Annual Giving, Duck Athletic Fund (University of Oregon Athletic Department / Eugene, OR): The Director of Annual Giving is responsible for building a broad base of sustainable, annual support for the University of Oregon Athletic Department from alumni, parents, faculty and students. More details HERE.

Development Coordinator (University of Tennessee Foundation / Knoxville, TN): The Development Coordinator is a vital support role for the Director of Development & Tennessee Fund team. To learn more about this position, follow the job link and use keyword, 18000000E2. More details HERE.

Assistant Director for Communications (The Rams Club / Chapel Hill, NC): Supports the growth and development of The Rams Club through assisting with the production of effective and coordinated communications pieces. More details HERE.

Marketing & Promotions Assistant (Washington State University Athletics / Pullman, WA): Comprehensive strategic mktg and promotions plan for all home athletic events; manage a variety of public relation activities; advisor for WSU’s student fan group; student practicum program oversight. More details HERE.

Assoc. Athletic Dir./Dir. of Student Athlete High Performance (William & Mary / Williamsburg, VA): This position will be responsible for all areas that impact student-athlete performance including sports medicine, athletic training, sports psychology, nutrition, speed, strength, and conditioning. More details HERE.

Director of Video Production (Purdue University / West Lafayette, IN): Shoot, produce, direct and edit video content for internal & external areas of Purdue Athletics. Technical liaison to Purdue Athletics for video production and future multi-media development. More details HERE.

Strategic Digital Marketing Coordinator (University of Alabama / Tuscaloosa, AL): Develop and implement strategic digital marketing plans that generate revenue, engage fans, drive attendance and build the Crimson Tide brand. More details HERE.

Development Coordinator (Air Force Academy Athletic Corporation / Colorado Springs, CO): The AFAAC seeks a Development Coordinator to assist with the Falcon Pride Club Annual Giving program in support of Air Force Athletics. More details HERE.

Director/Assistant Athletic Director of Athletics Development (University of Arkansas at Little Rock / Little Rock, AR): Serves as Little Rock Athletic's major gift officer, along with managing the Trojan Athletic Association (TAA). This position will also be responsible for the success of all athletic special events. More details HERE.

Associate Director, Athletic Advancement (Kent State University Athletics / Kent, OH): Provide leadership to the annual funds programs and major gifts programs for the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. Develop, implement, and execute annual fundraising strategies. More details HERE.

Director of Athletics (University of Alaska-Anchorage / Anchorage, AK): UAA seeks strong athletics administrator with great interpersonal skills who will embrace the Anchorage community, lead department and the student-athletes of the 13 intercollegiate athletic teams. More details HERE.

Associate Athletics Director - Strategic Communications and Management (UC San Diego / La Jolla, CA): Responsible for positively influencing the external dialogue about UC San Diego Athletics through expertise in communication methods, information flow, media relations and brand management. More details HERE.

Director of Athletics Facilities and Operations (College of the Holy Cross / Worcester, MA): This position is an integral part of the Athletic staff, assisting in the management of all aspects of facility and event operations. More details HERE.

Head Coach - Women's Basketball (University of Massachusetts Lowell / Lowell, MA): The Head Coach is responsible for leading all aspects of developing and managing a competitive Division I program within the parameters designated by the University, AEC and the NCAA. More details HERE.

Assistant Women’s Soccer Coach (Goalkeeper Coach) (#10762) (University of Akron / Akron, OH): The University of Akron, a NCAA Division I (FBS) University is seeking applicants for the position of Assistant Women's Soccer Coach/Goalkeeper Coach. EEO/AA Employer/Veterans/Disabled. More details HERE.

Director of Major Gifts (University of Louisiana at Lafayette / Lafayette, LA): Director of Major Gifts works cooperatively with university Development Officers in a coordinated effort to achieve the University of Louisiana's fund raising goals. More details HERE.

Executive Producer, Football Creative Video (Stanford University / Stanford, CA): The Executive Producer will serve as the primary producer for Stanford Football, creating dynamic content that elevates the Stanford brand and tells the stories of its elite student-athletes. More details HERE.
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