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#10: Looks like Louisville has installed gray seats in the shape of an Adidas logo into the upper deck of its new addition at Cardinal Stadium. A couple more pics of the new space that will open to fans this weekend. (link)
#9: USA Today’s Wolken with his early season ‘Misery Index’: Texas, Michigan, Texas Tech, Colorado State and North Carolina make up the top-five, with Temple, Louisville, Penn State, Kansas State and Arizona "trending towards misery." (link)
#8: Seemed like a fair & balanced question from ESPN's Taylor on Alabama's QB situation. Crimson Tide HC Saban less than pleased. (link); Alabama HC Saban called and apologized to ESPN's Taylor for his post-game rant. (link)
#7: Arkansas-Pine Bluff has named former Alabama State AD Hines to the same position, effective September 10. In announcing the selection, UAPB Chancellor Alexander cited Hines' "proven record of success in building winning programs, a commitment to high achievement, and the desire to see our student-athletes excel both on and off the fields and courts." Hines: "I am thrilled to join the Golden Lions nation. UAPB already has several factors to help our student-athletes be stellar in competition on game day and in the classroom. I look forward to connecting with our exceptional student-athletes, faculty, coaches and staff on campus, along with our alumni, supporters and the Pine Bluff community." (link)
#6: North Carolina A&T FB HC Washington in the locker room after his Aggies knocked off East Carolina in the season-opener: “Tell ‘em to bring me my money!” (link)
#5: Alabama FB HC Saban with an interesting thought for Crimson Tide fans, "You want our players to compete for 60 minutes in a game, but the fans don't stay there for 60 minutes in a game. I can never figure that out. YOU WANT TO BE A PART OF THE TEAM, THEN DO WHAT EVERYBODY ELSE DOES — STAY THERE & COMPETE FOR 60 MINUTES!!" The very first comment in the Twitter thread is equally interesting & a microcosm of where scheduling is going for Bama & others, "Stop scheduling these crap home games." (link)
#4: U.S. District Court Judge Wilken rules America East Commish Huchthausen must testify in the Alston case that starts next Tuesday. Huchthausen's comments during a panel at the 2017 MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference "contradict Defendants' contention in this litigation that paying student athletes would negatively affect consumer demand for Division I sports or student-athlete integration." USA Today's Berkowitz with the update early this morning & he also includes transcript of Huchthausen's full comments from Sloan that are now in question. (link)
#3: Sports Business Daily offers readers a glimpse of what a typical day might look like for Texas AD Del Conte, whose morning begins with a 5:30 workout. "I’ll meet some of the staff and we’ll work out in the gym or I’ll hit the trail there on the lake, just depends on how much time I have and what everyone’s doing." Del Conte is usually in the office by 7:15, where he begins his work day by grabbing a cup of coffee and reading. "Recently it was The Power of a Positive Team by Jon Gordon." From 8AM to 6PM, Del Donte's time is usually consumed by meetings, which can take the form of evaluations with coaches, revenue sharing discussions or anything in between. "These first months, we have 429 employees, and I spent a lot of time meeting with each one of our employees and all of our donors just looking, listening, learning for their feel of the university. ... A lot of my time has been more externally focused. I also had a two-day retreat with our head coaches. It’s all-encompassing, something new every day, nothing the same." Del Conte typically returns home between 8-9PM, where he devotes his time to his family, but acknowledges: "I have a 16-year-old and a 17-year-old, so Dad is no longer the flavor of the month." By 10PM, he adds, "I usually take a shower and hit the sack. I'm wore out." (link)
#2: Touching moment as Maryland FB's offense took the field for the first time Saturday with just 10 men to honor late student-athlete & former offensive lineman McNair. Texas declined the penalty. Here's video. (link)
#1: Louisville AD Tyra publicly responds to questions about the email sent by former Senior Assoc. AD for Development Jurich that was on top of the wire last week, "There's just no truth to any of those points in my mind. And if they were debated, I don't think they'd like to see the answers to those either." Tyra believes the email was constructed with the help of the Jurich's PR firm. More: "It seemed silly and sad for our university right now. We need to get past all this stuff. It's just one more thing to deal with." (link)
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