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Thoughts continue to be with Iowa State as the Cyclones deal with the tragic loss of former Women's Golf standout Barquin Arozamena. ISU AD Pollard: "I don't think you can put a timeline on how long it'll take for this community, this institution and this athletic program to ever overcome this. […] How we respond as a community to what has transpired will probably dictate how we remember her legacy. […] You hate to think that it takes something tragic to elevate somebody's legacy to an even higher level, but my sense is that's what before us. […] I’ve spent my entire career taking great pride in fixing things. Unfortunately this time, there's no words or actions that can fix this situation. Losing one of our student-athletes is like losing a child. We're all devastated and heartbroken." (link)
The Alston case rolled on with Pac-12 Commish Scott & NCAA VP Lennon on the stand yesterday. Law360s Atkins still quick on the keyboard to keep us informed. Of note yesterday, "Scott says his annual salary, including his 'target bonus,' is $4.5 million. He says it's in line and reasonable with other media executives. […] Scott says he's had dozens of discussions with student athletes about the idea of "amateurism," which he defines as not paying athletes more than their expenses. He says the "vast majority of student athletes" have told him they support amateurism. […] Scott says if there were no national rules, it would add significant additional infrastructure and expenses that conferences would have to create. He tried to elaborate, but the student athletes objected, which the judge sustained. Judge: 'We can't have complete speculation.' […] Scott says if the @NCAA rules were lifted it would make it 'murkier' for fans and broadcasters to understand what college sports is.  It also wouldn't be in the best interest in higher education and it would disrupt conference makeup, he says. […] Scott says 'it's clear to me' based on surveys he's seen and his own discussions with fans that the 'vast majority of consumers' value amateurism. […] The student athletes' attorney, Steve Berman of @hagensberman, is examining Scott, repeatedly asking him if he's seen any economic analysis assessing the impacts of lifting @NCAA pay rules. Scott says he has not. […] Berman asks Scott if any athletes, boosters or alum have told him they either wouldn't play or would stop watching college football if the @NCAA lifted certain pay rules. Scott replies no, they haven't said those specific things to him. […] Scott says a large majority of student athletes surveyed say they don't want to spend less time on athletics. He says 'I assure you, if anybody is spending 50 hours on their sport, a significant amount of that is voluntary.' […] The student athletes' attorney is examining Lennon on waivers of the @NCAA pay rules. Lennon concedes that it's possible 500 waivers have been given out since 2014, but he says sometimes waivers aren't granted because the requests are rule changes and not waivers. The attorney is trying to get Lennon to concede that interpreting the @NCAA's bylaws versus waivers is subjective." Today is an off day, Thursday will feature more Lennon, plus Ohio State AD Smith. (link)
Wisconsin AD Alvarez responds a bit to Alston case testimony by UW Chancellor Blank earlier in the week that the Badgers would have to reevaluate their marketplace positioning if student-athletes get paid. Alvarez: "It is so hypothetical. It’s not even worth me commenting on." However, Alvarez does say he's concerned with student-athletes who still say they're going hungry, points to the training table in Camp Randall, plus nutrition areas, refueling stations, plus protein shakes in the weight room, "Their food is not taken out of their checks for scholarship kids. So unless you’re living in one of those expensive apartments or condos downtown, by yourself, you should have a pretty good subsidy monthly." (link);'s Dodd via Twitter, "Power Five official (to me) re landmark trial that could decide if NCAA schools can pay players: 'I think we're going to lose.'" (link)
Washington State Asst. AD for the Cougar Athletic Fund Gesser has resigned. Gesser's statement: "I am deeply saddened that recent circumstances in my private life have created a distraction for the department and university. While I certainly never intended to hurt anyone, I believe it is best for all involved for me to move on." In a letter to the WSU community, "To the young woman that I made feel uncomfortable, I respectfully have a different recollection of the situation you’ve described, but acknowledge that I should never have been in the situation in the first place, and I apologize. I truly never meant to cause you harm." WSU Prez Schulz & AD Chun have accepted Gesser's resignation, "We sincerely appreciate the courage it takes for individuals to come forward with concerns of this nature. We take the allegations extremely seriously, and the Office for Equal Opportunity intends to continue its investigation." FB HC Leach: "I didn’t know he resigned, so that’s news to me. I overheard some of the stuff reported but from what I know, it’s just word of mouth, so I don’t know. Hopefully, none of it’s true." (link)
North Carolina AD Cunningham adds the SWA title to Assoc. AD for Compliance vanGelder. Cunningham: "Marielle has added an important and trusted perspective to our senior leadership team, and I am pleased that she will continue to add her voice to decisions that are made at the University, ACC and NCAA level." vanGelder takes over the role after Senior Assoc. AD/SWA Moore exited a couple of months back for the big chair at Colgate. (link)
Georgia selects IMG Learfield Ticket Solutions for outbound ticket sales & enhanced customer support. IMGLTS will "provide a CRM and digital sales solution for all ticketed sports" & there's specific mention of a focus on basketball, baseball & gymnastics revenue & attendance. (link); UNC Greensboro extends with IMG College through 2028, which once complete will mark 20 years of the two working together. In addition to corporate sponsorships, Spartans AD Record also notes, "Moving forward, we have the opportunity to build the Spartan brand, particularly through our licensing program, and IMG College is positioned to support our future success." (link)
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FB Scheduling Puzzle: Sounds like Nebraska is closing in on a 12th game to be played on October 27th. Speculation centers on Tennessee State, Elon, and Bethune Cookman. (link); The Appalachian State-Southern Miss game impacted by Hurricane Florence won't be made up & the Mountaineers will only play 11 this season. Ticket holders can use their game tix for other games this season or as a discount for future events. (link); South Carolina AD Tanner is still working on October 20th & December 1st as possible 12th game dates for the Gamecocks. (link)
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Virginia AD Williams delivers remarks to the Chamber Business Diversity Council Luncheon, on a graphic showing the makeup of AD ranks at 'Power 5' institutions that includes just five women, but only one minority female, "When you see this, how does a young person aspire to something great when there is no one in the position who looks like her?" More, "The sports industry is overwhelmingly white males — overwhelmingly. I’m not in my position because of my race or my gender; I’m in my position because, throughout my career, there were people who did not look like me who took an interest in me, believed in me and mentored me. [...] Diversity and inclusion require commitment from everyone, from all of us... it takes both integrity and courage to be willing to mentor and support someone in whom you don’t necessarily see yourself." (link)
North Texas AD Baker jokes he's been heaping praise on his marketing team for the national attention generated by UNT's fake-fair-catch-turned-punt-return-for-a-TD moment from last weekend's matchup at Arkansas. Baker says he's fully aware of FB HC Littrell's growing national brand, "I know as he wins, his profile will increase. But I also fully believe it'll take something special for him to leave. More than just money. You'd better believe, when that time comes, we're not gonna make it easy for anyone." Baker also believes UNT is still just scratching the surface of what it can become, "I grew up three hours from here and I didn't know anything about it. Why is it such a secret?" (link)
Rice AD Karlgaard turns to Colgate Asst. AD for Compliance Houston to fill the Assoc. AD for Compliance role for the Owls. Prior to his stint in Hamilton, Houston spent time at Dartmouth & the NCAA. (link); Rice has also announced expanded financial aid dubbed 'The Rice Investment.' "Full tuition scholarships will be awarded to degree-seeking undergraduates with family incomes between $65,000 and $130,000 who are eligible to receive need-based financial aid. In addition, students with family incomes between $130,000 and $200,000 will receive scholarships covering at least half of their tuition." Prez Leebron: "Talent deserves opportunity." (link)
FB scheduling at Purdue is a three-person dance with HC Brohm, AD Bobinski & Deputy AD Butikofer jigging to the same tune & not afraid to play a number of tough out-of-conference kicks. Bobinksi: "I've heard Jeff repeatedly say that he wants to play the toughest schedule in the country and be known as a program willing to accept such a challenge. Trust me, I tend toward his way of thinking on this as well. Good teams want to play other good teams." Brohm goes so far to say he'd add a third 'Power 5' OOC opponent every year if it were strictly up to him & Bobinksi outlines the balancing act of putting together an attractive slate for season ticket holders, but not going over the edge given the difficulty of Big Ten play. More, including a chart of Boilermaker OOC games through 2028. (link)
Interesting read from The Ringer on a hoops trend that could flow down (if it hasn't already) to the college ranks - "More and more NBA players are turning their workouts (and summer highlight reels) over to private skill trainers. With the help of social media, some trainers are using the exposure to become entrepreneurs, newsmakers, and even celebrities in their own right." Former UMKC & Lindenwood (DII) MBB student-athlete Bazzell is making a big name for himself working with the likes of former collegiate standouts McDermott (Creighton), Portis (Arkansas), Delgado (Seton Hall), Wagner (Michigan) & Kobe Bryant's daughter's team. Bazzell charges $2K per month, but only after the players have signed their second deal. Thesis: "Bazzell is a part of a new generation of skills trainers who have utilized social media to their advantage and in the process turned the profession mainstream. Today you would be hard-pressed to find an NBA player who doesn’t have 'their guy,' whether they’re team-affiliated or from the private sector." Lots more. (link)
It's Personnel: Former UConn MBB HC Calhoun is officially fully back on the sidelines, signs a deal with the University of St. Joseph in West Hartford, a start-up DIII MBB program. Calhoun was previously consulting on the project. (link); Records reveal that Rutgers was contractually obligated to give FB HC Ash his two-year extension last November, which guarantees him an additional combined $5.1M for the 2021 and 2022 seasons. His initial contract reads: "In the event the football program receives from the NCAA and/or the conference any penalty of Bowl ineligibility, material reduction of scholarships, or a material limitation on recruiting, based on activities or conduct that occurred before the effective date of this MOA, the University agrees that the Term shall be extended for one (1) additional year for each year in which such discipline is imposed." (link); Storbeck Pimentel & Associates will assist Boise State in its search for a new president. The firm is also assisting Idaho in finding a replacement for outgoing Prez Staben. (link)
Texas Southern Prez Lane says he's looking for Interim Panthers AD Granger to "hit a home run." So far, Granger is off to a fast start as he's created the Athletic Director's Legends Club, a perks structure with seven giving levels from $1,500 to $50,000. Granger also points to getting TNT NBA analyst & former NBA/North Carolina stand-out Smith in the fold for a financial commitment, "I’ve known Kenny for a while. He used to come sit in the stands here and watch me play. Him, Vernon Maxwell, Sam Cassell, Robert Horry; they were fixtures at the stadium if they didn’t have a game that night." Granger pitches his own success as a TSU MBB student-athlete & his time working under former AD & new SWAC Commish McClelland, "I don’t think anyone can come in today and say they understand Texas Southern athletics better than me. We’ve been a winning program. … Now, it’s an opportunity for us to develop more." (link)
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New Mexico: Lobo MBB HC Weir chats with UNM media antagonist Libit on a variety of issues surrounding the state of affairs in Albuquerque. Libit says Weir reached out to him without prompting. Weir indicates he's pulled back on his proposal to turn some unused suites in The Pit into coaches offices, explains his views on concussion policies, his belief that student-athletes should earn compensation beyond their grant-in-aid awards & that administrators don't get big time 'Power 5' AD jobs by trimming budgets. Additionally, " me, from an outsider, is how it looks right now: that UNM and our athletics department is taking heat on so many different levels from so many different waves, that it’s almost kind of paralyzed us from being able to take action and initiative to move forward. And maybe that is rightfully so. Maybe there’s been enough mistakes in enough areas that athletics shouldn’t have the autonomy or the independence to go forward and make decisions, but, unfortunately, that means when there are good ideas and there are good decisions you kind of can’t move forward." (link); Both the Democratic & Republican gubernatorial candidates in the states are using UNM's sport cutting as leverage for their campaigns & as you might imagine, both oppose the moves. Democrat candidate Lujan Grisham goes so far to say she'll have the sports reinstated if she's voted into office. (link); Lobos Volleyball will play in the Johnson Center until the sound upgrade is done in The Pit, which is projected to be mid-October. (link)
USC Upstate teams up with Collegiate Consulting to develop a strategic plan. Spartans AD Feig: "Developing a strategic plan for Upstate Athletics is a critical component for our long-term success. We look forward to working with Collegiate Consulting during the process and development of our strategic direction." Collegiate Consulting Managing Director Wright: "USC Upstate is in a unique position as it moves into the Big South Conference. This is such a dynamic time in intercollegiate athletics, and we look forward to working with Upstate to develop a plan for the future." (link)
Jackson State set to announce a five-year deal with Nike that will offer "at least $200,000 in savings in the first year" according to a source privy to the negotiation details. Tigers AD Robinson: "Since its inception, Nike has continued to redefine innovation by always listening to the needs of the world’s best athletes and helping them be the best they can be. In partnering with this iconic brand, Jackson State University student-athletes will now wear the best apparel to help them achieve competitive greatness." (link)
Legal fees for the defense of former Arizona Track & Field AC Carter, who was convicted in March of two counts of aggravated assault of a former student-athlete, have topped $1.6M and taxpayers in the state are footing the bill because he was a UA employee at the time of the assault. A bevy of firms are involved as a civil suit and counterclaims are still unfolding. (link)
The Las Vegas Golden Knights of the NHL announce a partnership with William Hill that will include in-arena signage and updated league-wide odds displayed on the video board during intermissions at T-Mobile Arena. GK Prez Bubolz: "We are always looking for innovative ways to engage different segments of our fan base and provide a unique fan experience. This partnership between a major professional team and a sports book operator is a historic, landmark agreement and we are delighted to be leading the way with William Hill in this space." This is the first relationship between an NHL franchise and a bookmaker. (link)
Also Noticed: An NCAA spokesman "debunked" the rumor that there was a potential rule change coming after the North Texas punt return this past weekend that grabbed headlines. (link); Global media firm Perform Group announces a branding and structural overhaul, will now be known as DAZN Group. "DAZN will be the consumer-facing division, including over-the-top (OTT) streaming service DAZN itself, as well media such as media outlets and SportingNews. The focus for DAZN will be driving interest towards the subscription service through its individual properties, with the OTT service remaining as the existing rightsholding company." (link); Due to a heat advisory, FAMU moves back the start time of this weekend's game with Savannah State from 4 to 6 pm. (link); @PiperJaffrayCo senior analyst Murphy: "We remind investors Nike has consistently grown over time despite other controversial campaigns. Bottom line, we believe history has proven it is much more valuable to 'be there/visible' for major sports and social moments than to offer up a neutral position or no stance." NKE stock price continues to climb. (link); Kentucky uses FB student-athlete Daniel in a promo video for a $10 cash-only flash sale for tickets to this weekend's home game against Mississippi State. The sale's time and location will be announced soon, but sometime on Thursday morning in Paintsville, about two hours east of Lexington. (link); Twitter will test a switch back to the chronological timeline format. (link) powered by Turnkey Search
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(NEW!) Vice President of Texas Region (Tailgate Guys / Austin, TX): Tailgate Guys is seeking an executive to head up our TX Region - dynamic leader with proven track record in a service oriented hospitality business, managing a team, and driving revenue and growth. More details HERE.

(NEW!) Associate or Assistant Athletic Director for Development (Utah Valley University / Orem, UT): Raises funds from external constituencies. Manages an assigned portfolio of donors and prospects. Identifies and qualifies prospects. Engages and cultivates current and prospective donors, etc. More details HERE.

(NEW!) Director of Development, Seattle Operations (Washington State University / Seattle, WA): Member of the WSU Cougar Athletic Fund team based in Seattle, sharing significant responsibilities for the advancement of the CAF’s annual, major, and planned giving development efforts ($25,000+). More details HERE.

(NEW!) Director of Clinical & Sport Psychology (University of Wisconsin-Madison / Madison, WI): The Director of Clinical Psychology for student-athletes will oversee the delivery of clinical and sport psychology services to student-athletes within the established medical model. More details HERE.

(NEW!) Annual Fund Coordinator (Washington State University / Pullman, WA): Member of the Cougar Athletic Fund team responsible for the development, coordination, and implementation of all aspects of the annual fund as well as some operational and administrative support. More details HERE.

(NEW!) Compliance Coordinator (University of Richmond / Richmond, VA): The Compliance Coordinator independently coordinates, plans, organizes and implements all monitoring systems of the Athletics Compliance program, developing/implementing programs and procedures. More details HERE.

Senior Associate Athletic Director for Compliance (San Jose State University / San Jose, CA): Job ID: 24742, Classification: Administrator II, Hiring Salary: Commensurate with experience. More Details HERE.

Coordinator of Student-Athlete Development (University of Oregon / Eugene, OR): Assist student-athlete development staff to develop and implement innovative programs and individualized support services that empower student-athletes to succeed in college and in life. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Media Relations (College of the Holy Cross / Worcester, MA): Assistant Director of Athletic Media Relations - College of the Holy Cross - Please apply at More details HERE.

Assistant Coach, Men's Lacrosse (University of Richmond / Richmond, VA): This position is responsible for assisting with all phases of the Division I Men’s Lacrosse program at the University of Richmond. Specific responsibilities include but are not limited to: coaching an. More details HERE.

Director of Sports Nutrition (University of Louisville Athletic Association / Louisville, KY): Position oversees all aspects of the Sport Nutrition program to advance the development and delivery of nutrition services for 23 sports. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletics Director for Communications (California Baptist University / Riverside, CA): Oversee the day-to-day communications and media relations for all 18 NCAA Division I sports under the supervision of the Associate AD for External Relations. Serve as primary men’s basketball contact. More details HERE.

Assistant Director, Multimedia Services (Boise State University Athletics / Boise, ID): The individual will work with Bronco Athletics staff members to design, create and implement the department’s graphic identity for production, print, digital and web applications and special projects. More details HERE.

Assistant Coach, Cross Country/Track & Field (Brown University / Providence, RI): Assist Director of Cross Country, Track/Field in all phases of the program, recruiting, coaching, training, with a particular emphasis on coaching distance events and cross country. More details HERE.

Deputy Athletics Director, Business Operations (University of Notre Dame / Notre Dame, IN): University of Notre Dame is accepting applications for a Deputy Athletics Director, Business Operations. For full description view EOE/AA. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletics Director for Marketing (Georgetown University / Washington, DC): Responsible for the creation and execution of marketing plans in specified sports for Georgetown Athletics. Will work closely with the Ticket Office and Media Relations to enhance home attendance. More details HERE.

Director of Creative Design and Services (American Athletic Conference / Providence, RI): The individual will work with conference staff members to plan, design, prepare and execute the conference’s graphic identity for production, print, digital and web applications and special projects. More details HERE.

Athletics Annual Giving Officer (San Jose State University / San Jose, CA): Develops a plan to identify & prioritize new prospects, make discovery calls & build a prospect pool based on new prospects & past donors at the leadership giving level of $2,500 or greater. More Details HERE.

Ticket Sales and CRM, Database Manager (University of Arizona / Tucson, AZ): Arizona athletics is looking for a dynamic leader that will assist in supporting sales, marketing and development campaigns by providing metrics and tracking for success. More details HERE.

Associate Director of Annual Fund (Arizona State University Foundation / Tempe, AZ): Help us lead the annual fundraising for Arizona State University Athletics and help grow ASU the most innovative university in the US! More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director/Ticket Operations Coordinator (San Diego State University / San Diego, CA): Assist with administering all aspects of the day-to-day operations of the ticket office. Provide lead work direction/training to staff & students. Supervise events. Assist with annual ticket planning. More details HERE.

Director, Ticket Sales and Service (University of Texas at San Antonio / San Antonio, TX): Lead the UTSA Athletics Ticket Sales and Services team to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of customer ticket sales and service. More details HERE.

Director - Athletics Information Technology (Texas Tech University / Lubbock, TX): Direct and manage all information technology activities for the Intercollegiate Athletics Department; knowledge and experience with the latest hardware/software, programming, planning and development. More details HERE.

Director, Risk Management and Compliance Services (University of Texas at Austin / Austin, TX): To maintain and ensure an effective risk management and compliance program and ensure institutional control within Texas Athletics with a high level knowledge of NCAA rules and regulations. More details HERE.

Director, Athletic Compliance (University of Southern California / Los Angeles, CA)The Director, Athletic Compliance will assist in developing, implementing, and maintaining a comprehensive, in-depth, and effective athletic compliance program. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Compliance (Pepperdine University / Malibu, CA): The Assistant Director of Compliance is responsible for monitoring and documenting compliance with the NCAA and West Coast Conference legislation for Pepperdine Athletics. More details HERE.

Sports Science Coordinator (University of Oregon Athletic Department / Eugene, OR): Responsible for the development and planning of performance support for world class student-athletes. Assess and enhance athlete readiness, performance, and recovery. More details HERE.

Assistant Director, Communications (Stanford University / Stanford, CA): Stanford University seeks a highly-motivated, energetic and team-orientated individual with strong communication skills to fill the role of Assistant Director, Communications. More details HERE.

Head Cross Country & Track and Field Coach (CSUN / Northridge, CA): The Head Cross Country & Track and Field Coach oversees the management of all aspects for both the Men's and Woman's programs. More details HERE.

Asst. Track & Field and Cross Country Coach (Montana State University / Bozeman, MT): Responsible for assisting the Montana State University’s Men’s & Women’s Track & Field and Cross Country programs in Bozeman, Montana. More details HERE.

Senior Associate Director of Athletics - External Affairs (University of Alaska Anchorage / Anchorage, AK): The UAA Department of Athletics is seeking applicants for the Senior Associate Director of Athletics - External Affairs position. Apply at Careers at UA (, no. 510184. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director for Ticketing (Vanderbilt University / Nashville, TN): This position will manage the day-to-day elements of the Vanderbilt Athletic Ticket Office processes. More details HERE.

Director, Premium Seating and Major Gifts (Syracuse University / Syracuse, NY): The Director of Premium Seating and Major Gifts will work with the Athletics Development Team with specific responsibility for developing, marketing and evaluating the premium seating program. More details HERE.

Athletics Compliance Specialist (University of Delaware, Newark, DE): Responsible for implementing a Division I compliance program for 21 varsity sports teams made up of 600 + student-athletes, athletics department and University staff. More details HERE.

Vice President, Sponsorship Sales (JMI Sports | Clemson Sports & Campus Marketing / Greenville, SC): Key member of executive team. Athletic & Campus sponsorship sales. Recruiting, training, mgmt of sales staff. Partner relationships/procurement/account mgmt/strategic planning/financial analysis. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director Ticketing Sales and Service (Pennsylvania State University / University Park, PA): Penn State Intercollegiate Athletics (ICA), a Division I and Big Ten Conference Institution, is seeking an Assistant Athletic Director for Ticketing Sales and Service. Apply at More details HERE.

Sr. Account Executive (JMI Sports | Clemson Sports & Campus Marketing / Greenville, SC)Athletics & Campus sponsorship sales. Develop and leverage strong relationships with brand decision makers to generate mutually beneficial partnerships that boost the Clemson brand and provide RIO to partners. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Annual Giving, Athletics (University of Pennsylvania / Philadelphia, PA): The Assistant Director of Annual Giving is a member of a Development and Alumni Relations team focused on achieving the fundraising and alumni relations goals of the Athletics Department. More details HERE.

Asst. Dir of Development (William & Mary / Williamsburg, VA): The Asst. Dir. of Development works closely with the Director to build a high-level program that generates significant revenue for William & Mary’s priorities. Full time with benefits. More details HERE.

Assistant Director, Athletic Advancement (Florida Gulf Coast University / Fort Myers, FL): Assistant Director of Athletic Advancement is responsible for all aspects of growing, communicating, delivering benefits and development cycle progression. More details HERE.

Asst. Sports Info Director (Davidson College / Davidson, NC): A NCAA Division I school and member of the Atlantic 10 Conference, is now accepting applications for the position of Assistant Sports Information Director. More Details HERE.

Assistant Athletics Director for Development (Director of Development, Major Gifts) (University of Texas at San Antonio / San Antonio, TX): The Assistant Athletics Director of Development will be responsible for identifying, cultivating, soliciting and stewarding major gift ($25,000+) donors and prospects for Intercollegiate Athletics. More details HERE.

Coordinator, Marketing and Fan Engagement (University of Arizona / Tucson, AZ): The Marketing Coordinator will be in charge of marketing and game presentation for Arizona Soccer, Gymnastics, and Softball and will have a hand in football game day presentation/operations. More details HERE.

Assistant Media Relations Director (Texas A&M Athletics / College Station, TX): The Asst.Media Relations Director (classified as Info Rep II) is responsible for being a liaison between the Athletic Department and the Media (print, radio, television and other electronic media). More details HERE.

Men’s and Women’s Diving Coach (Davidson College / Davidson, NC): This position will prepare student athletes for competition and recruit qualified students. More Details HERE.

Assistant Swimming Coach (Davidson College / Davidson, NC): This position will prepare student athletes for competition and recruit qualified students. More Details HERE.

Student-Athlete Affairs Assistant (Florida Gulf Coast University / Fort Myers, FL): The Student-Athlete Affairs Assistant oversees all aspects of the Student-Athlete Development program including the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. More details HERE.

Associate Athletics Director/Director of Athletics Development (Boston University / Boston, MA): Boston University Athletics is seeking a qualified candidate to lead the strategy and execution of the department's fundraising efforts, including oversight and management of development staff. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Athletic Communications (Vanderbilt University / Nashville, TN): This role will work with local and national media to promote the Vanderbilt women’s basketball brand, in addition to other assigned sports, as well as provide content for our More details HERE.

Assistant Director - Membership Services (University of South Carolina / Columbia, SC): Position plays a key role in guiding the athletics annual fund- tracking benefit fulfillment, updating priority points and directing membership drives. Focused heavily on ticketing and gift reporting. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director - Development (Air Force Academy Athletics Corporation / Colorado Springs, CO): The Assistant Athletic Director, Development will be responsible for developing and implementing a comprehensive fundraising program in support of Air Force Athletics. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Athletic Communications (Northwestern University / Evanston, IL): Chicago’s Big Ten Team is recruiting a creative, collaborative, forward-thinking communicator with PR & graphic design experience to dynamically share the stories of Wildcats student-athletes & staff. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director, Student Athlete Development (Rice University / Houston, TX): This position will conceptualize, develop, and implement all programmatic aspects critical to the personal, social, and professional development of over 350 student-athletes. More details HERE.

Leadership and Well-Being Coordinator (Columbia University / New York, NY): The Leadership Coordinator is responsible for the development and ongoing management of the Athletic Department's leadership program. More details HERE.

Graphic Designer (University of Miami / Miami, FL): Miami Athletics is seeking a graphic designer to support the sales, marketing, communications and digital initiatives of the department through the design and layout of various creative elements. More details HERE.

Athletics Development Coordinator/Denver (Colorado State University / Denver, CO): Develop and execute a comprehensive strategy of programs and efforts to increase philanthropic support for the Ram Club among residents of the Denver metro area. More details HERE.

Associate Athletic Director, Ticket Sales and Service (University of Oregon / Eugene, OR): Responsible for the development, implementation, and ongoing management of a progressive, service-oriented team charged with ticket operations and sales using analytics strategies. More details HERE.

Director of Business Operations - Athletics (University of North Texas / Denton, TX): This position is responsible for the oversight of accounting and financial reporting functions for the athletic department. Performs day to day business office, clerical, and accounting functions. More details HERE.

Marketing, Program Coordinator (University of Notre Dame / Notre Dame, IN): The University of Notre Dame Athletics is seeking a talented, self-driven individual for the role of Marketing, Program Coordinator. To learn more visit EOE/AA More details HERE.

Compliance Assistant (San Diego State University / San Diego, CA): Assist with monitoring of recruiting activities, complimentary admissions, playing & practices, camps, & awards. Assist with rules education, preparing rules and educational materials & presentations. More details HERE.

Associate Director of Athletic Compliance (Chicago State University / Chicago, IL): Under the immediate supervision of the Athletic Director, the athletic compliance officer ensures that Chicago State University is in compliance with both NCAA and WAC rules and regulations. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Annual Giving (University of Tennessee Foundation, Inc. / Knoxville, TN): The UT Foundation has a vacancy for an Assistant Director of Annual Giving for UT Knoxville Athletics. Use the requisition keyword 1800000197 to learn more about this full-time fundraising role. More details HERE.

Assistant Director, Creative Services (Boise State University / Boise, ID): Live in one of the nation’s fastest-growing urban communities while working with a successful athletic program. Produce content for the Bronco Digital Network; oversee live streamed sports production. More details HERE.
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