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#10: Hofstra Prez Rabinowitz says new AD Cole "is the one to take us to the next level," which to Rabinowitz means the MBB & WBB NCAA Tournaments. Rabinowitz also indicates the Pride could consider a conference change, "We are open to all of these issues, that’s another reason why I’m so excited about the new athletic director. He knows the landscape, he knows the metro area. The CAA has some great schools in it academic and otherwise. It has some burdens to it. We need to first decide where we really would like to be and then we need to get invited there." Cole, who will get started in Hempstead on May 21, "Having a plan to win is key. Everybody wants to win. In sports, there’s a measure at the end of what we do. There’s a winner and a loser. I think it’s a great opportunity when a new athletic director comes in that we can take a hard look at our visions, our strategy and outline a road map." (linklink); Here's the full presser video. (link)
#9: Jonesboro businessman and Arkansas State donor Fowler says the Red Wolves Foundation and an athletic department official provided misleading intel on the bidding process for a FB stadium project. ASU System Prez Welch apologized for the situation, but Fowler, whose family has contributed millions to the school, says he is done: "Not anymore, not after this. That is the opinion of the family." (link)
#8: The New Jersey Advance reveals the salaries of top Rutgers athletic department staffers earners last year, includes three administrators. (link)
#7: Louisiana Tech Executive Assoc. AD for External Affairs Born is headed four hours south to Lamar as its new AD. Born: "(Louisiana Tech Athletics Director) Tommy McClelland spoke very highly of Lamar from his time in the Southland Conference. Lamar University has experienced a great deal of success in the past, and continues to be successful. The more research I did the more excited I became about this opportunity. I believe Lamar University has great potential." LU Prez Evans: "His vision for the complementary relationship between athletics and academics is particularly impressive. Mr. Born has a passion for the role athletics can and should play in enhancing the overall university for students, staff and/or faculty as well as the community at large." (linklink)
#6: Tyra-Louisville: In one of the least surprising leadership developments in recent memory, Louisville officially removes the interim tag from AD Tyra's titles, inks him to a five-year deal at a $850K base & up to $150K in bonuses. Tyra: "We’ve certainly got a disjointed fan base. The only thing you can do is earn their credibility back with good decisions and doing what you think is right. I’ve tried to do that, but probably with a little bit of extra communication and transparency, I’ve tried to hit everything head-on." Tyra adds that the healing process doesn't happen overnight. Korn Ferry's fee for the search is $156K. (linklink); Cards HCs laud the choice of Tyra, Baseball HC McDonnell, "Vince has to be Vince. You got to be who you are. The worst thing to do in coaching is, if you're not who you really are, kids see through that. He has personality, energy and competitiveness, and I would think to want to have this job is to want to do great things. You're following up a legend, so you're obviously confident you can continue to do great things and that there are things you can do in your own style and add your own mark to this great university." (link); Here's video of the full presser. (link)
#5: Check this out, Bud Light sent the "King" to a Loyola-Chicago bar last Friday to deliver a personal "Dilly Dilly." Pretty cool. (link)
#4: Here are contract details for new Louisville MBB HC Mack, which includes extra years added if major NCAApenalties come down, plus more. There's also an assignment of an Assoc. AD for Basketball. Wonder who that could be? (link)
#3: This will, hopefully, be the last thing I write about the Tennessee FB HC search under former Vols AD Currie as's Dodd gets some feedback from inside the industry. Dodd notes the long line of coaches who applied for the opening through their agents & the mostly average, but some impressive, application materials sent along. One perspective from a source, "Half the time, if [agents] get the name of the school right in the email [it is surprising]. The presentations are so cookie cutter." Same source, another quote, "This one is the Murphy's Law of searches. This one will be talked about in conferences until 2042." One set of records I hadn't noticed to date is a list of questions UT officials prepared in the event N.C. State HC Doeren was hired, which included, "Why did you not talk to Les Miles?" (link)
#2: Miami (FL) rolled out its new Hurricane Club membership structure in response to the federal tax code changes that went into place this year. Two types: Season Tickets & Student Impact Donations, the latter of which will "elevate your member experience and maximize support provided to UM student-athletes." Different tiers & benefits start at the $50, $250, $750, $1,500, $3,000 & $5,000 marks. There's also a Golden Cane Society Membership level that starts at $20K annually & includes a litany of benefits. (link)
#1: December 3rd in Oakland will mark the start of the NCAA's trial with plaintiff attorneys in the Alston & Kessler cases as U.S. District Judge Wilken decided upon the course of action Wednesday. At the center of the developments are caps placed on what student-athletes can receive for tuition, room & board, meals, books, fees & incidentals. USA Today's Berkowitz keeping a close eye on things. The trial is set for no more than 10 days. (link); Here's the full ruling. (link)
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