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(Watch) Unique Value Proposition: Eastern Illinois' Michael & Austin Peay's Ivey
SBJ brings the goods in its latest edition, starting with a bit of news that the Learfield-IMG College deal is undergoing a "second request" as the Department of Justice asks for more information. Also of note in relation to Learfield, COO Jenkins is set to exit to become CEO of Patron, a provider of technology solutions for arts & culture organizations & is primarily owned by Providence Equity Partners. (link); SBJ's Smith & Ourand team up to pen on ESPN's presence & commitment to the CFP National Championship as interim boss Bodenheimer was in awe of the spectacle, "This is our Super Bowl. This is as big as anything we do." SVP of Event & Studio Production Druley on the Megacast: "This is the biggest day of production for our company." (link); ESPN EVP of Programming & Scheduling Magnus says the Worldwide Leader is committed to keeping as much college content in its grips & positions the new ESPN Plus OTT play, along with some linear slots, as an attractive option for 'Group of 5' & mid-major leagues. Magnus: "There’s a lot of college content that could be produced, packaged and presented in a much better way. Most of it is not aggregated and not branded. […] Conferences still crave the reach on over-the-air or widely distributed channels, but the flip side is that they crave a comprehensive offering for fans and families." (link); An interesting nugget on former/outgoing ADs Jacobs (Auburn), Long (Arkansas) & Currie (Tennessee), "One said he’s eager to jump back into another AD job, while another is contemplating six months or a year off." (link)
Georgia Tech's new deal with Adidas is worth an average of $3.11M annually in cash & product over the next six years. Broken-out, the cash portion will average $200K, with gear sitting at $2.91M. All told, the agreements terms for the 2018-19 competition seasons is 31st largest among 'Power 5' schools, per the Center for Research Intercollegiate Athletics (CRIA) at North Carolina. There's a "look in" provision after three years & major cash enhancements revolve around league & national championships. CRIA's Jensen: "I don’t know that I’ve looked at every single contract, but I’ve never seen a bonus structure that is structured like this. It’s not just about a bonus, but the actual cash outlay. In a way, they’re kind of betting on themselves and they’ve definitely provided an opportunity for themselves to significantly change the structure of the contract if they outperform it." Yellow Jackets AD Stansbury points to the never ending drive for more cash, but notes "the market was a little bit soft." More. (link)
The Big 12 fined Texas Tech $25K for the court-storming after last weekend's MBB victory over West Virginia. Mountaineers student-athlete Harris was also reprimanded for striking a fan during the melee. Red Raiders AD Hocutt: "We admittedly did fail to meet our expectations Saturday in efforts to secure the floor and allow West Virginia to exit without incident. We have the utmost confidence in our gameday operations staff, including police and security, to provide a safe environment for everyone at the United Supermarkets Arena. We have a plan to ensure the safety of the teams, officials and fans. This plan has been executed many times in the past without any incidents. We will make the necessary adjustments to continue to ensure that all in attendance have an excellent experience at all of our events." (link)
New UTEP AD Senter's base pay with the Miners will be $300K, a figure that is up from former longtime boss Stull's $264K. On the gridiron, new FB HC Dimel will receive $700K as a base salary, up from former HC Kugler's $515K. MBB interim HC Johnson getting a pro rated $217K, which is a $19K increase from his AC pay rate. All data comes from KVIA after an open records request. (link)
Southern Illinois MBB Hinson is always game for a good one-liner & he doesn't disappoint on the potential for student-athletes to transfer without sitting out, "If the media doesn't take hold of this right now, you can shut mid-major basketball, and low-major basketball down. It's over." Hinson's comments came in response that the NCAA may eliminate the one year in residence stipulation if the exiting student-athlete meets an academic performance threshold. (link)
Yahoo's Forde frames the heart-pounding game-winners by Alabama & the Minnesota Vikings as "two epic plays explain why football is still king." Forde's thesis: "Despite the fearsome physical toll the sport exacts upon its participants, the games are just too good to let us quit. Despite the political rhetoric that has attached itself to the NFL and the division over the unpaid labor in college, the competition is too captivating. Despite the incessant complaints about officiating and the tedious replay reviews and the confusion over what the hell is a catch, the highs are too exhilarating. Despite the corporate avarice sluicing it all, the on-field product is too emotionally powerful. Give us the great athletes. Give us the great plays. Give us the great games. It’s enough to overcome the savage imperfections." (link)
In December, despite a slew of negative headlines and lawsuits against the company, Apple won the CMO Survey Award for Marketing Excellence for the 10th consecutive year and a trio of Forbes contributors contend that "Apple is one of the greatest marketers of all time." The reasons (and potential pitfalls for each): 1. Create an Experience Ecosystem (pitfall: you have to take full ownership of every experience in the ecosystem); 2. Foster a Community of Evangelists (pitfall: must take that community seriously, listen and act to keep the group as allies); 3. Organize Sales and Marketing by Customer, not Product (pitfall: don't let sales and marketing teams split into "warring silos"); 4. Control Pricing (pitfall: pricing control is a double-edged sword); and 5. Use Customer-based Metrics (pitfall: Since 2007 Apple has used Net Promotor Score (NPS) but managing the metric can be tricky). (link)
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Between the Super Bowl from Minneapolis & the Winter Olympics from South Korea, you're going to watch a ton of NBC in the month of February. From an ad sales standpoint, the broadcaster is set to rake in over $1.4B in revenue, which includes a Super Bowl per-thirty-second spot rate of $5M+. Toyota will be back in a big way with two 60s, Lexus is running an ad for the second straight year, Hyundai & Kia have also made buys. Toyota will also have a large presence around Olympics programming. NBC Sports EVP of Advertising Sales Lovinger: "There just aren't a lot of places you can find big ratings in a live environment, so advertisers do clamor to those types of opportunities." (link, link)
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Villanova AD Jackson digs in on the 'Four F's Of Leadership': Family, Faith, Friendships & having Fun. Jackson: "We work in a selfish business - meaning it takes all of our time, and with the hours we spend working, you can easily lose sight of what is important in life. […] As you come up in your career, take some time to do some self discovery, figure out your philosophy, and define who you are. […] When I’m looking to hire, I look for someone who knows who they are and where they’re going. […] I want my staff to compete with me until the very moment the decision is made. And once the decision is made, we’re all in this together." More. (link)
San Jose State boss Tuite is headed to the NCAA Convention in Indianapolis this week, partially to lead a group of Washington Intercollegiate Athletic Leadership master's degree students as part of her faculty role with UW. Tuite: "First to my core, I'm a teacher. I'm an educator and I've taught my whole life. I actually benefit more than perhaps the students do, because I have a theory if you stop learning, you stop leading." Two former students from the program are now on Tuite's staff with the Spartans & Tuite sees her teaching role as an avenue to develop relationships with excelling young talent, "I'm looking for the best and the brightest. Through this program, I have the opportunity to interact with young people that can and will have an impact on our profession." (link)
After his WBB squad fell to Missouri last week, South Carolina AD Tanner supported HC Staley in voicing frustrations with the officiating to the SEC: "I had conversations with the league office soon (after the game) and discussed some things about what transpired in the game, and you heard what Coach Staley had to say publicly. I got a chance to visit with our commissioner as well. So I’ll leave it at that." Staley was ejected from the game and Gamecocks star forward Wilson fouled out. Two of the officials from last year's narrow loss to the Tigers were again assigned to the matchup, which was a particular sticking point for Staley. The SEC responded to Staley's concerns, but that response is not public. (link)
Purdue drops FB per-game ticket prices for nearly 30% of Ross-Ade Stadium and most seats won't increase in price at all. An additional 800 seats have been set aside for students after a sharp uptick in their attendance this season. Overall attendance up more than 13K/game to an average of 47,884. AD Bobinski: "Our goal is to sell out Ross-Ade seven times in 2018. After a thorough review of our seating and pricing structure, we believe we have identified attractive options for all of our fans that also will enable us to maximize attendance and revenue." Season tickets go on sale today, with home games against Iowa, Northwestern, Wisconsin, Ohio State, Missouri, Boston College and Eastern Michigan. (link)
Media exposure for the Wyoming FB team topped $46M according to research by Joyce Julius & Associates. Pokes AD Burman: "This is about more than just the athletics department of the university brand, this is about the state of Wyoming's brand and trying to measure our value within that brand." Nearly 21 hours of on-screen exposure through FB games, 32K+ combined media mentions and 1.2B impressions over all media platforms during the season. Also mentioned from the study was $13.6M in value from the national TV games, as well as nearly $2M in TV news coverage, $7.5M in print media and just shy of $23M in internet news coverage. (link)
More HC Notes: The Pac-12 Hotline's Wilner points out Arizona's hire of new FB HC Sumlin gives the Pac-12 three African-American HCs. "Admittedly, 25 percent isn’t ideal, but it’s a commendable percentage relative to the lack of diversity in the other Power Five conferences." ACC (2 of 14), Big 12 (0 of 10), Big Ten (2 of 14) & SEC (1 of 14). (link); Here's the ad the Wildcats took out in the Arizona Daily Star to welcome Sumlin & push season tix sales. (link); Miami (FL) brass will hire a new Women's Soccer HC after parting ways with five-year leader Monroe. (link); Southern Miss Men's Golf HC Weeks announces he'll retire after the spring season. Weeks has served as HC for the Golden Eagles for the last 12 years. (link)
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Former Phoenix Suns social media staffer Esposito pens on what Facebook's news feed changes could mean for sports brands. Esposito's position: "The constant game of chess with Facebook’s, and now Instagram’s, algorithm will soon go from regular to three-dimensional. The size of your likes will matter even less than before and it will increasingly be about how well you can engage the small audience you will reach. [...] The key to success will be being creative and dedicated enough to tap into that passion on a consistent basis." A bit more. (link)
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VALPO magazine explores Valparaiso’s move to the MVC and takes a look back at the Crusaders’ decade in the Horizon League. AD LaBarbera: "The move to the Missouri Valley Conference represents the continued growth of Valpo Athletics. This exemplifies the University’s commitment to having a high-quality athletic department from the top down. We’ve had the support from the University at the highest levels, and we’ve used that do to everything we can to improve each year." LaBarbera on the opportunity to renew old rivalries from past conference affiliations, "One of the things that makes college sports special is the history and rivalries. When you have the opportunity to nurture that, you do it. To be able to go back to some important aspects of our heritage and tradition is special. This will help connect our fan base from one generation to the next." Ultimately, LaBarbera says the transition will help Valpo achieve its goal of being "one of the top mid-major athletic programs in the country." (link)
How might the new tax regulations impact athletic departments in the Beehive State? BYU Asst. to the Prez for Communications Jenkins: "We are monitoring how this will impact BYU in the future just as other universities are doing so around the country. We believe, however, that our fan base is incredibly loyal and will continue to support BYU." Utah Senior Assoc. AD for Communications Abel: "(We're) still researching the implications of the new tax act and do not want to speak prematurely until we have more information. As soon as we have a good understanding of how it impacts our donors, we will certainly communicate it." Here's a very interesting possibility coming from California state government, "The state legislation would create a state-run nonprofit, the California Excellence Fund, to accept donations to fund schools, road repairs and everything else in the state budget. The donations would allow residents to reduce their state income tax payments and also receive a federal charitable tax deduction." (link)
Auburn dedicated all above the fold web space to MLK Day content, including a spotlight piece on Senior Assoc. AD Hill, who, as a former Tigers student-athlete knew he'd land on The Plains & now derives value from serving current & past student-athletes. Hill on last year's launch of AU's new AUBURNYOU platform, designed for student-athlete experiential learning & internships: "AUBURNYOU is a one-stop shop, a landing spot, to engage and support our student-athletes: future, present and past. […] We're here to help, both now and 20 years from now." More Hill: "I'm always desiring to push myself. My goal is try to do more. And so I'm always trying to figure out how to go after that next thing. Never being really satisfied. Always trying to figure out what more can I do." (link, link)
A PhD candidate at Iowa developed a mathematical model that predicts with 70% accuracy where a high school FB player will attend college using nothing but basic biographical information and the prospective student-athlete’s Twitter account. Kristina Bigbsy’s analysis found that the likelihood a recruit would commit to a school increased 300% if the recruit tweeted a hashtag about the school. Other findings included the likelihood of committing went up 47% for every coach the prospective student-athlete followed from a given school and when a coach follows a recruit, the chances increases 40%. Bigbsy: "If you really want to see where someone is committing, you shouldn’t overlook [social media] data. ... The most significant actions online are the actions the athlete is doing. Who is he following? What is he tweeting? What hashtags is he using?" Commence with trying to game the system, FB staffs. (link)
Interesting profile of Charlotte Hornets VP of Business Intelligence Zeppenfeld as he continues to push the organization to better collect & leverage customer data. Of particular note, Zeppenfeld points to the challenge of continuing to development young analytical talent & says half of new full-time business intelligence hires have been females. Straightforward four-step process that's key for the Hornets: 1) Leveraging a data warehouse; 2) Normalizing the data; 3) Analyze data to find trends; and 4) Make more informed strategic decisions. Zeppenfeld mentions the use of Tableau to assist in telling the data story to non-statisticians. More. (link)
Also Noticed: Thoughts & prayers with the Colorado family as Women's LAX student-athlete Sarcona passed away in a car crash on Saturday. (link); Ole Miss' $20M Baseball facility improvement project will be mostly done for the start of the season with the remaining punch list completed during the '18 campaign. (link); The Rebels also received a naming rights gift for Vaught-Hemingway Stadium's Gate 4. Such opportunities start at $250K payable over five years. (link); Beer sales for Ohio State during the recently-completed FB season adjusted down to $1.23M. (link); Arkansas Track student-athlete Woodhall becomes the first double-amputee to participate in DI T&F competition. (link); Logos embedded into facemasks as the next uniform innovation? This has to be a joke, no? (link)
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1.Q co-host @TaiMBrown visits with owner, Scott Roussel, at the American Football Coaches Association's 2018 national convention. The man behind the scoop discusses his role in gathering "intel" while keeping sources confidential for over 10 years. Roussel specifically addresses how he has been able to create and maintain an environment for trust and credibility, as well as the truth about Athletic Directors and their relationship with his website. Listen by clicking the link. (link) (length - 11:43)
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