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#10: Embattled Arizona HC Miller didn't coach his squad again Tuesday at practice, but he did meet with university brass & there's an expectation of a decision "sooner rather than later." However, Yahoo's Forde with an interesting shot at ESPN, "There was nothing in the documents we reviewed that implicated Sean Miller." (linklink)
#9: Under Armour boss Plank is selling his Washington D.C. home for $29.5M. (link)
#8: Charlotte brass select Florida Executive Assoc. AD for External Affairs Hill as the new AD for the 49ers in a search aided by Turnkey. Chancellor Dubois points to Hill's deep experience on revenue-generation measures, but also his "dedication to the welfare and personal development of student-athletes." Hill also a personal history in the Carolinas & notes his excitement at getting back to the area, "The campus and facilities are spectacular, but what impresses me most are the people. I can't wait to return to the city that has so many special memories for me and get to work." March 6th presser, March 15th start date. Former Gator HCs Spurrier & Donovan sing the praises of Hill's work in Gainesville. (link)
#7: Duke student-athlete Carter was cleared to play & here's a recounting of how the Blue Devils handled the claims. (link)
#6: USA Today releases its annual MBB salary survey, covering all 'Power 5' programs & those in the NCAA Tourney in at least three of the last five years, as we now have at least 14 HCs at the $3M mark or above, led by Duke's Krzyzewski at $8.982M. Forty-seven at $2M+, 66 at $1M+. Here's the comparison chart. (link); Here's the methodology, which includes a number of key notes on how compensation terms were accounted for. You'll want to read through these. (link); All SEC HCs are at or above $2M. Key note: "The SEC and Big Ten have become the upper class of the college sports economy – a function of the outsized popularity of their football and men’s basketball teams in the South and Midwest." (link); Here's five unique bonuses in contracts (link)
#5: San Diego MBB HC Smith was arrested at the Oakland airport on domestic violence charges stemming from an alleged situation involving a female at the team's hotel in San Francisco. Statement from the university: "We are aware of the report of allegations related to Lamont Smith. We have very few details at the time, but we will be gathering information and will be commencing an investigation into the matter." Smith was reportedly released on a $115K bail. (linklink)
#4: Lots of buzz yesterday around this development as USA Today's Wolken got to it first: All signs point to Florida Atlantic hiring Missouri Deputy AD for External Relations as the new AD in Boca. Wolken's report was later confirmed by publisher DeArmound. Wolken: "White’s imminent hiring as an FBS athletics director continues the lineage of what has become one of the most prominent families in college athletics." (link)
#3: We started separate Google shared sheets for everything that went down last Friday connected to the MBB-FBI saga. This link includes statements from the schools & current/former student-athletes involved. (link); This one includes commentary from leading media members around the nation. (link)
#2: USC Upstate AD Freire & Interim MBB HC Perry both dismissed without cause, though points to allegations of harassment surrounding Freire that Perry had discussed with university leadership. In one claim, Spartans Volleyball HC Calloway says she refused Freire's advances & asked he be kept away from her program. Freire: "All of these allegations are false, and I intend to defend my reputation and my ability to do my job. I believe that now is not the time and, with all due respect, the newspaper is not the place." More. (link)
#1: In case you missed the Breaking News email late last Friday night, here's the latest major developments in the MBB-FBI saga: ESPN's Mark Schlabach indicates sources close to the MBB-FBI situation say Arizona MBB HC Sean Miller is on wiretaps discussing a $100K payment for current Wildcats standout student-athlete Ayton. ASM Sports & runner Christian Dawkins again at the center. (link); Yahoo's Pat Forde & Pete Thamel continue their march, point to email correspondence between Dawkins & coaches or those connected to student-athletes at Eastern Michigan, Oklahoma State, USC, Alabama, Michigan State, Indiana, Arizona, Washington, Kansas, Clemson & others. (link)
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