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Yahoo's Thamel continues to deliver the goods from the Pac-12. This time it's text messages from Washington State FB HC Leach to conference leaders after a no-call targeting situation that involved Cougars quarterback Minshew against USC. Leach to Commish Scott, "Don’t ever waste my time, making me sit through some sanctimonious speech or demonstration on player safety or targeting if you are going to continue to alibi what happened last Friday. The Pac-12 cannot say with any credibility, that they are actually trying to protect student athletes." In another, Leach suggested General Counsel/SVP of Business Affairs Dixon was trying to influence game outcomes, to which Dixon replied, "Mike don’t ever again accuse [me of] of manipulating wins and losses. Please show this text to your AD and have him give me a call." Another from Leach to Scott, "So are you going to get fined 10,000$ (sic) for making those comments? If not, why don’t you just send me the 10,000$ (sic) that you fined me and we will call it even." Scott: "I’m not following you. You may want to speak to your AD, who I spoke to yesterday." More. (link); Arizona State FB DC Gonzales after Thursday night's loss to Stanford, "I'm probably going to get in trouble, but that's as unfair a football game as I've ever been a part of. A couple of those penalties, if they call it both ways, it's fine, but they weren't, and I don't agree with them. They're mugging our guys and they don't call it." (link)
Plaintiffs in the Alston case have put a new alternative injunction on the table for Judge Wilken to consider, though they continue to push for compensation rules set by conference as the "most appropriate relief." The alternative, per USA Today's Berkowitz, "would let NCAA bar cash sums untethered to educational expenses and to cap amts of benefits incidental to participation (i.e., awards for bowl play) -- but still would let conferences decide education-related compensation (a potentially very wide field)." The Plaintiffs also want Wilken to stay away from a specific dollar-amount increase as part of added compensation for student-athletes. (link)
MBB-FBI: Duke HC Krzyzewski comfortable with the eligibility status of Blue Devils freshman Williamson, notes the NCAA thoroughly vetted his entire incoming class. (link); Statement from Kansas Director of Strategic Communications Monaco, who serves as the spokesman for Chancellor Girod, "It was not appropriate for the university to comment while legal proceedings are ongoing." (link); The Athletic's MBB headliner Davis writes on the realities that we're still a long way off from major penalties, if there are any, connected to the most recent developments. Plus, "these allegations will not be easy to prove" and "the (current) players will be long gone." (link)
The Athletic's Vecenie comes with more insights on the G League's $125K "select contracts" for prospective student-athletes that could shake up the college game. Vecenie says half the G League teams don't have an organized weight room or weight training program, not to mention lots of long bus rides & connecting flights. Nevada HC Musselman, who also coached in the NBDL, has a unique perspective, "The college life experience and the academic component will last you a lifetime. There’s no G League dollar amount you can put on that. The G League is both a grind physically and mentally, therefore I think it is in the best interest of the player to get the college experience. The travel, playing against grown men, and it is a five-month league. For a seven month period, what life skills are the players going to learn?" Current Phoenix Suns AC & former Northern Arizona HC Toppert: "Why should we want to develop someone else’s asset for the year? And who knows if you’re going to be able to get the guy? For the team, I just don’t see the incentive to develop a kid, fall in love with him, and then possibly lose him to another team. [...] The reality is, the majority of these guys (who take Select Contracts) are going to go and have growing pains. It’s on a different scale of talent." Vecenie also gets feedback that the best setup for the G League might be to put all those on a select contract on the same team & centralize its operations out of NYC. Lots more. (link)
Idaho State Prez Satterlee says Interim Bengals AD Thiros will be squarely in the mix to take over the role on a permanent basis. Satterlee in an email to campus, "A couple of months ago I think I made a mistake. Before I appointed Pauline Thiros as interim athletic director, she and I had a discussion and came to an understanding that she would be a true interim only. She would neither apply for nor be considered for the athletic director position permanently. However, in making that decision, I did not realize how well she was going to do the job. So, recently, Pauline and I had a discussion and decided that she has done the job in such a fine manner that she deserves a chance to compete for the position permanently. When we announce the opening of a nationwide search, Pauline will be one of the candidates who applies." No further clarity at the moment of when the search will get moving. (link)
The Hartford Courant's Brechlin breaks down details of UConn's new 15-year deal with IMG College that comes with a minimum financial commitment of $93M. Here's the key, "The new deal is set up as a revenue-sharing agreement. In the first three years, UConn will receive 100 percent of revenue made by IMG off UConn. The percentage then decreases to 95 percent for the following two years to 90 percent, then to 85 percent for the three years after and then to 80 percent for the remainder of the contract. So while UConn is guaranteed just over $6 million in each of the first three years even if IMG does not reach that mark, the university has the opportunity (and likely will) to profit beyond that." (link)
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Washington State's Ol' Crimson first appeared behind the ESPN GameDay set on October 4, 2003 in Austin, TX. Former host Fowler is sorry he won't be on hand for the first version from Pullman, "Deep in the heart of SEC country, there was the flag; in Boston, there was the flag. It was so flattering, and there was so much school pride involved. I would always look. One time, I remember not seeing it, and I was like 'Where’s Ol Crimson?' And then all of a sudden, there it was, like it had been saving itself for the real show." Gotta get this email done. GameDay in 30 minutes. (link)
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Kentucky: Wildcats AD Barnhart on the developments from Lower Manhattan, "We’ve got to get it right and we’ve got to make sure we continue to find the pieces to help us heal through this and get through the process. And it’s really important because we all look forward to March and how special it is and that’s a great three or four weeks. I don’t want that to diminish what it is." (link); UK's new $49M baseball digs get a name, 'Kentucky Proud Park,' in a 15-year deal with Kentucky Farm Bureau brokered by JMI. Context: "The 'Kentucky Proud' name is a nod to farmers and the official state marketing program for agricultural products made in the commonwealth." No word on financial details yet. (link); Barnhart thinks a strong friendship & working relationship with FB HC Stoops, along with the support he's offered throughout the program-building process, will help to keep Stoops in Lexington if others come calling. (link)
Another new baseball facility is in the works at Marshall as the Thundering Herd have hired an architect to design the stadium. MU AD Hamrick announced progress to dozens of former baseball student-athletes yesterday & noted, "I know you've heard this before, but you've never heard it from me before." The university recently purchased a parcel of land for the venue for $1.2M & there's a chance it could also play home to a minor league franchise. (link)
More facility news as Butler announces continual upgrading to Hinkle Fieldhouse, this time to the tune of $10.5M, $8M+ of which has already been raised. Renovations to Efroymson Family Gym, where the Bulldogs practice, will give it a new look that will mirror Hinkle's main floor. Air conditioning for concourses & a refreshed Men's Soccer locker room are also part of the project. (link, link); William & Mary gets $2.4M from a group of donors to install a new Field Hockey home that will also benefit Women's LAX. (link)
The Atlantic 10 remains a relevant league in MBB's national framework &'s Parrish takes a look at why. Commish McGlade has told her HCs to take more chances in non-conference scheduling in an effort to try & narrow the gap between high- and mid-major conferences. Davidson HC McKillop points to plans for the 'Power 5' to try to suppress mid-major success, "The Power 5 is trying to protect the Power 5." McGlade: " have to schedule games even if they're games that are completely out of your region. If that's the only high-powered, highly ranked team [you can schedule], you have to take [the game]." St. Louis AD May: "What we have to do is keep scheduling big games. Then we have to go and win them." (link)
Ohio State FB Director of Player Personnel Pantoni referred to as "The Godfather" of the profession and, along with former Alabama recruiting chief & current Jimmy Sexton staffer Marynowitz, the duo are heavily responsible for how such departments operate today. Branches: USF, Purdue, Texas, Rutgers, Virginia Tech, Georgia, Syracuse, Appalachian State. Pantoni: "I usually tell these guys to put in a good two years, and after that, I think they should be prepared to go run their own department." More. (link)
LSU won't just wear purple helmets tonight against Mississippi State since the lids will turn yellow under the glow of the Tiger Stadium lights once darkness hits. Nike thinks it's the first time such a move will actually work (tried it with Oregon before, but the colors didn't really change). $1,500 per gallon for the paint. Gemini Motorsports out of California specializes in the paint change, got the outsourced assignment for the job. (link)
"How to work with people who aren't self aware." From organizational psychologist & best selling author Eurich: What's behind the tension? Where is this person coming from? Helping the unaware, but first, are you the right person to offer feedback? Are you prepared for the worst case scenario? What to do if they don't change? 1) Mindfully reframe their behavior; 2) Find their humanity; and, 3) Play the long game. (link)
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The Davis Enterprise's Gallaudet writes on momentum for UC Davis with Chancellor May "understanding the value of top-tier athletics for a world-class university, the sky’s the limit," Mustangs AD Blue implementing his "Evo" programming to ensure every student-athlete is prepared for life after college athletics & FB HC Hawkins pushing UCD into the FCS Top 10. Gallaudet: "Aggie Athletics have shown a propensity to deliver under Blue. From a complete rehab of La Rue Field for softball to selling beer and upgrading concession offerings at basketball and football games to honoring those who came before (think Club Fred for football and Phil Swimley Field in baseball). […] For UC Davis athletics, it just keeps on coming these days, doesn’t it?" (link)
Western Michigan AD Beauregard & Central Michigan boss Alford none too pleased with their matchup kicking at 3p today at a time when Michigan-Michigan State will likely still be in the fourth quarter. Beauregard: "When you have the two biggest rivalries in the state playing on the same day, it does create a lot of impact, on attendance — not necessarily for them as it does for us — and media attention. It takes the focus off what could be one of our largest games." (link)
Charleston Southern needs better lawyers, according to the Charleston Post & Courier's Sapakoff, who points to what he sees as more egregious situations at North Carolina & around MBB with programs getting off the hook. Former CSU FB HC & current Coastal Carolina OC Chadwell: "I’m going to finish our season here first, then I’ll have something to comment on." Current Bucs quarterback Copeland: "Before you jump to conclusions I really wish people knew the whole story." (link)
The Big East is going all in on a full ESL season with competition beginning tomorrow. ESL Global Chief Strategy Officer Levine: "ESL and the BIG EAST are working together with the universities and students to weave esports into the fabric of campus life through competition, research and curriculum. We anticipate that BIG EAST Esports will help lay the structural foundation for the future of player and fan ecosystems in the U.S." This fall's focus is Rocket League with another TBD for the spring. (link)
Harvard rolls-out 23 initiatives for student-athletes as part of its 'Crimson360' programming. Included are workshops for team captains, alcohol communication, education skills sessions, sexual assault prevention & more. (link); Stony Brook gets certified as 'sensory inclusive,' will offer a sensory bag for fans who may be uncomfortable around a packed arena, loud music & cheering, etc. "Sensory bags, equipped with noise canceling headphones, fidget tools, verbal cue cards and weighted lap pads will also be available to all guests at the venue who may feel overwhelmed by the environment." Eighty staffers went through training, KultureCity is the partner. (link)
Also Noticed: Ole Miss AD Bjork hires Memphis Assoc. AD for Academic Services Baker as Senior Assoc. AD for Student-Athlete Development in Oxford. (link); Boise State FB HC Harsin with a contract, max bonuses per season goes from $475K to $1.185M. Also, an increase in buyout he would owe if he leaves: $500K if he leaves before Jan. 10, 2019, drops to $350K the following year, then $250K, $150K, and $100K. (link); College football is on pace for all-time records in scoring (30.646 pts per team), yards per pass attempt (7.488), yards per play (5.8336) and touchdowns per team (3.927). Within .000182 of a percentage point for completion percentage. (link); Beer sales at Boone Pickens Stadium are on par with Oklahoma State's expectations: 10,500-14,500 beers sold per game. (link); Iowa State was denied its appeal of the Big 12's ruling that post-game security measures did not provide a safe environment following the Cyclones upset of West Virginia. AD Pollard still confident the situation was handled properly. (link); Indiana permanently dismisses FB student-athlete Ellison from the team and issues a 2.5 year suspension from school. (link); A statement from Baylor in response to allegations by former FB recruit Faulk of Title IX violations and breach of contract: "It is important to understand that this court filing represents only one side of the story in an attempt to generate sensational, factually baseless headlines. Baylor contends that the plaintiff’s claims as filed today are without merit, and we look forward to a vigorous defense against these unfounded allegations." (link); YouTube TV offers a week of free service to subscribers after the 40-minute outage last week. (link); NJIT will join the Northeast Conference as an associate member for men's lacrosse starting in 2020. (link); Longtime professor and industry expert Sutton will retire from USF as the director of the Vinik Sport & Entertainment Management Program at the end of the school year. (link) powered by Turnkey Search
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(NEW!) Associate Athletic Director for Student-Athlete Health & Performance (University of Louisville Athletic Association / Louisville, KY): The Assoc. AD for Student-Athlete Health & Performance is responsible for the overall leadership and direction of the mental and physical well-being of the University of Louisville student-athletes. More details HERE.

(NEW!) Assistant Athletics Director, Technical Operations (Stanford Athletics / Stanford, CA): Stanford University seeks applicants for the position of Assistant Athletics Director Technical Operations. This position will report to the Senior Associate Athletics Director for Facilities, Operations and Events. More details HERE.

(NEW!) Social Media Coordinator (University of New Mexico / Albuquerque ,NM): UNM Athletics Marketing department is seeking a Social Media Coordinator. This role will manage the UNM Athletics department's social media presence and engagement on various platforms. More details HERE.

(NEW!) Assistant Director-Athletics Community & Character Development (Texas Tech University / Lubbock, TX): Responsible for community engagement and life skills/character development; including team and individual community outreach and diversity, inclusion, and equity programming. More details HERE.

Athletic Promotions and In-Game Events Coordinator (University of Colorado Boulder / Boulder, CO): Develop and execute comprehensive marketing plans for volleyball, women's basketball, and lacrosse, as well as enhance the in-game experience and atmosphere at all CU athletics events. More details HERE.

Director of Student-Athlete Development (Mississippi State University / Starkville, MS): Responsible for the planning and execution of required Life Skills seminars, career development, special projects, as well as developing new programming for all student-athletes. More details HERE.

Senior Associate Athletic Director for External Relations (California State University, Fresno / Fresno, CA): Senior Assoc. A.D. for External Relations is responsible for assuring an effective approach to advancing the image & notoriety of Fresno State Athletics. Apply at: More details HERE.

Associate Athletic Director, CFO (Boise State University / Boise, ID): Boise State Athletics seeks an Associate AD, CFO to administer, organize and supervise the financial and accounting systems for the budget and reporting functions of the Athletic Department. More details HERE.

Accountant - Athletics (Vanderbilt University / Nashville, TN): Responsible for all aspects of Student Athlete Scholarships plus Comdata student debit cards and other duties as assigned. Also serves as primary contact for assigned financial unit. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Facilities and Event Management (University of North Carolina Wilmington / Wilmington, NC): Coordinate the day-to-day functions of assigned sports programs, plan and organize activities, communicate program policy and procedures, establish and maintain positive working relationships. More details HERE.

Athletic Academic Advisor - Football (James Madison University / Harrisonburg, VA): Assist the Associate AD for Student-Athlete Services in the organization, coordination and implementation of academic support services for student-athletes. More details HERE.

Development Coordinator (San Diego State University / San Diego, CA): Clerical/administrative support & project coordination; donor prospect research/identification, coordinate/disseminate communications; prepare documents/ presentations & maintain database/files. More details HERE.

Development Assistant (University of Oregon / Eugene, OR): Support the execution of emerging annual giving campaigns and annual giving stewardship. This position will support fundraising efforts, including: direct mail, email, telefund, crowdfunding, etc. More details HERE.

Assistant/Associate Director of Athletics for Compliance and Student Services (Fairfield University / Fairfield, CT): Responsible for overseeing the day-to-day administration and operation of a comprehensive compliance and rules education program for 20 varsity sports and 450 student athletes. More details HERE.

Assistant Coach 1 - Strength & Conditioning (Middle Tennessee State University / Murfreesboro, TN): Assist the Assistant Athletic Director for Strength & Conditioning and the Head Football Strength & Conditioning Coach with general oversight of the Strength and Conditioning Program. More details HERE.

(UPDATED TITLE!) Assistant Athletic Director Marketing and Promotions (Florida Atlantic University / Boca Raton, FL): Reports to Senior Associate AD for External Relations. The position will develop & execute annual marketing plans, create & implement marketing strategies, develop event scripts. More details HERE.

Assistant Ticket Director, Job #443336 (Ohio State University / Columbus, OH): Manages ticket operations for selected events including programming, invoicing, allocation, distribution, season database maintenance and assisting customers with inquiries and ticket purchases. More details HERE.

Assistant Ticket Manager - Sales (Brown University / Providence, RI): This position will provide support to the Assistant Director of Athletics – Marketing & Ticketing, specifically in the area of Ticket Sales. Ticket Supervisor for select paid athletic events. More details HERE.

Assistant Coordinator (Athletics) (Mississippi State University / Starkville, MS): Provides customer service to Bulldog Club members & season ticket holders on a daily basis; makes in person contact with potential donors for the purpose of giving financial support to MS State Ath. More details HERE.

Learning Specialist/Academic Advisor (Washington State University / Pullman, WA): WSUAthletics is accepting applications for the position of Learning Specialist/Academic Advisor. Applications are accepted through October 21, 2018. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletics Director (Kansas Athletics, Inc. / Lawrence, KS): The Assistant Athletics Director assists with fundraising efforts, serves as Sports Administrator for Track & Field and Cross Country, and chairs a diversity recruitment committee. More details HERE.

Director of Photography (University of Minnesota / Minneapolis, MN): Direct all facets of photography for 25-sport Intercollegiate Athletics Department. Serve as the primary photographer for the athletics department including all studio, specialty, event and live games. More details HERE.

Assistant Coach, Strength & Conditioning (University of North Carolina Wilmington / Wilmington, NC): Under the direction of the Head Coach, Strength & Conditioning, the Assistant Coach, Strength & Conditioning, will develop and manage effective individual and group strength/conditioning programs for. More details HERE.

Associate Director/Director of Licensing (University of Arkansas / Fayetteville, AR "Best Place to Live in the SEC"): Looking for a revenue-generation focused creative to join the Razorback team. This individual will manage our licensing program and help shape one of the most unique brands in sports. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of the Phoenix Club, Special Events and Hospitality (Elon University / Elon, NC): The Assistant Director of the Phoenix Club, Special Events and Hospitality is responsible for building relationships with alumni and friends of Elon University. More details HERE.

Website/Digital Specialist (Ohio State University / Columbus, OH): The Website/Digital Specialist is responsible for the daily maintenance and updating of, the official website for the Department of Athletics. Job #443337 More details HERE.

Deputy Director of Athletics (Virginia Commonwealth University / Richmond, VA): Oversight and leadership of maximizing all revenues and awareness of the formal strategic objectives of the athletic department and provides leadership of the daily operations of the department. More details HERE.

Director, Video Content (University of Miami / Coral Gables, FL): Miami is seeking a dynamic, energetic and creative visual storyteller to help direct video content for one of the most iconic brands in collegiate athletics, with a special emphasis on UM Football. More details HERE.

Associate Director of Promotions (UGA Athletic Association / Athens, GA): Directly responsible for development and coordination of promotional plans, emphasizing awareness, attendance and event atmosphere for softball and men’s basketball. More details HERE.

Head Women’s Volleyball Coach (Old Dominion University / Norfolk, VA): The Head Women's Volleyball Coach position is primarily responsible for the management of the women’s volleyball program and instruction and counseling of student-athletes in the program. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director, Communications (Florida Gulf Coast University / Fort Meyers, FL): The Assistant Athletics Director, Communications oversees all media relations and social media platforms for FGCU’s NCAA Division I programs. Please visit More details HERE.

Assistant Director, Development (Stanford University / Stanford, CA): This position will serve as a field fundraiser for the Buck/Cardinal Club and manage the priority seating program. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Development/Annual Fund (Ole Miss Athletics Foundation / Oxford, MS): This position is a member of the Ole Miss Athletics Foundation staff charged with the identification, solicitation and raising of annual fund gifts to support Ole Miss Athletics. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director for Athletics Business Operations (California State University, Fresno / Fresno, CA): Assistant Athletics Director is responsible for daily management & oversight of accounting & budgetary transactions for CSU, Fresno Athletics Corp. To apply: More details HERE.

Senior Associate Athletic Director (AD) for Compliance (Florida Atlantic University / Boca Raton, FL): Under the direction of the Chief Compliance Office, the Senior Assoc. Athletic Director will be responsible for leading, planning, and organizing all phases of a Division I NCAA compliance program. More details HERE.

Director of Development (Texas State University / San Marcos, TX): Responsible for the daily operations of the Bobcat Club annual fund, executing solicitations and stewardship, maintaining accurate records/reporting and special events, including Bobcat Bonanza. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Ticketing Services (Kansas State University / Manhattan, KS): Point-of-contact for w-volleyball & baseball ticketing responsibilities; hire/train/manage student staff; dev/manage customer service program; liaison to Ahearn Fund for premium seating & parking. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Compliance (Purdue University / West Lafayette, IN): Monitor and educate our staff on the NCAA, Big Ten and Purdue University rules and policies. Provide research and recommendations with educational outreach regarding NCAA or Big Ten rules. More details HERE.

Associate Athletics Director for Finance & Business Ops/Director of Finance (Seattle University / Seattle, WA): Seattle University is hiring an Associate Athletics Director for Finance & Business Ops/Director of Finance. This role will oversee all financial and administration operations in Athletics. More details HERE.

Director of Content Strategy & Innovation (Purdue University / West Lafayette, IN): Member of Creative Services team that focuses on developing and implementing a comprehensive social media strategy that supports the values, mission and brand of the Purdue University Athletics Dept. More details HERE.

Assistant-Associate Director, Army A Club (Army West Point Athletics / West Point, NY): The West Point Association of Graduates (WPAOG) is dedicated to furthering the ideals and promoting the welfare of the United States Military Academy (USMA), and to supporting and serving its graduate. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Communications/Creative & Emerging Media (Ball State University / Muncie, IN): Ball State University Intercollegiate Athletics invites applicants for an Assistant Director of Communications/Creative and Emerging Media. More details HERE.

Director of Athletics Communications and Creative Services (Elon University / Elon, NC): Elon University invites applications for the Director of Athletics Communications and Creative Services role.The successful candidate will hold a bachelor’s degree and 4 years related experience. More details HERE.

Coordinator, Development Operations and Benefits Fulfillment (University of Arizona / Tucson, AZ): This position will manage internal development operations for the Arizona Wildcat Club, including parking, benefits fulfillment, database management & analytics in support of the Athletics department. More details HERE.

Assistant Director-Athletics Premium Seating (University of Iowa / Iowa City, IA): Assist with managing premium seat allocations and customer service issues while providing elite level services for game day patrons. More details HERE.

Assistant Director, Human Resources (Stanford University / Stanford, CA): Stanford's Department of Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation seeks a highly-motivated, energetic and team-orientated individual with strong communication skills to fill the role of Assistant Director, Human Resources. More details HERE.

Athletic Director (University of Missouri-Kansas City / Kansas City, MO): The University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) seeks a visionary leader who is innovative, engaged and experienced to direct their NCAA Division 1 athletic department. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance (University at Albany / Albany, NY): Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:manage and monitor all aspects of Bylaw 13, 14, 15 and 17; coordinate and create rules education initiatives for athletics department staff, coaches... More details HERE.

Director, Ticket Sales (University of Arizona / Tucson, AZ): This position will develop and implement ticket sales strategies and best practices for individuals and businesses through comprehensive sales campaigns. More details HERE.

Director, Compliance for Financial Aid (University of Arizona / Tucson, AZ): Responsible for all activities associated with Bylaw 15 to meet NCAA/Pac-12/institutional guidelines. Directs Athletics financial aid awards, the NLI program and institutional/federal aid eligibility. More details HERE.

Director of Advancement for Athletics (George Mason University / Fairfax, VA): George Mason University is seeking a Director of Advancement for Athletics. This position plans and manages all development-focused programs More details HERE.

Assistant Director- Athletic Compliance Office (University of Minnesota / Minneapolis, MN): Responsible for all compliance tasks for their assigned sports including interps, waivers and violations. Will serve as point of contact for the respective coaches and student-athletes. Job ID:326723 More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director of Human Resources (University of Wisconsin - Madison / Madison, WI): This position is a strategic, operational and a leadership position that is responsible for leading a team in executing a broad range of human resource management functions. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of the Phoenix Club (Elon University / Elon, NC): The Assistant Director of the Phoenix Club will create and manage multi-channel communications for the Phoenix Club including solicitations, events, and special projects. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletics Director, Engagement (Stanford University / Stanford, CA): This position will manage the athletics development engagement team and lead the strategy for the communications, events, and stewardship in support of the department’s fundraising goals. More details HERE.

Athletic Communications Director (University of Missouri-Kansas City / Kansas City, MO): The primary function of this position is to research, develop, design, and execute complex and strategic communications, educational and/or media projects for UMKC Athletics Department. More details HERE.

Associate Athletics Director of Compliance (Colgate University / Hamilton, NY): Colgate University Associate Athletics Director for Compliance serves on the VP/Director of Athletics leadership team with primary oversight of compliance, academics, and student-athlete development. More details HERE.

Staff Psychologist (Purdue University / West Lafayette, IN): The Staff Psychologist will provide assessment, diagnosis, treatment planning, psychotherapy, and other mental health services to student-athletes. More details HERE.

Director of Media Relations (Ohio University / Athens, OH): Responsible for arranging and coordinating media coverage for assigned varsity sports (women’s volleyball, men’s basketball, and baseball). More details HERE.
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