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New Mexico: Lobos administrators will present to the Board of Regents today with a proposal to cut Men's Soccer, Men's and Women's Skiing and Women's Beach Volleyball. Combined these sports have 66 student-athletes and none of the four compete in the Mountain West. Also, the rosters for Men's XC/T&F and Women's Swimming & Diving will be "significantly tweaked." AD Nuñez emphasizes the school will "work with every one of these student athletes to help them in whatever avenue they choose." (link); Nuñez pens a letter to all Lobos student-athletes, in part, "My team and I spent months collecting data, analyzing options and engaging with campus and community leaders on potential solutions that would not involve discontinuing any sports.  The recommendations in this plan took into consideration the athletics department’s significant financial challenges, the requirement to comply with federal Title IX laws regarding gender equity, and our desire to become more aligned with the Mountain West Conference." UNM will honor current scholarships through graduation and will allow, pending NCAA rules, immediate eligibility if someone transfers. (link); Full analytics and review of the process here. (link)
ACC Media Days:
+ Commish Swofford indicates there's serious discussion about starting the 2019-20 MBB slate with a run of conference games, which could be an "exciting" way to launch the new ACC Network linear play. Swoffod: "If we could arrange it where almost every school played, that would be a heck of a way to start the basketball season. It would have a tremendous pop to it." Swofford points directly to the linear network as a way to close the revenue gap with other 'Power 5' leagues, though he also puts the onus on member institutions to produce more from ticket sales, donations & other revenue streams, "Conference distributions are important, there’s no question about that, but that’s not the end-all, be-all." (link)
+ North Carolina FB HC Fedora leaped into the headlines early yesterday with comments connected to the potential downfall of our nation if the importance of FB declines & being unsure about FB causing CTE. Later in the day Fedora tried to walk his comments back. (link, link); Tar Heels AD Cunningham says he was "surprised" at Fedora's remarks. (link); UNC Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences & founding director of the Matthew Gfeller Sport-Related Traumatic Brain Injury Research Center Guskiewicz says he's never met a coach more concerned about the health & safety of his student-athletes than Fedora. Further, thinks Fedora was trying to make the point that there are still a lot of unknowns around CTE. (link); UNC also in the news for FB student-athletes who sold team gear, which qualifies as a secondary violation. (link)
+ More from Swofford: Thinks all of the Rice Commission recommendations will go into action. (link); While he might not understand all the lingo or the optics of sports gambling, Swofford notes the importance of appropriately policing the situation. (link); Finally, Swofford called the lawsuit by former Louisville MBB student-athletes against the NCAA "interesting [...] I've never seen that before, so it is certainly creative. And I do understand players that had nothing to do with the problem being negatively impacted by association. I get that. I don't know if the lawsuit is the solution to that." (link)
+ Here's the new ACC Network logo. (link)
SEC Media Days:
+ Yahoo's Forde argues Alabama has figured out the scheduling game. Latest thoughts from Saban on the topic, "Neutral-site games really launched our program in Alabama when we first came there years ago. But I think philosophically we’re sort of changing our thoughts on that and our future scheduling and trying to get more home-and-homes, which leads me to talk about what we need to do scheduling-wise. I’ve always been an advocate of playing all Power Five schools. I think we need to get – have more really, really good games on TV for the players. We can’t have fans who pay a lot of money for tickets and boxes and loges who support our programs to pay for games that no one is interested in watching." Saban also says he's in favor of nine league games. (link); On the same tip, sounds like LSU has been trying to land deals with Clemson & Florida State for gridiron matchups. (link)
+ Former Georgia standout Murray said earlier in the week he didn't think new Tennessee HC Pruitt would be successful given how he treated players in Athens. Pruitt's response, "Fifteen years ago I was a kindergarten teacher and now I'm the head coach at Tennessee. You probably don't make that ascension without knowing how to treat people." (link)
+ The Athletic's Sammon was at the side of new Mississippi State HC Moorhead during his first trip to Media Days. Covers the event for Moorhead from the night before, through the full day in the spotlight. (link)
New permanent Michigan State AD Beekman's deal is worth $750K annually with another $100K possible via incentives tied to compliance, academic & revenue goals. Beekman previously made $258K in his role as the university's VP & Secretary. Another point of comparison: Former Spartans AD Hollis received a base of $759K in his final year, plus $220K in supplemental compensation & $50K in bonuses. Notable from Interim Prez Engler during Beekman's presser earlier in the week, "We ended up not needing to do a national search." (link, link)
USA Today's Berkowitz sources 2016 calendar year pay at Northwestern. Wildcats AD Phillips earned $1.8M in total ($900K base, $700K loan balance, $230K bonus, $210K in deferred comp). FB boss Fitzgerald credit with $3.6M, including a base of $3.04M & bonuses of $307K. (link)
College Football Playoff Executive Director Hancock played his record on repeat again, "There is no talk about expansion among the university presidents and the commissioners. They are quite happy with the four-team playoff." More: "The CFP works. It works well. (Limiting it to) four teams keeps the focus on this wonderful regular season, the most meaningful and compelling in all of sports. Four lets us keep the bowl experience for thousands of student-athletes. Four keeps college football within the framework of higher education. [...] It has been a very good game, good year, good four years, for this game that we love so much." (link)
UCF stacked up $13.4M in cash & gifts during 2017-18, which was a record for the Knights. More specifically, it's $2.5M more than the 2016-17 haul & up like a hockey stick from 2011-12's $5.2M. AD White: "With our goal of providing our student-athletes with a championship-level experience, we need to provide championship-level resources. The re-branding of our development department (UCF Athletics Championship Resources) more closely aligns us with our mission, vision and goals from our Strategic Plan, while also clearly defining what that unit's goal is. That group has done an outstanding job of developing relationships with our wonderful donors, alumni, fans and friends." (link)
Louisville AD Tyra says they'll be a time & place to talk to Papa John's founder & former CEO Schnatter about how to work through his FB stadium naming rights that technically run through 2040. Tyra: "My read on it is he’s got the rights. […] At some point, we’ll have a conversation. I don’t expect it to be an acrimonious one. But we’ll have a conversation about it." Legal expert Simon doesn't see much value for Schnatter in the current language, though he does note some muddy waters since $14M has already been contributed to U of L for the rights. (link); Charlotte could be another institution where we see a name taken off a FB stadium as the exit of Carolina Panthers founder & former owner Richardson is under review by the university. No timetable for a decision. Richardson still owes $4M of the $10M committed. No morals clause in the contract. (link)
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2021 NCAA WBB Tourney regional sites: Albany, Austin, Cincinnati & Spokane. 2022: Bridgeport, Greensboro, Spokane & Wichita. WBB Committee Chair & Nevada Senior Assoc. AD Lundin Bennett: "The committee is pleased that over the next four years regional championship play will take place in 12 different cities, all with proven championship hosting experience." (link); The Big South Baseball Tournament is headed to Fayetteville, NC for the next three years in the new ballpark for the Houston Astros-affiliated minor league club. (link)
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Former Baylor FB DC Bennett says he "never, never, never" tried to suppress or hide any information related to the sexual assault developments at Baylor. Further, "Never. If I had heard about it, trust me ... no. My integrity, and I could say this when I was 29, my integrity was more important than any job I ever had." Lots here, including Bennett saying former Bears AD McCaw continued to encourage all involved to stick to due process, his belief that former HC Briles deserves to coach again & "If we had had (Title IX coordinator) Patty Crawford (who was hired in November ‘14) in place, this all would have been out of our hands and they would have handled it. Art would have survived. We all would have survived. I go back to Sam’s deal; the sensationalism and the lies that he played. He never played. He never set foot in the weight room or the locker room. I’ve said this from the get-go: This was a systematic problem. Baylor never wanted Title IX in the first place." Calls the Pepper Hamilton interview process "a fraud set-up from the get go." Another: "The thing that bothered me the most was the sensationalism to all of it. The lies. The reports and headlines of ‘52 rapes’ and ‘Rape Culture.’ None of that was true." More in this eye-opening interview from Star-Telegram's Engel. (link); Attorneys representing a Jane Doe defendant are pushing for more information behind the 'Finding of Facts' document released by Baylor in May of 2016 stemming from Pepper Hamilton's work. (link)
Clemson DC Venables gets a contract extension worth $11.6M for five years, the largest known contract for a college FB AC. A $2M annual salary with a $200K annual retention bonus the first two years and a $400K one each of the final three years. LSU DC Aranda will make more annually ($2.5M), but his deal is only four years at $10M. No buyout if Venables gets a HC gig, but he must pay 25% of the remaining total if he takes an AC position elsewhere. (link)
Here's an interesting nugget from The Athletic's Vannini: "Skip Holtz tells me LA Tech probably won't have a 10th assistant this season, due to budgeting. The only FBS program that won't have one. (Air Force has yet to announce a 14th)." (link)
The Athletic's O'Neil "tagged along" with the Villanova MBB staff during Peach Jam to get a better sense of what the Wildcats look for on the recruiting trail. VU ACs Neptune & Halcovage: "We want guys who want to be pushed, who aren’t afraid to work hard, and who recognize they are part of something bigger than themselves." Again, Neptune: "The hardest thing to pick up on is, do they understand how hard they have to work? There’s no way they know what they’re in for. I don’t care how good you were in high school, or how tough you thought your coach was, it’s nothing like what you go through in college. If a guy gets his butt kicked one day, will he come back mentally tough the next day? Or what if he gets his butt kicked for two weeks, which isn’t unusual, will he stay focused or will he get down on himself? That’s stuff you can’t know, and if it goes bad, it can be really bad." More. (link)
More Personnel: Former UConn WBB student-athlete and AC Elliott, who for the past nine years served as WBB HC at Cincinnati, has been named Assoc. AD for the Connecticut's new National "C" Club. (link); Illinois AD Whitman tabs Washington University Assoc. AD for Varsity Programs/SWA Burton as his new Sr. Assoc. AD for Sports Administration in Champaign. (link); Georgia Asst. AD for Fundraising Beck heads to Auburn as Assoc. AD for External. (link); Michigan and MBB HC Beilein officially sign his new deal: five-year extension with an annual rollover, no financials disclosed. (link); Georgia MBB HC Crean's deal is for $3.2M annually, including a $400K base, $2.8M in "supplemental compensation" and has $450K in bonus opportunities. ACs combine for $855K in salary. $50K for SEC regular season title, $25K for the tourney crown or league COY honors, national COY award garners $50K, academic bonus potential of $50K, $25K for reaching NCAA Tourney, $50K for Sweet 16, $125K for Final Four and $250K for winning it all. Buyout terms also detailed here. (link); Four Kentucky HCs ink new deals in Rifling's Mullins (through 2021-22), and through 2022-23 for Volleyball's Skinner, Softball's Lawson and Swimming & Diving's Jorgensen. (link); Tennessee Rowing HC Glenn extended through June 2021. (link); UC Davis has its first Women's Equestrian HC in former Texas A&M AC Weisinger. (link); Colorado Prez Benson will retire a year from now. (link); Awful Announcing reports that Jonathan Vilma will replace Booger McFarland in ABC's college football studio coverage. (link); Discovery Communications CEO Zaslav gets a pay bump and an extension through 2023. $3M base salary remains the same, but target bonus goes from $9M to $22M. (link)
More on the situation with Ohio Representative/former Ohio State Wrestling AC Jordan and his involvement in the lawsuit filed this week by five former Buckeyes wrestling student-athletes against the school for failure to protect them from former team physician Strauss. One of their lawyers: "Anyone who would have been in the chain of command, [or an authority figure in the university’s athletic program is] certainly someone we’ll be interested in deposing." Another attorney indicates his focus is more on the university's failure to protect its students, but "we'll find out who knew what." (link)
Remove "just" from your vocabulary. That's according to Toronto-based leadership communications firm founder Humphrey. Examples: "That's just my opinion," carries dead weight. "If I could just add something," makes it seem like you're simply riding on someone else's ideas. "I just mean," in a debate setting "can make you sound weak and defensive." "I'm just the..." downplays your importance in a decision or process. Humphrey: " tuning into how you use that word and eliminating it from the phrases that lesson your credibility, confidence, and impact, you’ll begin coming across as the strong, confident leader you probably already are." (link)
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South Dakota AD Herbster unveils a new strategic plan in Vermillion that "redefines and prioritizes goals to achieve its vision and mission," dubbed "We Are South Dakota." USD consulted with CarrSports and several key groups on campus to identify seven themes: Academic Success & Student-Athlete Development, Student-Athlete Well-Being & Performance, Championship Culture, Inclusion, Equity & Respect, Financial Resources, Athletic Facilities, and Collaboration. Herbster, in light of the three national championships, WNIT championship and 22 Summit League titles in the Coyote's first decade in Division I: "These extraordinary achievements have only heightened our expectations. From new facilities to cost-of-attendance measures to establishing a new program, this era has been defined by our enhanced commitment to the well-being and academic achievement of student-athletes. It is our responsibility to maintain this momentum and the plan is in place to do just that." (article - link; full plan - link)
Cincinnati AD Bohn took the media on a tour of Fifth Third Arena where renovations are nearing completion on time and on budget. Bohn: "We're thrilled with the progress of the arena. ... From Day 1, the vision on this arena was to make the fan experience a premier experience. ... We're going to have a lot of opportunities to inform our fans, entertain our fans and salute our fans, and obviously provide a great stage for our team to be able to perform." The wood floor is down and the video boards and center-hung will be installed in the coming weeks. New capacity will be 12,012, down from 13,176. (link); Air Force will renovate Falcon Stadium in a four-phase process. The first and already completed phase brought two new scoreboards, new ribbon boards and a new sound system and Blue and Silver Club renovations. Phase two will break ground following this FB season, includes a visiting locker room update, home locker room renovation and expansion, and foundation & structural support for the eventual North End Complex, which comes in phase 4. Phase 3 will address the East Side Complex with a new entrance, premium seating and amenities, an apparel store and ticket office and the Class of '66 Memorial Fence. Falcons AD Block provides more context in her 'AD Corner' video. (link)
Watch: LEAD1 boss McMillen chimes in on the AT&T-Time Warner merger & the future for Fox Sports' Regional Networks via his weekly 'Byte of the Week.' McMillen believes the moves "could have considerable implications for college sports. These deals will enhance streaming products as well as reduce the number of distribution channels, which reduces the number of potential bidders for media rights." No matter your opinion, the topic is super important to watch over the decade. (link)
Arkansas sports management professor Dittmore takes a hard look at the burgeoning eSports scene, asks if we're seeing the tipping point. Key takeaways: "With professional sports leagues embracing eSports, can growth at the intercollegiate level really be far behind? […] The potential positive impacts of eSports are in the form of revenue generation, Title IX compliance through near infinite participation opportunities (despite the low number of females participating in eSports), and increased diversity. […]  With revenue projections approaching 10 digits, it is no wonder eSports is grabbing the attention of organizations such as the International Olympic Committee and the NCAA which are seeking ways to get in on the fun." (link)
Tailgate Guys picks up another campus partner in Florida State, where the premium tailgate and event services provider will begin work at Doak Campbell Stadium this fall. TG boss Duffey: "Our roots in the State of Florida run deep and a partnership with the elite program at Florida State will further strengthen our operations and service level in the region. The crew at FSU had a vision to build a unique scene along the Legacy Walk that is right in our wheelhouse." Noles AD Wilcox says the new deal will "usher in Coach Taggart's head coaching era with exciting new fan engagement amenities that highlight his desire to connect with the rich tradition that is the cornerstone of Florida State football." (link)
Also Noticed: Famed gymnast Raisman drew a standing ovation at the ESPYs last night: "To all the survivors out there, don't let anyone rewrite your story. Your truth does matter. You matter. And you are not alone." (link); Morgan State will host this year's edition of The Basketball Tournament in August. Valuable explore for the Bears, per AD Scott. (link); Check out Florida's new Jordan Brand FB unis, first SEC school to go from Nike logo to Jumpman one. Look for the new logo on the Gators' MBB & WBB unis this season, as well. (link); Louisiana District Judge Kelley determined that evidence does not support former Louisiana FB HC Baldwin's claims that the school fired him based on racial discrimination. He went 6-27 in three seasons. (link); Sporting News reports that "Fox Sports is developing a sports gambling-driven show starring Charissa Thompson, Brent Musburger, oddsmaker Todd Fuhrman and ESPN bete noire Clay Travis." (link); Ohio State Wide Receivers Coach Smith charged with misdemeanor criminal trespass back in May, never arrested and pleaded not guilty. OSU spokesman with the standard "We're aware" & "No comment." (link); Kansas State WBB student-athlete Lakes arrested and charged with domestic battery/knowingly or recklessly causing bodily injury to a partner or family member. KSU officials "gathering information" before further commenting. (link) powered by Turnkey Search
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(NEW!) Assistant Athletic Director, Creative and Digital Media (University of Oregon / Eugene, OR): This role is responsible for leading and executing creative/branding, digital, and social media strategy for Oregon Athletics. Building brand awareness and positive messaging for fans and constituents. More details HERE.

(NEW!) Athletics Business Manager (University of Louisville Athletic Association / Louisville, KY): The Athletics Business Manager is responsible for oversight of the business operations of the U of L Athletic Department including budget, finance, accounting, travel, accounts payable/receivable, etc. More details HERE.

Director of Athletics Compliance (University of North Texas / Denton, TX): Oversees the day-to-day compliance activities to meet NCAA, Conference USA, and University of North Texas requirements. Directs, addresses, and follows up on eligibility records for student athletes. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Marketing (University of Louisville Athletic Association / Louisville, KY): The Assistant Director of Marketing position serves as the marketing director and game director for all assigned Olympic sports for the University of Louisville Athletic Department. More details HERE.

Athletic Academic Advisor, Student Athlete Services (James Madison University / Harrisonburg, VA): Assist the Associate AD for Student-Athlete Services in the organization, coordination and implementation of academic support services for student-athletes. More details HERE.

Head Coach, Womens Gymnastics (San Jose State University / San Jose, CA): The Gymnastics Head Coach will report directly to the Senior Associate Athletics Director. Teach, motivate, and recruit student athletes. Details/apply:, id: 24643. More details HERE.

Head Baseball Coach (#11012) (University of Akron / Akron, OH): The University of Akron, a NCAA Division I (FBS) institution, is currently accepting applications for the position of Head Baseball Coach. Bachelor's required. EEO/AA. Employer/Veterans/Disabled. More details HERE.

Assistant Baseball Coach (#11015) (University of Akron / Akron, OH): The University of Akron, a NCAA Division I (FBS) institution is currently accepting applications for the position of Assistant Baseball Coach. Bachelor's required. EEO/AA. Employer/Veterans/Disabled. More details HERE.

Assistant Coach 1 - Hitting (Middle Tennessee State University / Murfreesboro, TN): Assist the Head women’s softball coach organize and administer all aspects of our NCAA Division I women’s softball program. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Ticket Operations (Army West Point Athletic Association / West Point, NY): Responsible for assisting the Director of Operations, Army A Club with the overall operation of the Army A Club. More details HERE.

Director of Compliance for Eligibility/Assistant Director of Compliance for Eligibility (University of Michigan Athletic Department / Ann Arbor, MI): This position will assist in a number of areas related to eligibility and recruiting and will have primary responsibility for managing the continuing, transfer, and initial eligibility process. More details HERE.

Director, Digital Media Strategy & Content (Mountain West Conference / Colorado Springs, CO): The Mountain West is accepting applications for its Director, Digital Media Strategy & Content. The successful candidate will design & implement the digital media strategy for the Conference. More details HERE.

Athletics Marketing Coordinator (Eastern Michigan University / Ypsilanti, MI): Assist with efforts to coordinate and implement marketing strategies to increase student attendance and engagement at home athletic events, and bring program visibility and awareness at home games. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Group Sales (Baylor University / Waco, TX): The Assistant Director of Group Sales is responsible for providing ticket sales assistance for the Department of Athletics as well as ensure group experience fulfillment. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Communications Director (University of Texas at San Antonio / San Antonio, TX): Provide assistance with planning and implementing communications strategies as they relate to the goals and objectives of UTSA’s 17-sport NCAA Division I athletics program. More details HERE.

Head Coach, Women's Softball (Quinnipiac University / Hamden, CT): In this position, you will be responsible for total program management, including coaching, administration, recruitment and coordination of a collegiate women’s softball program. More details HERE.

Head Women's Tennis Coach (University of Southern Mississippi / Hattiesburg, MS): Head coach of the Southern Miss Women's Tennis program. Candidate will be responsible for coaching, recruiting, and overall operation and performance of Women's Tennis at Southern Miss. More details HERE.

Assistant Women's Lacrosse Coach (Quinnipiac University / Hamden, CT): The assistant coach will engage in sport-specific coaching, recruitment, and student-athlete development with the women’s lacrosse program. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director – Marketing and Fan Experience (Air Force Academy Athletics Corporation / Colorado Springs, CO): Works closely and collaboratively with AFAAC CEO and Associate Athletic Director for External Relations to develop an external vision for the department, which includes social media strategy, advertising campaigns, promotional schedules and marketing plans. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director for Communications (Ohio University / Athens, OH): Administer all components of sports information for Ohio University’s 16 sports, to include the communication and distribution of sports related information to local, regional and national media. More details HERE.

Assistant Director for Athletics Communications (University of North Texas / Denton, TX): UNT hiring for Assist Director-Athletics Communications. Resp: developing promotional & publicity strategies for dept. Digital & social media, dept website & traditional media relationship cultivation. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Athletics for Compliance (College of Holy Cross / Worcester, MA): Responsible for managing an NCAA Division I rules compliance program and enhancing a culture of compliance. Master’s Degree or J.D. preferred. NCAA rules and regulations required. More details HERE.

Director of Athletic Marketing (Stony Brook University / Stony Brook, NY): The Director of Athletic Marketing will support the Assistant AD Athletic Marketing in the development and execution of a comprehensive marketing plan for the Department of Athletics. More details HERE.

Financial Aid Coordinator - Athletics (University of North Texas / Denton, TX): UNT is hiring for a Financial Aid Coordinator. Resp: day to day financial aid compliance, assist drafting & submitting waivers. Coordinate all financial-aid related activities for student athletes. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Enforcement – Basketball Development (NCAA / Indianapolis, IN): This position is responsible for developing specific expertise in men's and women's basketball recruiting environments. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Enforcement – Football Development (NCAA / Indianapolis, IN): This position is responsible for developing specific expertise in and knowledge of the football recruiting environment through monitoring, investigation, and outreach. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Enforcement – Investigations and Processing (NCAA / Indianapolis, IN): This position is responsible for investigating and processing potential violations of NCAA legislation, compiling and evaluating evidence of infractions, and drafting necessary submissions. More details HERE.

Assistant Director, Administration (Mississippi State University / Starkville, MS): Plans, organizes, and facilitates activities for Director of Athletics and Department of Athletics Administration. More details HERE.

Account Executive-Corporate Partnerships (Peak Sports MGMT / Multiple Cities): Position is responsible for, but not limited to, supporting their respective property in areas of game-day and event operations, activation, fulfillment, marketing, office and administrative support. More details HERE.

Associate Director, Athletic Facilities & Recreation (Babson College / Wellesley, MA): The Associate Director is responsible for the management and daily operations of all athletics facilities, including daily and event operations, scheduling, security and programming. More details HERE.

Associate Athletics Director for Compliance (Vanderbilt University / Nashville, TN): Responsible for daily management of the University’s compliance efforts in intercollegiate athletics, including the education and enforcement of NCAA and Conference rules and regulations. More details HERE.

Assistant Commissioner for Compliance and Governance (America East Conference / Boston, MA): Position is responsible for the conference’s compliance program, student-athlete academic programs as well as NCAA legislation and governance strategy. More details HERE.

Digital Media Coordinator (Campbell University / Buies Creek, NC): Responsible for assisting in all facets of athletics video, digital and social media. More details HERE.

Marketing & Events Assistant (Dartmouth College / Hanover, NH): Successful candidate will assist in the creation and implementation of marketing plans for Dartmouth's ticketed sports. More details HERE.

Director of Football Gameday Operations (Pennsylvania State University / University Park, PA): Penn State Intercollegiate Athletics is seeking applicants for a Director of Football Gameday Operations to direct all aspects of Penn State Football game day. Please apply online: More details HERE.

Head Women's Golf Coach (University of Oregon / Eugene, OR): This position is responsible for the management and administration of all phases of the women's golf program in a manner that upholds the philosophy and objectives of the Oregon Athletic Department. More details HERE.

Assistant Coach, Women's Soccer (UNC Wilmington / Wilmington, NC): The Assistant Coach, Women’s Soccer, assists the Head Coach in providing leadership for a NCAA Division I soccer program. Assist with all aspects of the women’s soccer program. More details HERE.

Associate Director of Athletics for Business Operations (University of Richmond / Richmond, VA): The Associate Director of Athletics for Business is responsible for the management of all financial matters within the Department of Athletics and is the department’s liaison with other departments. More details HERE.

Assistant Director, Athletic Communications (University of Oregon / Eugene, OR): Prepare student-athletes and coaches for interview settings; provide stories, updates, and content related to the program and ensuing competitions to elevate interest in Oregon athletics. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications (Central Michigan University / Mount Pleasant, MI): The assistant director is responsible for social media strategies and managing content. This position has external communication oversight over multiple sports, including women's basketball. More details HERE.

Visual Media Specialist (Baylor University / Waco, TX)The Visual Media Specialist is responsible for producing video content and building graphic animations and still graphics for distribution to external constituents on digital platforms. More details HERE.

Assistant Women's Golf Coach (San Diego State University / San Diego, CA): Assist in organizing and administering appropriate pre-season, season, and post-season programs necessary for a quality women’s golf program. More details HERE.

Associate Athletics Director for Internal Affairs (Southeast Missouri State University / Cape Girardeau, MO): This position is responsible for managing internal operations for department of athletics including oversight of facilities and event management, sports medicine, strength and conditioning. More details HERE.

Director of Finance and Accounting (Florida International University / Miami, FL): FIU Athletics is seeking a Director of Finance & Accounting to oversee all financial activities of Athletics Operations. Ensures successful operation of the Business Office & works with Athletic Dir. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Digital Media (Purdue University / West Lafayette, IN): Will be responsible for developing bold and intentional content for Purdue Athletics digital platforms. Also serve as the marketing and communications liaison to the varsity men’s and women’s tennis. More details HERE.

Head Coach, Men's & Women's Track & Field/Cross Country (University of North Carolina Wilmington / Wilmington, NC): Administer and teach all phases of training and fundamentals for a successful program in accordance with NCAA, CAA, and UNCW’s rules and regulations. More details HERE.

Chief Financial Officer/Senior Associate Athletic Director (Ohio University / Athens, OH): This position directs and oversees the finance unit of the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics and is the financial spokesman for the department. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletics Director - Business and Administration (San Jose State University / San Jose, CA): Job Title: Assistant Athletics Director - Business and Administration Job ID: 24615 Compensation Classification: Administrative Analyst Specialist Exempt – III Anticipated Salary: $6,667/ month. More details HERE.

Director, Athletics Development / Senior Associate Director, Athletics (Boston College / Chestnut Hill, MA): Responsible for all aspects of fundraising for Athletics at Boston College, in alignment with the Athletic Director’s vision for the program, the University’s mission, and fundraising best practices. More details HERE.

Assistant Director-Athletic Event Management (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill / Chapel Hill, NC): This position will be responsible for providing outstanding leadership to support Game Day Management for as many as 10 of UNC’s 28 sport programs. More details HERE.

Senior Coordinator of Spirit & Traditions (Baylor University / Waco, TX): Baylor is seeking a Senior Coordinator of Spirit & Traditions to serve as a liaison between Student Activities & the Athletics department. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director/Human Resources Strategic Partner (Pennsylvania State University / University Park, PA): Penn State University Intercollegiate Athletics and Human Resources are seeking a Assistant Athletic Director/Human Resources Strategic Partner to be part of the ICA leadership team. Apply at More details HERE.

Account Executive, Ticket Sales (Stanford University / Stanford, CA): 2 positions open for Account Executive, Ticket Sales. Position is responsible for selling season tickets, partial plans, group tickets, and premium seating. More details HERE.

Head Coach - Golf (Middle Tennessee State University / Murfreesboro, TN): The Head Golf Coach will direct, organize and administer all aspects of our Division I Men’s Golf program. More details HERE.

Associate Athletics Director, Compliance (Stanford University / Stanford, CA): Provide day-to-day oversight over all DAPER initiatives for compliance with NCAA and Pac-12 Conference rules. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletics Director of Facilities and Operations (Florida International University / Miami, FL): Seeking an Assistant AD/Facilities & Ops to oversee the facility management of Riccardo Silva Stadium. Serves as the Athletics department facility liaison to the FIU Football program. More details HERE.

Coordinator, ACC Network (Virginia Tech Athletics / Blacksburg, VA): The Coordinator will assist in the day-to-day execution of ACC Network/ESPN broadcasts of Virginia Tech Athletics. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Digital Strategy (University of Washington / Seattle, WA): Assist in the ideation and execution of web design, graphic design, video production, social media and other digital and online projects towards generating revenue and enhancing fan engagement. More details HERE.

Development Officer for Athletics (University of Albany / Albany, NY): Designing and executing solicitation strategies to secure gifts of $25,000+ from alumni and friends of the University, with special responsibility for securing gifts to UAlbany's athletics program. More details HERE.

Director, Annual Giving - Athletics (University of Alabama / Tuscaloosa, AL): Generates charitable support for the Crimson Tide Foundation’s annual fund. Responsibilities include soliciting annual fund gifts; creating, administering, and tracking annual giving programs. More details HERE.

Assistant Coach 1 - Baseball (Middle Tennessee State University / Murfreesboro, TN): Under the supervision of the Head Baseball Coach: assist in the administration, organization and coaching of the university’s NCAA Division I Baseball program. More details HERE.

Assistant Coach 1 - Pitching (Middle Tennessee State University / Murfreesboro, TN): Assist the Head Baseball Coach organize and administer all aspects of our NCAA Division I Baseball program. More details HERE.

Bob Hammel Communications Internship (Big Ten Conference / Rosemont, IL): Responsibilities: Communications, public relations, publications. Assist: Statistical compilation, press releases, media guides, records books, championship programs.Engage social media Must have 4yr degree More details HERE.

Director for Student-Athlete Development (University of Massachusetts Amherst / Amherst, MA): The University of Massachusetts Amherst Department of Athletics is accepting applications for a Director for Student-Athlete Development. More details HERE.

Digital Marketing Coordinator (University of Arizona / Tucson, AZ): This position will be responsible for results-based marketing of Arizona Athletics. Responsible for overall digital strategy, including customer experience and outbound marketing. More details HERE.

Director of Development (Ohio State University / Columbus, OH): The Director of Development will develop and implement long and short term plans to secure major gifts from alumni, friends, volunteers, corporations, foundations and other entities. More details HERE.

Director / Assistant Director, Marketing (Stanford University / Stanford, CA): This position will support all marketing efforts to generate revenue, increase attendance and build affinity through email marketing, digital advertising & supporting traditional advertising efforts. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Development, R Fund (Rutgers University / New Brunswick, NJ): R Fund is seeking an ambitious development professional to join their team. This position is responsible for the oversight & execution of athletic donor-related events & stewardship. More details HERE.

Assistant Manager of Annual Giving (University of Alabama at Birmingham / Birmingham, AL): This position will assist in carrying out designated duties and responsibilities for the Blazer Boosters Annual Giving Program. More details HERE.

Development Associate (University of Alabama at Birmingham / Birmingham, AL): The University of Alabama at Birmingham seeks a Development Associate assisting Blazer Boosters. This is a 10-month paid internship. More details HERE.

Head Coach, Softball (Brown University / Providence, RI): This position is responsible for all aspects of the Softball program. The incumbent also maintains positive relations with alumnae and friends groups. More details HERE.

Photographer/Media Specialist (University of Tennessee / Knoxville, TN): The University of Tennessee Athletics Department is searching for a Photographer to join their Media Relations unit. This position serves as the secondary photographer for Tennessee Athletics. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director-Athletic Marketing & Promotions (University of South Dakota / Vermillion, SD): Is responsible for all aspects of marketing and promoting USD Athletics, including developing and implementing a comprehensive marketing plan that drives attendance, ticket sales and revenue. More details HERE.

Director, Athletics Compliance (University of Miami / Miami, FL): Director, Athletics Compliance will be responsible for performing work related to compliance with all NCAA and ACC rules and regulations, concentrating in the area of financial aid and time demands. More details HERE.

Annual Giving Officer / Senior Annual Giving Officer, Athletics (Bucknell University / Lewisburg, PA): The role of the AGO,Athletics is to secure annual unrestricted and designated funds through the cultivation, solicitation and stewardship of alumni, parents and friends. More: More details HERE.

Ticket Analyst (University of California, Berkeley / Berkeley, CA): Helps streamline deposit process and assists with ticket revenue reconciliation. Employee must be able to analyze ticket sales based on historical data, goals, and benchmarks. More details HERE.

Assistant Coach, Volleyball (University of Notre Dame / Notre Dame, IN): The University of Notre Dame ( is accepting applications for an Assistant Coach, Volleyball. Visit AA/EOE. More details HERE.

Video Production Assistant (Part-Time) (University of Akron / Akron, OH): The Video Production Assistant (Part-Time) will assist the Director of the Zips Digital Network in the production of all athletics multimedia content. More details HERE.

Associate Director of Development, Annual Giving & Alumni Relations (University of California, Berkeley / Berkeley, CA): This position is responsible for the identification, cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship of annual gift-level prospective donors and comprehensive fundraising and alumni relations programs. More details HERE.

Associate Athletic Director - Academics (University of Kentucky / Lexington, KY): Responsible for providing leadership to the Center for Academic and Tutorial Services (CATS), delivering comprehensive, world-class support services to University of Kentucky student-athletes. More details HERE.

Associate Director of Development (University of Michigan / Ann Arbor, MI): The purpose of the Michigan Athletic Development team is to garner financial support to enable the Athletic Department to provide the necessary resources to all varsity teams and student-athletes. More details HERE.

Video Coordinator for Football (University of Akron / Akron, OH): The Video Coordinator for Football is responsible for all video operations within the football program. More details HERE.

Athletics Head Coach - Lacrosse (Indiana University of Pennsylvania / Indiana, PA): Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) invites applicants for Head Lacrosse Coach to assist in all aspects of the IUP Women's Lacrosse program at the Division II level. More details HERE.

Athletics Head Coach - Softball (Indiana University of Pennsylvania / Indiana, PA): Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) invites applicants for Head Softball Coach to assist in all aspects of the IUP Softball program at the Division II level. More details HERE.

Lead Communications Engineer - Athletics (Texas Tech University / Lubbock, TX): Responsible knowledge of engineering principles that applies to telecommunication and broadcast systems. Knowledge of media production, communication techniques and methods. Search req#ID 14442BR. More details HERE.
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