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A new entrant in the search & consulting space as SBJ’s Smith reports Korn Ferry Senior Associate, Global Sports Practice Bowlsby has started his own venture, Bowlsby Sports Advisors, specializing in career development, executive search, and strategic consulting. Bowlsby: "I have grown up around this industry and care deeply for the organizations, institutions and people in it. My goal is to return advisory and search back to its intended purpose, which is not self-promotion, but instead working behind the scenes, helping clients build consensus with their stakeholders, design sophisticated strategies and ultimately make the best decisions for their organizations." As you likely recall, Bowlsby assisted on AD searches at the likes of Vanderbilt, Virginia, Illinois, Kansas, Louisville, Syracuse and Arkansas during his time at Korn Ferry. (linklink)
Operation Varsity Blues: Texas has parted ways with Men's Tennis HC Center. Longhorns AD Del Conte: "It's a very difficult decision, and we are grateful for the years of service that he has provided, but winning with integrity will always be paramount at The University of Texas, and it was a decision that had to be made." (link)
+ LA Times headliner Plaschke says USC should do the same with AD Swann, "There have been two announced FBI probes into college sports in recent months. Only one school was cited in both of them. USC. […] It doesn’t feel like a coincidence that most of the bribed admissions occurred in non-revenue sports, including water polo, lacrosse and crew. It’s entirely possible that Swann just ignored those teams entirely. Even if Swann did not touch this, his lack of fingerprints is damning. […] There is belief among USC insiders that Austin doesn’t feel her 'interim’' title gives her the power to replace Swann. The perception is that the university would rather wait until a permanent president is hired before any housecleaning would occur. If that is true, then they need to change Austin’s 'interim’' title to 'vacant,’' because only a university completely devoid of leadership would continue to allow Lynn Swann to lead." (link)
+ Another name that's involved in both FBI probes is notable hoops connector Fox, who allegedly worked as a middle man to connect well off families with college coaches to secure admissions for a price. Virginia Tech MBB HC Williams says he's not worried about his relationship with Fox, who, "is in the middle of everything." Fox deleted his Twitter account yesterday. (link)
+ IMG Academy Director of College Entrance Exam Preparation Riddell is also involved in the latest saga, which leads Yahoo's Eisenberg to wonder, "If Riddell has actually been taking standardized tests for Singer’s clients in return for thousands of dollars, it raises the question of whether he has also provided the same service for IMG athletes seeking to meet minimum NCAA academic requirements." No comment from IMG Academy. No school with former IMG student-athletes on their rosters have announced plans to review test scores. (link)
+ Notable attorney Jackson to The Athletic's Auerbach & Strang, "College athletics now — at every level and at the Power Five level specifically — is a business. It’s counterintuitive to believe that coaches in these non-revenue sports like soccer, tennis, rowing, that they aren’t going to look around and say, 'This athletic department has a budget in excess of $150 million, and I’m making $95,000 a year and working 80 hours a week.'" More. (link)
LSU: Tigers AD Alleva commented on a number of topics surrounding his MBB program, says he totally understands negative fan sentiment toward the AD, "And, of course, I’m going to get the blame for it. That’s part of my job. You know what, my job is to be there and support the players. That’s why I was there, and it didn’t change because Will wasn’t coaching." On suspended MBB HC Wade, "I would love for him to come back and be our coach. Under the premise he didn’t do anything wrong. He is an outstanding coach. But he has to be cleared. The magic word is integrity." Further, Alleva does not believe the current situation should impact the squad's seeding for the NCAA Tournament & that the program will "absolutely" participate. (link, link, link); Wade's attorney says his client will not talk about the developments until after the MBB-FBI court cases are complete. So, we won't be seeing Wade on the sidelines again this season. (link); Stanford AD & Selection Committee chair Muir: "We're not speculating on anything. We don't reserve judgment. It's really what the team has done, who is available, how we think they're going to play in the postseason, the NCAA postseason. That's all we have to go on." (link); Embattled student-athlete Smart traveled to Nashville for the SEC Tournament, Interim HC Benford says he's hopeful to know something today on Smart's eligibility. (link)
Interim Louisiana Monroe AD McDonald has expressed his desire to remain in the position, saying: "If it comes to a situation where I need to apply for the position, then I’ll certainly do that." ULM Prez Bruno has indicated the university will conduct a national search with the hopes of announcing a new AD by July 1, and McDonald intimated that "if we go through a national search, then I’ll go through it the same way any other candidate would." McDonald has received positive reviews so far from MBB HC Richard and FB HC Viator. Richard observed that McDonald came in during a difficult time and without "a lot of training going on." He added: "He’s really tackled it with both hands, and to be honest, he’s been a breath of fresh air to everyone in the athletic department with his positive energy." (link)
St. John’s is reportedly making the switch back to Nike after the school’s contract with Under Armour expires this summer. Vavel reports that the move is spurred by the athletic department’s dissatisfaction with the amount of money it is receiving, as well as UA’s precarious financial standing -- UA incurred a net loss of $40-55M in FY18. Vavel also cites Johnnies AD Cragg as a likely impetus for the move, pointing to his announcement last month of the "launch of concurrent planning processes to establish a new strategic plan and master facilities plan that will serve as the blueprint for the future of Red Storm Athletics." St. John’s is expected to sign the multiyear deal once its six-year contract with UA expires. (link)
LEAD1 boss McMillen on Judge Wilken's decision in the Alston case: 1) "...educational benefits without limits are currency and can be used abusively in recruiting and retaining student-athletes. The devil will be in the details in defining what are permissible educational benefits"; 2) Lots of gray areas...more litigation expected; 3) "With schools having different scholarship limitations, the NCAA will face serious enforcement problems, with respect to promoting and policing consistency upon member schools."; and, 4) "...schools spending more money than others may accentuate the arms race in college sports." (link - video, link - transcript)
CBS’s Norlander looks into the NET and asks if it is "essentially a functioning cousin of KenPom? And if it is, is that a good thing?" In comparing the two, Norlander has found that 17 of the top 26 teams were within 0-3 ranking spots between both metrics while in the top 100, 58% of teams are within six spots between both metrics. Broken down further, the 36 of top 100 teams in KenPom are within three rankings spots of the NET; 22 are within 4-6; and 25 are within 7-10. As to why KenPom’s ranking is more similar to the NET than others, such as the BPI, Norlander posits that "raw efficiency is likely playing a hand. Teams with strong predictive rankings that rate well in efficiency margin are overwhelmingly landing close to each other in the NET and KenPom." Consequently, Norlander submits that the NET is more "predictive-influenced," which "isn’t a bad thing. … Predictive metrics have empirically been proven to be more accurate. Betting markets are influenced -- and built -- by them, after all. The question becomes: will seeding and selection be more influenced by predictive metrics than ever before? We'll have our answer on Selection Sunday." (link)
SWAC Commish McClelland points to Birmingham Mayor Woodfin as the driver to bring the league office to the Magic City. McClelland calls Woodfin a "tremendous partner," indicates the conference pushes an economic impact of $8M annually for the city. (link); Southwest may be more impacted than other airlines with the grounding of Boeing 737 Max jets as 34 of its fleet are the model in question. However, the number represents less than 5% of the overall fleet. United has 14 & American has 24. As a result, experts say there's likely to be more flight cancellations in the short-term. (link)
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The Carousel: Ohio MBB HC Phillips will not be back in Athens. (link); William & Mary parts ways with 16-year MBB HC Shaver. (link); James Madison AD Bourne pens a letter to fans in support of MBB HC Rowe: "If you consider that Coach Rowe didn't have much opportunity to impact his roster in his first season, we are essentially heading into year three in terms of the experience level of his roster ... Few coaches pour their heart and soul into a program like Louis Rowe. He has the support of our student-athletes, our incoming recruits and our letterwinners. It is also worth mentioning the significant progress that our program has achieved in the classroom, which is a testament to the young men Coach Rowe has attracted to our program. We look forward to seeing what this team has in store next year." (link); When asked if he felt this could be his last game as the MBB HC at Arizona, Wildcats' boss Miller: "No, and I'm not going to comment on that." (link)
Auburn has placed MBB AC Bowman on administrative leave, explaining in a statement: "As we continue to gather information regarding a situation that recently arose, it is important that we be thorough and proactive, yet prudent and cautious. Therefore, Ira Bowman will not coach or participate in any responsibilities with the men’s basketball program until we fully assess all the issues." The announcement comes in light of news concerning Bowman’s alleged knowledge of the bribery situation at Penn. HC Pearl: “Until we know more, it would be premature for me to comment on anything further. Therefore, I won't be answering any questions regarding this other than to say we are aware of the reports. We are gathering information and facts." (link); Speaking of Penn, Dean of Admissions Furda notes: "Penn Admissions and [University's Division of Recreation and Intercollegiate Athletics] have worked with an outside consultant to review and strengthen our processes for the recruitment of student athletes and, in light of the current charges, will again consider whether any further changes are called for in our recruitment and evaluation processes." (link)
"Until (Tuesday), I had never heard from anybody at Kansas that had suggested that David himself had ever violated NCAA rules. The first time we heard that was (Tuesday). I believe it’s objectifiably false to say that David has violated any NCAA rule. We’ll see what comes out with their investigation." That's the latest proclamation from the attorney for former Kansas FB HC Beaty. The Jayhawks have refuted the claim, stating: "KU contacted the NCAA and the Big 12 Conference and began an investigation into the matter. Beaty refused to cooperate with the KU review and, ultimately, the NCAA took the lead in the still-ongoing investigation." (link)
INFLCR inks a deal with USA Today that will give the growing social media firm & its partner institutions access to USAT's bank of images & assets via its IMAGN business unit. Miami (FL) AD James on the opportunity for athletics departments, "Possessing the editorial rights to national media content in an on-demand format both during and immediately after our athletics events is a big value-add for our team staff and student-athletes to access through INFLCR and share to their social media channels in real-time." IMAGN Prez Odle believes the pair have found the solution to making sure student-athletes have access to high-quality photos of themselves to share via social & not have to worry about copyright infringement. (link)
2DConsulting's Durham chats with Google Senior Account Manager for Sports & Live Entertainment Thompson on his AthleticDirectorU podcast. The pair discuss the importance of search optimization as part of digital marketing strategy. Thompson: "It's very very easy to get caught up in what you think the public perspective is because of the calls or emails you're getting. But the truth based on the trends on internet searches may be completely different. […] Seasonality is not the way people search anymore. There is always some level of demand that exists regardless of if you are in season, regardless of wins and losses. […] Brand is always important. You can't lose when you are putting your brand in front of people's faces." (link)
SBJ went with current Duke MBB student-athlete Williamson on its latest cover, noting the broad impact the star had during the regular season on secondary market ticket prices, attendance, TV ratings, social media engagement, and, of course, the Nike shoe incident. Notably: "In eight ACC games with the Blue Devils as the visitors, the home team enjoyed a significant attendance boost. […] Duke’s basketball accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are easily the most popular college accounts with more than 4 million followers combined. Williamson’s Instagram following jumped from 1.13 million to 2.6 million from the time he committed to play for Duke in January 2018 through last week." Lots more. (link); SBJ's Karp with key MBB TV ratings data, "ESPN college hoops averaged just under 1.2 million viewers for the regular season (129 games on main network). That is +15% (thanks, in part, to Williamson) from 2017-2018 season and essentially flat compared to 2016-2017. Fox/FS1 also had their best hoops season (269K viewers). CBS (1.5 million viewers) was -6%." (link)
With help from Legend Labs, the West Coast Conference introduced a new brand positioning and logo this week. Commish Nevarez: "We began this process under the strong leadership and guidance of the West Coast Conference Presidents and Athletic Directors. They have a clear vision and mission for the future of the conference and its membership. As a conference, we are committed to showcasing what the WCC has to offer on the national stage and this innovative direction and updated brand will help us achieve that endeavor." (link); The WCC Men's and Women's Basketball Tournaments will remain at Orleans Arena in Las Vegas through 2022. (link)
Facilities: Tulane is going in on a $1.2M weight room that will benefit all sport programs. All new equipment, plus "structural enhancements, which include a higher ceiling, a new floor, a new lighting system, new windows to allow more natural light, a reconfigured office space for the strength and conditioning coaches and staff as well as additional storage space." Expected completion before fall preseason camps begin. (link); Idaho will ask the State Board of Education if it can lend itself $29M to move forward with the new Idaho Central Credit Union Arena. If approved, the project will be ready to go as the Vandals have raised $25M to supplement the loan. (link); Louisville says the land where the 14 red train cabooses sit outside Cardinal Stadium - used for tailgating - has become more valuable than what it's making from the third party that rents them out. Cards AD Tyra notes he's not trying to disrupt or disappoint donors, just wants to be fair to the business enterprise of his operation. (link)
Former Baylor Prez Starr told the Waco Tribune-Herald that he hosted a fundraiser to support the legal defense of former FB student-athlete Oakman, who was acquitted of sexual assault last month. Starr intimated to the paper that he decided to host the fundraiser after learning from one of Oakman’s first attorneys that Oakman’s family did not have the money to retain experts who could testify in his defense. Starr declined to say how much money was raised but explained that donors wanted to help Oakman due to a “widely shared belief” that former FB student-athlete Ukwuachu was not able to produce an adequate defense at his 2015 trial. Starr: “We responded to this compelling need because our community had done little or nothing to assist or support Sam Ukwuachu, who many of us felt had been wrongly convicted. I did not want another injustice to be done." (link)
Adidas shares fell 3% in early trading yesterday after the firm acknowledged that a bottleneck in its North American supply-chain would prevent it from meeting product demand in the coming months. The announcement prompted concerns that the firm could cede ground to Nike, as CEO Rorsted noted that Adidas did not have the manufacturing capacity to maintain pace with growing mid-price apparel demand, potentially costing the company between $225M and $400M. The supply-chain obstacles, Rorsted added, were the result of earlier strategic decisions based on its U.S. market share. "Since our strategic position was smaller, we decided to build the brand at the top, then move into the midtier." (link)
Also Noticed: Updated MBB comparative data. Now 12 tickets have been punched. (link); NJIT hires Collegiate Consulting to develop a new athletic strategic plan to align with the school's current 20/20 Vision and the upcoming 2025 institutional strategic plan. (link); Columbia will promote Men's Tennis AHC Endelman to HC of the men's team and Director of Tennis Operations at the conclusion of the season. (link); Alcohol sales at Arizona's McKale Center netted about $100K this year, while FB games saw closer to $250K. (link); A new prototype version of Twitter debuted this week at SXSW that could eliminate the "Ratio," and change engagement and interactions between accounts. New app is called "twttr." Rovell with his take on the situation: "Twitter removing number counts on retweets and likes is an asisine move. Eliminates a lot of the energy that makes this platform go, the meritocracy it is from a content perspective and compromises the ability to pick out the value of what’s important in the moment." (link, link)

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(NEW!) Sports Partnerships Manager / Strategic Partnerships (WMT / Los Angeles, CA)We are looking for a full time Strategic Partnerships / Sports Partnerships Manager who is excited to join an organization with enormous growth potential. This is a unique opportunity to be part of a fast-paced and fun culture with performance based rewards and bonuses. The ideal candidate is someone with previous sales experience or has a drive to succeed. More details HERE.

(NEW!) Graduate Manager - Women's Basketball (Purdue Intercollegiate Athletics / West Lafayette, IN): Purdue Women's Basketball is seeing qualified applicants for (1) full-time 12-month graduate manager to assist with recruiting administrative duties - will not have coaching responsibilities. More details HERE.

Director, Sports Law and Business Program College of Law (Arizona State College of Law, Sports Law & Business / Phoenix, AZ): The Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law seeks a Director for its growing Sports Law & Business (SLB) Program. More details HERE.

Associate Director, Ticket Operations (Oklahoma State University / Stillwater, OK): Managing, directing,& supervising Ticketing System functionality of Ticket Office to increase effectiveness & efficiency of customer service & all ticketing facets of football, Student All-Sport Pass. More details HERE.

Athletic Ticket Operations Coordinator (University of Kentucky / Lexington, KY): Seeking a highly motivated individual to be responsible for all student ticketing functions within the Ticket Office unit. Candidate will also manage ticket operations for one or more assigned sports More details HERE.

Assistant Director, Student Services Leadership (University of Delaware / Newark, DE): Be a critical member of the Athletics’ Student Success team, ensuring integration across academics, career, leadership, and sports performance areas in support of our Blue Hen student-athletes. More details HERE.

Assistant Director, Employer Relations for Athletics (University of Delaware / Newark, DE): As a member of the Athletics’ Academics, Career, and Leadership Development team, incumbent collaborates on an integrated and coordinated approach to student-athlete development and preparedness. More details HERE.

Senior Associate Athletic Director of Development (University of Pittsburgh / Pittsburgh, PA): This key addition to our staff will be a proven and thoughtful manager and leader, decorated fundraiser, and strategic relationship builder to add to an already dynamic and growing staff. More details HERE.

Senior Associate Athletic Director Business Operations (University of New Mexico / Albuquerque, NM): The Univ. of New Mexico is seeking a Sr. Assoc. Athletic Director for Business Operations. To view full Job Description and to Apply: PI108364985. More details HERE.

Associate Athletic Director (19760B) (University of Utah / Salt Lake City, UT): Serve as the primary communications and media contact for the Utah Athletics department, and oversee and direct all aspects of the athletics communications office for Utah’s 20 Division I sports. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director - Equipment/Operations (Middle Tennessee State University / Murfreesboro, TN): Work to oversee and manage all aspects of the Athletic Equipment Room for the University’s NCAA Division I Football program and its 16 additional athletic programs within NCAA guidelines. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director, Brand Advancement and Fan Engagement (University of South Alabama / Mobile, AL): Seeking someone to provide vision and leadership in the areas of brand advancement, marketing, creative content and in-game entertainment programming. See our link for details and requirements. More details HERE.

Director of Digital Marketing (Paciolan / Irvine, CA): Responsible for creating strategic digital marketing programs and managing and leading a team of digital marketing experts to help clients sell more tickets through a variety of marketing efforts. More details HERE.

Marketing Automation Manager (Paciolan / Irvine, CA): This position will act as a strategic consultant to engage live entertainment clients and help them to deploy best practices and strategies to engage customers, drive ticket sales and build sales ops. More details HERE.

Recruiting Associate (Turnkey Search / Haddonfield, NJ): The Recruiting Associate will connect with countless industry professionals on a daily basis, including those from teams, leagues, athletic departments, media companies, agencies, brands, and more. More details HERE.

Associate AD Ticket Operations & Sales (University of Colorado / Boulder, CO): Direct and manage all ticketing operations and sales related to Athletics including developing strategy to maximize ticket sales, revenue and retention and managing box office operations. More details HERE.

Associate Director of Athletics for Development (State University of New York at Buffalo, Athletics / Buffalo, NY): This position supports and enhances the mission of the State University of New York at Buffalo Athletics Department and is responsible for working to optimize philanthropic support for Athletics. More details HERE.

Coordinator, Ticket Sales (University of Arizona / Tucson, AZ): Position will be tasked with generating revenue for Arizona Athletics via sales of season, partial and group packages through outbound calls. More details HERE.

Athletics Marketing Assistant (Charlotte 49ers / Charlotte, NC): The Charlotte 49ers are seeking a highly motivated, organized, creative, and outgoing individual to serve an internship in the area of athletic marketing, and promotions for the 2019-20 academic year. More details HERE.

Head Women's Basketball Coach (East Carolina University / Greenville, NC): Organize and direct all aspects of a NCAA Division I Women's Basketball program including developing, directing and coaching an intercollegiate Varsity Women's Basketball Program. PI108302195. More details HERE.

Associate Athletic Director for Strategic Initiatives and Communication (Clemson University / Clemson, SC): This an Executive level role that is responsible for assisting the Director of Athletics with developing, communicating, executing, and sustaining strategic initiatives. More details HERE.

Director of Fastpitch Softball (Athletx Sports Group / Louisville, KY): We’re looking for someone who can lead the recruiting for both our team and individual softball events, as well as work with the Operations Team to integrate and execute the softball experience within our events. More details HERE.

Coordinator of Learning Services (Lindahl Academic Center, University of Minnesota / Minneapolis, MN): Successful candidate will meet with academically underprepared student-athletes to foster academic success, monitor progress in classes and communicate with staff, and identify gaps to build academic skills. More details HERE.

Athletics Marketing Assistant (University of North Carolina / Chapel Hill, NC): The Athletics Marketing Assistant will support the marketing office in their efforts to generate revenue by enhancing the fan experience in effective ways while advancing the Carolina Athletics brand. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director for Business Operations (Florida Gulf Coast University / Fort Myers, FL): The Assistant Athletic Director for Business Operations manages all fiscal activities associated with the Athletics Department and for all aspects of the Athletics Business Office. More details HERE.

Assistant AD for Game Day Experience - (1900004D) (Towson University / Towson, MD): Assistant AD for Game Day Experience - (1900004D). Towson University is accepting applications for an Assistant AD For Game Day Experience to plan & execute inspiring Game Day, in-game Experience & environment. More details HERE.

Director of Development, Athletics/Assistant Athletics Director for Development (Ohio University / Athens, OH): This position will serve as a major gifts officer on behalf of Intercollegiate Athletics and University Advancement for Ohio University. More details HERE.

Compliance Coordinator (University of Alabama / Tuscaloosa, AL): Responsible for ensuring that staff, coaches, student-athletes, and representatives of athletics interest abide by NCAA and SEC rules and regulations pertaining to initial eligibility and admissions. More details HERE.

HR/Payroll Manager (University of California, Riverside / Riverside, CA): Under the general supervision of the Senior Associate Athletics Director/CFAO-SWA, serve as the Intercollegiate Athletics payroll and personnel specialist, as well as other duties as assigned. More details HERE.

Sr Associate Athletics Director- Development (Temple University / Philadelphia, PA): Incumbent is responsible for the management of all advancement activities for the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. More details HERE.

Director of Development, Major Gifts (University of California, Berkeley / Berkeley, CA): This position is responsible for helping Athletics meet its fundraising objectives through the identification, cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship of major gift-level prospective donors. More details HERE.

Director of Development, Intercollegiate Athletics (Purdue Research Foundation / West Lafayette, IN): Identify and establish personal contact with current and prospective donors, making a minimum of 150 face-to-face personal visits annually, including a minimum of 50 discovery visits. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Development-Varsity P, Intercollegiate Athletics (Purdue Research Foundation / West Lafayette, IN): Assist in achieving the Athletics Director’s advancement goals by building strong relationships with a broad base of alumni and increasing giving from Purdue Athletics alumni. More details HERE.

Ticket Sales Representative (University Athletic Association Inc. / Gainesville, FL): The University Athletic Association is looking for a positive and passionate individual that is committed to providing first-class customer service to the Florida Gators fan base as a Ticket Sales Rep. More details HERE.

Senior Associate Commissioner; Women's Basketball (Atlantic Coast Conference / Greensboro, NC): Position will serve as chief assistant to the Commissioner in the oversight of ACC women’s basketball. More details HERE.

Senior Associate Athletic Director for Advancement (William & Mary / Williamsburg, VA): W&M seeks a Senior Associate Athletic Director, Advancement, to lead athletics fundraising at W&M. Please review the job posting and apply at the link provided. More details HERE.

Associate Athletic Director for External Affairs (Fairleigh Dickinson University / Hackensack, NJ): The Associate Director is expected to build and supervise a comprehensive marketing and promotions program for the athletics programs and solicit sponsorship support for athletic events and facilities. More details HERE.

Athletics Marketing Graduate Assistant (University of Kentucky Athletics / Lexington, KY): Presenting an exciting opportunity for potential fall 2019 graduate students to assist with day-to-day activities, including the creation and implementation of marketing plans and strategies. More details HERE.

Associate Athletic Director, Development (Boise State Athletics / Boise, ID): The primary responsibility of the Associate AD, Development is to supervise and coordinate the activities of the Development Staff, Athletic Ticket Office and coordinate all major gift fundraising. More details HERE.

Director of Events (WeCOACH / Anywhere, United States; no relocation necessary; home-office): The Director of Events will create and drive strategy, provide leadership and event management and coordinate the WeCOACH educational and program offerings. More details HERE.

Development Associate-Events, Intercollegiate Athletics (Purdue Research Foundation / West Lafayette, IN): Assist the Associate Director of Development - Events with all aspects of designing, planning and executing events on and off campus. More details HERE.

SalesForce CRM Manager (USC Athletics / Los Angeles, CA)USC Athletics is looking for detail-oriented candidates who can help to ensure our campaigns are managed effectively and our data is accurately displayed. More details HERE.

D1.ticker Internship (D1.ticker / Perched on Top of the KFC YUM! Center / No, actually Anywhere, USA): D1.ticker is looking for interns to join our fast-growing team! More details HERE.

Sr. Assoc. AD External Ops-Revenue Generation & Brand Management (William & Mary / Williamsburg, VA): This senior member of the Dir. of Athletics’ leadership team will serve as a primary advisor for the Dir. and the Dept. with responsibility for multiple areas from a portfolio of external functions. More details HERE.

Coordinator, Technical Operations (Stanford Athletics / Stanford, CA): Responsible for audio/video equipment and content management for varsity events. Oversees event staffing, inventory control, creating/loading content, testing, and is the liaison for television crews. More details HERE.

Assistant Director, Athletics Communications and Digital Media (Marquette University / Milwaukee, WI): Assistant Director, Athletics Communications and Digital Media assists primarily with the media relations functions for select sports and coordination of the department’s video production efforts. More details HERE.

Associate / Assistant Athletic Director for Ticket Sales & Operations (University of New Mexico / Albuquerque, NM): The Assoc./Asst. Athletic Dir.-Ticket Sales & Ops, will manage the operations of the Athletic Ticket Office. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director for Facilities & Events (University of Richmond / Richmond, VA): The primary responsibility of the Assistant Athletic Director for Facilities & Events is to serve as the coordinator for all sports programs and athletic events and to act as the department’s liaison. More details HERE.

Senior Associate Athletics Director, CFO (University of California, Berkeley / Berkeley, CA): Developing & implementing financial planning concepts, resource planning, & control of organizational budget. Recommendations for financial plans, annual resource allocation, & operating forecasts. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Marketing (19513B) (University of Utah / Salt Lake City, UT): Job duties include the main marketing contact for Women’s Basketball and Volleyball marketing. More details HERE.

Major Gifts Officer, Athletics (The Citadel Foundation / Charleston, SC): This individual will build on the Foundation’s strengths and successes to help move The Citadel to a new level of philanthropic and alumni engagement in support of Athletics. More details HERE.

Athletics Operations Intern (University of Kentucky Athletics / Lexington, KY): Seeking passionate, dedicated candidates for three paid intern positions in Operations (Facilities & Event Management), providing an elite and challenging learning experience in a demanding field. More details HERE.

Director of Marketing & Fan Experience (Purdue Intercollegiate Athletics / West Lafayette, IN): Advances the department's marketing initiatives. Responsible for helping achieve departmental goals. Directly responsible for all marketing and game day responsibilities for football. More details HERE.

Accounting Technician I (San Diego State University / San Diego, CA): Process and review purchase order payments and direct payment requests, coordinate all aspects of student payroll, coordinate payments to game officials, and track assigned sports budgets. More details HERE.

Director of Intercollegiate Athletics (University of California, Irvine / Irvine, CA): University of California, Irvine (UCI) seeks a Director of Intercollegiate Athletics to lead the planning, coordination, and implementation of a broad-based program of Intercollegiate Athletics. More details HERE.

Assistant/Associate AD for Development (University of Wyoming Intercollegiate Athletics / Laramie, WY): The University of Wyoming announces the opening for an Asst/Assoc AD, Development in the Athletic Cowboy Joe Club. Job details can be found at UW Human Resources website, Job Opportunities. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director/HR Strategic Partner (Pennsylvania State University / University Park, PA): Penn State University Intercollegiate Athletics and Human Resources are seeking a Human Resources Strategic Partner to be part of the ICA leadership team. More details HERE.

Associate AD for Marketing & Video (University of Kansas / Lawrence, KS): This position is a senior staff level administrative position responsible for the oversight and coordination of all marketing, video services and broadcast services within Kansas Athletics, Inc. More details HERE.

Associate Athletic Director - Academics (University of Illinois at Chicago / Chicago, IL): UIC Athletics seeks an Associate Athletic Director - Academics. Individual will be responsible for the overall administration and supervision of Academic and Student Services for Student Athletes. More details HERE.

Chief Executive Officer (Maccabi USA / Philadelphia, PA): The mission of Maccabi USA (MUSA) is to build Jewish pride through sports. The CEO is responsible for the overall successful leadership and management of the organization. More details HERE.

Assistant Director, Army A Club (West Point Association of Graduates / West Point, NY): The Assistant Director will manage a list of 400+ donor/prospects and actively identify, cultivate, and solicit gifts for the Army A Club. More details HERE.

Assistant Coach, Women's Volleyball (Quinnipiac University / Hamden, CT): Quinnipiac University's Department of Athletics seeks applications for an Assistant Coach in Women's Volleyball. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director - Development & Revenue (Eastern Washington University / Cheney, WA): Serve as the leader of annual giving and ticketing efforts, balancing philanthropic generosity w/the critical revenue needs associated w/annual scholarship and operational funding for EWU Athletics. More details HERE.

Director of Athletic Communication - 10900BR (CSU Fullerton / Fullerton, CA): The CSU, Fullerton Director of Athletic Communications represents Sports Media in developing a communications plan that will increase the visibility and brand for the department and University. More details HERE.

Assistant Director/Director for Strategic Communications (University of San Diego / San Diego, CA): Most beautiful campus in America serving seventeen (17) NCAA Division I teams. Looking for a dynamic individual who is digitally proficient in storytelling and branding. EEO Employer. More details HERE.

Assistant Coach 2 - Football (Middle Tennessee State University / Murfreesboro, TN): Assist the Head Football Coach in developing a quality NCAA Division I Football program that will be competitive on the field and in the classroom within NCAA guidelines and in a professional manner. More details HERE.
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