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Maryland: ESPN's Dinich sources some close to the situation in College Park before late Terps FB student-athlete McNair collapsed amid a workout & later passed away. McNair family attorney Murphy, "there is an unexplained one-hour time period when nothing significant was done to avoid the complications of heatstroke. Although there is some evidence they allegedly tried to cool him down, he should have been iced immediately. He presented at the hospital with a temperature of 106, which means he was not cooled down." Dinich gets comment from multiple individuals at the workout who say McNair was having visible trouble during the workout, despite UMD AD Evans previously stating McNair didn't fall ill until after the workout was complete. One student-athlete's perspective, "There were multiple people that said, 'Wow, Jordan looks f---ed up, he doesn't look all right.' We knew he was really exhausted, but we didn't know he was in danger of his life. But that doesn't mean that a medical professional shouldn't know to put him in an ice tub." More. (link); Later yesterday evening ESPN released another report, this one from headliners Dinich, Rittenberg & VanHaaren alleging a "toxic" culture around Maryland FB. More student-athletes are on the record, pointing to "a culture based on fear & intimidation," the "belittling, humiliation and embarrassment of players," "extreme verbal abuse," & "Coaches have endorsed unhealthy eating habits and used food punitively; for example, a player said he was forced to overeat or eat to the point of vomiting." The tactics of Asst. AD for FB Sports Performance Court are specifically called to the mat, "He's really in your face. He'll call you [expletives], he'll challenge you in the weight room. He'll put more weight on the bar than you can do, ever done in your life, and expect you to do it multiple times. He'll single people out he doesn't like, which is a common practice here. Guys are run off. They'll have them do specific finishes at the end and do harder workouts or more workouts just to make their lives miserable here. He's kind of [FB HC] Durkin's tool to accomplish that. He's the guy people hate, and that way Durkin doesn't have to take the blow for it. Guys can't stand Coach Court." Lots more allegations. The university says members of the athletic department have been placed on leave, but doesn't detail exactly whom. No further comment from UMD brass. (link)
Ohio State: Former Florida AD Foley won't comment on if he knew about abuse allegations surrounding former Gators FB AC Smith during his time in Gainesville. Alleged 2009 domestic abuse indecent in question. (link); The Columbus Dispatch's Narciso jumps in on why the Powell County (OH) police department won't provide more open records in the 2015 case involving Smith if it's indeed closed. Comparatively, "Under Ohio open-records laws, open cases are exempt from public release or review." For now, Powell's legal counsel says the case materials are "inextricably intertwined" & therefore won't release it even with redactions. Columbus-based criminal defense attorney Shamansky calls the tactics "utterly ridiculous...they reflect, clearly, the attempts of a police agency to conceal information. The real question is, who are they (police) trying to protect?" (link)
Swag: On the heels of shoe selling at North Carolina, Michigan officials are also looking into the possibility that student-athletes cashed-in on special model kicks as 23 UM pairs were found on shoe-marketplace site StockX. Assoc. AD for FB Communications Ablauf: "We are aware of the report at North Carolina. Our compliance office is looking into this matter and will determine if anything needs to be reported to the NCAA." (link); ESPN's Rovell & DePaula indicate UNC brass reached out to Michigan, Marquette & Cal leaders to inform them of their shoe versions turning up during the Tar Heels' review process. StockX CEO Luber: "Oregon obviously has a long and storied history with Nike, but Michigan is the cool new kid on the block due to the continuing hype surrounding its landmark [Jordan] deal (which began in August 2016)." The Golden Eagles say they'll start wearing kicks for multiple games, which should decrease their value, as well as stitching on player numbers. The Ducks are notable for locking up shoes after games to make sure they don't hit the open market. Eye-opening: Average price for the 23 Michigan pairs on StockX was $4,671. (link)
Former standout Idaho student-athlete Kiser says on leave AD Spear threatened her with not having a chance to make the Vandals' Hall of Fame, despite being a "shoo-in," if she decided to transfer to Washington State back in 2014. Further from Kiser, "(Spear) said to me, if I left, the Vandal community would be upset and disgraced. I ran with a broken foot for more than a year. ... He told me they paid for my four years and that I owed them that last year." Kiser eventually left Moscow to walk-on for the Cougars, but never competed after being denied the opportunity to do so in a 4-1 vote by the President's Advisory Athletic Council. U of I Director of the Ethics Center Stoll was the one vote in favor of Kiser, says Spear can command & influence a room, "I thought everybody in that room would vote to release her. I was so surprised that it didn’t go that way. ... I just think the NCAA was wrong (to restrict transfers). ... Obviously I must have been right, because they got rid of the stupid rule." More. (link)
New Mexico Prez Stokes on state Attorney General Balderas pushing back on the process that led to the four sport cuts for the Lobos, "[Litigation] has happened at other universities that have made decisions to cut sports. So it’s not unexpected that people might pursue that as a way of dealing with it. […] [AD] Eddie’s [Nuñez] report is final. I accepted that recommendation. What we’ve been doing since is gathering all of the backup information that could potentially enrich the public understanding of how we got to where we are. […] Neither Eddie Nuñez or I have hidden the fact that we wished that we — that some of the issues surrounding our athletics programs at UNM had been resolved prior to our arrival. The reason they aren’t is because they’re very difficult issues for us to manage, for people to manage. So how do we turn the corner? I think it’s one day at a time." (link)'s Sallee got feedback from one-fifth of the 129 FBS HCs on the question of if student-athletes should be compensated for their name, image & likeness. 52% were in favor. Notable comments, "[Yes, but] how do you do it and keep the whole amateurism [model]? If you can do it and keep what we're doing somehow where it's not out of control, I think they have every right to. […] It's their name, their image, their likeness. Nobody is going broke off of college football. What is the NCAA worth, a billion dollars? Why shouldn't players be able to tap into that? […] No. I don't like the way that's going, to be honest, because I think we're turning them into professional athletes. I'm not sure coaches deserve that right, either. I'd like to see us stay more of an amateur sport. From my view where I see college football going, everything is driven by money and it's less like amateur sports. I think we're losing the college atmosphere." More. (link)
LSU makes two changes to its substance abuse policies: 1) First-time enrollees don't automatically go into a drug-testing plan with a positive test from their initial screening; 2) Violations can be expunged with four months of no issues. Tigers Senior Assoc. AD/SWA Segar on #1, "Instead of moving the student straight into the (testing) policy and giving them one strike, we give them an education and an opportunity. If they don’t have another positive, they don’t enter the drug-testing policy." (link); The Bayou Bengals are set to add the largest video board in college baseball to Alex Box Stadium. 37.8' tall x 71.4' wide. The addition will be ready for opening day next year. (link)
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Gotta imagine this UAB FB spot is going to win a ton of awards. Bonfires, tattoos, #WinAsOne, Blazer logo faded into a haircut, gridiron action, youth support, fervent fans, sports cars, muscled-up dudes, hype. (link); Out-of-home TV viewing of sports is no joke. World Cup TV ratings rose by 21% when taking into account OOH. 18-34 age demo was an astounding 51% OOH for the England-Croatia semi. (link)
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Wake Forest AD Wellman has placed MBB AC Jones on leave stemming from the NYC incident with Floridian Szabo & his subsequent passing. The release from Wake says Jones "agreed that the decision was appropriate at this time given the circumstances." (link)
Arizona AD Heeke reflects on a challenging year that included MBB's connection to the FBI saga, hiring a new FB HC, yet also witnessing a number of high-level accomplishments for Wildcat squads on & off the field. "There were some real, real challenges, no doubt. But in the midst of all of that, I really believe we had a good year. On one side, we learned a lot. We’re going to be better for that. On the other side, we were pretty good competitively. [...] It was at times very challenging, complex, confusing — but at the same time, I found it really exciting and exhilarating. You’ll always be faced with challenges in this industry, not unlike large companies or businesses. … All you do is step back, face it head-on and try to deal with the situation in the best way possible, learn and grow from it and be better coming out the other side. I never felt like something was overwhelming or insurmountable." Lots more on specific topics, including this advice on HC searches, "You can’t get caught up in the external world that wants to influence or get involved in the process. You’ve got to stay focused. You know where you want to go." (link)
Kansas State rolls out a litany of fan experience upgrades to Bill Snyder Family Stadium for the upcoming home slate. Of note, there's now a beer garden that will open two hours before the game to all supporters, $1.5M was spent to spruce up the Peoples State Bank East Club, addition of a wireless video board camera for "enhanced views of game action," cell phone charging stations, more. (link); Wildcats AD Taylor on the beer garden execution, "We talked last time about alcohol sales and I got some emails from folks that were concerned. This is not our step into general alcohol sales in the stadium but it does give our fans an opportunity to come in and have a beverage in a controlled environment. It was available last year but it was a special ticket. Now we are going to open it up a little bit more. We are just trying to enhance our fans' experience and opportunities when they come in. This will be a great addition." (link)
New Chicago State AD Zorich on his hoops hires, "The idea that somebody is going to criticize me because I’m not doing something right and they’re not sitting in my shoes, it’s not a big deal to me. [...] I’ve been around success. But athletics doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t come from someone who cares. I want our players to remember Lance when they’re 40 or 50 years old, just like I remember the coaches that made a difference in my life." Cougars MBB Irvin: "You know it’s going to be tough, because we missed some major recruiting periods. But with my relationships, I hope to overcome them. But I’m not going to tell you it’s not going to be tough. That’s the reality of it." (link)
"Here’s what it was: It was over a period of the last few years, once or maybe twice a season after late-night games the players would go for pizza and I would give them money out of my pocket – $50 or $60. That’s it." That's longtime UC San Diego Women's Soccer HC McManus on the possible NCAA violations connected to his abrupt retirement. No additional comments from the university. (link)
More Personnel: Tennessee AD Fulmer says there is "no one better suited" to lead the Lady Vols WBB program than HC Warlick, who received a $25K raise as part of her new deal. Base now $690K. (link); USA Today's Berkowitz with some new salary figures out of Texas A&M, S&C HC Schmidt gets $575K in base pay, made $339K at Oklahoma last year. DC Elko at $1.8M base. (link); Texas Tech extends Baseball HC Tadlock, Dir. of T&F/XC Kittley, Men's Golf HC Sands and Women's Tennis HC Petty. Tadlock's new deal is for seven years, $1M/per. (link, link); The Las Cruces Sun News looks at the incentives in New Mexico State coaching contracts. MBB HC Jans earned a $35K performance incentive last year and will get a retention bonus of $159K on Nov. 1 in lieu of an increase to his base salary of $270K. The retention bonus next November is $139K. Season tix sales bonus incentive went from 10% to 20% in his new deal. Base salary will go up to $290K in 2019-20, owes 100% if he leaves in first two seasons, 50% thereafter. More details included for the contracts and incentives of Jans, WBB HC Atkinson (base $130K) and Softball HC Rodolph (base $85K). (link); Recently hired UT Chattanooga Wrestling AC Ruschell will take over the top spot for the Mocs' program. (link); George Washington AD Vogel goes with former Charleston Southern HC Winkler to lead the Colonials Softball team. (link); Iowa State XC HC Grove-McDonough assumes the same role at North Carolina. (link); Longtime Evansville HC Perkins will be the new HC of the Bowling Green Swimming & Diving program. (link)
MIT Leadership Center leaders Ancona and Gregersen penned for the Harvard Business Review about "The Power of Leaders Who Focus on Solving Problems." Thesis: "We found several common threads in the work of problem-led leaders. Most striking is that none of these leaders has any expectation that they will attract 'followers' personally — by dint of their charisma, status in a hierarchy, or access to resources. Instead, their method is to get others excited about whatever problem they have identified as ripe for a novel solution. Having fallen in love with a problem, they step up to leadership — but only reluctantly, and only as necessary to get it solved." More: "Leadership becomes an intermittent activity as people with enthusiasm and expertise step up as needed, and readily step aside when, based on the needs of the project, another team member’s strengths are more central. Rather than being pure generalists, leaders pursue their own deep expertise, while gaining enough familiarity with other knowledge realms to make the necessary connections. No one assumes that the life of a team, or even organization, will be prolonged for its own sake. They expect to be involved in a series of initiatives with contributors fluidly assembling and disassembling. It’s a key leadership talent, then, to know how to put together a team. To tackle a problem, they need to find the right talent and to convince others that their project offers the chance to be part of a breakthrough. (Talented people always have other options, after all.)"  (link)
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Hoops Changes: Kansas HC Self: "The one thing I think we all have to do is we all have to be able to adjust to change and allow change to play out. ... What may appear to be very negative may turn out to be positive,” Self said, “and certainly there’s been many things throughout the NCAA where, when changes were made, everybody thought the sky was falling and it turned out to be OK." (link); News & Observer's DeCock on Duke's Coach K: "Mike Krzyzewski had a lot to say about the NCAA basketball reforms this morning. Criticized aspects of the process and lack of coordination with other stakeholders, not the intent. He brought a prop: A group photo of the 2005 NCAA-NBA-USA Basketball summit to underline his point. ... His two main specific criticisms: Failure to approve proposals for additional summer skills development and allowing more members of basketball staff to work with players." (link); Knight Commission: "#NCAA basketball reforms are good steps forward but financial disclosure changes should go further" (link); CBSSports' Norlander breaks down the changes with agents and players. He and DeCock with an informed back-and-forth on Twitter. (link, link); Do these changes hurt the smaller schools? Rivals National Recruiting Analyst Evans thinks so: "They’re caring about the 1 percent of the 1 percent. This industry, this entire sport, it’s made by the 99.9 percent. I get you want to sell and take care of the elite stars, but the elite talent is nothing without the role guys or the low-majors." (link); The Athletic's Moore: "I went through last few drafts/combines and pulled names of players who could return to school under the NCAA's new rule. If you polled these players, I would bet most would not have elected to return to school. Something to consider if any coaches complain about it." That list included Kansas' Newman, Duke's Duval, Arizona's Trier and Alkins, South Carolina's Bowen and UNLV's McCoy from 2018 draft. (link); NCAA MBB will have a mass conference call next Monday to discuss. (link)
Kentucky AD Barnhart with some salient points on what it takes to get butts in seats at Kroger Field: "There’s discretionary time and discretionary dollars for all fans in what they do, and the other is the way people by tickets in today’s world. With the way to buy available tickets on secondary markets, people are making the decision to not have a season ticket and just say, 'I’ll just go ahead buy what’s available from someone else who is not going and catch it on a secondary market.' Well, that changes, obviously, the stable finances for programs that count on season tickets and that stability. Doesn’t mean you can’t sell the ticket, but it has to mean that you are selling it differently. So everyone is, I won’t say, freaking out, but they go, 'Oh, my gosh, season ticket numbers are down!' They are sort of stagnant and down a lot of places and that’s not usual. Again, there’s programs that have had incredible success that are seeing numbers drop because the ticket-buying mechanism for a lot of folks is different." Further: "If you’re asking people to invest six, seven hours of the day, you’ve got to make sure that you do it right. ... At the end of the day, you have to provide a really good product on the field but at the end of the day, you also have to be cognizant of those other pieces." (link)
Eastern Washington's athletic department has a $5M deficit, which newish AD Hickey is focusing on eliminating. Hickey: "We’re working on a long-term plan. We know we need to do a better job at fundraising. It’s all about building relationships. There's not a whole lot more we can cut, I don't see much we can really ding right now." EWU's FY17 revenues breakdown: ticket sales ($816,157), contributions ($732,875), rights/licensing ($1,742,568), student fees ($7,497,272) and the "other" ($175,368). The Eagles played eight home FB games in 2016, which helped the numbers. During that year, spent $5.175M on coaches, $4.151M on scholarships, $153K on facilities/overhead and $6.274M on "other." Hickey won't make the proposed Roos Field revamp public until it is a "good, sound, set design," but notes the immediate importance of providing better fan amenities, adequate seating, restrooms and concessions and a good student experience for home FB games. (link)
Troy AD McClain releases the Trojans' Year in Review, highlights the Sun Belt FB Championship, Baseball's trip to NCAA Regionals, community involvement and solid APR & GPA scores from student-athletes. McClain: "As we wrap up the 2017-18 academic year, I feel so blessed to be a Trojan. It has been another remarkable year, highlighted by many individual and team records and the outstanding support offered our student-athletes by the Troy University community. None of this would be possible without the support we receive from Trojans around the country. At a time when we have been laser-focused on growing into a premier FBS athletic department, this support has allowed us to reach many of our goals. While there is plenty of road left to travel, the future is very bright for Troy Athletics. Together we can succeed as … One TROY!" (link)
Memphis Men's & Women's Soccer are returning to campus thanks to a completion of a $500K project to put lights at Billy J. Murphy Track and Soccer Complex. AD Bowen: "This really is an epic moment to put a capstone on a project that began with a gift from the Hardin Foundation. One of the goals of that project was to bring Memphis soccer back home. Thank you to Dr. Rudd for bringing our men's and women's soccer programs home permanently." (link); New Hampshire will soon break ground on the first phase of a new Soccer and LAX facility made possible from an anonymous grant from the Eleanor and Clarence Prevo Fund. AD Scarano: "We are very grateful for the continued support of our alumni and donors who share our vision for excellence in all we do. This facility is not only critical for the future success of our lacrosse and soccer programs, but is a fabulous asset for the surrounding community." The Oyster River Youth Association will have access to the space, as well. Phase one includes infrastructure prep and installation of synthetic field, goals and perimeter fencing. Phase two "will be predicated on future fundraising and completion of the first phase," but will include field lighting, storage area and 3K-seat grandstand, press box, enhanced landscaping and covered team benches. $1.7M still needed for the second phase to move forward. $3.5M project overall. (link)
Also Noticed: $21M+ = total legal defense costs for North Carolina for the academic saga that enveloped the Tar Heels for a number of years. (link); Tulsa and Blockparty are now partners. (link); NCAA Men's LAX will get a 60-second shot clock this year, in addition to a shrinking substitution box which goes from 20 to 10 yards. (link); Football attendance was up in HC Fleck's first year at Minnesota, but season ticket sales are down. Sold 22,131 last year, at 21,405 a week ago, but renewal rate of 87% stayed the same year-over-year. TCF Bank Stadium seats 50,805, Gophers averaged 44,358 a year ago, up from 2016's mark of 43,813. (link); A lawsuit filed against Nike on Thursday seeks class action status, alleges "women's careers (at Nike) are blunted because they are marginalized and passed over for promotions. ... Nike judges women more harshly than men, which means lower salaries, smaller bonuses, and fewer stock options. Women's complaints to human resources about discrimination and harassment, including sexual assault, are ignored or mishandled." Filed on behalf of four former employees but could reach 500 members. (link); Buffalo FB will play at Missouri in 2024. (link); Bowling Green FB adds home games with Murray State in 2021 and Eastern Kentucky in 2022. Both come with $350K guarantees. (link) powered by Turnkey Search
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(NEW!) Assistant Athletic Director of Compliance (Montana State University / Bozeman, MT): The Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance will manage the compliance operations within the Athletic Department. More details HERE.

(NEW!) Director of Development/Major Gifts (Ole Miss Athletics Foundation / Oxford, MS): The Dir of Dev/Major Gifts is a member of the Ole Miss Athletics Foundation staff and charged with the identification, solicitation and raising of philanthropic gifts to support Ole Miss Athletics. More details HERE.

(NEW!) Director of Athletic Event Management (University of New Mexico / Albuquerque, NM): UNM’s Athletics Events Management department is seeking a Director of Athletic Event Management to manage and coordinator all aspects of hosting UNM home athletics events. More details HERE.

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Academic Coordinator (San Diego State University / San Diego, CA): Assist at-risk student-athletes in developing & achieving academic objectives through one-on-one meetings. Model & teach study skills & strategies. Set up & lead review sessions. Tutorial services. More details HERE.

Director of Development, Athletics (Columbia University / New York, NY): The Director of Development for Athletics is responsible for implementing the development and alumni relations plans for Columbia Athletics and achieving related goals. More details HERE.

Ticket Sales and Service Account Executive (University of Virginia / Charlottesville, VA): This position will be responsible for generating revenue and increasing attendance at Virginia Athletics events through the sale of tickets and VA Athletics Foundation contributions. More details HERE.

Head Softball Coach (Ohio University / Athens, OH): Coach and develop a highly competitive Division I softball team. Organize the administration of the day-to-day operations. More details HERE.

Director of Ticket Operations (Florida Atlantic University / Boca Raton, FL): Primarily responsible for planning, organizing and directing all operations involving the Tickets Office-including the financial management of all revenue generated from ticket sales. More details HERE.

Deputy Athletics Director (University of Illinois at Chicago / Chicago, IL): This position serves as chief operating officer and will assist the Director of Athletics in the overall management, supervision, and leadership of the athletics department. More details HERE.

Video Board Coordinating Producer (University of Kentucky / Lexington, KY): Collaborate with various entities to produce engaging streamed and on-demand video content for UK and SEC Digital Network - enhancing the in-venue experience & sports broadcast shows. More details HERE.

Sports Turf Manager (University of Kentucky / Lexington, KY): Oversee the preparation of safe, aesthetically pleasing practice & competition fields to give our student-athletes elite opportunities to succeed in their sport. More details HERE.

Ticket Services & Retention Rep (Purdue University / West Lafayette, IN): Responsible for creating and executing a business sales plan to service and retain season ticket packages for Purdue Athletics. Retention of renewable season tickets via phone or face to face. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director of Strategic Communications and Marketing (University of Missouri-Kansas City / Kansas City, MO): This position will have oversight over several areas including: strategic communications, media relations, digital media, marketing/promotions, branding, and fan engagement. More details HERE.

Associate Head Athletic Trainer (Brown University / Providence, RI): Position provides medical care and health education to ensure the safety of, reduce risk of injury to, and guide the rehabilitation of Brown student-athletes under the guidance of the Head Trainer. More details HERE.

Budget Analyst - Intercollegiate Athletics (University of San Diego / San Diego, CA)Bean Counter? Strategic thinker? We need both!  Seeking a strong No. 2 in our Athletics Business Office. The Budget Analyst supports the Senior Associate AD/CFO in establishing, monitoring, and maintaining the department's budget in addition to collecting, reviewing, and analyzing data that is used in budget planning, forecasting and strategic planning processes. If you are good at math, a whiz-bang in accounting, finance or related field (CPA a plus) and not opposed to working on the most beautiful campus in America, please send email expressing interest TODAY to Senior Associate AD Dan Yourg: (Yes, YouRg not YouNg!). More details HERE.

Associate Sports Information Director (Boise State University / Boise, ID): Boise State is hiring an associate sports information director whose primarily responsibility will be baseball, and will also assist with the media relations efforts for the Broncos’ football team. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Strategic Communications (Pennsylvania State University / University Park, PA): Penn State Intercollegiate Athletics, a Division I and Big Ten Conference member, is seeking a highly qualified candidate to fill the position of Assistant Director of Strategic Communications. More details HERE.

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Assoc. Athletic Director - Communications (Clemson University / Clemson, SC): Clemson University is looking for Assoc. Athletic Director – Communications in Jervey Athletic Center. To apply and view full details, please visit More details HERE.

Director of Marketing (University of New Mexico / Albuquerque, NM): UNM Athletics Marketing department is seeking a Director of Marketing to will assist with the day-to-day marketing and promotions of assigned programs working directly with our basketball programs. More details HERE.

Account Executive (Home Team Sports / San Diego, CA): The Account Executive (AE) will develop, sell, and manage all aspects of fully integrated corporate sponsorships for San Diego State University (SDSU) Sports Properties. More details HERE.

Senior Associate Athletic Director for Academic Support (University of Mississippi / Oxford, MS): This position coordinates the facets of assisting and counseling student athletes with academic requirements in compliance with NCAA, SEC, & University academic eligibility & graduation requirements. More details HERE.

Associate/Sr. Associate Athletic Director for Student Success & Compliance (Winthrop University / Rock Hill, SC): Under the direction of the Director of Athletics, the Associate/Senior Associate Athletic Director for Student Success & Compliance serves as a member of the Athletics Department senior staff. More details HERE.

Assistant AD/Director of Strategic Communications (University of San Deigo / San Diego, CA)Are you interested in working on the most beautiful college campus in America?  We are looking for a Difference Maker to share the special story of the University of San Diego Toreros.  If you are a talented strategic thinker, writer, videographer, graphic designer, or otherwise supremely talented communications professional, and can help move the needle in driving engagement, attendance, revenue generation, recruiting, etc., email Marcy Lanoue at: TODAY.  We're moving fast and you must enjoy sunshine! More details HERE.

Athletics Annual Fund Coordinator (California State University, Bakersfield / Bakersfield, CA): The Athletics Annual Fund Coordinator manages the Roadrunner Scholarship Fund through the identification, cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship of donors and prospects. More details HERE.

Program Manager - Athletics Ticket Sales & Services (Texas Tech University / Lubbock, TX): Assist in the development of new ticket marketing growth programs and initiatives; manage & update sales records using Ticket System/Salesforce on a daily and weekly basis. Req# ID 14848. More details HERE.

Athletic Business Operations Manager (Winthrop University / Rock Hill, SC): Reporting to the Senior Associate Athletic Director for Internal Operations, the Business Operations Manager executes the athletics business office and departmental business functions. More details HERE.

Athletics Development Officer (Utah State University / Logan, UT): The position is responsible for achieving identified goals and objectives established by the Deputy Athletics Director / Assistant Vice President in coordination with the... More details HERE.

Associate Athletic Director for Business Operations (Texas State University / San Marcos, TX): This position will manage financial and human resources operations, coordinate strategic planning, and oversee administrative and/or operational projects for the Department of Athletics. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director - Marketing/Promotions (Middle Tennessee State University / Murfreesboro, TN): The Assistant Athletic Director Marketing and Promotions will work on the immediate and long range marketing/sales efforts for the athletic department. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Athletics for Student-Athlete Development & Welfare (College of the Holy Cross / Worcester, MA): The AD is responsible for creating and implementing a series of programming to emphasis and improve the student-athlete experience and welfare. Master’s degree preferred. More details HERE.

Assistant/Associate Director, Athletics Communications (Boston College / Chestnut Hill, MA): Boston College Athletics is accepting applications for the position of Assistant/Associate Director, Athletics Communications. This position will serve as the media contact for the men's hockey team. More details HERE.

Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach (University of Akron / Akron, OH): The University of Akron, a NCAA Division I (FBS) institution and member of the Mid-American Conference is currently accepting application for the position of Head Women's Lacrosse Coach. More details HERE.

CD Henry Internship (Big Ten Conference / Rosemont, IL): The intern will work in several areas of the office including sports administration, championships, football and basketball operations and special research projects. More details HERE.

Associate Athletics Director for Communications (Vanderbilt University / Nashville, TN): The Associate Athletics Director of Communications is responsible for leading the department’s communications efforts in alignment with institutional-level strategies and tactics to advance Vanderbilt. More details HERE.

Coordinator of Baseball Operations (Long Beach State University / Long Beach, CA): This position provides administrative support to the Baseball program. Must apply online at to be considered. More details HERE.

Executive or Sr. Associate Athletics Director for Academics and Student Development (University of Georgia Athletic Association / Athens, GA): Member of UGA Athletics Senior Management Team. Responsible for oversight and management of academic success and academic support services for student athletes participating in 21 sport programs. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director (University of Georgia Athletic Association / Athens, GA): Responsible for efficient and effective operation of the Athletic Association’s human resources unit. Establish and implement HR efforts that effectively communicate and support our mission and vision. More details HERE.

Director of Development - Premium Seating/Major Gifts (University of Wisconsin / Madison, WI): This position will work as a member of the Athletic Development Office team with specific responsibility for developing, implementing and evaluating the premium seating program. More details HERE.

Associate Director Athletics Ticket Analytics and Database Management (Texas Tech University / Lubbock, TX): Assist in management of the overall day-to-day database maintenance and administration for both Paciolan ticketing and Salesforce CRM software; maintain forecasting models. Req#ID 14783. More details HERE.

Creative Services Coordinator (University of North Carolina at Charlotte / Charlotte, NC): This position is responsible for consulting, creation, designing, delivering wide variety visual/graphic art products for all sports teams. The products include but are not limited to: individual team posters, schedule cards, promotional items, billboards, recruiting materials, public relations material and social media content. More details HERE.

Tennis Coordinator of Officials (Big Ten Conference / Rosemont, IL): Assign officials for all men’s and women’s Big Ten tennis conference matches while acting as a liaison between the NCAA, ITA, member institutions’ tennis coaches and officials. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Digital Communications - Social Media Strategy (NCAA / Indianapolis, IN): Manage various outreach efforts of the NCAA’s main communications office, assisting in the Association’s social media efforts and other communications efforts as defined by the managing director of external affairs and director of digital communications. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Athletics Communications (University of Notre Dame / South Bend, IN): Join the Communications arm of Fighting Irish Media, which aims to engage and connect student-athletes, fans and alumni to Notre Dame. More details HERE.

Feature Content Specialist, On-Air Talent (Pennsylvania State University / University Park, PA): Penn State Intercollegiate Athletics is seeking a candidate for a Feature Content Specialist and On-Air Talent. Typically requires a Bachelor's degree or higher plus four years of related experience. More details HERE.

Senior Associate Athletic Director (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill / Chapel Hill, NC): The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Department of Athletics is seeking applications for a Senior Associate Athletic Director for Student Athlete Health, Well Being and Program Outreach. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director- Compliance (Rice University / Houston, TX): This position is responsible for managing, developing, and implementing all aspects of the department’s compliance program and the day to day operations of the compliance office. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Marketing (Northwestern University / Evanston, IL): Responsible for oversight of select sports.This position facilitates the creation & execution of strategic plans supporting brand awareness, ticket sales & other revenue-generating initiatives. More details HERE.

Head Coach - Women's Tennis (Middle Tennessee State University / Murfreesboro, TN): Oversee all aspects of the University’s NCAA Division I Women’s Tennis program at Middle Tennessee State University. More details HERE.

Director, Athletics Advancement (Florida Gulf Coast University / Fort Myers, FL): The Director, Athletics Advancement identifies, qualifies, cultivates, closes and stewards gifts from current and prospective donors for both Athletics and the FGCU Foundation. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Annual Giving (Auburn Athletics / Tigers Unlimited / Auburn, AL): This position will develop, coordinate, and implement programs, services, and fundraising activities aimed at raising awareness and advancement of Athletics development initiatives. More details HERE.

Associate/Assistant Athletic Director for Sports Medicine (Virginia Commonwealth University / Richmond, VA): VCU Athletics invites applicants for an Assoc./Asst. AD for Sports Medicine who will be responsible for the direction and development of the entire Sports Medicine program. Sport assignment is MBB. More details HERE.

Director of the Mocs Club (University of Chattanooga Foundation, UT Chattanooga / Chattanooga, TN): The Director of the Mocs Club provides primary leadership for athletics annual fundraising efforts, specifically to increase Mocs Club membership and increase unrestricted giving to UTC Athletics. More details HERE.

Associate Director of the Mocs Club (University of Chattanooga Foundation, UT Chattanooga / Chattanooga, TN): The Associate Director will assist with athletics annual fundraising efforts, manage all aspects of the C Club, UTC's Letterwinners organization, and provide stewardship to all donors to UTC Athletics. More details HERE.

(NEW!) Athletics Development Coordinator (Boston University / Boston ,MA): This position is a key member of the Athletics Development staff, assisting the department toward its $50 million goal as part of the $1.5 billion goal in the Campaign for BU. More details HERE.

COORDINATOR OF WOMEN’S BASKETBALL OPERATIONS & PLAYER DEVELOPMENT (Middle Tennessee State University / Murfreesboro, TN): The Coordinator of Women’s Basketball Relations and Player Development will work directly with the Head Coach and the Director of the Academic Enhancement Center and assist with administrative aspects. More details HERE.

Head Coach, Women's Tennis (Brown University / Providence, RI): This position is responsible for all aspects of the Women’s Tennis program. The Incumbent also maintains positive relations with alumnae and friends groups. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director, Creative and Digital Media (University of Oregon / Eugene, OR): This role is responsible for leading and executing creative/branding, digital, and social media strategy for Oregon Athletics. Building brand awareness and positive messaging for fans and constituents. More details HERE.

Athletics Business Manager (University of Louisville Athletic Association / Louisville, KY): The Athletics Business Manager is responsible for oversight of the business operations of the U of L Athletic Department including budget, finance, accounting, travel, accounts payable/receivable, etc. More details HERE.

Director of Athletics Compliance (University of North Texas / Denton, TX): Oversees the day-to-day compliance activities to meet NCAA, Conference USA, and University of North Texas requirements. Directs, addresses, and follows up on eligibility records for student athletes. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Marketing (University of Louisville Athletic Association / Louisville, KY): The Assistant Director of Marketing position serves as the marketing director and game director for all assigned Olympic sports for the University of Louisville Athletic Department. More details HERE.

Athletic Academic Advisor, Student Athlete Services (James Madison University / Harrisonburg, VA): Assist the Associate AD for Student-Athlete Services in the organization, coordination and implementation of academic support services for student-athletes. More details HERE.

Head Coach, Womens Gymnastics (San Jose State University / San Jose, CA): The Gymnastics Head Coach will report directly to the Senior Associate Athletics Director. Teach, motivate, and recruit student athletes. Details/apply:, id: 24643. More details HERE.

Head Baseball Coach (#11012) (University of Akron / Akron, OH): The University of Akron, a NCAA Division I (FBS) institution, is currently accepting applications for the position of Head Baseball Coach. Bachelor's required. EEO/AA. Employer/Veterans/Disabled. More details HERE.

Assistant Baseball Coach (#11015) (University of Akron / Akron, OH): The University of Akron, a NCAA Division I (FBS) institution is currently accepting applications for the position of Assistant Baseball Coach. Bachelor's required. EEO/AA. Employer/Veterans/Disabled. More details HERE.

Assistant Coach 1 - Hitting (Middle Tennessee State University / Murfreesboro, TN): Assist the Head women’s softball coach organize and administer all aspects of our NCAA Division I women’s softball program. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Ticket Operations (Army West Point Athletic Association / West Point, NY): Responsible for assisting the Director of Operations, Army A Club with the overall operation of the Army A Club. More details HERE.

Director of Compliance for Eligibility/Assistant Director of Compliance for Eligibility (University of Michigan Athletic Department / Ann Arbor, MI): This position will assist in a number of areas related to eligibility and recruiting and will have primary responsibility for managing the continuing, transfer, and initial eligibility process. More details HERE.

Director, Digital Media Strategy & Content (Mountain West Conference / Colorado Springs, CO): The Mountain West is accepting applications for its Director, Digital Media Strategy & Content. The successful candidate will design & implement the digital media strategy for the Conference. More details HERE.

Athletics Marketing Coordinator (Eastern Michigan University / Ypsilanti, MI): Assist with efforts to coordinate and implement marketing strategies to increase student attendance and engagement at home athletic events, and bring program visibility and awareness at home games. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Group Sales (Baylor University / Waco, TX): The Assistant Director of Group Sales is responsible for providing ticket sales assistance for the Department of Athletics as well as ensure group experience fulfillment. More details HERE.

Head Coach, Women's Softball (Quinnipiac University / Hamden, CT): In this position, you will be responsible for total program management, including coaching, administration, recruitment and coordination of a collegiate women’s softball program. More details HERE.

Head Women's Tennis Coach (University of Southern Mississippi / Hattiesburg, MS): Head coach of the Southern Miss Women's Tennis program. Candidate will be responsible for coaching, recruiting, and overall operation and performance of Women's Tennis at Southern Miss. More details HERE.

Assistant Women's Lacrosse Coach (Quinnipiac University / Hamden, CT): The assistant coach will engage in sport-specific coaching, recruitment, and student-athlete development with the women’s lacrosse program. More details HERE.
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