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+ The All-American's Mandel says his outlet stands by the reporting of headliner Auerbach in her piece connected to NCAA Prez Emmert's knowledge of sexual violence at Michigan State as far back as 2010. Mandel: "We stand by Nicole’s story. Her story is 100 percent factual. There is no editorializing in it. Some of the things he is bringing up are not even in our story. There is no connection whatsoever between him and Larry Nassar in that story. We take great exception to him referring to our story as a mischaracterization of facts." (link)
+ Former MSU MBB AC & student-athlete Walton: "I never physically assaulted a woman at an East Lansing establishment as alleged. While conversing with her, and without notice or provocation, she threw a drink at me, and I subsequently left the establishment. Two written statements from independent, objective witnesses were given to the City Attorney and support my innocence." Walton on reports of his involvement in an alleged sexual assault, "My encounters with this woman were more than just a single occasion, and my actions with her were always consensual." (link)
+ High-profile ESPN personality & MSU alum Hill, in part, "After I was suspended, Izzo was one of the first people to reach out with words of encouragement and support. He even told the public I should run for president after I gleefully excoriated Michigan after the Wolverines lost to us on a last-second punt block a few years ago. I’ve known him long enough that I’m willing to extend him the benefit of the doubt on how he’s addressed these allegations so far, in hopes that he’ll be able to sufficiently explain his actions. But I also understand and respect those who can’t do the same." (link)
+ Former Michigan Governor Engler will lead Michigan State on an interim basis, though many point to his deep ties at the university & across the state as the exact reason he should not have been the choice. More. (linklink)
After 12-plus years of leadership, Stephen F. Austin AD Hill will retire at the end of the current academic year, "Being able to pick my time to leave is rare in this business and I thank Dr. Pattillo and the Board of Regents for their support and confidence in me." National search to launch immediately. More Hill: "My mentor, Steve McCarty, always reminded me that to have a successful organization you need to hire great people and then stay out of their way and let them do their jobs. I've tried to follow that advice. Our coaches and support staff deserve all of the credit for what we have accomplished. Their dedication to our student-athletes and doing things the right way is what really makes SFA a Southland Conference leader." (link)
Missouri AD Sterk says South Carolina WBB HC Staley promoted an unhealthy atmosphere during Sunday night's tip on the Gamecocks' home court that included racial slurs from fans & saw some Tigers student-athletes get spit on. USC AD Tanner, prior to Sterk's comments: "Upon hearing the accusations regarding our crowd’s behavior towards the Missouri team, the athletics department conducted a review of our operations from the game, including interviews with staff and security personnel. In this review, we received no confirmation of the alleged behavior directed at the visiting team by fans at the game." MU HC Pingeton:  "...really disappointed with some things that transpired. There’s no place in our game for that. Fans have got to be better. …All around. Our side. Their side. Fans have got to be better." As you might recall, Staley was ejected from an earlier matchup between the pair played at Mizzou. (link)
"Basically, we're saying kids can go anywhere they want. For the first time ever in college athletics, the student-athlete is empowered." That's Iowa State AD Pollard on a high-profile transfer proposal by the Big 12 that would allow student-athletes free movement if their HC exits and/or if a post-season ban is handed down to their respective program. All other transfer desires would face a year in residence threshold. Key note from's Dodd, "it is merely a proposal, not the proposal." More Pollard: "Either try to accept [the process or] try to change it. But quit bitching about it. [...] I think it's a phenomenal idea. There's holes in it. There will always be, but it's the best thing I've seen out there so far. It's a lot better than where we are heading." More. (link); Yahoo's Forde believes the Big 12 proposal has to be adopted, "Ending the indefensible practice of limiting transfer options and extending immediate eligibility after a coaching change are great ways to change the historic imbalance of power between institution and athlete." Further, Forde believes the unrestricted movement of student-athletes, which was widely debated at the NCAA Convention earlier in the month, would be "a complete disaster." (link); Here's the full proposal. (link)
Louisville saw a university-wide giving decrease of $32M in FY17 as the institution's financial crunch has become pretty acute. Interim Prez Postel points to pushing enrollment significantly north over the next handful of years to make up for the fiscal shortfalls that are also accentuated by state appropriation cuts. Mega-donor & Papa John's founder Schnatter points to the $55M expansion of the Cardinals' FB stadium that bears his company's name as creating animosity on campus where there's not enough money to give faculty raises. All this as U of L is conducting a search for a new permanent AD. (linklink); Board of Trustees chair Grissom was asked about the private investigators tailing former AD Jurich, "I can't make any comment about any matter that could become a matter of litigation." (link)
Your daily update on new Tennessee AD Fulmer. This note on how long he plans to lead the Vols, "I don’t know about a two-year deal. Maybe I did sign something. But I don’t think so. It won’t be 20 years, I can tell you that. … I want to do this as long as I am being helpful, and if I had to put a number on it, which I don’t have to, I would say five years, six years, something like that." (link)
More FY17 results, this time it's LSU in the spotlight as the Tigers generated $147.7M in revenues against $131.7M in expenses, resulting in a $16.027M surplus. All sorts of review data in the piece from The Advocate. Of note, FB ended $56.097M in the black, MBB plus $1.619M & Baseball turned a $569K profit, while all others were in the red. Top three overall revenue categories: Ticket sales ($41.9M), media rights ($38.9M) & contributions ($35.1M). Lots more. (link)
Sounds like there's a groundswell in the Pac-12 to move to a 20-game MBB conference slate. Arizona HC Miller: "It’s the way the sport is going. We don’t want to be the conference that needs a couple years to catch up." Deputy Commish Zaninovich indicates he's leaning that way, but wants to learn more. The San Jose Mercury News' Wilner reviews the situation, notes ADs can approve the change, though the earliest it could be in place would be 2019-20 & it would not impact Tier I rights deals. Overall, Wilner sees way more positives than negatives, though he adds the disclaimer, "The ideal combination of opponents for Arizona is not the same as the ideal for Washington State." (link)
Interesting read from Arkansas sports management professor Dittmore asking, "Do Conference TV Rights Suppress Exposure To Niche Sports?" Dittmore uses Lacrosse as the case study & wonders, "It would be easy to say, 'wow, 10 platforms broadcast lacrosse! That’s a lot!' However, the cumulative effect of this fractioning makes it difficult and expensive for the enthusiastic lacrosse fan to know where to turn to watch live events. With less than three weeks until the season begins, the Big Ten Network and ESPN have yet to release their broadcast schedules (at least as my research through Jan. 26 found). […] When Major League Baseball’s broadcast rules were legally challenged in Garber et al. v. MLB et al. in 2016, it agreed to allow fans to order single-team packages instead of fans being forced to purchase a bundle of all MLB teams. Could a similar thought process be employed in college sports?" More. (link); Multiple outlets are reporting Fox has won the bidding for the NFL's Thursday Night package at a rate greater than what CBS & NBC paid the last two years. What might be even more important here is the sign Fox is moving away from scripted programming & investing more in live sports rights. (link)
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Larry Culpepper now works for a coffee company. Well, I guess Keurig is technically a full-scale beverage company as its acquisition of Dr. Pepper Snapple will crate a new public entity that does $11B worth of sales in the beverage world. Nearly $19B of cash is the center point of the transaction as the two entities will look to leverage each other's distribution networks & brand power. Macquarie analyst Levy: "It’s always been a two-horse race with Coke and Pepsi. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this entity pull ahead of Pepsi in the beverage business." (link)
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Florida AD Stricklin hosted an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit. On the never-ending facilities race, "The immediate three priorities remain softball, baseball and a stand-alone football complex. We intend to share additional details about all three of those projects, plus some long-range master plan elements related to all of our athletic venues, in the coming months. Stay tuned! …Renovating BHG [Ben Hill Griffin Stadium] is a part of our ongoing master plan process. It may take awhile to ramp up to, but it will be fantastic!" Stricklin zings UCF's claim to a FB National Championship, "I’m not one to claim titles that others don’t universally recognize. Fortunately, at Florida, we have 39 national titles that everyone does, in fact, recognize." Also says UF was the only place he would have left Mississippi State for. More. (link)
Before he took the administrator route, Villanova AD Jackson was an intern for the New England Patriots under then-HC Parcels, stayed on as an AC under next-HC Carroll and before joining Carroll at USC, he worked for a year under current Pats boss Belichick. Sports Illustrated's Feldman gets the inside scoop on what that final season in Foxboro was like along with parallels between Belichick, Carroll and Nova MBB HC Wright. Jackson, on Belichick's influence on him as an AD: "I saw Bill come in with a new regime and have a very thoughtful, meticulous nature. He didn’t come in and make wide sweeping changes. I noticed this from afar. The value of promotion from within has stuck with me. ... I definitely try to apply that here. I’m trying to invest in the younger people in our athletic department so that they understand our culture and can get brought up in that." More Jackson, on the comparison of HCs with whom he has worked: "I don’t know where I can compare and contrast Jay to Bill, but what I can say is whether it’s Pete or Jay or Bill—and I’ve been around a lot of really good coaches—they know their philosophy. They know who they are. They know what they’re about. These are programs. These aren’t just teams. These are systems. They know every element of it, and they know what works, and they don’t deviate from it. Although they’re very different in styles, they’ve figured themselves out and they’re very, very confident in who they are. That’s the one commonality in the great coaches I’ve been around." (link)
Appalachian State Men's Tennis HC Lake has been suspended for the next four matches. ASU Chancellor Everts: "I have tasked (Athletics Director) Doug Gillin and Chief Diversity Officer Willie Fleming with engaging a third party to provide an independent assessment of and guidance regarding the diversity and inclusion practices in our athletics programs. Our entire student body deserves an environment that fosters and supports their academic and personal development. Your university leadership is committed to ensuring this environment at all levels." AD Gillin: "Appalachian State Athletics is wholeheartedly dedicated to the university’s commitment to diversity of thought, belief and community. Based on our review of the incident that took place after the men’s tennis match on Jan. 28, I am suspending Coach Lake from all coaching duties effective immediately through the next four matches. The conduct displayed on Sunday does not reflect the values of our tennis program, department and university." (link)
Northern Arizona AD Marlow picks former colleague and Washington State Assoc. AD/Executive Director of the Cougar Athletic Fund Farkas to be the new Senior Assoc. AD for External Operations and Development in Flagstaff. Marlow: "Uri is well known in college athletics as an energetic and talented leader who believes strongly in the mission of higher education and intercollegiate athletics.  While he has a very diverse background in terms of experience, it is his external operations expertise that will most immediately assist in moving NAU Athletics to the next level." Farkas' previous stops include Cal and Oregon. (link)
Virginia Tech AD Babcock has, once again, increased the Hokies' commitment to FB HC Fuente & his staff. Overall, Fuente's contract in Blacksburg is now worth $30.5M over the next seven campaigns at an average annual rate of $4.36M before bonuses. Buyout terms, without cause, now range from $15M to 2M & in the other direction, $5M to $0. (link); Clarity on the buyout terms for former Arkansas FB HC Bielema looks like $11.9M over the next three years, less mitigation. (link)
More Personnel Notes: Colorado State MBB beat reporter Michael last night, "BREAKING: I have confirmed through multiple sources that Joe Parker interviewed coaches & players individually today is currently reviewing Larry Eustachy's conduct as head coach." Michael indicates the story is dropping this morning. (link); Waco Tribune reporter Ericksen: "@LibertyU AD Ian McCaw, Senior Associate AD Todd Patulski, and Associate General Counsel Ian McRary have each been subpoenaed in the lawsuit Jane Doe 1-10 v. @Baylor. McCaw / Patulski used to lead Baylor athletics; McRary was a Title IX investigator." (link); New Nebraska FB HC Frost takes full responsibility for two Husker student-athletes ending up in the hospital due to rhabdo, "Anything that happens in our program is ultimately my responsibility. […] I didn't know much about (rhabdomyolysis) until recently, when I saw it happen at other places and I figured that would never happen to us, as careful as we are, but unfortunately it did and we take it very seriously." More. (link); Georgia Tech supporters have pushed nearly $300K to the Yellow Jackets in the drive to add four new FB staff positions. (link); UAB AD Ingram hires Villanova AHC Pauly as the new Women's Volleyball boss for the Blazers. (link); Former Minnesota/Northern Illinois/Southern Illinois FB HC Kill returns to Carbondale as a ambassador & fundraiser. (link); San Jose State AD Tuite turns to former Cal AC Sanfilippo to lead the Spartans Baseball program on an interim basis this season. (link)
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"Certain assets" of Circle Media have been acquired by Gaming Nation. Per the release, here's the value proposition, "Through Gaming Nation’s wholly-owned subsidiary, 5050 Central Ltd., existing clients will benefit from the addition of the Fan.Dex technology as it will create the opportunity to provide detailed demographic data to further enhance their fundraising raising initiatives." (link)
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New Texas AD Del Conte remains in the spotlight, raps with Fox 7's de la Peña & notes the reason he's so engaging with fans on Twitter is part "I hear you" & part "I'm working for you." Del Conte wants the Longhorns to be comfortable being a "hunted" program. On bringing a human touch to the job, "that's what sports are all about," also notes the Longhorn Network has created an excuse for why some fans don't attend MBB games, a trend he'll try to reverse. More. (link); New depositions are coming at UT in the Bev Kearney lawsuit as her lawyers say they're "willing to discuss settling the case." (link)
Portland State's new Viking Pavilion is scheduled to open in early April after a two-year building process for the 3,400-seat venue. AD Cleary: "It's going to be such an amazing facility to watch games in. There's not a bad seat in the house. To truly be home on the Park Blocks is going to be phenomenal." Primary use for the $51M facility will be MBB, WBB and VB, but a coffee shop, large study space and five general classrooms are also part of what the concourse will offer. Video and photos of the progress included. (link)
Georgia FB tix are going up: $75 for 'Power 5' conference opponents and $55 for all other home games. In 2017, all games were $50. Dawgs AD McGarity: "The price of a ticket to a University of Georgia football home game remains a great value, especially when compared to other SEC schools." For the first time since 2004, student tickets will increase from $8 to $10. Total pricetag for the seven-game season ticket package: $465. (link); North Texas moves from 9 to 19 premium sections that require a per-seat donation for FB tickets and adds reserved seating options at the Super Pit for MBB and WBB games that will also include per-seat donations. Students will continue to get free tix. AD Baker: "It's really important for us to get our infrastructure in line with what championship programs and highly competitive programs are doing. It's also important for us to continue to build our annual donations. This will allow us to better plan, budget and grow our scholarship fund." FY16 ticket sales totaled $985K and donations that year were $3.4M. Donations jumped to $8.9M last year. (link)
From the NCAA: "The NCAA Division I Infractions Appeals Committee sent the former director of men’s basketball operations of California State University, Northridge, case back to the NCAA Division I Committee on Infractions for reclassification and penalty review. The appeals committee overturned the panel’s finding that the former director of men’s basketball operations knowingly committed academic misconduct on behalf of four student-athletes. The appeals committee upheld the finding that the former director of operations provided impermissible academic extra benefits to eight student-athletes. The Committee on Infractions panel classified the case as a Level I-aggravated. The appeals committee’s decision directs the Committee on Infractions to review the case without the academic misconduct finding to determine the classification and then adjust the penalties consistent with that classification’s penalty guidelines." (link)
Around Higher Ed: Sixteen-year Wagner Prez Guarasci will step down June 30, 2019.(link); Maine is down to four finalists for its open prez post, with on-campus meetings likely February 19-26. The university is also attempting to downsize by spending $10M on demolitions. (link); More change at Chicago State as interim Chief Administrative Officer Vallas is headed out of office with potential plans to run for Mayor. Even more striking is the university saying it has no plans to rehire the position. (link)
Also Noticed: One day after announcing a bevy of college Baseball across the family, ESPN says it will air 650+ Softball match-ups during the 2018 season. (link); Fresno State brass squared away a MBB charter to & from Wyoming over the weekend as the Bulldogs are 6-0 following charter travel this season. (link); Arizona hit with another Title IX lawsuit stemming from the behavior of former FB student-athlete Bradford. (link); Gonzaga leadership has asked its student body to reconsider wearing Mormon missionary outfits ahead of a high-profile MBB matchup with BYU. (link); Marquette Men's Golf will call the University Club of Milwaukee it's home course in a 25-year deal. (link); Prairie View A&M partners with University Tickets. (link); Hershey is the latest to pull its support from U.S.A. Gymnastics. (link)
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1.Q co-host @TaiMBrown visits with Tim Teykl, Director of High School Relations at Houston, during the 2018 AFCA Convention. The discussion centers around concerns connected to the growing number of staff members within college football programs. In the first of a two part conversation, the long time coaching veteran contrasts the reasons why the High School Relations position is necessary, with a look at how college football programs handled the responsibilities in the past. Listen by clicking the link. (link) (length - 9:33)
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(NEW!) Assistant/Associate Director, Varsity O Association (University of Oklahoma - Norman / Norman, OK): Varsity O Association Asst/Assoc Dir will be responsible for advancing the mission of OU Athletics thru its extensive network of letter winners by providing opportunities to engage with the dept. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Accounting - Athletics (Georgia Institute of Technology / Atlanta, GA): Responsible for receipt and timely recording of revenue related items, including ticketing & donor related income, while also assisting in daily operations by performing advanced financial functions. More details HERE.

Deputy Athletic Director (University of Delaware / Newark, DE): Act as the Chief Operating Officer and oversee the Intercollegiate and Recreation Services ongoing internal operations, maximize resumes & be responsible for the internal efficiency of the dep't. More details HERE.

Associate Athletic Director for Annual Giving (San Jose State University / San Jose, CA): The Aspen Leadership Group is proud to partner with San José State University in the search for an Associate Athletic Director for Annual Giving. More details HERE.

Head Volleyball Coach and Associate in Physical Education (Columbia University / New York, NY): The Head Volleyball Coach is responsible for organizing and administering all aspects of the volleyball program. Quicklink: More details HERE.

Associate AD for Marketing and Strategic Communications (Samford University / Birmingham, AL): The Associate AD for Marketing & Strategic Communications will provide leadership and oversight for the areas of marketing, communications, and fan engagement. More details HERE.

Asst. Director of Marketing & Fan Experience (University of Oklahoma - Norman / Norman, OK): Asst. Director of Marketing & Fan Experience will advance the mission and values of OU Athletics by coordinating ticket sales efforts, directing advertising campaigns and executing game entertainment. More details HERE.

Senior Associate or Associate Athletics Director for External Affairs (University of California, Riverside / Riverside, CA): Liaison between the Athletics Director and all Athletics fundraising activities and revenue operations. Emphasis on enhancing UCR’s Division I relevancy, revenue generation and new market outreach. More details HERE.

Director of Clinical Counseling Services for Student-Athletes (Mississippi State University / Starkville, MS): Provision of general psychological services (evaluation, treatment and education) to student athletes. More details HERE.

Executive Director of Development/Assistant AD for Development (George Washington University / Washington D.C.): GW seeks a dynamic & strategic leader to join a high performing fund raising team as Exec. Director of Development. Will manage team and direct their development efforts to ensure fundraising success. More details HERE.

Director of Digital Media Services (Mid-American Conference / Cleveland, OH): Create video content that drives fan engagement and views of website and social media platforms. Serve as liaison for ESPN3 campus productions. Direct media relations activities for select sports. More details HERE.

Compliance Coordinator (Oral Roberts University / Tulsa, OK): The Compliance Coordinator will assist in the development and implementation of a comprehensive program to ensure compliance with University, Summit League and NCAA rules and regulations. More details HERE.

Athletics Assistant Director for Business Operations (University of Nevada, Las Vegas / Las Vegas, NV): The University of Nevada, Las Vegas invites applications for Athletics Assistant Director for Business Operations, Intercollegiate Athletics. More details HERE.

Assistant Director for Financial Reporting (University of Nevada, Las Vegas / Las Vegas, NV): The University of Nevada, Las Vegas invites applications for Assistant Director for Financial Reporting, Intercollegiate Athletics [R0107169]. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletics Director for Sports Performance (CSUN / Northridge, CA): Responsibilities: Management and supervision of the Sports Performance staff, weight training facility, including development of policies and procedures for risk management, appropriate supervision. More details HERE.

Facilities & Operations Coordinator (Oregon State University / Corvallis, OR): Reporting to the Associate AD, Facilities & Event Management, the Facility & Operations Coordinator will assist the Associate AD with the coordination of assigned home athletic contests. More details HERE.

Athletics Marketing & Promotions Graduate Assistantship (Ball State University / Muncie, IN): Execute in-game promotions for football, mens/womens basketball, women’s volleyball, baseball & softball. May include the role of mascot coordinator, supervision of 6-10 sports mktg student staff. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Multimedia (Conference USA / Irving, TX): Serve as primary strategist for the C-USA social media initiatives, as well as lead development of the visual style and communication of C-USA online outlets. More details HERE.

Assistant/Associate Commissioner for New Media and Technology (Missouri Valley Conference / St. Louis, MO): Management of creative/digital content; contributions to Conference marketing and promotional initiatives; oversight of the league website/social media/graphic design and producing video content. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Athletics, Communications (University of Richmond / Richmond, VA): The Assistant Director of Athletics/Communications oversees all public relations and media relations activities and budgets, including supervision of full-time, part-time, student, and game day staff. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletics Director for Marketing and Multimedia Services (San Jose State University / San Jose, CA): The Assistant Athletics DIR will be responsible for the development, implementation, maintenance of all marketing and promo strategies... Apply here:, Job ID: 24378. More details HERE.

Associate Director of Development, Major Gifts (Michigan State University / East Lansing, MI): MSU Athletics is now seeking an Associate Director of Development, Major Gifts. The Associate Director is responsible for identifying, cultivating and soliciting gifts from donors and prospects. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director, Athletics Communications (IRC13296) (Tulane University / New Orleans, LA): Supports Tulane athletics programs and external departments to promote and enhance, through media, public relations, web and social media, the image of the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Marketing and Promotions (University of North Texas / Denton, TX): The Athletics Depart at the University of North Texas is hiring an Asst Director of Marketing and Promotions. Focus on Olympic sports with an added emphasis on Football and Basketball game day. More details HERE.
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