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#10: The SEC had 13 Softball programs make this year's NCAA Tournament (nine of which are hosts) & Oregon earned the top overall seed. First-time participants: Boise State, Kennesaw State, Monmouth & Prairie View A&M. How about this stat: "Only 12 schools have been crowned the NCAA Division I softball champion since the tournament started in 1982, 11 of the 12 will compete in this year’s bracket." (link)
#9: Former Arizona Track & Field AC Carter gets sentenced to five years in prison for his actions toward former Wildcats student-athlete Gibson back in 2015. Gibson at Monday's sentencing, "My life has been shattered because of the trust I put into Craig and the university. I wish I didn't have to think about any of this because it hurts so much. No matter how hard I try I can't escape it." Carter: "I just want them to know, her and her family to know, that they'll never have to worry about me ever again, that I'm truly sorry." (link)
#8: How can one possibly write an efficient review of the life & impact of former SEC & Conference USA Commish Slive? The outpouring of thoughts from around college athletics last night was immense, illustrating the significant impact Slive had on the industry, but more importantly the way in which he conducted business. Current SEC Commish Sankey tweeted out a picture of the conference table in his office, notes how he spent hours learning from Slive at that very spot, adds, "Mike Slive literally changed the world through his life. He was a friend before we worked together. He was a friend when we were colleagues. He remained a friend in his retirement as I succeeded him as commissioner. Today we all lost a friend. We will miss him for his work and especially for his compassion. Our prayers are with Liz, Anna, Judd and Abigail." Slive was 77. (link)
#7: New Charleston Southern AD Barber during his intro presser, "A new arena would be great. Ninety-five percent of what I do is with recruiting in mind and obviously that would be a great recruiting tool. I will be a big part of that in working with the administration in trying to help secure some gifts to go towards the new arena. We have to catch up, but to be honest, I have a heart for building things. I am comfortable in the environment where I have to fight, where I have roll up the sleeves and work hard." (link - article, link - includes full video)
#6: Check out how England announced its roster for the upcoming World Cup. Very cool. (link)
#5: Davidson brass select former Wildcats MBB student-athlete & current NBA Director of International Basketball Operations to take over the college's athletics portfolio. Clunie: "I'm detail-oriented. I hold myself and others accountable, and I'm a collaborator who will support, empower and advocate for coaches and administrators. I want to help build a strong 'Team Davidson' culture and move beyond being a national story and into a national program." Prez Quillen: "Chris not only understands the role of athletics within a Davidson education, he has lived it and he speaks authentically and with passion about it. […] He knows ‘scholar athlete' is one term and, from both Davidson and his career, has shown the critical value and the joy of working with people from different places and backgrounds towards a shared goal." (link)
#4: Cal has dismissed longtime Asst. AD for Student Services Muqtar after a Title IX investigation on allegations of sexual assault levied by former WBB student-athlete Clarendon. Part of the statement from the Golden Bears, "Our primary goal as an athletic department is to support and provide an outstanding student-athlete experience, and it pains us to hear about these actions by one of our employees who student-athletes turned to as a trusted adviser. The findings described in the report are appalling, wholly unacceptable and have no place in our department, on campus or anywhere." (link)
#3: Liberty is indeed headed to the Atlantic Sun with a full switch on July 1 for everyone other than FB, Field Hockey & Women's Swim/Dive. LU Prez Falwell Jr. gets right to the point, "I think Liberty is a much better fit with these schools academically, athletically, financially." A-Sun Commish Gumbart: "We firmly believe it’s a step. I think that there’s more growth ahead, whether it’s just simply another school or whether it’s another sport or whether it’s something new in our network relationship or something new that we do for student-athletes." Flames AD McCaw says there was an exit fee to the Big South & entry monies to the A-Sun, but declines to disclose the amounts. (link); A Sea of Red, which was the first on the news earlier in the week, "We’ve heard Liberty, High Point and Hampton were days from joining ASUN last summer but ASUN presidents balked at last minute. Just rumors but that’s what we’ve heard." (link)
#2: As you know by now, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of New Jersey & the legalization of sports gambling, pushing the issue to Congress. "Congress can regulate sports gambling directly, but if it elects not to do so, each State is free to  act on its own. Our job is to interpret the law Congress has enacted and decide whether it is consistent with the Constitution. PASPA is not." (link - full opinion); Important takeaways from around college athletics & the sports industry Monday:
Rutgers AD Hobbs: "I think for New Jersey, there are tax benefits and revenue associated with that. For the state of New Jersey, I understand their position. But in terms of Rutgers and the way we do things, the less access to opportunities like that the better. We'll continue to remind everyone that is involved in Rutgers athletics that they cannot engage in sports wagering. […] I think there will be a reexamination of all positions with respect to what games are played and where. We'll just wait for that guidance." (link)
NCAA Chief Legal Officer Remy: "Today the United States Supreme Court issued a clear decision that PASPA is unconstitutional, reversing the lower courts that held otherwise. While we are still reviewing the decision to understand the overall implications to college sports, we will adjust sports wagering and championship policies to align with the direction from the court." SEC Commish Sankey: "We are in the process of reviewing the Supreme Court's decision and its potential long-term impact on the SEC and collegiate sports in general. One of our first priorities is to ensure that we have thorough and effective systems in place to educate our student-athletes, coaches and other personnel on all issues associated with sports wagering." Alabama AD Byrne: "We are aware of today's ruling by the Supreme Court, and we will monitor the developments closely as they occur." (link)
ACC Commish Swofford: "Today's ruling by the Supreme Court was clear in redefining how individual states can implement sports gambling. The ACC footprint includes 10 states, and we will wait to see what plays out within each. We will discuss with our membership and determine how we proceed." (link)
North Carolina AD Cunningham: "As easy as it is to place bets online and everywhere else, I don't think it'll have a significant immediate impact." N.C. State's Yow: "I'm going to have to learn a lot more about gambling." (link)
+ Mississippi is one state that could see bets by football season & Ole Miss AD Bjork indicates he & his team started working on the challenges last Fall, "We have eight full-time compliance officials right now, and they’ve obviously got full-time jobs. So if you add gaming and regulation to that, maybe you need an expert who is specifically aligned on gaming laws. We think it’s probably going to require an increase in staff as well as external resources to monitor. Those are things we need to get our arms around." Oklahoma AD Castiglione: "Going forward, I think it’s important for universities and colleges to seek the assistance of our respective states in developing a regulatory approach in order to properly manage our overall responsibility in this new age, as well as uphold the integrity of our competitions." Former Nebraska/Miami (FL) AD & current consultant Eichorst: "It’s too early to tell what overall implications will be. In my view, schools should steer clear of asking for any potential upside revenue associated with gambling, but if it helps state better fund overall public education, then so be it. But it doesn’t have to be a direct connection." The Athletic's Auerbach & Vannini: "Still, multiple athletic directors contacted Monday said they hope their state takes advantage of the ruling and that they can figure out a way to get a cut of the revenue." (link)
Northwestern AD Phillips: "I’m in favor of a federal framework that would provide a uniform approach to any sports gambling in states that choose to permit it. The integrity of college sports remains our highest priority. Would I have been in favor of it? No. But the Supreme Court has decided. [...] Would it increase eyes of viewership and attendance at games? I don’t know if I could make that correlation." (link)
UNLV AD Reed-Francois: "While we will continue to engage with the NCAA membership regarding the impact of today’s Supreme Court ruling, we have already been in contact with the Mountain West Conference regarding potential bid submissions for NCAA postseason events. Working collaboratively with local and regional leaders, we are confident that Las Vegas can present competitively to host future competitions, as there is a proven track record of success in hosting multiple, large-scale sporting events here in Southern Nevada." (link)
Knight Commission: "The Knight Commission encourages states to prohibit wagering on amateur and college sports. There should be a clear distinction between wagering on the outcomes of sport professionals and betting on students who compete for their college and high school sports teams." (link)
Utah Senator Hatch plans to introduce a bill to "protect honesty and principle in the athletic arena." More, "At stake here is the very integrity of sports." (link)
Dallas Mavericks Owner Cuban: "I think everybody who owns a top four professional sports team just basically saw the value of their team double, at least. […] I mean, look, it could finally become fun to go to a baseball game again. I think this is something that benefits everybody even tangentially associated with sports." (link)
The Athletic's Davis &'s Norlander both believe the development could be a huge boon for MBB & the NCAA Tournament. (linklink)'s Dodd: "Never mind being fair, how does the NCAA wrap its collective mind around all of this?" (link)
Yahoo's Robinson: "It wasn’t that long ago when the NFL griped incessantly about the secondary ticket market that made massive sums of cash off tickets the league had already sold to fans. But after years of wondering how to tackle the sellers who had created a massive underground economy off of the league’s product, the NFL decided to join in and double-dip on its own ticket sales." (link)
Sports Illustrated's McCann with a massive breakdown of the situation. (link)
+ Which states are next after New Jersey? Here's a useful graphic. (link)
Recode's Kafka: "Things to look for: Companies that know how to reach people on the internet, via mobile apps, connecting with people who runs sports books. Fan Duel and Draft Kings are obvious candidates, but so are any media companies with big sports arms - ESPNTurner, CBS." (link)
#1: Spencer Fane's Lattinville & Denny build upon their earlier 'Autonomy 5' AD compensation report for AthleticDirectorU with a full look at FBS-wide leadership. UCF'sWhite checks in with the highest potential pay from 2017-2018 for a 'Group of 5' boss at $575K. SMU's Hart & UConn's Benedict not too far behind at $557K & $550K, respectively. The G5 total average pay was $339K vs. $937K for A5s. You'll click this primarily to see all the salaries, but don't miss on how 20 FBS AD job changes over the past year have impacted average pay, payouts to buyouts ratios, as well as a slew of key income tax issues. There's also a specific example of the tax implications using Iowa StateAD Pollard's deal as the illustration. Lots of important stuff here. (link)
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